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Follow Your Bread Crumbs


How sensitive are you to the subtle signs of re-direction? Do you take for granted hidden messages that are often right in front of you? Are you the type of person who needs solid proof in order to make a decision? These are important questions that may reveal if you are ready to take the walk of faith.

We are led every day to new people, and new experiences.  Our daily path is filled with connections - some visible, some invisible - but nevertheless they are evident and they help get us to our destination. We need only to be willing to follow the subtlety of clues whenever they surface. More importantly we need to be willing to open our heart and listen to the still small voice when it directs us to go this way or that way.

How do you follow your bread crumbs? The first thing you need to do is:

(1) Make a decision - define what you want to do? Do you want to get a new job, start a bowling league, go back to school or make a career change? Whatever it is, you must first define it.  This clarifies your starting point. You cannot run in the race until you line up at the starter's block .

(2) Now that you've made the decision - just be open and willing and have an open heart. Don't discount anything. This is the stage where people have a tendency to talk themselves out of their options. When a choice is presented to you, don't say I can't; I don't have time; I can't afford it. These are the words that neutralize our options.  It's important to filter your emotions - and clear your heart and mind with all of the negative internal chatter so that you can see and hear your choices.

(3) Ok, you've made a decision about what you want to do, now is the time to pray/meditate/journal - do whatever you need to do to touch heaven. Dedicate your decision to God. Scripture says in Ps 37:5 - commit your way to the Lord; trusting in Him and expecting Him to bring it to pass.  It's that simple. It's not complicated as we make it. 

(4) Once you've prayed - now walk it out with your eyes open to new discoveries.  Don't be afraid of what's ahead.  And don't have pre-conceived ideas about how your choices will manifest.  For instance, you want a new job - but when one opens up - you second guess yourself because it doesn't fit your profile.  You then choose to stay where you are because you are comfortable.  And you never know the new job could stretch you, could open other doors or even give you an opportunity to use your knowledge in a way where you become a valuable source to your present environment. Commit to doing the next one thing that catches your attention or which pulls on your heart. Usually these are clues.

Don't over-think the subtle ways in which life uncovers itself to you. Life is simple, just follow your bread crumbs.



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Healthier Choices - Healthier Bussiness Mind

The fact is that we are living longer lives than our forefathers and mothers. However, that does not mean that our lives are healthier with the advances in medicine, we are able to live with diseases and illnesses that can lengthen our time giving us a longer life. Have you said to yourself that you have to improve your health? Do you procrastinate in keeping your word to eat right? Exercise more?Life is filled with challenges. As a business woman or man the challenges are consistently before you. What do you do when you are overwhelmed with the stresses of making decisions, dealing with various immediate sensitive issues, etc.? Do you grab a drink? You know that alcohol affects every organ in the body? Only a small amount of alcohol can be metabolized by the enzymes in the liver - that means that the alcohol has no choice but to circulate througout the body. Red wine is recommended with one glass a day for women and two for men to help in the prevention of heart attacks. There have also been reports that claims that red wine also helps to prevent cancer. The red wine is rich in phytochemicals which acts as antioxidants and it possibly prevents cancer. However, with all things do so in moderation the fact is drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is linked to many types of cancer.How about your eating habits? Do you eat out or order take out often? It sure is more convenient to grab something quick to eat but at what cost? What are the long term consequences? Will it be worth it? You have choices - they may not be the most appealing meals but how about a salad, steamed vegetables and fish? What I am suggesting is that you make a healthier choice every now and again. You can begin today - have a yogurt as a snack. Drink a glass of water or two when you think of drinking soda. I know when you want soda - you have a taste for soda not water. Well, how about mixing it up - have water when you are thirsty rather than drink soda. When you go to a restaurant have the water, drink it. Start making smalls changes you will soon notice that you can have your cake and eat it too - in moderation.A healthy body gives you great confidence and with that amazing business mind that you have, you will be beside yourself with glee. You will be even sharper than you ever imagined and your life will be longer and healthier than ever.Now is the best time to take charge of our Health!
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