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Lesson Learned, Let It Go

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning listening to a dynamic sermon by my pastor, a very captivating man of God.  As the sermon was coming to a close, you could see the tissue box being passed up and down the aisles as people were wiping away their tears.  The message really touched the spirit as many could identify with the word that was given.  The title of the sermon was Let It Go. Throughout this life, we inevitably will encounter people and situations that create resentment and bitterness in our hearts.  That hurt can carry on for days, weeks, months and oftentimes years, because we simply cannot Let Go of the painful situation we rather wish never happened at all.  But it did happen and the moment it does, there are two roads ahead to travel.  The road of forgiveness or the road of resentment.  If you unfortunately haven traveled the road of resentment, the weight of your hurt may have built up and caused you to have negative emotions that won't leave you.  But what we need to realize is that, you're not hurting the person that betrayed you, you are only bringing more harm, more hurt, more negativity into your life because you continue to dwell on it and not Let Go.  When you're at the point where you wish evil and harm onto the person that caused this pain, then you've become a prisoner to the situation.  You can never accomplish all that you were created to be until you forgive the one who hurt you and release the pain that is attached to it.  Forgiveness is a gift, but not a gift for them, the forgiveness is for you.  Once you forgive, you've altered your course and are now traveling the road of forgiveness, which leads to joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance and a life filled with blessings.How do you free yourself from resentment.  You have to Face It! You cannot fix what you do not face. Don't ignore it, face it! Don't run from it, face it!Face what is holding you hostage in your resentment.Once you've accomplished that, then Forgive It!We have to be able to truly forgive.  Just because you've chosen to forgive doesn't mean that you forget, you've simply been able to detach the negative and hurtful emotion that was attached to the pain.In order to forgive, we also must let go of pride. Forget your pride and protocol and finally Let Go of your past. Let the past go and never mind the "why it happened". If you've truly forgiven, the why doesn't matter anymore.If you need to Let It Go, start your journey by facing the problem and forgiving those involved.  Don't continue to be a prisoner to your past, but yet be the light in your future and make a choice that will bless your life today.The Lesson Learned Is: When you encounter a situation in your life that strips you on your joy, your peace of mind, your sanity, your happiness, make the choice to let it go and move forward with your life, taking with you the valuable life lesson this experience taught you.Love and Gratitude,The Black Woman's Rule Book
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Robin Tramble works with Christian Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors who want to discover their authentic self so they can make big changes or achieve some big results but are struggling to make it happen fast enough. She helps them get unstuck, laser focused, so they can show up bold, brilliant, confident and empowered to get their message out there in BIG way while prospering and making a difference in the world “authentically!”


Robin is CEO and Founder of Robin Tramble International, She’s a Professional “Authentic” Empowerment Specialist, Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker. Robin is also known as Empowerment Diva because she has carved out a niche in the area of empowerment. She has shared her empowerment tips on Good Day Sacramento as “Empowerment Diva” and was named 1 of 25 urban Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand maker News. Robin has also upgraded her Social Proof with a certification as a Social Media Marketing Campaign Specialist to further support her commitment to helping Women get their message out there in a big way “authentically!”


Robin is also an accomplished keyboardist, singer and songwriter and plans to incorporate her musical gifts with her resources for women’s empowering personal development.


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I was recently asked to speak to a networking group of women accountants about keeping a positive attitude during these rough economic times. I thought long and hard about the topic before I realized that these are not just rough economic times, but that it’s life. Our world is no more challenging than the world of 3 or 4 generations ago. The roughness fits the times, so to speak. Still, we all could use some reinforcement in our journey through this life and times, so here are five tools to help you.


You must define what happiness means to you. It is a state of mind, no doubt about it. For example, I recently had a conversation with my husband in which he was lamenting not being able to work in the industry he felt he was destined for. I proceeded to ask him what his roadblocks were, and for every one he listed, I countered with creative solutions. He rebutted with more excuses. My response?

You are the only one preventing yourself from being happy. If you can’t find your way to your dreams using creative and traditional routes, then you’ll be forever miserable, and you know what? You’ll take it out on your family and that’s not fair.

So, define your happiness. What does it taste like? Smell like? Feel like? Sound like? What is it? Write it down and then commit it to memory for those days when you get “caught up” and need a boost.


Keep your joy! That is, no one can steal your joy. Instead, you give it to people. And that’s what were we humans mess up. We let people step on us and take advantage, and then blame others for our misery and pain. Stop that! Joy is the essence that is you. It’s the thing that keeps you going day after day; it keeps you smiling and is the thing that keeps you connected to the higher power. Once you give it away to someone, you’ve given them your power – your joy - and then what are you left with?

