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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Does Fear grip you when you think of these three words?


I need help! Those are three of the most feared words for many that I know of. Why is this?
Do you feel that asking or admitting that you need help means that you’ve failed or maybe you feel inferior?

Let’s take a look at the consequences of not asking for or seeking help.

You continue repeating the same steps getting the same results.

You waste time and money trying out new bright shiny objects. The next best thing.

A great service or product is withheld from the world.

The solution to someone’s problem is hidden and causes them to either
continue on a long search or never realize the resolve for their problem.

You continue to toss and turn afraid that your mortgage won’t be paid or that you won’t be able to keep up with your bills.

A lack of confidence and low self esteem sets in as you beat up on yourself for not accomplishing what you thought you would have by now.

You finally give up.

Is it worth it?

Seeking out the necessary support and resources is an action of a woman who knows that she has gifts that the world needs to be exposed to, an unstoppable woman of tenacity that has made a resolve of no retreat.

It doesn’t make you weak or inferior.

The added support of a coach and/or mentor will save you years of trouble, reduce the mistakes that you end up making and will keep you from reinventing the wheel.

You will also realize increased revenue and save time.

If it hasn’t worked for you for the last 1 – 5 years or more, you can’t afford to continue on your own.
Stop now. Look at where you are? Are you satisfied?

Make an agreement with yourself that you will do whatever it takes to position yourself for empowering success. Don’t cheat yourself simply because you’re afraid of or too proud to say “I need help.”

Ready to take action. Secure your help today! Request my free Breakthrough to Destiny talk. There are a limited number of spaces open.

So I suggest that you request yours now. Click here to request your Breakthrough to Destiny Talk.

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“Time is money.” That three word sentence sums up the life of the woman entrepreneur. When your staff consists of only you, you realize quickly that passing the buck isn’t an option. Instead, you must quickly learn to sort through the multitude of tasks facing you each day and narrow down to only the key revenue- generating activities, while letting the majority of the “noise” fade away.

It’s a fact that you and every other entrepreneur in existence have one thing in common – a 24 hour day. However, what you DO with those 24 hours can be the single difference between having a profitable business or having to take on a side job.

I’m going to give you an opportunity to discover  several ways you can increase your productivity by narrowing down and focusing on the tasks that are going to move you towards your biggest money goals. You’ll learn about prioritizing your daily tasks, grouping them for greater efficiency, and how to keep on top of all the various projects you have going, so you don’t drop any critical elements.

Though you may already feel pressed for time (and the thought of attending a call seems like just another of countless things to do), I encourage you to take a break from your crazy schedule, sit down and secure your place for this call. The time you invest will be paid back in greater efficiency – and therefore profit.

Join me for my no cost call!

Tap into irrefutable productivity secrets and cure patterns of
disempowering habits so you can realize a juicy manifestation of more
time and more money.

Go to
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Empowering last words of 2010

I shared the following on Facebook and wanted to also share them with you. Ending on number 8 wasn't intentional, however, it all worked out
quite well if I can say so myself. Enjoy!
 Empowering last words of 2010: #1 Although there are great blueprints, systems, formulas and 12 steps to follow never forget to keep God in your plans
(actually at the head).There is nothing new under the sun and you are
empowered to create because you have the creator within you. Creating
innovative systems, blueprints with your unique design inspired by God's
wisdom. Remember "Wisdom tells knowledge what to do!"

Empowering last words of 2010 #2 Want to Supercharge your entrance into 2011?
Cultivate an attitude of gratitude regardless of what wasn't
accomplished in 2010. Start a gratitude journal (If you don't have one)
Post at least 5 things you're grateful for Thursday and Friday Morning.
Give it an extra power-boost with evening posts on Thursday and Friday.
Your attitude determines your altitude. Continue & Soar in 2011!

Empowering last words of 2010 #3 Is there any unfinished business you need to
close before you enter 2010. Phone calls you need to make?Forgiveness
you need to impart? It's important that you make peace for complete
healing of your soul even if they've gone on."Unforgiveness is the
poison one takes expecting the other person to die." Author (Young man
from Africa) "Forgive, let go and live!"(c) My long awaited book

Empowering last words of 2010 #4 Have you heard this? Some things never change?
There may be some validity to that , however, if you're going to move
ahead and realize empowering success you must change your response,
change your actions. You'd be surprised how this defuses many negative
situations. Besides it's essential to stressed-less living.

