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Calling Africa


If you're a business person in Nigeria or Ghana, please contact me. I'm looking for a secure drop off and also seeking information about pop up shops, I know that landlords in Africa prefer to let long term but times they are a changing.

Anyway if you're in either of these locations or you have any helpful information please get in touch and we can speak more via email or whatsapp.



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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSG6wvmY3233161kMTXpCBsPiQ5yJ9i_F6RBEVlt4fZ3FyPAbGo3w&__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1314706097789That was actually what I told myself after I planned a webinar for my new program launching soon.

So since 2008, I've been consulting privately with small business owners helping them craft business models that have helped them reach and exceed the million-dollar mark, pitch million dollar business ideas to investors and just become better business people. In 2010 I decided to stop private consulting though and started working on my own million-dollar vision. So far so good.

Over the course of 18 months I've been heavily using social media, I've begin to notice the need for many business women in particular who could use my expertise so it seemed natural that now I get back into private consulting but this time virtually. So I decided to host a free webinar to introduce my platform and knowledge and to truly add my value to the entrepreneurship conversation.

Making a long story short, the original goal of the program was to give high value content away for 60 minutes and completely free and then do a follow-up webinar with even MORE high content and charge $37. And then a series of follow-up marketing strategies. People were signing up and getting so excited about both webinars, and even paying the fee and enlisting others to join. I created a discount package and everything. It was working but something about it though felt just WRONG!



Sure I know the marketing experts would say “well maybe you didn’t go about it the right way” and yes I noticed a few things, but what made me NOT want to move forward with a different strategy to sell was the fact that I didn’t “feel” right selling $37 product.

Even though I knew what I was offering was worth $300,000 or more in potential for the attendees, it felt like I was nickeling and diming and it just felt wrong. I knew that I could easily earn a modest monthly salary off just one webinar, but it felt like I was excerting the wrong energy looking to see how many people registered, if I’d met my profit goals, would I put another announcement out, etc. Yes all the things you should do if you’re launching a product but all the effort I put into it for just a few thousand dollars felt a waste of energy when I knew ultimately what the attendees needed I had to offer them and no I couldn’t offer it for $37 even if 100,000 ppl registered.



In short, my ego had a major clash with my self-worth and value. And I would argue that many of you solo-preneurs, coaches, infopreneurs, etc have had the same issue (well maybe after this blog post you will). Where my self-worth which has been developed to what it is to day after 15 years was saying “Katrina just give it way please dahling, you don’t need to nickel and dime for quick cash” my ego was saying “but this is good stuff! I need to charge for this are you kidding me??? I’m not going to miss an opportunity to make $3000 in one hour” but here’s the thing, that methodology which I KNEW at the time was against what I truly believed is what many solopreneurs subscribe to. It’s what I call the survival mode or the “me” mode. It’s difficult to see yourself as powerful beyond measure, you’ve just figure out how to get comfortable working for yourself. Now you have to start thinking about millions? Me? All I have is just my brain power and a few skills.


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And while you're there, grab my FREE ebook!

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What would you have done?

We attended this years annual trade show put on by the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is known for its themes and putting on a great show. I don't know if it is the economy or the cloud hanging over their head from the lawsuit that they have lost on two judicial levels, but it was not the same.

This years theme was "Walking the Red Carpet." The Chamber as usual did a great job. They had the red carpet set up complete with backdrop. Kidder and staff were dressed for the event. The vendors this year made NO effort to get into the theme. This year only one or two booths even made an effort by dressing in after 5 attire.

Last years' theme was "The Fabulous Fifties" and the vendors were all in. The winner of the best booth design was very hard to pick. We wanted a hair salon to win. They had cigarette girls and a nail tech who dressed as Madge from the old dishwashing detergent commerical (Dawn I think) she even had a bottle in her pocket. The booths were Fabulous.

I know the economy is in the tank, but if you're going to spend the money for a booth, you have to put your game face on and give your best effort.

If you had spent the money on a booth what would your selling technique have been? Would you have gotten in the spirit of the theme, or would it be business as usual?