A Spirit of Gratefulness

Now, gratefulness is hard because it requires that you relinquish control and allow the higher power to do his/her job. There is no ego or “me me me” in gratefulness because it mandates that you take a real good look at your life, and place value and worth on the things that one cannot necessarily see or touch: the intangibles. This is hard to do in a society that is governed by consumerism and the “must haves.” But, if we do not try and learn how to be grateful about the things that we do have, then you will forever be tethered to a bitter spirit. Think about it this way: we all have that one person at our job who when they come into the room, we make excuses to leave because they have the most negative energy. No one wants to be around negative people. But wait! Are you that negative person that everyone runs from?

The Crying Angel Network

All of the above is impossible to do alone. Case in point: I am not Superwoman and neither are you. “Superwoman/man” implies that you are fearless and do not need anyone because you can do it all: you cannot be destroyed. That is the ultimate lie! You are human and humans need other humans (scientists have proven this), hence, the Crying Angel Network.

This is the group of 3-5 men or women whom you trust and who have proven themselves loyal to the essence of you and the higher power. They lift you in prayer when you have not the words to speak for yourself. It’s called “intercessory prayer” and we all need it. This is what the Crying Angel Network does for you. They do not judge nor condemn you or tell your business to the world. That is not their function. They believe in you and your purpose, and, more importantly, they believe the same of themselves and are working on it everyday. In fact, scripture says, “Faith without works is dead” and this network operates in this mode.

A Sense of Humor

Finally, when all is said and done, and the world is spinning wildly on its axis in spite of you and your “issues,” you must always, always, always have a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, then you might as well go to a corner somewhere and die because you are done.

I had the pleasure of teaching a class on American Literature one year and I thought I had done a wonderful job and that the students had enjoyed the course. Well, I received the teacher evaluations for the class at the end of that semester and some of those same students ripped me to shreds. They told lies and said things about me that are too harsh to even repeat here. I remember crying to my mother over the phone about it all and exclaiming about how I was going to quit teaching because they lied on and about me. My mother’s response?

They lied on Jesus, so what makes you so special?

I shut up instantly and just started laughing hysterically. I had been firmly put in my place.

These five tools take lots of work and patience, but you are worth it, and what you are essentially doing is creating a legacy for yourself. We are being watched by the generation behind us to see how we respond to life and its trials and tribulations. You are teaching them whether you want to be a teacher or not. So, what do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to spend the energies of your life? In pain? In a state of depression? Or filled with and living a life of happiness, joy, gratefulness, connectedness and laughter? Happiness is, after all, a state of mind, but so in unhappiness.

~Copyright © 2009 Rebekah L. Pierce is the former Editor in Chief of Average Girl Magazine, a motivational and inspirational magazine for women in search of change, purpose and prosperity. AVG Mag has been redeveloped as The Girlfriend Connection, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower local to middle income women in Central Virginia. Mrs. Pierce is also a playwright, former radio talk show host, motivational speaker, teacher, wife and mother. Visit www.thegirlfriendconnection.yolasite.com for more information.

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Life is a blessing... enjoy each day!

I am sitting here enjoying a raining day in South FL. I am going over all the things I have to be grateful for. My beautiful sons and grandson... to me... they are living miracles. I think about my loving family and friends, who make me smile and remind me where I come from. The budding new love in my life. He is a complex and incredible man. Who touches my heart in a way I had nearly forgotten. I live in a lovely home that is a haven for anyone who comes to visit. I could go on and on.

This reflective mood comes as I am dancing around my home and noticing that my body barely hurts much any more throughout the day. You see, this time last year. I was in so much pain that I spent most of my days in tears. My central nervous system had gone haywire and nobody had an answer why I was in so much pain.

Nothing helped... not sitting down, standing, or lying in bed. I was dealing with symptoms that baffled my doctors. I saw a whole team of medical experts. General physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and an orthopedic physician. They thought MS, Lupus, and a host of other things that nearly scared me half to death. And, I might add, they were very aggressive in their quest to label me with some thing and prescribe me some type of medication that may or may not help.

As, I went from one recommendation to another. I refused to take the medication, much to the annoyance of a couple of my doctors. I have nothing against prescription medication if the person taking the medication understands the side effects and the potential new health problems that the drug may create. My problem was how quick a doctor was to write a prescription with no real reason to give it to me.

So, praying daily for some answers, I did my research and looked into more holistic ways to help my beautiful body heal herself. I figure I am the best expert when it comes to me. I live inside my body 24/7 and I do know when something is not right. Even if I decide to ignore it. So, shame on me... I believe every thing happens for a reason. Obviously, I had spent too much time neglecting my inner voice that had been telling me to slow down. Please understand, when this happened to me I was taking care of myself physically... eating properly and exercising nearly 7 hours per week. I thought I was doing the right thing.

