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10744106058?profile=originalBBWO Member Afi Pittman invites you to join:

Let's Talk About It Live Chat

Thursday June 12th, 2014 at 7pm EST

Ladies, it’s time to talk about all those things that are keeping you single… You know…those things that your churches and even closest friends aren’t talking about…

  • Unhealed trauma and how it affects your relationship choices
  • Loneliness
  • Poor/Unhealthy choices
  • The truth about celibacy vs. sex outside of marriage

Sign up to receive:
A safe place to discuss today’s dating and relationship challenges..
Giveaways of “31 Day Devotional for Single Women” and “Walking in Your Purpose”…

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"Somebody Else's Baby" - The Stage Play

10744103697?profile=originalSomebody Else’s Baby is the stage play adaptation of the Diane Martin novel of the same name. This stage production reveals the demise of humanity and indicts a community whose silence has killed more children than bullets. This story is a disturbing and emotional diary of tragedy and fear. Tijani Khalan Owens (TKO), played by Steven Davis, is a young Black male trying to survive the “war” that has erupted in the streets of Chicago. He represents every child who must live every day in fear – in a community that they call home. Tijani doesn’t want to become a statistic – another victim, but fate puts him in a situation where he learns that some choices, good and bad, will have grave consequences. In the end, whatever the choice, lives will be changed and we will be forced to take inventory of ourselves and of a growing problem that plagues us all. 

Get your tickets today...

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Attention All Moms - This Mothers Day let us help you protect your children under 18 with our exclusive Safeguard for Minors Progam visit

for details.


PS: Your never married children up to the age of 26 who live at home with you may also be entitled to certain benefits when combined with our other plans.

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How lovely it would be for business owners if every day was like Black Friday, because its essentially one of those magical days when you can tap into a serious income boost!

If you would like to hear my 5 favorite ways to generate quick bursts of income within my online business, I hope you join our next next Jumpstart Your Business webinar, tomorrow 5/8/14 at 11 AM EST.

This is going to be the first JYB call that non-members can join live for FREE, so click here to get the call in details. Power Circle members can click here to view info via our members area.

SistaSense is all about giving you a serious boost in business know how this week. Be sure to also take a look at:

PowerUp Webinar: Become an Information Product Pro
SistaSense For Moms in Business Bundle

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A chance to promote yourself...

10744104091?profile=originalOn July 26th, 2014, we will be putting on a play, entitled, "Somebody Else's Baby" at the Carver Military Academy, 13100 S. Doty Ave., Chicago, IL. from 6-8pm...there will be about 800 people in attendance. Here's your chance to tell them who you are and what you do...we are putting together goodie bags (marketing bags...) to hand out at the event. If you would like to promote yourself or your business, just send us your postcards, business cards, bookmarks, samples, etc....all we ask is that when you send the materials that you please include a donation for those individuals putting the bags together. Many of these people are young adults, individuals who have recently lost their jobs, or are struggling artists. Also, if you would like to be a vendor, there are 10 spots available...the spots are $50 until May 29th. If you are interested, please "inbox" me or email me at:
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