I gravitated to those who made an effort. I noticed others who attended did also, even they weren't the ones you originally intended to see.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs

Are you interested in being a vendor?

Selling your goods or products at

our 7th Annual Black Essence Awards Expo!

When: October 9th 2010

10:00am - 2:00 pm est.

Where: Century Center

120 South Saint Joseph ST.

South Bend, Indiana

(check map quest for location)

Cost: $ 40.00 per table

Contact: Karen Pfeifer 269-934-0941 for registration or more information.

Also, your information will be placed on our vendor list, we will contact you

for our next scheduled events.

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Top Ten Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is a contest for people's attention. Traditional mass marketing fights for people's attention by interrupting them. A 30-second spot interrupts your favorite TV show, a telemarketer calls right when you are sitting down to dinner. In the past, this has been quite effective. But now, there's been a paradigm shift. There's too much information - too much going on - and we're being overloaded with interruptions.

Last year, the average consumer saw or heard over 1 million marketing messages - that's close to 3,000 per day. No one can pay attention to that many distractions. So what consumers have started to do is ignore them. So how does a small business owner combat that?

Most small business owners complain that "Nobody knows who we are or what we do!" I know the answer to that predicament: "They don't tell anyone!" And if they are marketing and promoting - they are not doing it effectively. They are forgetting who their customer is (target market) and they give little consideration to how to reach them.

Most companies market haphazardly. They are drawn in a million marketing directions and often fail to create a targeted marketing strategy.

Just like The David Letterman Show - Here's a list of Top Ten Small Business Marketing Mistakes:

1. a different logo, look and tagline with every promotional piece

2. Believing one or two print ads will give a business instant success

3. Not hiring professionals to do a professional job

4. Forgetting to make the most of a first impression

5. Not understanding, defining or remembering your target market

6. Creating a marketing plan but never looking at it or implementing it

7. Neglecting to track marketing dollars - return on investment

8. Ineffective use of time and money with networking and charitable giving

9. Selling features not solutions, benefits and value to the customer

10. Not reserving their domain/URL

Have you evaluate last year's marketing plan or do you have a plan at all?

Planning is the key to effective marketing - but it doesn't have to be complicated or costly.


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7 E Book Mistakes

Why are some authors doing so much better than others? We've discovered seven key mistakes that most eBook authors make (and in doing so, hold themselves back from major success):

  1. They don't write to a specific, target audience.
    The biggest mistake most eBook authors make is they don't clearly define, identify and visualize who they are selling their eBook to. On the Web, to be successful, you must write to a specific group of people who have specific interests. Make sure that you know exactly who is going to buy your eBook, and where you can find them online.

  2. They don't automate as many of their business activities as possible.
    Selling eBooks, though it is highly profitable, is not a business where you make hundreds of dollars per sale.

    Automate everything you can - credit card processing, eBook delivery, as much technical support as possible to keep your eBook publishing and sales costs to a minimum. If you can't automate a function, delegate it to someone else.

  3. They don't have a compelling title for their eBook.
    When selecting eBook titles, use words that convey the benefit of what's in the eBook, as well as words your audience is familiar with.

    A bad title for an eBook: "Online Marketing for Newbies." A good title for the same eBook: "97 Ways to Promote Your Website - No Experience Required."

  4. They try to cover too much ground.
    Many eBook authors convey a lot of information but don't cover anything in-depth. As a result, they never fully explain anything in enough detail to provide any useful value to their readers. This is a very bad mistake to make, especially when it comes to how-to eBooks, which happen to be the best type to write.

  5. They are not proactive in marketing their eBooks.
    It would be nice if marketing for your eBook simply happened on its own - but it doesn't. You have to do it yourself. After you've published your eBook and promoted it to the people on your own mailing list (if you have one), then you have to contact other website owners and persuade them to be your affiliates. You should do this continually.

  6. They don't differentiate their eBook from its competitors.
    When you choose a topic for your eBook, even if there are a hundred other eBooks out there on same general subject, choose an angle for yours that will make it easy for yours to be distinguished from the others.

