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Beyond buying a home for your family, it may never have occurred to you to invest in real estate. You may think that you do not have the experience or the money to even know where to begin. However, a small initial investment could result in high returns for you, by either giving you the capital to grow your business or a new professional direction. There are a number of reasons investing in real estate may be a smart move for your business or your personal finances:

  • Fixing up and flipping low cost homes could be an added source of income

  • One-time or ongoing property investment offers a high ROI

  • Finding cheap commercial assets or land to expand your business

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) offers an affordable way to invest in real estate, as they regularly hold auctions and have an online marketplace where they sell assets from failed banks. As there are no bid minimums at the auctions and bids can be placed in person or online, the FIDC offers an easy and affordable way for first time investors to get involved in real estate.

Why is it good for women, minority and small businesses?

To ensure a diversity of participation in the Owned Real Estate (ORE) program, the FDIC welcomes and strongly encourages small, minority and women investors and individuals to participate in the bidding under the program.

As minority-owned businesses typically receive less capital than non-minority-owned businesses, investing in real estate is an alternative way to build capital. Women are also becoming increasingly empowered to invest in real estate and they’re finding that there is always a profitable strategy regardless of the current market. You no longer have to have a wealth of experience or a lot of initial investing money because of the opportunity to buy affordable previously owned properties and flip them for a high return.

If you’re a first time investor, starting with an FDIC auction is great because of the lower prices of property sold through their Owned Real Estate Marketplace and the no bid minimum.

The FDIC’s Minority and Women Outreach Program also exists solely to make investing in real estate a reality for women and minorities who may not have been aware of the opportunity. They are eager to offer assistance and education so that you’re well informed on your opportunities for growth.

What if you have no idea where to start?

The FDIC holds information sessions specifically designed to expose and educate small, minority- and women-owned businesses to investing in real estate, as well as individual investors. The sessions focus on the process of acquiring real estate through the ORE Marketplace and any upcoming auctions. In November, there are three information sessions in Birmingham, AL (Nov. 12th), Hickory, NC (Nov. 13th) and Atlanta, GA (Nov 14th). The information sessions are free and also provide a great networking opportunity for attendees.

If you’re not located near or in any of those states, the FDIC also offers 30-45 minute webinars. There are five webinars in November, on the 5th, 7th, 18th, 19th, and 21st. As space is limited, you will want to register for your desired date as soon as possible.

To learn more and register, visit the information session and webinar registration page.

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