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See Ya On The Net Workshops - May Training

Hands on training in Mail Chimp, Canva and Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA 101 - Dos & Don'ts

May 3

How to create a mailing list

May 4

How to create social media graphics "Quotes"

May 17th

SOCIAL MEDIA 102 - Groups How to use groups for promotion

May 18th


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How to Gain Self Confidence

Sometimes our self-confidence is shaken when we make decisions that are not supported by family, friends or people we respect.  When we feel that we are by ourselves regarding our choices, it is important to apply the universal law of cause and effect. Acknowledging others rights to their opinions opens the way for us to receive the same treatment. The adage shows itself over and over, what you do unto others will be done unto you.

Remember you can create the life you want to live by your actions. Being gentle and loving yourself is the way to bring that behavior into your life from others. Although it may not feel apparent, life supports you. The universal order of life does support you. This may sound airy-fairy, but it is a real and important principle to believe in when feeling challenged. Understanding that everyone has a right to live and think as he or she chooses removes the emotional conviction that others opinions are personal attacks. Each adult is their life decision maker, and one’s opinion does not overthrow anyone else’s choice.

Your ability to hold this idea and conduct yourself on this principle will govern others manners when engaging or having a relationship with you.

Valuing yourself is a requirement for a successful life. Lacking self-worth is mirrored back to us through our personal and work relationships.  The characteristics of caring and respecting yourself are reflected in how you address other people’s degrading and dismissive attitudes. Life already supports you; you are here. The statement, "you are an accident", is only an attempt to devalue your existence. It is your primary responsibility to embrace and love yourself.

Sometimes we allow the opinions of others to reign over our internal voice. That is a sign that we need to stop and remember what is important to us. Getting clear about the way you choose to live your life and what you value gives you the strength to make seemingly hard choices. You regret less when your actions are decided from how you choose to be in this world. Living this way opens you to new ideas and activates your potential.

Aiming for a successful life based on your values can sometimes feel like a struggle but the end results are worth it. Gaining self-confidence is the practice of making and moving forward with your decisions that are founded on what is important to you. Every opportunity you have to apply this principle will help you become self-confident authentically.

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You’re beautiful!  You are uniquely talented and gifted; this is why I am choosing you to be on my HDMV team. 
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Develops ourselves personally and professionally
Motivates, inspires and encourages others
Value, adds value by what we say and do
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Zoe K. D. Lee
Team Leader, The HDMV Team

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