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Of course savings is big part of creating your financial portfolio and legacy. Food is a necessity. Financial Saving is also a necessity

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Top 4 Businesses to Start in 2013

2013 is just around the corner. And as we approach this time to declare a “New Year, New You”, this is a great time to do something new, do something different, and actually take the steps to start a business. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have specific education or thousands of dollars to invest in a business that will thrive and last beyond the dreaded 3 year failure mark. The following 4 business types are all businesses that have been deemed the “top” businesses to start in 2013 as their industries are growing.

1. Organic Food- Perhaps with help from the FLOTUS Michelle Obama with her “Let’s Move” Campaign, organic food sales are rising. People are starting to care more about the quality of food they consume and prepare for their family. The organic food industry is a growing industry that will continue growing into 2013. If you are someone who loves organic food, good with creating recipes or interested in growing it, this would be a great industry in which to start a business. Get more information here about the certifications and accreditations needed to get started. ORGANIC FOOD CERTIFICATION

Average Start-Up Costs: $500-$1000

2. Cosmetics- Always a popular product, natural cosmetics are going to be big in 2013. Women... well, people are going away with Botox and chemical peels, etc. They are looking for more natural ways to maintain a youthful appearance. There are several ways you can start a cosmetics company:

A.You can join a company already established and be their walking advertisement by wearing and sharing their products. Companies like Mary Kay, Seacret, Xango and Rodan+Fields are reputable companies with proven natural products.

Average Start-Up Costs: $100 - $1000

B. You can create your own cosmetic products. Of course your investment will be much more, but at the end, the product will be your own brand. To start a cosmetic line of quality may average you $40,000 and more. Don’t get me wrong, there are places where you can start your own for much less but if you want to stay in business, the money is worth it or go with option number A. Start Your Own Cosmetic Line Option

Average Start-Up Costs: $40,000+

3. Ecommerce –,,, and are just a few great resources for selling products like clothing, jewelry, electronics, books, music, vintage stuff, etc. People sell all kinds of things through these resources. All you need is a camera, even cell phone, to take pictures of stuff you are selling and set it up.

Average Start-Up Costs: $0 - $100

4. Affiliate Marketing- According to CNBC is the “best online small business idea of 2013”. The affiliate, internet, network marketing business model will see an increase of business owners. Several reasons for this is because training is free and unlimited and there is a great potential to generate a substantial income with residual options (money that continues to generate even if you do not work that month). Best companies to start are companies just starting, that do not have a saturated field of marketers. You just need a computer and an out of the box product. New Millenium Business

Average Start-Up Costs: $25 - $200

Of course these are only a few options for businesses to start. There are plenty other and if you put forth hard work in anything it is bound to succeed. For help on deciding what type of business to start, more specific information about the industries above, or how to expand your current business, Sign Here to receive a free consultation. Trying something new can be scary but when you have a Success Teacher by your side, that makes it so much easier. Happy New Year and make 2013 a "Go Get It" year!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Garrison Prosperity Solutions

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Everywhere you go these days, the mental health of our community seems to be a primary subject and concern. We have finally come to grips with the fact that not all of our problems are financial and social. Some of our problems are borne of unspoken misery and unresolved pain.


That’s why I published a book earlier this year filled with healthy living tips for the mind, body and soul. “Broken In Plain Sight” provides a perfectly crafted fictional, highly imaginative platform that proves that love is the common denominator to vibrancy and healing. The novel-like feel works to illustrate the underlying reasons for unhealthy lifestyle habits and offers practical and innovative solutions for living healthier.  In its fictional, diet-guide like format, the book exposes the struggles, secrets, and corruption within an African American family and their journey to find love, truth, and healing.


Now, six months later, my new book, “Broken In Plain Sight”, has been nominated to receive The Henri at The 2012 Christian Literary Awards in November 2012. See for yourself why it was nominated and purchase your copy today. In order to take home this prestigious award, I need your vote! If you liked my book, I would greatly appreciate if you would take a minute and vote for it.


