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What happen to the cellphone?!

What happen to the cellphone?!
Rickey Johnson, Juniques MultiCultural Connections

Hello Community,

As I watch people enter the home base business market, it occurred to me, one area of
business development should be important. Staying relevant.

Remember the cellphone popularity? How it appeared to be a major communication leap?
How it seemed to be the most advanced communication event that could happen?
How it would be here for years to come.
How it created new businesses and close others?

Technology really advances quickly. Many times that advancement obsolete earlier advancement.
The communication device that is falling into that reality, is the cellphone.

Remember, how it exciting it was to have this electronic equipment that send and receive a
telephone call, while you were mobile. Where you could be reached "by phone" anywhere in the country!!!

The cellphone, put the cord and cordless phone to "shame". Now, you can find a telephone, but you will have to search for it, yes, cord and cordless phones are a rarity.

Oh yes,The cellphone, in its communication advancement, obsoleted the pager. The electronic device that allowed you to receive a tone to "tell" you had a phone message, then it advanced to be able to "show' the number calling.
WOW!!! All had to do was find a phone!!!!

Now, the mobile phone i.e cellphone is about to experience that same communication progression.
the cord, cordless phone and pager did.

Soon you will be hard pressed to find just a celluar mobile device. The Mobile device is
has arrived in "full force".

The Mobile Device is here to stay. This handheld device that has an operating system and
can use computer program applications. Why it even comes with wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS capablilty, a camera, media player, and a storage battery, that allows the user to be mobile.

Mobile Computers!!!!! That is are communication progression.

The impact is being felt in any industry that relies on just providing send/receive communication service. Any company who's "strength" is providing send/receive service, will be challenged to
stay "consumer-able".

I suspect, mobile devices will obsolete many of the communication devices we thought we be around for

The communication consumer is being accustomed to being able to not only send and receive voice calls, but, audio/visual communications, i.e videos. To have a device that can "run" computer programs. To have communications delivered mobilely and "on-demand".

So keep this progress in mind as you build your business. Stay mindful of industry advancements.
Position yourself so you do not become "obsolete" when a progression in a industry could be
your opportunity or your demise.

Reminds of this song, Enjoy

Everything Must Change Lyrics
Nina Simone

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Everyone will change
No one, no one stays the same

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold
For that's the way of time
No one, and nothing goes unchanged

There are not many things in life one can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Winter turns to spring
A wounded heart will heal
Oh, but never much too soon
No one, and nothing goes unchanged

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold
For that's the way of time
No one, and nothing stays unchanged

There are not many things in life one can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Everything must change

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Change Requires Change

Does anyone remember D.O.S -- when there was no (computer) mouse?  I was working in downtown San Francisco at the time and I was really irritated that we, all of a sudden, had to switch to using a mouse.  My thought was . . . 'We have WordPerfect; we have a keyboard -- we're good.'  Well, reluctantly, I made it through the transition to Windows and Word.

10744090256?profile=originalResistance to change.  Resistance to change can be due to a number of things, including fear of the unknown and being comfortable with the way things are.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), you can't afford to have a 'business as usual' attitude.  This is not a time to settle, nor is it a time to be mediocre.  If you choose to remain the same, you'll definitely be left behind  . . . Circuit City, Blockbuster, the newspaper industry.  Change doesn't mean you have to give up your core values to buy into the latest fad, but you do need a paradigm shift.

Here's what you can do:

  • Take inventory. What's working; what can be improved; what is just taking up valuable space -- mind or physical.  What is it that's familiar, but really hasn't worked in years.  
  • Embrace a new thought.  It all begins with mindset.   Decide you will take the necessary steps and use the available tools to move from where you are to where you need to be. 
  • Make it a lifestyle/culture. When implementing something new, gradually incorporating it as a lifestyle is more effective than practicing it for a one-time event.  When the 'new' becomes an intricate part of your lifestyle/culture, it's easier to maintain.

Remember, change requires change. Change can be uncomfortable, but sometimes it's necessary.  The faster you embrace it, the faster you can move outside your comfort zone, which, by the way, is a great place to be!

What are you doing to embrace change?

Latifah-2013-253x300.png?width=98Latifah Abdullah is founder of Tibay International.  Using optimism, forward thinking, and passion for a woman’s well being, the Tibay Community provides tools, how to’s, and candid conversation on legacy wealth, business, finance, faith, fashion, and health -- empowering women and women entrepreneurs to live a full, authentic life.

