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7 E Book Mistakes

Why are some authors doing so much better than others? We've discovered seven key mistakes that most eBook authors make (and in doing so, hold themselves back from major success):

  1. They don't write to a specific, target audience.
    The biggest mistake most eBook authors make is they don't clearly define, identify and visualize who they are selling their eBook to. On the Web, to be successful, you must write to a specific group of people who have specific interests. Make sure that you know exactly who is going to buy your eBook, and where you can find them online.

  2. They don't automate as many of their business activities as possible.
    Selling eBooks, though it is highly profitable, is not a business where you make hundreds of dollars per sale.

    Automate everything you can - credit card processing, eBook delivery, as much technical support as possible to keep your eBook publishing and sales costs to a minimum. If you can't automate a function, delegate it to someone else.

  3. They don't have a compelling title for their eBook.
    When selecting eBook titles, use words that convey the benefit of what's in the eBook, as well as words your audience is familiar with.

    A bad title for an eBook: "Online Marketing for Newbies." A good title for the same eBook: "97 Ways to Promote Your Website - No Experience Required."

  4. They try to cover too much ground.
    Many eBook authors convey a lot of information but don't cover anything in-depth. As a result, they never fully explain anything in enough detail to provide any useful value to their readers. This is a very bad mistake to make, especially when it comes to how-to eBooks, which happen to be the best type to write.

  5. They are not proactive in marketing their eBooks.
    It would be nice if marketing for your eBook simply happened on its own - but it doesn't. You have to do it yourself. After you've published your eBook and promoted it to the people on your own mailing list (if you have one), then you have to contact other website owners and persuade them to be your affiliates. You should do this continually.

  6. They don't differentiate their eBook from its competitors.
    When you choose a topic for your eBook, even if there are a hundred other eBooks out there on same general subject, choose an angle for yours that will make it easy for yours to be distinguished from the others.

    For example, right now job-hunting eBooks are very popular. There are dozens that are big sellers. "Secrets of Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales" has a very specific title that sets it apart from the competition, and is aimed at a clearly identified target audience. Incidentally, it's selling very well itself.

  7. They write and publish eBooks that nobody will pay for.
    Many eBook authors write about information that either people can get for free, or that people are not actually interested in enough to pay for the information.

    Before you invest weeks or months into the writing and publishing of your eBook, invest a little time investigating whether other eBooks published in the same subject area are selling on the Web.

    So, there you have it - the seven big mistakes to avoid when writing and publishing eBooks. Remember, the opportunities are plentiful - and huge - right now for anyone who wants to become a best-selling eBook author. Simply use common sense, follow our advice, and let your literary career flourish!
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