    For example, right now job-hunting eBooks are very popular. There are dozens that are big sellers. "Secrets of Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales" has a very specific title that sets it apart from the competition, and is aimed at a clearly identified target audience. Incidentally, it's selling very well itself.

  7. They write and publish eBooks that nobody will pay for.
    Many eBook authors write about information that either people can get for free, or that people are not actually interested in enough to pay for the information.

    Before you invest weeks or months into the writing and publishing of your eBook, invest a little time investigating whether other eBooks published in the same subject area are selling on the Web.

    So, there you have it - the seven big mistakes to avoid when writing and publishing eBooks. Remember, the opportunities are plentiful - and huge - right now for anyone who wants to become a best-selling eBook author. Simply use common sense, follow our advice, and let your literary career flourish!
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Your First 90 days in Business

.The process of starting a business involves key steps from choosing a business name to selecting a business structure. Once your doors are open, the first 90 days of being in business sets the foundation for successful survival. Learn what you need to know during the first 90 days of starting a business.Get the First Customer: You aren't in business until you have a customer. If you didn't have a customer at the beginning of startup, make this priority one. Reach out to your warm contacts. People who know you will want to see you succeed and will give you the necessary business or referrals.Master Selling: Selling is essential to business success. It's a business function often downplayed by new startups lacking sales experience. Set a regular time weekly to learn and apply new selling skills in your business. Forget the hype that marketing will do the selling. Marketing is a separate function from sales. Marketing will create the interest to contact your company. Once you have contact, use your selling skills to close the deal.Make a Profit: Sales revenue shows on the top line of financials. The profit is the bottom line. Without profits your business will fail. Understand the costs of your business and ensure you focus on making money. For certain businesses, profits will follow an investment in inventory or other start up costs. Run financials to determine when your company will be profitable.Evaluate Pricing: When starting a business it's common to make assumptions about what prices to charge customers and the profits made. During the first 90 days your assumptions will be challenged with the realities of the market place. Take a close look at your price strategy. Don't make the common error of trying to be the lowest price provider. Your competitors have established their businesses and can often undercut prices longer than you.Set Quarterly Goals: Running a new startup is time consuming and stressful. You have to learn multiple skills and have numerous systems to setup. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Successful entrepreneurs know seeing the horizon and having a 90 day plan with objectives and milestones can mean the difference between failure and survival.Find Your Entrepreneurial Type: Your business personality type is the traits and characteristics of your personality that blend with the needs of the business. If you better understand your business personality, then you can give your company the best part of you.Reward Yourself: Starting a business is like launching a rocket into space. The amount of energy to leave the earth's gravity force is tremendous but once beyond the pull of the earth the energy needed is reduced. Recognize the energy you have expended to start your business and take the time out to reward yourself. The time off will recharge your motivation and ensure success for the next 90 days.
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10 Things Social Media Is NOT…

