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5 Bad Credit Financing Sources 5 Tips on How to get Bad Credit Financing.

1. Merchant cash advances- these are loans that are done off of future credit card receipts. It you have an merchant account with flagship merchant, square-up, paypal, or intuit, just to name a few. You can attempt to get a loan without them looking at your personal credit. Although, I still feel you should focus on fixing your personal credit.

2. Forming a partnership with some that has access to cash or credit is another good resource. As long as, they have an clear understanding of what portion of the business they would own. This is why Business Credit America encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to setup C-corporations so you can just issue stocks instead of making people partnerships.

3. Micro-loans- are made by non-profit organizations, such as Accion (, which will grant small loans (up to $50,000) designed to help startups owned by women and minorities, as well as companies that are established in economic empowerment zones. Loans are also available through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Microloan Program, which lends funds through non-profit community-based intermediary lenders. Microloans are a great option for businesses with bad credit or no credit histories because their credit requirements are typically more lenient.

4. Crowd funding- is a resource of private investors that are looking for business to invest in for a higher return on their money. When the banks experienced that financial melt down, they stop lending money to business owners. Many of their investors were not getting good returns on bank cd's, money market accounts, or annuities, so these investors started to lend money to small businesses in return for a better interest rate of return. They don't focus on the personal credit. These investors are looking at the profitability of the business is how they determine who they will invest their money with.

5. IRA'S- A lot of people that are still employed or may have access to their retirement plans, may want to consider borrowing from it. The term is called ROB- roll over business. We will discuss how to use the IRA's without being penalized early in the forums.

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A spirit of giving should be something that we embrace all year round, and shouldn’t be limited to the months of November andDecember. Here are my top 5 reasons to give back all year long:
1) Because there’s always someone in need. As residents of this planet, and members of the humanrace, we have an unspoken responsibility for one another. Wealso have an innate, God-given desire to love, be loved, protectourselves, as well as others. Whatever your comfort level or situation,there’s always a way to give back, and help someone in need. You havethe option of donating all types of goods (not just money) to non-profitorganizations, or giving a little money to that single mom in yourbuilding or in your child’s school, and even giving back through yourtime. Which leads to my next item…

2) Because it is so rewarding! There’s no feeling like the feeling of knowing that you’re helping someone in need, makingtheir life better, or simply taking time out to focus on the needs ofsomeone outside of your family and inner circle. So, my suggestion?Volunteer! I have been a dedicated volunteer for Animal Care and Control of New York City for 2 years now, and it has beenone of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life! I happen tolove dogs (borderline-obsessed), so, this is a perfect scenario for me.However, if you’re thinking that you don’t have time to volunteerbecause of your already hectic schedule, or that with all of the stressof life, you don’t have much to give anyone, then I have news for you.You absolutely DO have something to give! You just have to get creativesometimes. So depending on your personal interests or free time, thereare many options out there for you. You can volunteer for a non-profitonce-a-week, or once-a-month, you can mentor a young person, or a newbusiness-owner/entrepeneur, you can do a free, quarterly seminar in alocal high school, college, or church, on a topic that you areknowledgeable about that may be helpful to others. The possibilities areendless!
3) Because making the world a better place starts with individuals each doing their part. It’s not enough for us to votefor politicians who we think will make a difference, or to sign apetition for a good cause, every so often, or even participate in arally of sorts. These are all very important of course, but it’s alsoimportant for you to recognize that you alone can make a real differencein this world. From sending a friend a kind e-mail just reminding themthat they’re doing a great job, and that you admire them, to taking outthat really quiet kid from your church, that always seems a little sad,to lunch, to the park, or to a ball game. It’s always good to recognizethe small gestures that we can do as individuals, that will help to makethe world a better place.

4) Because giving is like a river which flows gracefully into an ocean of goodness that affects the masses. Okay,that was a little bit of a poetic stretch, but the point is, you getback what you give. Call it karma, reaping what you sow, energy, “The Secret”, or whatever you like. But, I’vefound that people with a true, giving heart, that actively choose tomake giving back a way of life, find that they always manage to havetheir needs met, sometimes in surprising and miraculous ways, and findthat good always comes back to them, even in the midst of adversity.

5) Because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a little sad that giving back has become something optional for so manypeople, as opposed to a way of life. This really needs to change. Aspirit of giving combats greed, selfishness, and arrogance. So that’sanother great reason to do it! If you’re a parent, your kids arewatching. Don’t just tell them what is right, show them, through yourlife, and through your actions.

You may notice that I didn’t notate any specificorganizations to volunteer for, or donate to. No, that would be tooeasy! I would love it if you would take the time out right now, to lookwithin yourself, and see what unique and special way that you can giveback. Don’t just look at a site with tons of non-profit organizations,or a volunteer options checklist. Think about what you’re good at, whatyou enjoy doing, and the qualities that you already embody that arespecial, and then find something that fits for your personality andlifestyle. Please let me know what you find out. Once you start givingback, you’ll never stop!
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Local Non-Profit Launches New Program To Provide Meals And Assistance To Local HomelessAtlanta, GA, August 20, 2009-----In partnership with H.J. Russell Enterprises and Publix Super Markets, the S.O.A.P. Box program will begin feeding the homeless the first Sunday of every month at McDaniels and Peters Street in the historic Castleberry Hill Art District. “Speaking Out Against Poverty” aka S.O.A.P. Box will launch September 6th 2009 from 12 noon to 5pm and will run until December 6th 2009. In addition to meals, the program is slated to provide clothing, toiletries and employment assistance to homeless residents in the Atlanta area. With a goal to eradicate poverty, the program aims to assist those in dire need.There is a new face to Atlanta’s poor and homeless, many of whom have witnessed their circumstances change drastically over the last year. The unemployment rate in Georgia has risen to 10.3%. Foreclosures and high interest mortgages are still plaguing Atlanta residents. On top of their current monthly obligations, many are now faced with increasing property taxes. With fewer resources and options available, Atlanta’s growing population of displaced and homeless need help more than ever.Bruce Marigny, Executive Director and Founder of The Brothers of Better Business, created S.O.A.P. Box to unite the community in an effort to meet the need of Atlanta’s homeless. This program was developed to inspire and empower communities to fight for the impoverished in and around Atlanta. “We are devoted to raising awareness and supporting citizens in taking action locally to end extreme poverty,” said Bruce Marigny. “The key goal is to help people move beyond their need and into becoming self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term, self-help development programs funded by grants and individual donors, hundreds of people in Atlanta will increase their ability to be self-sufficient by learning and applying new, marketable skills.” In addition to Publix and H.J. Russell Enterprises; former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, Atlanta Councilman Ceasar C. Mitchell, and Atlanta Police Chief Richard J. Pennington have dedicated their time and resources to ensure the success of this endeavor.For more information, please contact Belinda Vickerson email:
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I am in the beginning stages of creating a non-profit organization called ZEN WOMAN. It is designed to provide mentors to women ages 25 to 60 who desire to continue their education, start a business, become employed or make a lifestyle change. Mentors would be women 40 and older who are either business owners or those who have extensive professional experience. ZEN WOMAN would also offer one-on-one or group discussions on life challenges; family, finances, relationships, career, and just the every day challenges and joys of being a woman. I also intend to offer classes in business communication, business etiquette, Internet protocol, leadership development, and conflict resolution.To that end, ladies, I would love to hear from you with suggestions on what programs to offer, what type of classes to offer, rewards and incentives for the clients, qualifications for mentors; essentially anything that you think would enhance my idea. Thank you for your help.DK.
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