The community  uses a ‘whole person’ approach to provide business and personal resources to women and women business owners.

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Follow Your Bread Crumbs


How sensitive are you to the subtle signs of re-direction? Do you take for granted hidden messages that are often right in front of you? Are you the type of person who needs solid proof in order to make a decision? These are important questions that may reveal if you are ready to take the walk of faith.

We are led every day to new people, and new experiences.  Our daily path is filled with connections - some visible, some invisible - but nevertheless they are evident and they help get us to our destination. We need only to be willing to follow the subtlety of clues whenever they surface. More importantly we need to be willing to open our heart and listen to the still small voice when it directs us to go this way or that way.

How do you follow your bread crumbs? The first thing you need to do is:

(1) Make a decision - define what you want to do? Do you want to get a new job, start a bowling league, go back to school or make a career change? Whatever it is, you must first define it.  This clarifies your starting point. You cannot run in the race until you line up at the starter's block .

(2) Now that you've made the decision - just be open and willing and have an open heart. Don't discount anything. This is the stage where people have a tendency to talk themselves out of their options. When a choice is presented to you, don't say I can't; I don't have time; I can't afford it. These are the words that neutralize our options.  It's important to filter your emotions - and clear your heart and mind with all of the negative internal chatter so that you can see and hear your choices.

(3) Ok, you've made a decision about what you want to do, now is the time to pray/meditate/journal - do whatever you need to do to touch heaven. Dedicate your decision to God. Scripture says in Ps 37:5 - commit your way to the Lord; trusting in Him and expecting Him to bring it to pass.  It's that simple. It's not complicated as we make it. 

(4) Once you've prayed - now walk it out with your eyes open to new discoveries.  Don't be afraid of what's ahead.  And don't have pre-conceived ideas about how your choices will manifest.  For instance, you want a new job - but when one opens up - you second guess yourself because it doesn't fit your profile.  You then choose to stay where you are because you are comfortable.  And you never know the new job could stretch you, could open other doors or even give you an opportunity to use your knowledge in a way where you become a valuable source to your present environment. Commit to doing the next one thing that catches your attention or which pulls on your heart. Usually these are clues.

Don't over-think the subtle ways in which life uncovers itself to you. Life is simple, just follow your bread crumbs.



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How Health Brings Wealth

Have you ever thought of this concept? That maybe by having a healthy lifestyle you can actually make a substantial living? You could experience freedom and create your own retirement plan? You could be at home with your kids more and make decisions on whether you want to work or not? If you said "yes" to anything above, then there is a way to help you.


I have discovered a company that has not only laid the foundation for an opportunity

that would span the spectrum of wellness but actually has a great line of products. These products contain antioxident properties good for streghthening the immune system, supporting cartilage and joint funtion, promoting a healthy respitory system, and make you look good too!


But it’s not just this product that can benefit your health and life but it can also benefit your income. Offering a lucrative compensation plan, this company is second to none in helping others build a successful business. Whether it is part time or full time. The bottom line is your not selling a product; you’re building an empire.


I work with a team of dynamic individuals who have the passion, proof, and resources to build a team of successful business owners. All you have to do is, get started. Stop questioning yourself and procrastinating. Research shows that the main reason why most people do not start a business(or do things to better themselves) is due to fear of failure. Well , let me tell you now, there are going to be times in your life when you fail. It's inevitable, because we're human. The difference between you and others that fail SHOULD be that you get back up and try again. That’s evidence of a true and successful “go-getter”. If you don't believe me, read the biographies of "go getters" like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and Carlos Slim Helu. So, if you’re ready to change your life-story then let us help you!


Click here for more information => I’m Ready For Change



Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Market your business and get paid!

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People are bored each day with their Facebook profile pictures!  When trying to find a friend you might have just founded only to come back to their page the next day to a new profile picture.  We’re always just a little bit bored with our profile right?


Well now enters a new Facebook application slash browser plugin that allows you to replace your profile photo with a video. That’s right. You no longer have to have a boring still image in your profile photo box. You can have a moving, breathing, sound-generating profile video on loop.


Learn how to change your facebook profile picture into video from The Connect4Change Marketer........







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Get Marketing Tips via Facebook with help from Kandace Wilson, The Connect4Change Marketer..........



