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If you are a single mom, it might be difficult to get away for an actual Mother's Day vacation. However, there's no reason you can't enjoy the weekend by planning a staycation in or near or your town. In fact, many single mothers prefer the staycation approach because it enables them to enjoy quality time alone and with their children without needing to pack their car full of toys and other necessary items. Are you a single mom wanting to enjoy yourself this Mother's Day weekend? Perfect! Read on to get a head start on planning the perfect staycation.

Ideas for Alone Time

Even though you will most likely want to spend the majority of the weekend with your children, it is definitely okay to take some time for yourself. Once your children have been safely delivered to one of your relatives or a babysitter, you can head to a local day spa to be pampered for a few hours. If you prefer to have some time to yourself without visiting a spa, consider taking yourself on a movie date. After all, it's typically very difficult for a single mom to enjoy a movie that is geared toward a mature audience, and you do need to allow yourself to be an adult and enjoy some "Me time." Finances too tight at the moment? No worries! Head to the library a few days before Mother's Day and rent a few good magazines.  Then, on Mother's Day, put on your favorite pair of sweats, order some home movies, and enjoy the solitude.

A Staycation with Children

After you've spent some time by yourself, it's a good idea to let your children enjoy Mother's Day with you. If the temperature is warm enough in your area, you could take your kids to the beach or the pool for an afternoon. Even if the beach is in your town, it will still provide you with some of the fun and relaxation that is typically associated with going on vacation. Another good way to celebrate the holiday with your children is to go to out to eat at a restaurant that is serving a special Mother's Day meal. Alternatively, you could go to your favorite park or nature reserve and have a picnic. If you have a young baby, bring their portable playards along for impromptu naps and feeding time.

Staying at Home for Fun

In some cases, it might be easier to plan an at-home staycation with your children. If so, be sure to do something different from your daily experiences. For example, if you have a young baby, they can join the fun if you make simple changes like transitioning baby from his or her regular crib into a fun-meets-function Bright Starts playard.  They offer comfort and engagement for baby, and convenience for mommy; a win/win! Or, get together and make Mother's Day crafts and hang them around your home. Another good idea is to build the environment of a movie theater at home by making popcorn, letting everyone have some candy, turning the lights off and pulling your living room furniture closer to the television than usual to make the screen look bigger.

Regardless of what you decide to do for Mother's Day weekend, make sure that you take some time to celebrate yourself. After all, being a single mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and you deserve to do something special in honor of the holiday.

Akilah S. Richards hosts workshops on work-life harmony and women's emotional wellness.  Being raised by a single mother, and being a mother herself, she knows just how difficult it can be for women to make guilt-free time for themselves.  Engaging toys and safe play areas such as the Bright Starts playard by Kids II, Inc. can offer a much-needed reprieve for busy mothers, single or otherwise.

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