Empowering last words for 2010 # 5 Although we're anxiously awaiting 2011 I am not
one to take any day that God gives for granted. God's gift to us is
life & what we do with it is our gift to HIM. So.... maximize every
moment through 2011. 2010 is not gone yet & if you read the
obituaries you'll see many that thought the same & didn't make it to
2011. Celebrate & be thankful for every day while making plans for

Empowering last words of 2010 #6 Remember: As we remember those gone on in 2010,
good times,sad times,challenging times we take from each the lessons God
allowed us to see and learn, the gratitude of being blessed with those
gone on to be part of our lives and celebration of the victories.As we
move forward in 2011 cherish the love of family & friends when times
seem challenging remember How Faithful God has been.

Empoweringlast words of 2010 #7 Set Intentions and Expect - When you set
intentions you aren't preoccupied w/ the how as much as the desired
result. Set your intentions for the New Year & then Expect. There is
power in expectation. Expect to receive,to be empowered to manifest
your desired results through systems designed to help you chart your
course. Connect w/ an accountability partner. Co-Partner w/ God!

Empowering last words of 2010 #8
# 8 stands for New beginnings. I didn't know how many ELW of 2010 I
would write, however, somehow I've ended here. The last words "Celebrate
New Beginnings!" We are entering into a new year with it's own path
that we each have for our lives. Go with God. Stand strong. Fear-less
and Faith-full. There is nothing you cannot do with God on your side.
wish you Peace, Love and Joy. A prosperous New Year!!


Happy New Year!


Robin aka The empowerment Diva

Authentic Life Empowerment

Mentor,Coach,Trainer and Public Speaker

Empowering New,Emerging,Aspiring and Enterprising Woman Entrepreneurs

90 Days to Business Breakthrough!

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Are you your own worst enemy?

How many times have you started out with a Bang and end up with a fizz?

It goes something like this. You have a great idea or maybe we’ll call it a bright idea. You’re excited and can’t sleep at night becauseideas are flowing and you can’t turn it off. You jump up ready to goand put some things in place. This keeps up for about a week and slowlybut surely you start winding down.

Or maybe you’ve struggled with fear, low self esteem, a lack of confidence and you have a good week and another two good weeks so youthink everything is peachy cream until one day you hit a low.

What happened?

Why can’t you keep it going? Why can’t you sustain the motivation?

You are operating off of the high of self preservation, innovation and creation but lack the internal wiring to sustain your motivation.You recognize a need to develop the skills needed to change things,however, you talk yourself out of it due to a one day,week, monthwonder.

Can we be real (authentic) here. What’s happening on the inside? Is there a void and you’re trying to fill it with external things? Is yourinner critic louder than your healthy spirit and soul?

Are you suffering from an independent spirit and refuse to acknowledge your need to step out of yourself and get the support youneed?

It’s important that you nurture your spirit, soul and body. Take time to lay a solid foundation by settling and mastering yourpsychology which includes things such as your mindset, limiting beliefsetc. , get clear on your vision, setting and writing down effectivegoals and applying strategies that will allow you to realize your goals.

Without this your efforts will be a hit and miss.

Next it’s important that you connect with an accountability partner. I say this often, however, it’s key to your overall empowering success.If you continue to have episodes such as what I mentioned above you’llsoon become discouraged and conclude that business success is just notfor you leading you to abandon your dream and return to the routine 9to 5 job.

Are you your own worst enemy? Yes, you can be. If you neglect to acknowledge where you are and seek out support to resolve your concernsand simply apply a band-aid by coming up with the next best bright ideaor sucking in yet another teaching of the next best Guru you are yourown worst enemy. If you push down the negative chatter, disempoweringbehaviors and limiting beliefs due to a sudden surge of empowermentinstead of dealing with the internal, you are your own worst enemy.

No one’s going to commit to your destiny like you. No one’s going to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams, “YOUR diamond life” like you will.

The time is now to stand up for yourself. Seek out support. Your challenges don’t have to overtake you. You can soar above them.

Arise and shine. It’s your life. Say yes to YOUR Diamond life!