As, I did my online holistic research. I decided to visit a chiropractor and a friend who is a doctor of Oriental Medicine. The chiropractic treatments wound up being too aggressive for my body to handle comfortably. But, the acupuncture and massage were definitely helpful.

I continued reading and started incorporating more meditation, herbs, and detoxing/juice feasting into my life. I eliminated some of the stress in my life and decided to treat myself more gently and with more female wisdom and respect. I asked questions as needed and did not let anyone "bully" me into a treatment I did not feel was appropriate for me. I took charge of and full responsibility for my health.

And, as I became more acquainted with myself. My body began to heal. As new information was needed to continue my progress towards better health, I would meet people who would introduce me to someone with the healing touch to help me even more. I found a new chiropractor who practices Nucca chiropractic techniques. It is a totally different and much gentler way to realign your body. I highly recommend it. He has completely eliminated my shoulder and neck pain.

Today, I am a new woman... happier, more radiant, and living proof that you can rise like a phonenix from the ashes of crippling pain and soar again. So, as I continue to dance around my livingroom... laughing... and feeling like Divine energy in motion. I thank God for the opportunity to share my story with each of you. I hope this blog will encourage you to listen to that tiny little voice telling you to slow down and take better care of yourself. Please, do not let a major health crisis become your wake up call. Do something special for yourself today.

Live and Love with no regrets,

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Are you happy?

Are you happy? I mean really truly happy. Now I'm not talking about perfect, I mean we all have ideas about what could make our lives better. I'm not talking about being content either. I am talking about genuine happiness. Before you answer that question, I want you to think about two things:1. How do you define happiness? What does it really mean to you?2. What makes you happy?Now, based on the answers to those questions, are you happy?If you say yes, GREAT! That means that you are on the right track. Now what are you going to do about it? That's right, how are you going to maintain it? How are you gonna take it to the next level?If the answer is no, then my question for you is the same: what are you going to do about it?Let's face it, happiness is a choice. Just the same, success is also a choice. Not just one choice, but a series of choices. A process. The bright side is that you are never too young or too old to change direction and get busy. You can decide today, right now, to be happy and successful.Take a second and think about it. Let me remind you that it is going to be a challenge. It's gonna take some hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Remember, anything worth having is worth the sacrifice it takes to get it.Whatever you dream of doing, no matter how wild or far fetched it may seem to others, is possible.Microsoft was a dream to Bill Gates at some point, and what do you think his friends and family thought? I mean computers were not even commonplace. And Al Gore's family and friends must have though he was all types of crazy. He had a dream of using computers to allow people to communicate and connect all over the world, instantaneously. Thus the birth of the Internet. Where would we be if he was afraid to dream?As my dad always says "Dreamers built the world."The first step in Discovering your Dreams is to really think about what those dreams are.Your Homework:* Get a 2 spiral notebooks, or a legal pad and a spiral notebook. See you next week.* Come back next weekend for the next step in the process* Comment below and tell me:What do you dream of doing? What do the people in your life have to say about that?You can subscribe to this blog at www.discoveryourdreams.blogspot.comFollow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/XperiencEduCorp
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Do I Have To Forget To Forgive?

Amnesia is Impossible. Now What?Hurt feelings happen. Pain is a fact of life. Get used to it. It's not going anywhere. Create a strategy for dealing with it right now and spare yourself years and years of needless pain.The good news is hurt feelings are not fatal. You don't have to die from your pain. Pain doesn't have to be a lifestyle. Contentment and happiness can be made in spite of it. The real question is, are you willing to do what it takes to have contentment and happiness anyway?Maintaining a lasting relationship is impossible if you expect that your partner would not disappoint you if they truly loved you. Proximity alone makes this absolutely impossible. The mistake here is the "my feelings are hurt = my partner doesn't love me" assumption. News flash: the world doesn't revolve around your feelings. That's good news. It puts the control back where it should have been all along - in your hands.You can be right or you can be in relationship. When you're really fortunate, you can be both. But there are times when you will have to choose. Here's something to keep in mind: forcing "right" makes you an enemy to your partner. How excited would you really be to be sleeping with your enemy? Don't set yourself up for the failure.Listen, I understand that some things can, and should, not be negotiated. I'm not talking about those things. I'm talking about times when your pride becomes more important than fostering the kind of trust that creates the safety that makes true intimacy possible in any relationship. There will be more than enough situations in your partnership that will tend to divide you. If there's room to forgive, take it at every available opportunity. I promise you that you will soon be the one who needs the favor in return.You will not get amnesia. If that's what it takes for you, then you've got much bigger relationship issues. Forgiveness isn't about forgetting. It's about making a conscious decision not to continue to hold an offense against someone. It is to know what the wrong was and to give up your "right" to revenge and retribution. To forgive, is to be willing to value your relationship above your feelings.It's a tall order. Accept that your partner is not purposely trying to hurt you. Take responsibility for your own feelings and stop unfairly burdening the one you love. You will find that your relationship will improve right away.Speaking the truth in love,Deidre
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Let it go for effective personal development

