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Birth of a Pastor

The Birth of a PastorGood Morning Beloved it has been a long time since I have penned a message but know if was because I did not want to it was because God was working on me in areas to build me up and areas to shed away. I was back on the potter’s wheel. Well I am thankful to be this new vessel and I look forward to the next change in outer shell because this means another layer has been taken off, I have matured to another level in God and I am closer to him who created me from a bone from the side of man and his still sweet breath of life. I am thankful today as he reminds me that I was his and he chose me from the beginning of time for a job that is strange and once taboo for me to do. I rejoice because he reminds me of the story of when he used a bush, ass and a wall to speak through that he can use anyone or thing he chooses to the bring the message of his Good News. The Good News of him leaving his Divine form to fill the flesh of man, being born of a virgin, walking, teaching and preaching among the lost to give another chance at eternal life, dying on a cross for a cause he was determined to support (shedding his precious and powerful blood for a creation that was not at all worthy), going down to the depths hell and taken the keys and death’s sting away for their owner, the rising from the dead to fulfill the law that we may have eternal life, and ascending to heaven to take his rightful place on his throne to rule forever more. He showed this to me this morning for those times when I am told women can’t be preachers or pastors; you’re not qualified for the job, etc... I can say to them you probably are right on all accounts because God is ready so I have no other choice but to humble myself and say yes Lord. I also know that by myself I can’t do anything but with Jesus I can do all things through him that strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I know that when I pass through the waters, he will be with me, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when I walk through the fire, I will not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon me (Isaiah 43:2). I know I have been chosen (Matthew 12:18-21) for such a time as this but this thought had to leave my mind and reach and saturate my heart because I had lost my confidence. But beloved today he showed me my past, present and future all in (Matthew 1). He showed me that I was birth in a long lineage of strong and powerful men and women of God and valor and that they too were afraid sometime but the Holy Spirit was with them leading and guiding them; undergirding and giving them courage, encouragement, endurance and strength as he will do for me in those valley days and mountaintop experiences if I stand fast and be unmovable trusting in his plan even when it don’t look like I would have it to look like, or it doesn’t fit my plan because he is able. Then he showed me that I was conceived, called, chosen and used irregularly but purposed by the Father himself not man and lastly he showed me that from me will be birth many mini me’s sons and daughters that will take the Gospel throughout the world and plant seeds, water seeds so he can give the increase. Beloved I don’t apologize for such a long message today because it was penned in love and came from the very depths of my soul. It was bottled us so when the Father was asked to stir up the gift it just begin to flow like living water. God Bless Elder Tonja Williams and remember that no matter what anyone say God has the last laugh. Happy Thanksgiving 2009
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Do You Understand Your Season of Change?

The caterpillar knows his assignment; he understands and recognizes his season of change. He does not fear or fight against it but willingly positions himself to embrace and endure the severe process of metamorphosis.He does not despise his beginnings because he understands that the matrix of his world as a caterpillar is only a temporary form that carries his future. The ‘caterpillar’ is the larval stage of what he’s been created to be, a butterfly. He knows that beneath his uncomely exterior awaits a new birthing.The word caterpillar is a compound word. The word cater is a verb meaning to furnish, provide, and supply. The word pillar is a noun meaning support, rock, and leader. Caterpillars do nothing but eat and nourish on plant life during this humble beginning. However, this season of its life grounding, preparing, and becoming a tower of strength and support for its next phase of life.When you find yourself in the caterpillar stage of life, it is your job to feed on the nourishment of God’s Word so that it can sustain you during your pupa stage. When you have completed your pupa stage, you are then ready to emerge into maturity. Your life as a butterfly is to pollinate the lives of humanity through the gift of God’s love.Tilt your heart towards the SON!Pastor Narda GoodsonFirst Lady of Whitewright, TexasOfficial Website:\Social Network: 2008 Gospel "PiLLs". All Rights Reserved
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