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

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It's no secret that as women we have to wear many hats whether married, unmarried, Corporate Exec.,female entrepreneur,Leader in Ministry, work at home mom, stay at home mom, CEO etc.
And as a woman of color the responsibility can be even heavier.

You may be experiencing overwhelm, a lack of motivation, lacking life and/or business skills necessary to yield the business you deserve so that you have the lifestyle you deserve....

What is your business? Where would you like to see your business 1 -3 years from now? Do you know how to get there? What about marketing? Are you overwhelmed by all of the information available to you? Don't know where to begin?

Maybe you're experiencing some level of success but know that you can experience more.

Are you held back by your inner critic, dis-empowering behaviors or other?

How connected are you to your Wealth Consciousness?

Could you be sabotaging your own success because of the wrong mindset and you don't even know it?

Yes, these are a lot of questions, however, they are real concerns and may speak to you.

I've been there and I know that I can support you. You don't have to do it alone.

I invite you to request a complimentary session with me to see if this phenomenal VIP Coaching program is a fit for us.

Send an email to and put "phenomenal 10" in the subject area.
We will contact you.

Remember this opportunity is only open to 10 women so if you think this may be what you need don't delay!!

Empowering you!

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva
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Hello POWERFUL one!
If you've been working to grow your business for a while
now and things aren't happening as fast as you want, then I'd like
to help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH.

Here's the scoop...

I've heard from a lot of small
business owners that are having an
especially difficult time getting their
business to grow fast these days.
After hearing about so many people's
struggles, I decided to do something
about it...

** NEW, For a Limited Time **

For woman entrepreneurs that already have a
business or are serious about starting one.

I'd like to invite you to take
advantage of a special, "Life and Business
Breakthrough" strategy session
where we'll work together to...

=> Create a crystal clear vision
for your 'ultimate business success'
and the "perfect lifestyle" you'd like
your business to provide

=> Uncover hidden challenges
that may be sabotaging the
growth of your business and
keeping you working too
many hours

=> Leave this session renewed,
re-energized, and inspired to
turn your business into a
highly profitable, revenue-generating
machine that practically runs itself...

If you'd like to take advantage
of this very special, very limited,
and complimentary 20 minute
"Life and Business Breakthrough" consultation

Go to to request yours now!

We don't know how intense the response
will be, so we can't guarantee a session for everyone.

We'll take as many people as we can and then start a waiting
list. You can expect to get contacted by our team to schedule your
session within the next 1 - 2 business

If you don't hear from us, it
means we've received more requests
than we can handle right now and
if something opens up we'll get
in touch with you at a later time.

Again, to take advantage of this offer
simply click reply, complete the areas requested and
send back to us.
Warmest Regards,

Robin Tramble

PS: The sooner you respond to this invitation, the more likely you are to get a session.

Go quickly to to request your Life and Business
Breakthrough Strategy session.

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A year from now you may wish you had begun today. ~ Karen Lamb

How would you like to realize Business breakthrough for 2011? Wouldn't it be great to have
support and someone walking with you as you get clear on your vision,goals and align strategic
plans for realizing your goal by 2011 all within a period of 30 days?

It's Fall 2010 and although there are just a few months remaining, there's still time for you
to make some great strides. You can make endeavors towards your best year ever. By the end of 2010 while getting clear on your vision,goals, action steps and be empowered to manifest that one BIG goal as you end 2010 with a BANG and kick your year in gear!!

I know that it seems like you've been working hard to accomplish
your goals since the beginning of the year.

Do you ever wish you could ......

* Achieve your desired results

* Leverage your time so you have more time for what matters most

* Uplevel your Business for realized increased revenue

* Discover keys to allow you to get more clients

* Realize unshakable confidence in your personal,spiritual and business life?

Learn more and secure your seat today!

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

What an empowering quote!

Another one of my favorite quotes in this category is by Sharon Williams “It’s never too late to redeem your dreams!!

What is it that you dreamed about when you were a child? What stopped you from moving forward?

This was one of the questions asked of the participants in my Dream Launch Mentoring and Coaching program.

Quite often we allow time to influence what we do in life and once we get past a certain age you may figure that it’s too late so yousettle for what life presents to you. Why is this? Are you influencedby others? Or maybe what society dictates as the normal age to startthinking more sensible and slow down your ambitious endeavors?