Just visit You’ll need to create an account, then after receiving your password, you’ll need to “Login” and follow the prompts which include clicking “2012 AWARDS” and selecting READER'S CHOICE to CAST YOUR VOTE for “Broken In Plain Sight” in the Fiction Category.  Voting will close on September 30th. Please tell your family and friends to vote!!!


Broken in Plain Sight is engaging, entertaining and enlightening. It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles as well as Kindle and Nook. Too many of us are broken in plain sight and don’t have to be!


Thank you in advance your support and vote!!!



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Are you ready to lose some body fat?

Are you eating enough? Are you eating too much? These are two important questions if your goal is to lose body fat. To determine your daily caloric intake visit and input the required data. It’ll also tell you the number calories you need to consume if your goal is to lose body fat. The goal is to reduce your calories by 500 each day. You can do so by a combination of eating less than your target daily caloric intake and exercising.


If you’re unsure about the number of calories in your favorites, simply visit You’ll discover that your favorites like a Chef Salad… or that blueberry bagel…or that raspberry tea may not be the low calorie food or beverage item you thought.


Have a healthy day!!!

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eFoods Global is currency of the future. No matter what your time commitment, level of interest or income desire eFoods Global has created a compensation plan for everyone. CLICK HERE:

This exciting plan is designed to blend many rewarding elements of several earning structures to help you achieve your financial goals and more. We blend immediate rewards with a strong long-term residual plan. One of the unique aspects of this earning plan is the blending of weekly food rewards with financial rewards. Not long ago, terms like providing for the family, being the bread winner, and putting food on the table were the measure of a good day’s work. With the eFoods Global earning plan, you will be putting food on the table tonight while reserving weeks, months, and even years of food in your home, accompanied with some huge financial rewards.

This extraordinary earning opportunity has the ability to potentially generate a potentially endless stream of storable gourmet food as well as lifestyle-changing income. We at eFoods Global have a very simple philosophy: serve it, save it, and share it.

Joining us is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

• Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)
• Serve an enjoyable meal
• Share essential ideas

Don't wait... join the movement today. eFoods Global saving families one meal at a time.

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Are You Up for a Coupon Challenge?

The holidays are coming and making sure my family stays within our budget is key to me. But I do have to admit, although I have my family on a strict budget plan, and although we stay within our spending limits overall. The area we tend to overspend is with the grocery/food bill. So enough is enough, I’m taking on the coupon challenge. During the holidays overspending can occur and it’s very important to not neglect your budget during the holiday season. For some people looking to save and not overspend, holiday shopping begins in Fall, this practice allows you to stay on top of your budget allows you to eliminate wasteful spending. So back to my coupon challenge I’ve did my research, so that I can take some tips from other people who have been successful with coupons. In my Googles earch I came across the website of and I been using her website as a guide, so far I am impress with her coupon saving tactics. I just started this coupon exercise this weekand I am noticing the food savings. Right now I’m only buying what’s on sale and utilizing coupons with the sale items. What I also learned that many of the stores have website where you can sign up and get additional savings. Well as I mention earlier int his blog the holidays are coming and my goal is to plan my holiday food shopping list now. Until next time, I’ll let you know how it goes
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New Beginnings Start Living Lose Weight!

Welcome to my New Blog

I decided to start my blog with the new month of October. I'm feeling great because I have started this month and the best way. I now weigh less than I have ever weighed in my adult life. This is such an accomplishment for me. Although I have lost and kept a lot of pounds since 2003, I have had my share of battles. Sometimes I felt deprived and frustrated that I must be concerned with eating healthy and exercising. However, I realize after seeing the results I've been seeing, it is worth more than the cookies, cakes, donuts and pizza that I have passed up. The thrills of eating those are so temporary and the results and are not what I want, the extra weight, and clothes not fitting right.

On the other hand, eating healthy makes me feel physically better and more in control. I enjoy seeing the numbers going down on the scale, my clothes fitting like I want them to. Don't think that I'm obsessed with losing weight or trying to reach a ridiculously low number. I'm just getting closer to the healthy BMI which will no longer classify me as overweight.

Now that I've expressed my excitement, I want to know how or will you start your journey this month?

As my site suggests, start living today! It's well worth effort.

