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Juniques MultiCultural Connections networks The Arizona Coalition at the Tiburon Restaurant Litchfield Arizona

“The West Valley Monday Money Mixer” is an event geared towards The AZ Coalition Networking Group & Scottsdale Team Player Networking Club members to utilize our database, customer relationships and business connections to meet the “IN” crowd of the community; while using strategic locations to build traffic awareness and focus on economic business development in West Phoenix.

We’re Here to Help You Win and Find The Best Solutions To Network with Integrity, Unity & Passion.

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If you are interested in being a Networking Volunteer please send requests to
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Neo_SoulZ is seeking performers of all kinds to come out to vibe on a Sunday night. My event is hosted by the funniest comedian with clean cut material to make you laugh all night. While the performers will make you sing, snap your fingers, groove to the soul music and just relax your mind to the mellow ambiance in the air.We have the hottest location in Newark, NJ where the creative folk hang out on a Sunday night to vibe musically, poetically, through lyric of song and it's a mental vibe that flows throw the atmosphere.Neo_SoulZ hosts musical events consisting of live entertainment with special guest performances by singers, poets and bands from all over. We jam to covers and original material by artists, we snap our fingers to the words of poets that leave us in deep conversations and thoughts. If you have something to say and a vvoice to be heard then Neo_SoulZ Sundays is for you.All of my events are positive uplifting and encouraging. We are here to entertain those who maybe going thru emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our job is to take the focus off the audience problems and let them feel the love, peace and blessings that surrounds them. Neo_SoulZ is about making and releasing positive energy and focusing on the blessings that are around us through music and poetry.The ambiance of a Neo_SoulZ event is mellow, soulful and classy. The tempo of music at a Neo_SoulZ Sessions is a soulful, jazzy, funky neo soul with a touch of old school hip hop to add flavor.If you are are a singer, poet, musician or band that's looking for a hot, soulful, funky, classy, place to vibe on a Sunday Night in North Jersey please email video footage of performances to and/or call 973-280-1902 leave a message and a representative will get back to you.BlessingsZenobiaNeo_SoulZ

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If you are planning to start a restaurant delivery service in your area, here are some tips to help you gather all things together and make sure you won’t start your food delivery business prematurely.Putting up a restaurant delivery service in your area may require a couple of tasks to undertake in order to successfully start your food delivery business.Here are some tips to consider before you start a restaurant delivery service in your area or territory.1. Make it all legalEvery business has to start out with all the legalities necessary. You should setup a legal structure for your business. And make sure you review your state laws and get legal assistance from an attorney to help you get all the legal structure done.Make sure you get all the list of requirements for setting up a company or business. A certain legal permit maybe requested depending on the state or area.You may also inquire about getting insurance coverage for your business and for vehicles you will use for food deliveries (if you plan to purchase your delivery vehicles).This step is necessary if you are going to put up your own restaurant delivery service using your own business name. If however you chose to put up a restaurant meal delivery service business in your area as a partner of an established food delivery service firm, you may skip this step and all you have to do is to get a final agreement with the said business party.2. Do market research / feasibility studyThis is a must before you put up any business. You need to make sure that there is enough demand for the product or service in your target location before you actually start drawing out your investment.In doing a market research, you need to know who your competitors are if any, what they offer, and how you can compete with them.However, since restaurant delivery service business is still a very new business opportunity, you may find no competitors yet in your area or territory. Or you may only find other restaurants, fast food chains or pizza joints doing delivery.But since the nature of food delivery service business is different with these restaurants or fast food chains because it offers a variety of options from several other restaurants, this business gives you an edge against them.If you do not find another multi-restaurant delivery business in your area, this is a good sign, since you will be the groundbreaker of this type of food business in your location.Instead of doing competitor analysis, you can inquire on other restaurant express delivery services in other areas, see how the business operate, determine how many fine dining restaurants they have and compare it with the stats and variables in your territory.A good territory to start a restaurant meal delivery service business is an area that has a little less than 20 dine-in restaurants. The more restaurants you can deliver for, the better it is for your restaurant meal delivery service.3. Prepare your food delivery service business planIn order to be setup, you need to know everything you need to do, from the smallest of details to the most significant step of your business.You need to make sure you have sorted a list of the day to day activities of your business that will help you follow through the daily operations of your business.Some other food delivery service businesses provide their partners with a comprehensive business plan. You can either follow their setup or establish a system of your own.For more information about how to start food delivery business in your area. Visit http://www.Dine-in-delivery.comDine-in Delivery provides you with a proven system and shares with you years of experience and expertise to help you set up your own restaurant delivery service business. Download your your free restaurant delivery service report.
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Local Non-Profit Launches New Program To Provide Meals And Assistance To Local HomelessAtlanta, GA, August 20, 2009-----In partnership with H.J. Russell Enterprises and Publix Super Markets, the S.O.A.P. Box program will begin feeding the homeless the first Sunday of every month at McDaniels and Peters Street in the historic Castleberry Hill Art District. “Speaking Out Against Poverty” aka S.O.A.P. Box will launch September 6th 2009 from 12 noon to 5pm and will run until December 6th 2009. In addition to meals, the program is slated to provide clothing, toiletries and employment assistance to homeless residents in the Atlanta area. With a goal to eradicate poverty, the program aims to assist those in dire need.There is a new face to Atlanta’s poor and homeless, many of whom have witnessed their circumstances change drastically over the last year. The unemployment rate in Georgia has risen to 10.3%. Foreclosures and high interest mortgages are still plaguing Atlanta residents. On top of their current monthly obligations, many are now faced with increasing property taxes. With fewer resources and options available, Atlanta’s growing population of displaced and homeless need help more than ever.Bruce Marigny, Executive Director and Founder of The Brothers of Better Business, created S.O.A.P. Box to unite the community in an effort to meet the need of Atlanta’s homeless. This program was developed to inspire and empower communities to fight for the impoverished in and around Atlanta. “We are devoted to raising awareness and supporting citizens in taking action locally to end extreme poverty,” said Bruce Marigny. “The key goal is to help people move beyond their need and into becoming self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term, self-help development programs funded by grants and individual donors, hundreds of people in Atlanta will increase their ability to be self-sufficient by learning and applying new, marketable skills.” In addition to Publix and H.J. Russell Enterprises; former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, Atlanta Councilman Ceasar C. Mitchell, and Atlanta Police Chief Richard J. Pennington have dedicated their time and resources to ensure the success of this endeavor.For more information, please contact Belinda Vickerson email:
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