There are many who started late in life and then who is to say what the definition for starting late is. Is there a magic number?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kernel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken and others. Some probably thought he was a little on the crazy side toembark on a dream at his age and yet he did and this franchise is athriving business even now.

What does it take to continue to dream and not just dream but take targeted action?
What about setting another goal and dreaming a new dream?

Well one essential key is to have confidence. Yes, you must have unshakable confidence in your abilities and your gift. There are goingto be naysayers and those who feel you need to do like the rest of themand settle. In order to stay motivated to continue you need confidence.

In the bible it reads “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Here’s another quote; Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Martin LutherKing, Jr.

The right mindset
If you have the mindset that you’re not good enough or that you’re not worth it you’re going to definitely reach animpasse as you move forward to not only dream but take targeted action.

Crystal clear vision
Not being crystal clear on your vision is a definite way to sabotage your success and cause you to give up on yourdream or even worse never set a new goal. Your vision will provide youwith a healthy navigation system.

Not only will it provide guidance when setting your goals but will greatly enhance your activity ofwriting your goals and adding action steps.

These are a few things you need to continue to dream and take targeted action.
I’m sure you can add a few yourself and I invite you to do so. Here’s onemore “tenacity.” When it’s all said and done you must have a mindset tocontinue in the face of tests and discouragement regardless of whatother’s think or the opposition presented to you with a resolve of noretreat.

Go ahead Dream again, set new goals and take targeted action!

If you’re looking to connect with an accountability partner , clear the clutter inside/out, get crystal clear on your vision, set 1Audacious goal, get laser focused so you can be positioned to manifestthat goal then I invite you to join me for “30 days of Empowerment”mentoring program. This Empowering experience will begin when I returnfrom Ali Brown’s “Shine” Event. I’ll be fired up to help you move to anew dimension in your life and business plus provide an experience ofspiritual renewal. Go here to secure your seat now while there’s still availability.

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How to Find a Business Mentor

Since women think like women and men think like men you may be better off finding a female mentor. Women also encounter a different set of problems in the work force than men do. For example, a female mentor may be better able to tell you how to crack a male-dominated industry or how to deal with gender discrimination issues.There are many women-helping-women organizations that have mentor programs but if you already know a professional who might serve as a good mentor approach the subject casually at first. Being a mentor can be time consuming and is something that must work for both mentor and protégé (you).

Before you ask someone to become your mentor make sure you are willing to take direction from them otherwise you will just be wasting everyone’s time. Remember, you are looking for solutions, guidance, and concrete advice – not an executive to “wow” with how great your ideas are. If all your ideas are truly that great you do not need a mentor – you should consider becoming one!

To find a mentor in your industry contact a professional association or call your local social or human services department to see if free mentor programs are available in your area.

You can also register with Micromentor2 and see if they can match you with a volunteer mentor. The service is free but the application takes about 30 minutes to complete online.

Choosing a Friend to Be Your Mentor is Not a Good Idea

While it is helpful if you and your mentor get along on a personal level a mentor’s role is to serve as your professional guide not as a personal friend. It is vital that you be able to accept advice from a mentor and stay focused on the business. This is much harder to do if you choose someone already close to you to be a mentor. It is better to save friend and family resources for networking!

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Savvy women and Woman Entrepreneur’s Productivity tips: The To do list reborn and Batching

We’ve all heard of the 10 things to do list.

The problem with this is that you end up with 10 humongous tasks which all require attention of their own.

I’d like to call this The to do list reborn. When making up your to do list don’t just jot down 10 things on the list Put the items of highest priority at the top. You don’t want to have a list of 10 things
to do. You want to narrow it down because you’re going to add some
action steps or mini goals.

It’s important that you do this activity correctly if you want to achieve the highest results.

I share this in the Make it Happen "30 days of Empowerment” mentoring program. You’ll discover how to get Big results faster than you have before.

Another productivity tip is what is called batching.

Pull out your new and improved To-Do list. Look it over and I I’m sure you’ll see some commonalities and patterns. You might find there are types of tasks that are all performed similarly.

How are they similar? Maybe you complete these tasks while you’re in the same mindset or while using the same equipment. They might be tasks that are call-related, tasks that need to be done in the same software
on the computer, tasks that require extended thinking, etc.

