What do you do when you’ve done everything you’re told and
it still doesn’t work?

You have a few months left to make it happen for you in 2010 but

you have no more motivation and you’re out of ideas. You are working

endlessly behind the computer only to find that you've left little time to do what
matter's most What do you do?

Give up? No. You can do it!


Sep 11, 2010 –Robin Tramble
aka The Empowerment Diva has developed a 90 day

VIP program just for you, The Bold, Courageous and Brilliant 90 day VIP

coaching program for 10 wealth conscious women and woman
entrepreneurs or aspiring.

“I want to give women an opportunity to get clear on their vision,

goals and action plan. I will work with you to accomplish
your goals but

more specifically to get laser focused on one BIG goal while tapping into

your brilliance and unleashing the bold, courageous and
brilliant you!” says Robin.

It's Fall 2010 and although
there are just a few months remaining, there's still time for you

to make some great strides and end 2010 with a Bang!!

Women will join Robin for a 90 day journey together with other like-minded

women who will all have the aim of accomplishing their goals
by the end of the 90 day period.

Your goal might be to realize a healthy lifestyle so you can realize better weight
achieve that ideal weight, to launch your first telesminar, to set up the

needed components to effectively build your list, to increase your revenue by a
certain measure, to become bold, courageous and tap into your brilliance so you
can play a bigger game etc.

Robin wants to support you in accomplishing your desires and goals within 90 days.

To learn more about how you can be one of the ten women who join in

this life-changing program go to http://www.RobinTramble.com/Brillianceinquiry.html

Get ready to kick start your year!

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About Robin Tramble

Robin Tramble International was founded by Professional Life Empowerment Coach,

Robin Tramble to help women live a big, bold, beautiful and authentically brilliant

life of empowerment. Robin is a Mentor, speaker, Recording artist and Author

of the upcoming book “The Dynamic Power of Focus for unstoppable women.”

She is also creator of Empowerment-Success-Songs.com .

Find out more about Robin Tramble International at



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