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Black women can’t get married, black women are getting fat, black women are ugly, black women are suffering mental health issues, black woman took a relentless bashing in 2011. I was appalled to she not only the discriminatory material published on black women but more so at the frequency. What is this obsessive interest in the failings of black women?


Two the most offensive pieces seen on black women in 2011 was the report published by Pyscology today, labelling on accounts of scientific research that black women are the ugliest women of all the races and then just recently the Dutch magazine that referred to the singer Rihanna in the title of the article as the "Ultimate Niggabitch". Unbelievable, unacceptable and just racist. Would such defamatory material be published on white, muslim, jewish, or women of other races? Black women are no lower or less deserving of respect than any other race.



The main areas of this anti-black woman media bashing.

Social research is often not a matter of finding truth or fact but instead finding evidence to support a pre-decided theory, where the truth is bent to fit the theory and not the theory to fit the truth. The point here is not that all these reports are lying and that there are not marital issues within the black community or an increase in obesity, however the facts are presented in a jaundiced manner. It’s easy to say that 42 percent of black women are not yet married, if in that 42 percent women under the age of sixteen are included or if the two to one ratio of men to women is not taken into account. Further, didn’t marriage rates decrease and divorce rates increase across the board in western society? This is not a problem unique to the black community and we do not have a monopoly on social vices.

There are so many reports that take social vices and concentrate on pointing out the black community as the black sheep, when many of such vices are shares across all races. However, the media presents its reports in a way that leaves the question in the readers mind of “what’s wrong with black women?”

"Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one's group." - Wiki

I’m concerned that a terrible impression of black women is being moulded. Common misconceptions of black women are being exaggerate and exploited by the media, putting the black women more than 50 years behind time. Black women must stand and step out of the shadow of prejudiced judgment.

In Love & Marriage: Happy Black Women Would be Bad for Media Business, writer Theresa Lasbrey argues that the media launched an “anti-black woman campaign” to counter the image of the Obamas. She writes that the media screams, “The Obamas are not the norm! Do not dream of this for yourself! It is just coincidence that in 2011 every month came with some form of anti black woman report or “study”?

Such media slurs promote self-hate and batters the esteem of black women. We are constantly being told that something is wrong with us, that black men don’t love us, that we are fat, ugly, stupid, loud, poor, difficult etc. Worse still this persistent negative bashing has both blacks and whites believing that there is something wrong with black women in particular.

In surveys of predominantly white participants, negative results are reported as an increase in "something" of women, not an increase of "something" in “white” women. Why so race specific when a particular social vice is high in the black community although it is present for all races such as decrease in marriage and increase obesity.

The situation worsens when black people join the anti-black woman media campaign.The Denzel Principle: Why a Black Woman Can’t Find a Good Black Man, blames black women for setting their standards too high, being too picky, not just settling for any man that sets eyes on them.

Unfortunately, we tend to believe that publications in books or reputable newspaper means that the information must be a valid source of truth. Perhaps that was the case some years ago, but in our times, it’s more often a valid source of someones opinion, as seen by the following popular media outlets.

The Nightline multi-part special entitled “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” again blames the character and goals of black women as the hinderance to us finding a man.


The Economist article, Sex and the Single Black Woman: How The Mass Incarceration Of Black Men Hurts Black Women, contributes to the scare campaign.

The Media should to be held accountable for publishing content promoting racial discrimination and Black Media needs to stop assisting the character assassination of its own people and instead writing about solutions where problems exist.

Say “No More”, to anti-black woman media bashing by signing this petition created by All Black Woman. We have already addressed the petition to some of the most outrageous publications of 2011 and intend to name and shame those who would continue such discriminatory behaviour in 2012 by adding them to the petition list. Black Sista will be watching!





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  • I knew it was you hon :o) Thanks so much for the support, we just need to work together to make changes happen.

  • Hey Vernetta, yeh it's me :o) hi hi hi hiii. Thanks for the compliments on the blog, I'm really trying to make a difference because black women need more than just celebrity gossip. I have a dream... :o) I am so with you on reality TV, I'm currently working on a draft against black women appearing in these horrible discriminatory and negative stereotyped shows. Just like you said we need shows that express positive aspects of the black woman. It's long over due. Come over the site and join the community hon, it's growing and we can make a positive influence :o)

  • I just got so sick and tired of the the trash that was published about us in 2011 that I decided it was time to make a stand.

  • This sister is dead on. I have complained about this written letters etc. A sister had even written a song/rap about this called "Bitch" in which she talked about how even a dog protects its own ( referred to Black Rappers who are in the forefront of hurling this term at us.

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