By grouping these tasks together, you can save transition time between activities – and, of course, get more done in less time. These are the types of tasks that are perfect for batching:

Tasks that occur or can be scheduled in the same physical location. By grouping tasks in the same environment together, you save time moving back and
forth. For instance, if you’re meeting a client downtown, arrange
several other meetings in the same general area.

Other ideas: Mailing/shipping at the post office, doctor’s appointments, running errands, even daily tasks in your house (when you’re in the kitchen cooking breakfast, put away the dishes in the
dishwasher, too).

These are just a few of the productivity tips that I’ll also share in my upcoming Make it Happen “30 days of Empowerment” Mentoring program.

This post is an excerpt from my free call You Empowered! Simple secrets to conquering overwhelm.

For a limited time you can request my free gift audio replay download of this call only. On this call I also share one thing that can be attributed to weight gain,overwhelm and
chronic disease and more!

Go to to gain access to my free gift to you.

This is my preview call to the Make it Happen “30 days of Empowerment” mentoring program which will happen weekly through October 27.

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Are you ready to realize Transformation for your life and business?
Do you want to experience a phenomenal program that will assist you along
with group coaching? Well, I can't believe I'm doing this, however, through
my time with my Co-Partner Father God and deep hearted thinking I am
introducing a scholarship. This is for those of you who have been looking
at this program hearing about this program and praying that you would
somehow be able to participate. That time is now! Go to
and select the Scholarship option. Here's how it will work; the current investment
will remain for the first 10 or until Sunday at midnight PST and it will increase and that will remain for the next 10 until Monday,midnight PST and then the Scholarship option will be removed.
I have been there. Wanting so bad to participate in a program that I knew would
change everything for me and if it weren't for the fre.e Teleseminars and kindness
of some I wouldn't be hear today. Oh and of course my Faith,family and favor of God.
As soon as I was able to invest I did because I knew that would be a direct
reflection on how God would allow women to invest with me.

It's never too late to redeem your dreams. ~ Sharon Williams
Let me help you redeem your dreams and take targeted action!

The "Authentic Life" Empowerment
Mentor,Coach,Trainer, and Public Speaker
to women across the world

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Attention Christian Women in Biz

First let me say this from one Christian Woman in Biz to another.
One WAHM and mompreneur to another and from one Daughter of
God to another.

It's your responsibility to express your gifts in a BIG way!!

You're a unique one of a kind Gift of God.

If you're not involved in the marketing activity of building your list/community consistently you won't
attract your ideal clients/customers and without clients/customers you won't have revenue and
without revenue your business will cease.

Okay I know you've heard that the money is in the list, however, maybe you can't seem to make
it work for you. Or you're having results but not to the extent that you desire.

Is it really true that the money is in the list? Or are there other elements essential
to realizing the fruits from your list.

Maybe you have questions such as......

"How do I get started?"

"What's the quickest way to realize results?"

"How can I persuade prospects to subscribe?"

"What's a squeeze page?"

"I'm not handy with all that tech stuff so how can I get started without a
fancy website?"

I'm glad you asked. All of the above and more will be covered in my upcoming free call.

Get your message out! 5 sure-fire strategies to build your list.
Everyone is welcome, however, this time the call is designed with the Christian Woman/Mom in business in mind.

When: Wednesday, September 29
Time: 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST
Where: From the comfort of your home

Can't make the call? The audio replay will be available to
all registrants.

Secure your seat here

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How to Find a Mentor

iStock_000009172087XSmall-150x150.jpgI replied to a question this week on LinkedIn and thought I’d share my thoughts with you on the topic of mentoring. Here is a short excerpt from the comment and subsequent question submitted:

“I don’t know how to navigate the professional world. It is like I am an outsider looking in. As an African American woman, I don’t have any willing connections in my family. I am actively networking, taking classes to gain new skills, writing blogs, and interning; this way I can groom myself into the professional I want to be…”

My answer went like this:

Thank you for your note & for expressing your challenges so honestly. I will share that I have been mentored and I have mentored. In most cases where I was on the receiving end, I actively pursued the
relationship. There have been both good AND bad experiences on either
side – I chose to learn from both.