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Everyone is an expert at something - whether you know how to marketthat knowledge or not is the key to creating an expert personal brand.
Wikipedia describes an expert as "a person with extensive knowledge or
ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular
area of study". I have invested in a number of programs, courses,
books, and live presentations over the last several years. All of this
because I believed the facilitator to be an "expert" who could share
information with me that I did not already know.
How is it that some people become recognized as the expert and others,
who may have more information and knowledge about the same topic, do
Three things in general distinguish people who get to wear the expert label:
They are clear on what they believe. Experts tend to rise to this title
because they have taken a stance or a position on something within an
area of study. For example, Dr. Wayne Dyer is a well-known expert in the
field of self development. Dyer has certain principles he believes. It
is clear that part of his message is that each of us is accountable to
our own success and growth. Carole Martin, the Interview Coach, is an
expert in her area. She has developed clear steps to preparing for an
They tell other people what they believe. People who are recognized as
experts do not keep their beliefs to themselves. Instead, they
communicate a message in some type of written, visual, or auditory form
so that others know their principles. It is one thing to have a thought -
it's another level when you share the thought with someone else. And
the wider your net, the higher and faster you rise to the top as an
expert brand. Dyer and Martin could simply have their beliefs about
steps to take and principles to apply, but until these were shared as
messages to others, no one would have recognized them as a possible
They are consistent in telling other people what they believe. Having
an expert brand means you are consistent with the beliefs you share with
others. If you say one thing today and have a completely opposite
message next week, it will take away from the credibility of your
personal brand. Consider this example - John Maxwell is seen as an
expert in applying leadership strategies based in Christian principles.
If next month, he came out with a book about loving life as an atheist,
Maxwell's credibility as an expert may drop considerably.
I would now like to invite you to enhance your expert brand and claim
FREE access to my upcoming Career Marketing Style teleclass. Learn 5
different ways you can successfully market your brand and get the
recognition you want YOUR way. Visit for more details & to grab your seat.
From Tanya Smith, The Expert Brand Coach and The CareerPreneur Success Circle.
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Having a well thought out personal brand strategy is the fastest and best way to promote yourself in any career.

There are, however, 3 key mistakes many professionals make with their brand that keep them from advancing further in their career.

Personal Brand Mistake #1 - Failure to think like an entrepreneur at work. These days it's now more important than ever to recognize that things aren't like they used to be. Whether you work for someone else or not, do not make the mistake of having an employee mindset - you are self-employed.

What to do instead - To boost your perceived value at work so that you are top choice for the best job opportunities, it's time you start thinking like a business owner. Be an independent thinker, offer creative solutions, and always think a couple of steps ahead, strategically positioning yourself for the next action in case (B) happens instead of (A). Get noticed for your ability to be a results-driver who is adaptable to change, because change is happening faster and bigger these days.

Personal Brand Mistake #2 - Failure to track your own accomplishments and articulate them well. You can not rely on your manager to understand the work you do, or to know when recognition is warranted.

What to do instead - Keep track of accomplishments, praise reports, and great results you have achieved with and for your business partners. When the time comes to sit down for that next performance review, be ready to list out how well you have contributed to the company's overall goals. And if that performance review somehow does not get scheduled? Make an appointment yourself to meet with the manager and share your accomplishments, in a way that boosts their confidence in your work as an achiever. This record will also be great for your portfolio when it's time to move on.

Personal Brand Mistake #3 - Failure to connect with people who can be champions for your success. It's great to spend time with your colleagues at work - after all, we spend a large part of the week there. But many people mistake this group as their group of supporters.

What to do instead - Make sure you are connecting with people of influence outside of your normal circle. Tap into knowledge and experience that will help you broaden your thinking. Share solutions and creative ideas when you meet with mentors - formally or informally. They might just be your champion behind the scenes when you need it most.

I would like to invite you to claim FREE Instant Access to my Beginner's Guide to a Successful Career Brand when you visit You'll get a set of 3 great articles, along with a Promotability Quiz. Are you promotable?

From Tanya Smith, The Expert Brand Coach and The CareerPreneur Success Circle.

Article Source:

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Hello Superwomen,

I'm sharing the free audio from my recent teleclass, Your Career Marketing style, at You can download the handout there too.


You are invited to listen in at no cost to get great tips on five ways to professionally market your brand & to find out more about the upcoming 6 week program for designing an attractive personal brand that will powerfully enhance & sustain your career and/or solo side business.

It's called The Promotable Brand: How to Get Clear, Get Known, and Get Paid in Your Career or Solo Side Business.

