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I am sitting here enjoying a raining day in South FL. I am going over all the things I have to be grateful for. My beautiful sons and grandson... to me... they are living miracles. I think about my loving family and friends, who make me smile and remind me where I come from. The budding new love in my life. He is a complex and incredible man. Who touches my heart in a way I had nearly forgotten. I live in a lovely home that is a haven for anyone who comes to visit. I could go on and on.

This reflective mood comes as I am dancing around my home and noticing that my body barely hurts much any more throughout the day. You see, this time last year. I was in so much pain that I spent most of my days in tears. My central nervous system had gone haywire and nobody had an answer why I was in so much pain.

Nothing helped... not sitting down, standing, or lying in bed. I was dealing with symptoms that baffled my doctors. I saw a whole team of medical experts. General physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and an orthopedic physician. They thought MS, Lupus, and a host of other things that nearly scared me half to death. And, I might add, they were very aggressive in their quest to label me with some thing and prescribe me some type of medication that may or may not help.

As, I went from one recommendation to another. I refused to take the medication, much to the annoyance of a couple of my doctors. I have nothing against prescription medication if the person taking the medication understands the side effects and the potential new health problems that the drug may create. My problem was how quick a doctor was to write a prescription with no real reason to give it to me.

So, praying daily for some answers, I did my research and looked into more holistic ways to help my beautiful body heal herself. I figure I am the best expert when it comes to me. I live inside my body 24/7 and I do know when something is not right. Even if I decide to ignore it. So, shame on me... I believe every thing happens for a reason. Obviously, I had spent too much time neglecting my inner voice that had been telling me to slow down. Please understand, when this happened to me I was taking care of myself physically... eating properly and exercising nearly 7 hours per week. I thought I was doing the right thing.

As, I did my online holistic research. I decided to visit a chiropractor and a friend who is a doctor of Oriental Medicine. The chiropractic treatments wound up being too aggressive for my body to handle comfortably. But, the acupuncture and massage were definitely helpful.

I continued reading and started incorporating more meditation, herbs, and detoxing/juice feasting into my life. I eliminated some of the stress in my life and decided to treat myself more gently and with more female wisdom and respect. I asked questions as needed and did not let anyone "bully" me into a treatment I did not feel was appropriate for me. I took charge of and full responsibility for my health.

And, as I became more acquainted with myself. My body began to heal. As new information was needed to continue my progress towards better health, I would meet people who would introduce me to someone with the healing touch to help me even more. I found a new chiropractor who practices Nucca chiropractic techniques. It is a totally different and much gentler way to realign your body. I highly recommend it. He has completely eliminated my shoulder and neck pain.

Today, I am a new woman... happier, more radiant, and living proof that you can rise like a phonenix from the ashes of crippling pain and soar again. So, as I continue to dance around my livingroom... laughing... and feeling like Divine energy in motion. I thank God for the opportunity to share my story with each of you. I hope this blog will encourage you to listen to that tiny little voice telling you to slow down and take better care of yourself. Please, do not let a major health crisis become your wake up call. Do something special for yourself today.

Live and Love with no regrets,

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  • Great Post! Thanks for sharing your story. We have to step on the brakes sometimes.
  • Hi Mralene, How are you? Thank you and you are welcome. I want to be a voice that gently reminds women that we are magnificent. We need to value the unique beauty and presence we offer the people around us. Without us... very little can be accomplished.

    "Live and Love Without Regrets"

  • Absolutely, when our bodies talk to us its declaring for us to listen to nurture it as it needs to be nutured. I am happy that you have listened for you and your body are one. Thanks for this inspiring post!

    Marlene McCray,
    Compass Representative
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