One of the conversations that came out of the recent Women of Color Career Success telesummit I hosted focused on the topic of mentoring and where to find them. There were 3 strategies highlighted from the panel:

  1. Pursue mentoring relationships with people who already at a level for which you are aspiring – seeking a combination of mentors with similar backgrounds as you AND those who can share a completely
    different perspective;
  2. Peer-to-peer mentoring – reach out to positive, motivated colleagues and others within your field for idea/resource sharing; and
  3. “remote” mentoring – seek out books, presentations, and media that may have messages you can apply to your own situation for growth. If something really appeals to you, consider contacting the author, etc to
    let them know how their ideas have helped you – social media really
    opens possibilities here. You never know until you try.

“Mentoring” was very loosely defined in each case but the ultimate message was that you can learn from just about anyone’s experiences.

Lastly I will add these tips:

* Don’t be intimidated to ask anyone you have identified as a possible mentor for you. The worst they can do is say no. * You should not expect
someone else to invest in you what you don’t invest in yourself and
others. Definitely look at ways you can mentor and give back. * And if
you happen to run into that not-so-great experience, you can learn
lessons from that too. It just may be “what not to do”.

I hope others will chime in and offer their advice and perspectives on your questions.

Best success to you, Tanya

What are your thoughts around mentoring and what advice would you offer someone for finding a mentor?

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable helps ambitious professional women of color develop a competitive personal brand strategy for the career of their dreams. To get instant access to
her free special report on Simple Steps High Performing Sistas Need to Know for Career Success stop by and visit

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What do you do when you’ve done everything you’re told and
it still doesn’t work?

You have a few months left to make it happen for you in 2010 but

you have no more motivation and you’re out of ideas. You are working

endlessly behind the computer only to find that you've left little time to do what
matter's most What do you do?

Give up? No. You can do it!


Sep 11, 2010 –Robin Tramble
aka The Empowerment Diva has developed a 90 day

VIP program just for you, The Bold, Courageous and Brilliant 90 day VIP

coaching program for 10 wealth conscious women and woman
entrepreneurs or aspiring.

“I want to give women an opportunity to get clear on their vision,

goals and action plan. I will work with you to accomplish
your goals but

more specifically to get laser focused on one BIG goal while tapping into

your brilliance and unleashing the bold, courageous and
brilliant you!” says Robin.

It's Fall 2010 and although
there are just a few months remaining, there's still time for you

to make some great strides and end 2010 with a Bang!!

Women will join Robin for a 90 day journey together with other like-minded

women who will all have the aim of accomplishing their goals
by the end of the 90 day period.

Your goal might be to realize a healthy lifestyle so you can realize better weight
achieve that ideal weight, to launch your first telesminar, to set up the

needed components to effectively build your list, to increase your revenue by a
certain measure, to become bold, courageous and tap into your brilliance so you
can play a bigger game etc.

Robin wants to support you in accomplishing your desires and goals within 90 days.

To learn more about how you can be one of the ten women who join in

this life-changing program go to

Get ready to kick start your year!

# # #

About Robin Tramble

Robin Tramble International was founded by Professional Life Empowerment Coach,

Robin Tramble to help women live a big, bold, beautiful and authentically brilliant

life of empowerment. Robin is a Mentor, speaker, Recording artist and Author

of the upcoming book “The Dynamic Power of Focus for unstoppable women.”

She is also creator of .

Find out more about Robin Tramble International at


Contact Details:

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Happy Summertime!

You've made strategic plans, did some networking and even
developed a great schedule for marketing and monetizing
your efforts and now comes the turn. The turn when you must
figure out how to keep the momentum going, create a schedule
that will allow you to leverage your time and still realize
gains in your business while fulfilling the other roles in
your life. The Summer Time turn.

It's not easy realizing work at home women's empowerment and
it can be even harder as you make the transition from the
school year to the Summer months.

Now is the time you must streamline and set one BIG goal that
will give you massive results in other areas.

The key word is focus. If you've ever learned the skill of focus,
now is the time to embrace the act of focusing on what matters most.

Need help with how to gain massive results while committing to
your desire to give what you need to your family and children
during these summer months? Or maybe your children are grown or
you don't have children and yet you must figure out how to monetize
while getting through the Summer months that have been known
to be slow months due to one of meany reasons the season
for vacationing. You don't want to miss my upcoming
Work at home women's Empowerment and Mindset Breatkthrough Teleseries.