"Sometimes you've got to let everything go - purge yourself. If you areunhappy with anything - whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it.Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your trueself comes out."Tina TurnerEntertainerIn my coaching and mentoring sessions I use an assessment thatdeals with taking inventory of what you are tolerating. Whatever wetolerate we cannot change and if you look over your life you'll seethat there are certain things that have been there for 10, 15, maybe20 years and you look back and wonder why you allowed it to hangon for so long.Well, if you don't assess your life and really know what it isyou want and better than that what you don't want, you willlive a life of mediocrity.I challenge you today to take inventory of 3 things thatyou have been tolerating.Next note 1 - 2 actions you can take to minimize and eventuallystop tolerating the actions of that particular individual or other areayou are tolerating.Set your spirit free for creativity, to realize a new empowered you!If you'd like more information on the tolerationassessment that I spoke of, contact me.To your empowerment,RobinGet your free eBook 15 powerful tips towards boostingyour self esteem and confidenceBoost your self esteem and confidence and realizea new EMPOWERED You!http://tinyurl.com/6b4v2p
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Communicate & Praise Your Mate

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “if you give someone what they want, they’ll give you what you want.” Well, that doesn’t happen as often as we wish. What many people don’t realize is how they go about getting what they want from the person they want it from. The person here is your mate. Allow me to share with you a very effective and easy technique that my wife and practice with each other from time to time. I like to call it the Communicate & Praise technique.It’s easy to tell your mate what he or she did wrong and, then tell them how they should’ve did it so that it would’ve been done right in the first place! However, this often leaves your mate feeling ridiculed and embarrassed. Surely it is not your intent to make them feel this way. Unfortunately, it’s a common practice of ineffective communication amongst couples. This is why the undesired act or behavior often doesn’t change.For example, last year during football season I would often attend the Bucs games with a couple of buddies. Before I left home, I would always tell my wife that I would be home after the game within a certain timeframe and that I would call her if I was running late. When the game was over, my friends and I would go to a sports bar and watch the other televised games. I would call British and let her know where I was and give her a new time that I would be arriving home.What would happen is that specific time would lapse and I hadn’t called her. This would annoy her no end. Instead of getting upset with me and telling me what I need to do, like she had done before, we talked about it. We communicated! She expressed how it made her feel when I didn’t call her if I was going to be late and, she provided suggestions of what would work best for her regarding possible solutions for this particular situation.The next time I went to a Bucs game and gave her a time of arriving home (and those plans changed) I called her and let her know that the plans had changed. And later when I realized that I was going to be running a little late I called her and let her know I was on my way home. She praised me! She simply said “baby thank you so much for calling me. I appreciate it. I’ll see you when you get home and drive safely.” That resonated with me. It made me feel good about what I did and more importantly what it did for her. So now, I call home when I’m going to be late or if plans change so that she is not upset or stressed. This makes for a very healthy and positive atmosphere at home.Communicate and Praise your mate, we all need to be recognized. When we’re at work and we do a good job on a project, or presentation, we want to be praised for what we did right and coached on what we could’ve done better. It’s never is effective to come down on someone when they do something not according to your preference. Often if effective communication hasn’t happened the issue persists. Praise their effort and then show them how to do it better. You’ll find that you are in a happier and transparent relationship that embraces communication and constructive feedback with genuine appreciation that can potentially go the distance.Shelby HillDating/Relationship Empowerment Coach
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Messages to the Black Woman by Kamal Imani http://www.myspace.com/kamalsupremePeace Sisters,Yes, I have all of this video and poetic song dedications to you so why should I keep them dormant? By blessing you with them I in turn get blessed as well so let’s go!One Love!Brother KamalMs. Melanin, A Dedication to the Sisters by Kamal Imani as seen on Xposed TV NYCSee the New Spoken Word & Hip Hop Soul Music Video“ALL SHE REALLY WANTS IS LOVE”Yo, I Copped A New Whip! (lol)Lovin Her Nappy NappyA dreadication to sisters who sport natural hair styles in particular and all Black women in general. Yall so damn beautiful (lol).
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