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Garlic Dill Seasoning Blend(A) Garlic Dill Seasoning Blend
With the fresh flavors of garlic, sea salt, dill and a hint ofred bell pepper,this versatile seasoning is perfect forgrilling fish, potatoes and more. (4.5oz. jar)
Item #287208 $8.99

Classy Chocolate Pound Cake Mix(B) Classy Chocolate Pound CakeMix
Moist, rich chocolate goodness! Just add butter and water. Topwith whippedcream or ice cream for an elegantdessert. (17 oz. box)
Item #735308 $6.99

Go! Go! Asiago Dip Mix(C) Go! Go! Asiago Dip Mix
Just add mayo and sour cream for a creamy, cheesy dip. Alsodelicious sprinkledon popcorn, buttered noodles or Frenchfries. (2 - 0.75 oz. packets)
Item #731299 $7.29

Prickly Pear Cooler Drink Mix(D) Prickly Pear Cooler Drink Mix
Just add water and ice to this shimmering, pink fruity drink.For sensationalsummer cocktails, add a splash of vodkaor rum. (11.5 oz. pouch)
Item #235207 $6.99

Honey Teriyaki Sauce(E) Honey Teriyaki Sauce
Rich and tangy with a hint of honey, sesame seeds and brownsugar. Perfect forstir-fry or dipping egg rolls andwontons. (8 fl. oz. bottle)
Item #236100 $8.99

Returning Favorites Collection with FREE Champagne Jelly - Item #100635
Returning Favorites Collection with FREE Honey MustardSauce - Item#100636$39.25

Champagne Jelly(F) Champagne Jelly
Made with real champagne, this indulgent jelly is delicious ontoast, Englishmuffins and French toast. Alsodelightful served with fresh sliced strawberriesand croissants. (8 oz. jar)
Item #741100 $5.99

Fun Fact
Honey Mustard Sauce(G) Honey Mustard Sauce
With clover honey, mustard and tangy red raspberry vinegar, it'sthe perfectpretzel dip or spread for ham and cheesesandwiches. Kosher. (8.5 oz. jar)
Item #122505 $5.99

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It’s a POWERFUL time to become a Tastefully Simple® consultant!

  • Sign up to become a Tastefully Simple consultant by May 28, and you will receive our amazing Returning FavoritesCollection!
  • And if you place your $400 activating order by June 15, you will also receive a $50 certificate for business suppliesor logowear!

Check out my website at or Contact me for more details at
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Host a June party and earn products for your OWN backyard bash!

Host rewards:

  • Have a $500 party: Get our Backyard Basics Collection!
  • Have a $900 party: Get our Servin’ Up Sunshine Collection!
  • Have a $1,500 party: Get both collections!

You’ll also be entered in our Birthday Call Sweepstakes to win $115 in Tastefully Simple products!*

Parties must be held June 1 – 30, 2010. Ask me for details!

*Answer your phone saying ‘Happy Birthday Tastefully Simple!’ during your party when they call you.

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Mother's Day Virtual Host Party

Mother’s Day is coming up and everyone is getting ready for their weekendwith that special woman in their life.. Why not let Tastefully Simplehelp you preparefor that day? Need an idea for a meal? Or perhaps dessert? Don’t forgetour tastygifts that are already dressed up in pretty boxes.

Starting today I will be having a Virtual HostParty to celebrate Mother’s Day. Here are the details:

Too busy to host or attend a partythis time of the year?? Well, how about being a part of my virtual mysteryhost party!!!

What is a virtual mystery host party?I'm glad you asked. Here's how a virtual mysteryhost party works. Everyone invitedto the 'party' that places an order through 12:00pm(noon) on April 26th is considered a guest. At the end of the partyon April 26th, one of the guests will be chosen as the mysteryhost and will receive all the host benefitsof this virtual party. Thismeans that just by stocking up on your favorites, you could receive FREEproducts of your choice (visit

to view a complete listing of our products)

You must call me, or email me your order. NO WEBSITE orders are valid!!!I take cash, check (make checks payable to Kimberlee Stevenson), andcreditcards (master card, visa, discover, amex).

For your protection you can email me your order and I can call you to getyour credit card information if you like.