You will say, after participating, that the rewards of this 6 week program are to have:

  • A greater sense of security knowing you have confidence in your ability to promote yourself and your services;
  • Enhanced professional skills that carry over on-the-job and in your side business;
  • Greater recognition from your clients as well as your work colleagues - where it counts;
  • Higher level of trust in your purpose and faith in case the unexpected happens;
  • A more attractive professional brand when you compete for positions you choose
  • Success on your own personal terms and based on what's important to you

Early bird for the program - The Promotable Brand: How to Get Clear, Get Known, and Get Paid in Your Career or Solo Side Business ends tomorrow at midnight, so check it out soon and save big...seriously. I'm also throwing in my recent 12-CD telesummit as a gift for people who act quickly:

As always - to your success,

Tanya Smith, Your Career Strategy Partner

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Win in 2010! It all starts with you.

2010 is the year for you to win! Win in your finances, your career, the business you have been hiding inside for years, in your family, and every area of your life. Today decide to do something different to get a different result. Who said change was going to be easy?"Life's challenges are not suppose to paralyze you, they're suppose to help you discover who you are" ~Bernice Johnson ReagonLet me be your guide to discover a new you!Life Coach Richetta,Empowering Women"One Lady at a Time"New DirectionWomen Support Women
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Hiding From Our Greatness

I am often struck by the number of people who have extraordinary gifts and talents, but are afraid to expose them to the world. How many extremely talented people do you know who are hiding their greatness? All of us have something unique and special to offer. Oftentimes we hold back and only scratch the surface of what we could be. All of the symptoms of hiding are really the same in each of us. It’s either something in our past, an incident that we felt shut the door to a promising future, or an erroneous message that we gave too much “air-time” to. Many of you may be in a job or career that stifles your greatness. But for some unconscious reason, you have chosen to sit quietly and hope for the best. Or maybe you have this great idea for a business and you’ve done all the ‘leg work’ to get it going — but fail to launch.Remember as kids when you used to play the game ‘hide and go seek.’ The person hiding went to great lengths to be inconspicuous (ducking, dodging and shifting places) to be safe and not found. However, the “seeker” takes great pride in their ability to launch into action. The challenge to find what was hidden created adrenaline that lead them on a path to endless possibilities and discoveries — their greatness. Think about it. It takes more effort to hide and stay small than to come out of hiding and do the work.I had a problem with ‘failure to launch’ in the workplace before I made the transition to explore my greatness. I clung to the safe positions. You know, the ones that kept you hidden in a cubicle, never challenging your intellect, never requiring you to present an idea/project: the one’s that pigeonhole you. The moment I made the transition to come out of hiding and step into a career that harnessed my greatness (helping other’s realize their greatness), it changed my life in ways I never imagined.Hiding BehaviorsEver wonder why your career or entrepreneurial venture seemed to ‘fail to launch’ to what you desired it to be? The real truth is your behavior(s). These are behaviors you may or may not be consciously aware of. But if you really dig deep enough you will discover that you haven’t been much of a “seeker” in exercising your greatness. What you have been communicating and actually doing is playing “peek-a-boo” with yourself. Instead of putting yourself out there and getting known in the workplace/marketplace, you do a little here and a little there. I’m speaking to those who never seem to feel they are ready and to those who hide behind fear.Here’s what hiding behaviors might look like:· The Perpetual Student – “I’m almost there, I need more training, seminars, etc.” Always preparing, never doing.· The Marketing/Branding Wimp – “ I’ll do a little and leave the rest to chance.”· The ScaredyCat – “I don’t want to be in their face.” Doesn’t want to seem aggressive.· The Procrastinator – “ I’ll do it tomorrow.” Waits till the last minute, next week, next month, next year…· The She Who Would Be Everything – “I can do it all.” Wants to do everything, never committing to one thing and doing it well.Reasons We HideWe are afraid of all sorts of things. If you ask most people what they are afraid of they’ll tell you, “nothing really.” But if you engage them in thoughtful conversation, you’ll really find out the truth. Some fears may seem trivial to others, but very real to the person who is experiencing them. We hide our greatness for many reasons. Reasons that keep us on the launching pad so long that we lose our flame for what we once hoped for: a promotion, career change, competitive salary, thriving business, and much more. So why aren’t we being our greatest selves?Some of those reasons may be…1. Fear of becoming big and powerful in the world.2. Fearing we might fail and how that is going to look to our colleagues, friends, family.3. Afraid of being found out – we aren’t as smart as we appear to be.4. Fear of looking or sounding stupid.5. Listening to a spouse or family member(s) that may not be supportive.6. Fear that our success will take us far from our comfort zone.7. Fear of money (management, bad decisions).8. Fear of making powerful connections and having influence.9. Fear of what will people think? How will they treat me?10. Holding on to old worn out messages from the past.Ask yourself this question: “What is it costing me to stay hidden in my career, business?”If you are ready to say, “Here I AM” to the world and need help doing so, contact me for a complimentary coaching session.Make the transition to greatness easier: check out my Free Special Report on, “Six Steps To Moving The Mountains In Your Life”.
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Move Forward

