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10744089875?profile=originalNO FEAR, NO APOLOGIES VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

(Celebrating Emotional Nudity Awareness Week)



This event is not held at a physical location, in order to participate you only need a functional email address and internet & telephone access. Content will be delivered directly to you via email or you can connect to the conference online.


There is no fee for this event.  It is an introduction and celebration of the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle.

Event Date:

December 2-7, 2012

Event Location:

Virtually Anywhere.



Emotional Nudity is a highly personalized lifestyle that promotes authentic living without fear or apologies.  Founder Jai Stone plans to introduce this incredible approach to abundant fulfillment to the world during the 1st Annual Emotional Nudity Awareness Week. If you would like to live a more authentic, congruent life, this event is for you.  Our speaker’s will share their secrets and stories that have allowed them to take an organic approach to living and excel in areas of finance, physical fitness, life balance and more. All you need is an email address and a telephone to participate.



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Accepting Success

Graciously accept your successes. Be thankful for every accomplishment and the achievement of goals that you have set. To achieve the true and pure feeling of gratitude you must give thanks for what it is that has come into your experience without criticism. It is often hard for us to not criticize or re-evaluate the path that has been traveled to success, and it’s especially hard to not criticize something we perceive to be a failure.Gratitude is first about the full acceptance of things, places, people and circumstances as they are. Secondly, it is about putting yourself at ease or in a state of comfort as it pertains to the object of your gratitude. When one begins to criticize the outcome of a thing they begin to mix good feelings with bad. This creates an inner turmoil that makes it impossible to be in alignment with the universe. When you are out of alignment with the universe it becomes harder to manifest that which you have asked for because your current vibration is competing with the things that you do not want.It is true that we should be grateful for all things that come into our experience. When we experience things that we do not like, it positions us to gain clarity on the things we do like and want. For this, we should be grateful. However, it is crucial that we are truly grateful for our successes because they are the “feel good” things of which we wish to have more. How can you expect to compound your successful actions if you are unable to remit your feelings happiness and gratitude for those things to the universe.Practice devoting your conscious thoughts to your success and be happy. Leave the “could haves”, “would haves” and “should haves” in the past. It is your feelings about the things that are happening today that will bring you more successes and happiness in the future. Your comfort with your success today will bring more successes in the future. Your criticisms about your success or lack there of will bring more of the same. It’s as simple as that. Graciously accept your successes and be proud of your accomplishments. After all, it is you and only you who possess the ability to call them into your life. Rejoice!
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Your ~ Mother's Love!

Tears and hugs, intimate talks about loveFuture endeavors and all that we treasureHopes and dreams that we prayed would come trueThat's only a portion of what I've shared with you.Aspirations shared through conversationsAs I poured out my very heart,And you listened intently, and smiled gentlyAnd took your own turn to share your thoughts.You've always seen the best in me and you've covered me in your prayers.And the thing that blessed me most of all is... no matter what you've always been there.You helped me through my lowest points, when even I detested my actions,And we praised God through my roughest times; not giving the enemy any satisfaction.I got saved with you that special night, over 11 years ago, I recall.What a blessed event that followed ~ the lowest point that I could fall.Mother, you mean so much more than these words can express,When I think back over our relationship ~ I see, it was you who loved me best.And I pray to God that I've returned the favor,For acceptance of souls is what we all long for and dear one, that is what I savor.You see, I've been in your family 17 years now;And you've accepted and loved me through it all somehowIn a way I know only to be ChristTo be my mother and friend, you've sacrificed-And I don't take it lightly, this bond that we shareAnd my promise to you is ... I will always be there.I'll hold your hand until the very end.When a new life in Christ one shall begin.I will cherish you always; your laughter, your love, your wisdom, your hopes and desires.Remembering always the times that God has allowed us to seeAnd the love that you've so generously given to me.You've enriched my life, you are my family;Thank you for all that you've taughtAnd for sharing with me your grand heart.Momma, I can't imagine my life without youAnd I pray that we've many more years.However, today I am sharing my heart and I'm making it crystal clear.I love you more than you'll ever knowMore than my actions and these few words could showAnd I know that you'll always be nearBut, I'm giving you your flowers while you're still here.And I am eternally grateful to God ~ for sending me blessings from above.For He brought you into my lifeSo, I can experience YOUR MOTHER'S LOVE!_____________________________________________________________Abridged Version---Originally Presented: IN HONOR of YOUR MOTHER's LOVE ~ Birthday 2006IN LOVING MEMORY of Mrs. ANITA (TEE TAH) JONES (Ex-mother-in-law)Passed OVER on July 7, 2008
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I Am..."A Reflection of YOU"!

Sister…Don’t hate me because I AM beautiful;For I AM truly a reflection of youThe same beauty you see when you gaze upon me,Permeates within you, too.Don’t despise me because I AM intelligent.For Infinite Wisdom is yours too, to receive.All you’ve to do is ask Our Father in faith,And in your heart you must truly believe,Your mind HAS the capacity to conceive.Don’t revile me because I have style;Flair and expression, all my own:From my clothing and my hair, to the make-up I wear and even my poetic tone.For from my appearance, to my height and the Words I recite;To the depth in which the poetry flows ~I stand willing to glorify God in it all;With every gift that He’s blessed me to receive.So Sister…Don’t condemn me for all that I Am;Neither, loathe me for all that I do.For this Life I live as an example of GodAnd His Favor that is available to you.So, walk in your gifts and your talentsThose abilities given uniquely to you.For to Glorify God and His Kingdom, we must do what He’s chosen us to.‘Cause, we are truly one Father’s children,Our resemblances should ALL be of HIM.And the glow that you see when you look upon meIs HIS goodness that lights me within.Yes, I shine as a mirror, reflecting His grace;God is Alive in me and His glory I embraceAnd Sister…That is why I Am a reflection of you,I can CLEARLY see God Alive in you, too.Poet: Debra DP DeclouetWritten for Women of Destiny “P-MTP” ™ © June 2008
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