When: Bi-weekly beginning Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 am PST
Cost: Free

Although this Teleseries is designed with the Work at Home Woman
and those that aspire to be in mind, everyone is welcome to attend.

Secure your spot here:

Space is limited. Secure yours now!
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A 27 month, Life-Changing Program Ending With a FREE TRIP TO EGYPT

Open To Children 7 to 14, and Adults 21 and Over

The African Genesis Institute program is a 27-month educational and cultural program for youth between the ages of 7 and 14, and adults focused on developing an understanding and awareness of Ancient African Culture as well as the African experiencein America.Enrollment is now open for the "Class of 2012".

Students who enroll now and successfully complete the 27 month program, will be able to travel, along with the rest of the students on an 11 day, expense paid trip to Egypt in July, 2012. Since 1998, nearly 3000 youth and adults have traveled to Senegal,The Gambia, Ghana in West Africa and Egypt in North Africa.

Visit and click on dzert club for more info and the list of cities with
live presentations over the next 30 days. If your city is not participating visit this website and find out how you can join a sister city and still participate in this program. Remember the purpose is to take a youth along this educational journey with you.

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In a recent call "5 simple secrets to begin living your delicious life"
I shared this as one of the secrets. There are 4 plus additional secrets
that were shared and are essential to women's life empowerment
endeavors and living a delicious life!

Secret # 2 was to get your life in good shape.

You must make sure your life is in good shape, although I didn't
go into detail on the call about Total Wellness this is also
very, very important.

Areas included under this secret were:
Life balance
During the Breakthrough mentoring and coaching program each participant
will have a chance to reflect on this by utilizing one of the popular
assessments of the industry. This is not something that is locked in
to the 12 week period , however, it will give you another accountability
measure continuing beyond the 12 week period. One of the areas of thistool includes Physical environment and one of the sentences states mypersonal
files and papers are neatly filed away and if you’re good here you would
check it if not you don’t – At the end there’s a scoring system and there
is an ideal score that you want.

Another area is Health and emotional balance- And one of the sentences
in this area reads.... I very seldom use chocolate, coffee, colas, tea
less than 3 times per week total. We will also use a tool that will be
very instrumental in taking a look at your life balance, giving you a
measuring stick to allow for improvement. You see many times we major
on the minors and wonder why we aren’t achieving the results we so desire.

Strong Divine Connection
We need to feed our soul, body and our spirit and it is imperative
that you have a strong divine connection which for me and others on
this call is a God our Father and you must be committed to your
spiritual authority which would be God, your pastor and those of
you that are married your husbands. It’s about order and when you have order you will live a delicious life!

This was an excerpt from 5 simple secrets to begin living a delicious life.
I share so much more on the call. Here is my gift to you for a limited time.
You can go here to secure your own download of this power-packed
Teleseminar FREE! This will be part of a paid product so you do want to
grab your copy now.

It's time for your personal, spiritual and business breakthrough!
You're not alone. Join other sisters and I for Breakthrough 2010

Be delicious and live your delicious life now!
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4 simple secrets to getting focused, reinventing your life and living Big Bold and Beautiful!!

Pink Stunna Shades Glittering Comments from

I will be giving away empowerment resources during my FREE Teleseminar series.All you have to do is register and be on the call to qualify. You will then receive acode via email to send in to redeem your gift award.I awarded 3 $50 gift awards on my last call.Who else wants breakthrough to new horizons in your personal, spiritual and business life?When: January 21Time: 11:00 AM PST 1:00 PM CST 2:00 PM ESTJanuary 285:30 PM PST 7:30 PM PST 8:30 PM PSTRegister for my Call here: life is waiting, however time won't wait.Don't look back a year from now wishing you had begun today!RobinThe Dynamite "Authentic Life, EmpowermentMentor,Coach,Trainer and Public Speaker

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How do you respond to crisis?Does it cause you to panic or are you consumed by fear feeling as if the world is closing in all around you?