As believers our lives are a continual transformation. In this process of transformation there are hurdles, obstacles, trials and falls; yet all that we experience becomes a testimony of God’s goodness, mercy and grace in order to encourage others to believe in Him. Don’t get hung up on the mistakes, be quick to repent and move forward in His goodness.
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Negativity, Doubt, and Rebellion – this behavior is more than annoying. It is destructive, counterproductive, and primarily hindrances. The term commonly used to refer to this type of behavior is pessimism. The pessimist has a tendency to only see, anticipate, and emphasize the bad, the unfavorable, the problems. Pessimists tend to question, complain about, or criticize rather than offer contributions towards productivity, can do attitudes, or offer solutions.How can we work towards a shift in this behavior?Read More...
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Change Cannot Occur Without Your Cooperation

Change, while good, is not always an easy transition. Many of us want change but have a hard time making the necessary adjustments to make it possible.Think about the caterpillar before its transition into a butterfly. It goes through a rigorous transformation called metamorphosis. During its larval stage it crawls on the ground to nourish on plant life until its pupa stage. When the larva is fully-grown, it stops feeding and begins drifting in quest for a suitable pupation site. Once it has reached its final destination, which is usually the underside of a leaf, it will begin a phase that appears to be the worst time of its life.There is no doubt that we will at times will suffer under heavy setbacks. In the process, if your world has been turned upside down, and you feel like your life is hanging by a thread, remember that, God’s Word is powerful enough to keep you from falling. Let the Word of God be the only harness that holds you during your pupae stage, for God is always working out what you are growing through for your benefit.Just like the pupa, your upside down stage of life is only for a season. But you must not interfere with the process, for if you do, you risk the possibility of delaying or aborting the expected end, to spread your wings and fly.Change cannot occur without your cooperation. When your life is being broken down, it is an external forewarning that the old order is collapsing, breaking up, and waiting to be transformed into something new.Allow your pupa stage to transform you into something you have never been.Tilt your heart towards the SON!Pastor Narda GoodsonFirst Lady of Whitewright, TexasOfficial Website:\Social Network: 2008 Gospel "PiLLs". All Rights Reserved
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What Fragrance Do You Possess?

Last year, I had the pleasure of visiting several homes for the Annual Rose Tour in Whitewright. I was awestruck by the diversity of each garden as we went from house to house.I saw backyards filled with roses, irises, birdhouses, ponds, and many other gorgeous bouquets of plant life. The flowers generated an amazing ambiance that perfumed the air with pleasant aromas. I saw and smelled honey suckles for the first time and had the pleasure of tasting one too.What struck me the most was the diversity of fragrances the floras produced. In one garden, there was an assemblage of multicolored roses displayed in a row, so I decided to smell each group individually. Every colored rose possessed an enjoyable but distinct aroma. I couldn’t believe how they could all be so alike, yet so different, but each was lovely in its own right.Upon leaving, not far away, sat a cluster of red roses identical to the ones I had recently smelled. I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to take one last whiff. Ironically, they produced no scent. “But aren’t these roses the same as the others?” I thought to myself.You life is your garden and what you produce will be obvious to others. The Scripture says in I Peter 2:9 that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people; that we should show forth the praises of him who has called us from outer darkness and into His marvelous light.It is not enough to sit with others we think are like us and expect that this method alone will change us. Going to church doesn’t save you and make you a Christian anymore than sitting among rose bushes will make you a rose. Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle; it is a daily walk with the Savior, which requires every individual to take personal liability for their own life by picking up their cross to follow Jesus.We have been set apart for God, and in that separation, there is something we must do. We must continually fill our hearts with His Word so that we can produce good fruit. When we faithfully commit to abiding in the Vine, we become the branches that bring forth the fruit of God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ (St. John 15:5).What fragrances do you possess and generate? Will you permit the power of God’s Word to cultivate in you the fruit of the Spirit or will you just sit among the roses?Tilt your heart towards the SON!Pastor Narda GoodsonFirst Lady of Whitewright, TexasOfficial Website:\Social Network: 2008 Gospel "PiLLs". All Rights Reserved
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Do You Understand Your Season of Change?