After doing several Social Media Workshops, Panel discussions and everything in between. I am writing this article for all of the conversations, discussions and pushback. I hope this list adds some value.Social Media is NOT…1. It is NOT the Holy Grail… Yes it is everywhere. Yes it is low cost. Yes it is effective. Yes it is Powerful if used properly. It still can only be one prong of your overall marketing approach. Social Media is designed to strengthen and insulate relationships. You still need some traditional marketing. Obviously this is based on your market, your company, your goals etc. It is meant to enhance and amplify your message. Do not put all your eggs in any basket. Balance, prioritize, have a strategy and goals. Engage you audience.2. It is NOT Magic… You are not pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It is not a way to pull the cover over your customer’s eyes. So let me advise not going out and planting those beans in hopes of a magic beanstalk.3. It is NOT Fake… I truly believe it can be either the most powerful tool or the biggest fake. Always remember that you have to earn attention. It is creating, maintaining and enhancing relationships. So do not have someone write tweets for you. Work hard at providing the right experience for the right audience in an authentic and genuine way.4. It is NOT One-Way… I hear SO many people say that they do not think a social media tool doesn’t work or that social media overall is not an effective medium. Then after discussion with them about how they are using it, we discover they use it as a broadcast medium. They do not engage with the audience. They create content and let it sit without using the real power of the medium. CONVERSATION. This creates connection.5. It is NOT Advertising… It is not about you. It is social exchange of ideas, thoughts, insights and best practices. The great news for those who forget. It is Social Media and it is in the title for you. It is SOCIAL. It is a chance to interact with your customers, prospects and suspects in an engaging way.6. It is NOT Something to Do Without a Plan… Take the time and effort to set some goals, a benchmark. Have an idea where your audience is and what you are going to share with them. Start with a destination and then a map of how you will get there. If you do not, then any road will get you there and that road may be through un-travelable roads or roads with heavy roadblocks.7. It is NOT Corporate… Again, this is human and personal. Do not talk about you, your products or your company. Do not talk like a corporation in your annual report. Do not talk with your logo. Speak in a voice. Be real. Be from this planet. Have fun and relax.8. It is NOT a Replacement For Eyeball to Eyeball… It is a way to enhance person to person networking. It strengthens relationships. It is a great way to share or talk about events.9. It is NOT a FREE… So even though the platforms require a very low cost. It requires a lot of human capital to run a successful social media campaign. There is a big cost; it just doesn’t come in the way of subscription or dues. There is also a bigger cost of avoiding and putting on the backburner.10. It is NOT Without Work & Effort… You cannot just put up a profile and then go away. It requires interaction and engagement. The effort can not be when you want. It has to be frequent, consistent and sustained.Even though this list is not exhaustive, it is something to think about.Other Related Article(s)I wrote another article last week you might also enjoy about 10 Myths of Social Media -* By Chad Rothschild MBA, Marketing & Branding Expert | Social Media Marketing Authority | Author | Speaker | Workshops |
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Reach 200,000 Potential Customers

The 2009 African American Holiday Gifts Guide will be advertised to at least 200,000 African American potential customers - educated people and book buyers.It costs just $10 to advertise. Your ad will remain online for a year.Please contact me privately if you would like to place an ad. I will be advertising a wide range of products.For more info, visit: African American Holiday Gift ShoppingHere's to your success!Zhana
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Find Your Focus

Hello to all my BBWO online friends. I wanted to take the time to write this blog post today because I think it is an issue that many of us struggle with. In addition, it was something that Richelle touched on in her online chat today with LaShanda and that LaShanda has said to us over and over again.As many of you know, I create natural bath and body products with the aim of adding moisture to the skin. I use shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and several other oils. As black women (and men) we are fighting ashiness, especially in the winter. We are no strangers to grease. Not those of us who were brought up on Vaseline and Crisco and used A&D ointment on our babies' bottoms (I'd slather that stuff on my baby's bottom!! It' was like an inch thick.)When I first started out, I gained a lot of knowledge from boards where there weren't a great deal of Black women, or alt least they weren't many of them posting. The advice was to add cornstarch to your butter to "cut down on greasiness". So I did. And I chased after a target market that was not very interested in my products, or at least from what I could tell from click and sales.Now, a year later, with my experiences with BBWO and other sites of its kind, as well as the many Black business folks I interact with on Twitter, I've finally come to understand and embrace my target market. It's not about trying to sell to the world or to exclude certain demographics. It's about being REAL.My products are meant for people like me - black women with children who have eczema - (Eva's Shea Buttah is the mix I use on my own little one's eczema) but also want a touch of luxury for themselves. The products are affordable and handmade with love by me - Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.By the way, I took the cornstarch out of my recipe for success, both literally and figuratively (wink) - why stunt the effectiveness of the pure natural butter on your skin? (big grin)Understanding your target market is so important - it' saves you a lot of time, money and effort.Currently, I am working on a blog post about exactly how I found my target market - will post when I'm done!And of course, don't forget to visit - we now have layaway and Gift Baskets for Christmas and Kwanzaa.
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The number one tool of PR professionals for more than fifty years has been, and continues to be, the press release.***Visit us now at and learn how to get a Free Press Release (Reg. $99) created for your business/site, mention you are a member of Sistapreneurs with any distribution purchase and we'll add your site/logo to our Featured Business Links page at no additional cost. - Limited Time Offer
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