There will be continuous testing times as you move along your journeytowards an empowered life. There's no question about it we will have testingtimes as you move up to new levels there will be new testing. So, we mustbuild safeguards so we stay focused and we stay along the course that'sbeen set for us and given that fact we are talking about focus in crisis,learn to focus.Now one of the hardest things to do in life when an unexpected change orcircumstances, disappointment etc. come your way is to stay focused. We eitherare experiencing so much pain or we're so overwhelmed that the event tries totake our full attention. So how can you continue along your path towards the goalsthat you've set, the action steps you've set that will leadyou to that goal long term, short term?I've been there when my daughter lost her vision I was forced to reach inand grab every life skill, empowerment tool and my Faith to remain strengthenedand focused in order to support my daughter, my family and myself. I could have thrown in the towel and lost faith and focus, however, I didn't and through this gained keys to sustained empowerment, success and focus even in crisis.Yes, I've had crisis times and will have more the difference is that I'm nowempowered to stay focused in crisis and want to share some insights with youin this empowering resource! Our daughter has regained her vision and isliving an empowered life.How you respond to crisis will in essence determine the level of yourempowering success!Believe me you cannot continue to panic, yield to fatal distractions, beovercome with fear and be a woman with a lack of confidence if you'regoing to make strides and realize your best empowered life!The years have passed and I know you've had your own share of crisis in yourlife. The question is what are you going to do about it? Isn't it timeyou empowered yourself with the skill sets to stay focused in crisis?Finally...... be free!!!Discover how to stay focused in crisis now, today, once and for all.In my brand new report "How to stay focused in crisis" Ishare insights on how you can harness the power of focus and otherlife-changing keys to realized maximum empowerment as you discoverproven insights on staying focused in crisis and any season of your life.Secure your copy today. There's no shipping and handling and it'savailable for immediate download. Get "How to stay focused in crisis" here.
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There are many interpretations of the word empowerment. I've listeda simple definition below.Empowerment: The act of giving power and authority to a person to perform his designated tasks and being enabled to do what is needed to accomplish agiven task, goal and mission.Empowerment is a choice. You either choose to embrace empowermentby learned life skill sets and other avenues or choose to sabotage anylevel of success by continuing disempowering behaviors, neglectingto learn and apply best practices and by failing to get clear on yourvision, goals and purpose in life.Women today fulfill many roles and most are either in businessand experience phenomenal success or in business and are slowlybecoming disenchanted with the whole idea of women in business.Business empowerment entails being diligent in utilizing effectivesystems. Just as you have a system down for washing clothes, payingbills or handling correspondence etc., there are systems that when useddiligently will empower your business.The question is how bad to you want it? Business Empowerment.I was watching the movie "Temptations" with my family and I recall onescene where Berry Gordy asked his quality control team when listeningto one of the Temp's songs which one would you choose the record or asandwich? The response to the first song was a sandwich.The next time he asked their response was the record. Being arecording artist and songwriter myself I totally understood whatwas being implied.The concept was in order for the song to be a hit a customer would needto desire the record so much that they would pass up buying something toeat if they had to make that choice.Well how do you see your business? Do you want it bad enough that you'dpass up a couple nights out to be able to invest in the system or program thatyou know will propel you forward? Or is the desire not strong enough and youcould still put it off saying to yourself "it will happen."Do you desire it bad enough to put in hours weekly with a marketing planfor realized growth instead of watching your favorite show? Or do you lackthe burning desire to pass up the show to gain new ground in your marketingefforts?Do you desire it bad enough to stop the insanity "doing the same thingexpecting different results" and connect with new systems, strategiesand an accountability measure? Or do you feel that you have all theinformation you need and that it will get better if you just keep workingharder?You must want business empowerment more than just saying affirmations daily.Your desire must be a burning desire a must have in order to propel youtowards the maximum empowerment you so desire to realize.You will never have the business you want without diligent pursuit,mindset shifts, goals, clarity of vision and more.It's going to take more than a casual approach to any endeavor.Business empowerment and ultimate success, how bad do you want it?I'd like to help you become clear on your vision, goals, unique positioning andequip you with proven strategies and keys to turbo-charge your business empowerment.Join me for my Teleseminar series here: to business breakthrough,clarity of vision, goals andyour unique positioning so you can finally realize your dreams.Robin Tramble Life Empowerment Mentor/Trainer/Coach empowers womento discover their authentic self, get unstuck and live their best empowered lifeby nurturing their spirit, soul and body.(c) Robin Tramble
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