Increase your chances to win...

* Everyone who orders by 12:00pm on April 26th receives 1 entry.
* If your order is over $25 (before tax and shipping), you receive 2entries.

* If your order is over $50 (before tax and shipping), you will receive 5entries and you are eligible for a half price drink bucket!
* If you have an order from a friend or family member in addition toyourorder, you receive an extra entry.(let me know who you referred)
* If you schedule a party in June, July or August youreceive 10 entries.
* If you are interested in becoming a consultant and schedule time todiscussthe opportunity or refer someone who does, you receive a free BountifulBeerBread and 5 entries.

Kimberlee Stevenson
Tastefully SimpleIndependent Consultant
ID# 0063034
(413) 244-6713
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Tastefully Simple’s Fall/Winter product line is coming to an END! Stock up NOW on your favorites! Once they leave on March 7th- there is NO GUARANTEE they will ever return!

Order 3 or more F/W Products before March 5th and receive $1 off each OR a FREE Bountiful Beer Bread ($5 value). Call Kimberlee Stevenson at to place you order!

Book your SPRING party with me by March 5th and receive a FREE Drink Mix! (a $10 value) Call me to pick a date!

Everybody’s Chili Mix

Bowtie Pasta & Chicken Cacciatore Mix

Hearty Chicken & Dumpling Soup Mix

Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix

Pasta & Portabella Beef Stroganoff Mix

Oven Baked Mac & Cheese Mix

Italian Garlic Bread Seasoning

Oh So Olive Dip Mix

Bruschetta Cheese Ball Mix

Cheese It Up! Crisps

Cheesy Chive Warm Dip Mix

Sesame Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce

Roasted Garlic & Herb Dip Mix

Sweet Bell Pepper Dip Mix

Gotta Lotta Garlic Salsa

Ruby Orange Slush Drink Mix

Berry Sunrise Raspberry Syrup

Berry Sunrise Raspberry Pancake & Waffle Mix

Carrot Pecan Bread

Awesome Amaretto Cocoa Mix

Warm Up! Mulling Spice

Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Mix

Apple Crisp Cheese Ball Mix

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Booklet

Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves

Oh, So Berry Granola Snack Mix

Nutty Good Granola Snack Mix

Cranberry Tangerine Cheesecake Mix with Spiced Graham Cracker Crust Mix

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If you are planning to start a restaurant delivery service in your area, here are some tips to help you gather all things together and make sure you won’t start your food delivery business prematurely.Putting up a restaurant delivery service in your area may require a couple of tasks to undertake in order to successfully start your food delivery business.Here are some tips to consider before you start a restaurant delivery service in your area or territory.1. Make it all legalEvery business has to start out with all the legalities necessary. You should setup a legal structure for your business. And make sure you review your state laws and get legal assistance from an attorney to help you get all the legal structure done.Make sure you get all the list of requirements for setting up a company or business. A certain legal permit maybe requested depending on the state or area.You may also inquire about getting insurance coverage for your business and for vehicles you will use for food deliveries (if you plan to purchase your delivery vehicles).This step is necessary if you are going to put up your own restaurant delivery service using your own business name. If however you chose to put up a restaurant meal delivery service business in your area as a partner of an established food delivery service firm, you may skip this step and all you have to do is to get a final agreement with the said business party.2. Do market research / feasibility studyThis is a must before you put up any business. You need to make sure that there is enough demand for the product or service in your target location before you actually start drawing out your investment.In doing a market research, you need to know who your competitors are if any, what they offer, and how you can compete with them.However, since restaurant delivery service business is still a very new business opportunity, you may find no competitors yet in your area or territory. Or you may only find other restaurants, fast food chains or pizza joints doing delivery.But since the nature of food delivery service business is different with these restaurants or fast food chains because it offers a variety of options from several other restaurants, this business gives you an edge against them.If you do not find another multi-restaurant delivery business in your area, this is a good sign, since you will be the groundbreaker of this type of food business in your location.Instead of doing competitor analysis, you can inquire on other restaurant express delivery services in other areas, see how the business operate, determine how many fine dining restaurants they have and compare it with the stats and variables in your territory.A good territory to start a restaurant meal delivery service business is an area that has a little less than 20 dine-in restaurants. The more restaurants you can deliver for, the better it is for your restaurant meal delivery service.3. Prepare your food delivery service business planIn order to be setup, you need to know everything you need to do, from the smallest of details to the most significant step of your business.You need to make sure you have sorted a list of the day to day activities of your business that will help you follow through the daily operations of your business.Some other food delivery service businesses provide their partners with a comprehensive business plan. You can either follow their setup or establish a system of your own.For more information about how to start food delivery business in your area. Visit http://www.Dine-in-delivery.comDine-in Delivery provides you with a proven system and shares with you years of experience and expertise to help you set up your own restaurant delivery service business. Download your your free restaurant delivery service report.
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Fast Food Fat Loss Failure

