“Honey, I appreciate you.” Hearing those words can make your man feel like “Superman”

Men show love in many ways and only a few of them are similar to ways women express love. Think about it; when we, women, are in love with someone we tend to do some of the following: 

• Send romantic cards 

• Feed our beloved 

• Offer backrubs 

• Send cute and sexy text messages 

• Etc. 

Our expression of love tends to be more affectionate and emotion-based: 

Cards - say words we may not be creative enough to say. (Warm fuzzy feelings) 

Food - is comforting and at times revolves around memorable events; the holidays, special occasions, and creates memories. (More warm fuzzies) 

Backrubs - create intimate moments that may or may not lead to passionate sexual ones. 

Text messages - generally, if done right, get an immediate response and create an instant connection with our beloved. 

Men can express love in these ways as well, but it does not come naturally to most of them. If you currently have a man who is offering you such emotion-based tokens of love; I can almost guarantee he was taught to be expressive, in this way, by another woman; a previous romance or a great platonic friend. Possibly, by watching a male role model (Who was probably previously guided by a woman's influence as well); however it happened be thankful and be sure to encourage him (Saying thank you is a good start.) whenever he does something; big or small. Appreciation of such “magical” moments is very important if you want him to continue. 

Typically, men express their love for a woman through their actions; to do things for you is more comfortable expressions of love for him. Men love to problem-solve and find ways to be sure their beloved is comfortable, protected, and feels safe. He is more likely to take your car in for an oil change, regular maintenance, or fill your gas tank to show his love then, remember to buy a card and book reservations for your anniversary. 

Yes, I know when dating and in pursuit of the woman of his dreams; a man can be very romantic. But, ladies once he has you. He starts to show his love in less dramatic ways. Things we may take for granted, like that oil change, are his ways of loving and taking care of you. 

So, learning how to be appreciative of the little things can be the difference between a tense relationship and a loving one. Why, because if you start offering “Honey, I appreciate you.” after he has taken out the garbage, picked-up the kids from day care, or asked you about your day. You become even more lovable in his eyes and he will search for more ways to make you happy. He feels like he is getting it right with you; he feels like your hero. 

Yes, your hero, every man wants to be his woman’s hero. He will never tell you, but watch him after you tell him how much you appreciate something he has done for you; big or small. He almost “glows” with satisfaction, he did something right

Now, to show you how true the information I am sharing is. I have an assignment for you. This week, I want you to make a list of the little things your man and the men in your life do for you. Yes, single ladies, I want you to do this too. Appreciating men includes appreciation for all of them; our fathers, sons, friends, co-workers, etc. Even a stranger who compliments you or holds the door open for you deserves to receive some appreciation. 

So, that is all for now. I hope this brief article has offered you some helpful insight about the man or men in your life. Have fun with this newfound information; email me and let me know what exciting things happen in your life once you start showing more appreciation for the men in your life or if you would like some one on one assistance learning how to really take advantage of this newfound skill.

Have a wonderful day, 

Cyndi Harris, HP 

Author, Relationship Transformation Coach, Man Whisperer 

www.undeniablyirresistible.com or www.redtentwisdom.com (Go to either site to sign up for your 20 minute complimentary irresistible discovery session.)


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