Back in the nineties Fast Food companies tried to change. They tried coming out with lighter and lower fat versions of their sandwiches and tacos and everything else.Know what happened?The "healthier" versions on their menus failed miserably. And I mean miserably. They were all pulled and replaced by newer options that were bigger, fattier and more calorie laden than ever before.Seriously, they stopped pulling punches and did what any smart business should: They gave people what they wanted. And in the case of Fast Food companies that meant adding as much mayo, bacon, cheese and beef as they possibly could.That's when we started seeing the Triple Burgers and Mega Burgers and tacos wrapped in melted cheese stuck to yet another taco.And people were more than happy to gobble them all right up.I believe, fortunately, that we've come to a point where people have realized that it's all just too much. To some extent people are waking up and realizing that they cannot afford to get sick. They cannot afford to eat garbage all the time. They are understanding it WILL catch up to them.Kentucky Fried Chicken has been in the news lately because they are trying a new Kentucky GRILLED Chicken. Supposedly it tastes as good as their fried version.Now I don't know if it does or doesn't. And to be honest, I don't much care. You see, the fact of the matter is when people go to Fast Food restaurants and order something "healthier" like grilled chicken they typically off set it by eating every french fry in sight. Or drinking a 64oz cola.There are better choices to be made. And if you plan your day you won't be in a position where you have to gobble a meal down at KFC, McDonald's or Burger King.Things like:-Low fat cottage cheese-Hard boiled eggs-Fresh fruit and veggies-Raw almondsYou could also go with Prograde Cravers or Prograde Lean. Cravers are the best tasting healthy snack bar on the planet and Lean is their delicious chocolate meal replacement shake. (In the PS under my signature you'll find out all he details on a BIG sale Prograde is having! Oh, and hurry because it ends tomorrow night.)Look, the bottom line is simple: A little bit of planning and some smart food choices go a long way to getting that flat stomach you're looking for.Stay Fit,Carol DunlopPS - Here's what you need to know about Prograde Nutrition's Second Birthday Sale:- You save 10.2% off ALL of their products. They're all on sale this week.- The sale ends this Friday, April 24th at 11:59pm EST.- Just enter the coupon code below during checkout on their site: xxtwozz(yes, the letters are all lower case)- If you purchase any of their Combo Packs or Smart Ship options the coupon code only applies to the FIRST purchase.- The coupon can't be combined with any other Prograde offers.- Prograde Nutrition products cannot be found in stores anywhere. Only online from the Prograde websiteI cannot recommend Prograde enough. Their products are top-notch and they only create research based products backed by science.
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The Ultimate Demise of Scratch Cooking

Those babyboomers out here will remember the Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbooks sold at the grocery check-out for 25 cents many, many, many years ago. Okay so I'm dating myself, but during those days women and men really baked from scratch. There was no prepared cookie dough, bread dough or cake mix. You had to know math, flavoring techniques and have strong arms since most recipes called for you to beat the batter 250-300 strokes with a wood spoon to form the cake batter.Yes, for those "babybakers" out there the word Kitchen Aid® was non-existent; and there was no such thing as an electric mixer, we had plain old egg beaters, that again, ran by good old fashioned muscle power. As I think back on those days I can now appreciate the knowledge I gained from having to do things from "scratch." When you bake from scratch you learn about the texture of a product, the smell, taste, color, knowing when it is wrong and when you have hit pay dirt.I do not use boxed mixes, or bread machines, I am a purist and I admire and cultivate to other purist(birds of a feather). It's easy to toss ingredients in a bread machine and dump out dough. I know the bread will bake up beautifully and taste divine, but there is something about getting your hands in that dough and making the bread from scratch, plus if the machine ever breaks down, I can still produce wonderful bread for my family and friends. I am not knocking folks with bread machines, use what you like. I am of that generation that just appreciated the work that goes into using physical labor, hands, sweat to produce a delicious product. One of the students in my micro business class said it best, "There's something about going to sleep at night knowing you have produced with your own hands a product that not only fed the hungry, but also "your" soul, you just seem to sleep better at night."Well it's time for the 44th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off and another person will win one million dollars for creating some sweet or savory concoction from preservative laden pre-prepared doughs and mixes. What does this tell us? We are continuing to dumb down American cooks and bakers. Why can't we go back to the days when people made these delicious baked goods from scratch? What's wrong with scratch cooking? Don't give me the excuse about saving time either, because I know all the garbage (preservatives) put in these prepared mixes has to affect our health.Scratch cooks and bakers around the world need to rise up, take note and protest! This is an abomination, right?Alright, I got that off my chest, back to my I working on a new brownie infused with Butterscotch Liqueur ...from scratch...I might add.
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Mystery Host Retirement Party

Tastefully Simple'sMystery Host Retirement PartyOur Fall/Winter products will retire March 7th! This is your last chance to order your favorites... Go! Go! Asiago Dip Mix, Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix, Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip and Old Fashion Bread Pudding Mix, just to name a few.Click here to see what's retiring.You may be drawn as the winner of the Host Credit from this party!To participate, place an order with me betweenFebruary 23rd - March 7thbyeither emailing me @ tastefullykims@gmail.comor calling at 413.244.6713.ORDERS PLACES ONLINE THROUGH MY WEBSITEARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS DRAWING!You will receive one ticket for the drawing just by placing an order! Receive additional tickets with the following:Place an order between $30-$50, receive 3 additional ticket!plus 15% off before shippingPlace an order between $50-$75, receive 5 additional tickets!plus 20% off before shippingPlace an order between $75-$100, receive 7 additional tickets!plus 25% off before shippingPlace an order over $100, receive 10 additional tickets!plus 30% before shippingBook a party for March and receive 10 additional tickets!Book a party for April and receive 10 additional tickets!Book a party for May and receive 15 additional tickets!Start your own Tastefully Simple Business!What would you say if I told you that you could STILL start your own Tastefully Simple business for only ONE payment of $57, not our normal (and always affordable) three?You'd say "WOW!", that's what you'd say!And you'd probably say, "Tell me more!", so I will!Here are the basics:~Become a Consultant between now and the end of February 2009 and make your first monthly payment of $57.~Host your first party ($400 in retail sales) before March 13, 2009.~Earn a $114 Visa gift card to reimburse you for the remaining 2 monthly payments.~Instant profitability = money for YOU.Things to consider before you delete this e-mail:1. Everyone eats - we sell food.2. Our food is affordable, easy, and delicious.3. Our business is UP this year both locally and nationwide.4. Tastefully Simple doesn't lay consultants off.5. Tastefully Simple doesn't make you work when you don't want to.6. Tastefully Simple doesn't make you take a pay cut.7. Tastefully Simple doesn't cut your hours.8. Tastefully Simple gives you control over your life and your business.9. Tastefully Simple supports you and cheers you on.10. Tastefully Simple helps you sleep better at night knowing there IS a way for you to bring in extra money to help you with your household income.JUST GIVE IT A TRY!Contact me today for more information or visit my website at to join my team and start earning more moolah, gifts, free trips and more! The rewards are endless.I Reward Referrals!Please share this opportunity with someone you may know who is seeking a way to increase their income!Call your friends and family, ask your co-workers what products they need - collect as many orders as you can to earn more chances to win the Host Credit!The winner will be drawn and contacted by March 8th . You must use your host credit toward a separate order.Contact me today to order these fabulous products, and earn a chance for FREE products before they're gone!
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