The caterpillar knows his assignment; he understands and recognizes his season of change. He does not fear or fight against it but willingly positions himself to embrace and endure the severe process of metamorphosis.He does not despise his beginnings because he understands that the matrix of his world as a caterpillar is only a temporary form that carries his future. The ‘caterpillar’ is the larval stage of what he’s been created to be, a butterfly. He knows that beneath his uncomely exterior awaits a new birthing.The word caterpillar is a compound word. The word cater is a verb meaning to furnish, provide, and supply. The word pillar is a noun meaning support, rock, and leader. Caterpillars do nothing but eat and nourish on plant life during this humble beginning. However, this season of its life grounding, preparing, and becoming a tower of strength and support for its next phase of life.When you find yourself in the caterpillar stage of life, it is your job to feed on the nourishment of God’s Word so that it can sustain you during your pupa stage. When you have completed your pupa stage, you are then ready to emerge into maturity. Your life as a butterfly is to pollinate the lives of humanity through the gift of God’s love.Tilt your heart towards the SON!Pastor Narda GoodsonFirst Lady of Whitewright, TexasOfficial Website:\Social Network: 2008 Gospel "PiLLs". All Rights Reserved
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Wed, 9 Mar 2005 09:10:49 -0800 (PST)Subject: Daily Meditation/Words from FaithMarch 9If we stand tall it is because we stand on the backs of those who came before us.-Yoruba proverbAs painful as it may be to accept, our ancestors were required to die as part of the evolution of the race.They died in order that our genius could be spread throughout the world.They died so that their energy would be shifted into the invisible, untouchable force that sustains life today.They died in order that we could stand in a new place, do new things and create new order.We must stand tall knowing the power, strength and wisdom of the ancestors is as close as a breath.All that we ever need to be, to do, to know, to have is available.All we need to do is take a stand.-IyanlaI Am standing on a solid foundation.-IyanlaMe-Faith. That is the word of the day. My favorite thing to say is "I walk by faith and not by sight." (II Corinthians 5:7) I say that because I have been through so much until everything that's happening now in my life would have never been possible if I did not stop and check myself. It's down right unbelievable to me. I can't believe the blessings that are coming my way.People say once you are able to slay that giant within, you are on your way to success. It is true. There was a time when I was in school and I didn't see myself graduating. I sat out of school for a year. During that year I had to do some self-evaluating. In 2003, I couldn't see 2005. But that didn't matter because I knew that my life didn't consist of pain, suffering, and struggling. If I didn't see past 2003, I would still be in that same state of mind and in that same place I was two years prior.Change starts with YOU. A lot people couldn't understand how happy I was when I kept going on and on and on about graduating, but I knew. I knew that I had been through somethings people will never go through if they don't get caught up in everything else, but what's important. After graduating, I knew if I could graduate, anything I wanted I could get. So I was tested. I was supposed to have a job right out of school, but anything that comes easy isn't really worth having. A lot of people kept telling me you may as well just stay in Charleston, work for about three months, save some money, and then move to Atlanta. In my head, I'm like I am NOT living in Charleston, and something is going to come through. No matter what people said I tried anyway. They even said no one knows you in Atlanta, you know this world is about who you know, you know the college kids in Atlanta that attend Morehouse, Spelmen, Clark, and all the other schools in Atlanta have first pick on jobs because they are in the city and most of them have done interns with the Fortune 500 companies. I didn't care because my school prepared me for the business world too. And I knew if I worried about what I saw, then I wouldn't have a job in Atlanta today.I knocked on everybody's door! I applied everywhere! But only stuck within my concentration. It didn't matter that I wasn't qualified enough, or a candidate got the job I wanted, or I had the job and at the last minute I find out that, someone with more experience got the job. All of those things didn't matter because I walk by faith and not sight. If anyone grasp this saying you can have anything you want. This is why I understand my Purpose, and I will fuilfill it. I don't care what people say or think. I know what I have to do and how to get where I want to go. It took me 2 months to get a job. Some collegues who graduated in May 2004 that live in Atlanta, are still crying about it is so hard to get a job. I am like how could you say that, it's about applying yourself and not settling or giving up on what you want. Some jobs wanted to offer me $10 an hour. If I accepted that it wouldn't have made any sense for me to go to school. I never lowered my standards! Because I was prepared, persistent, and focused on what I wanted, I got it. I start my new job with benefits on 03/21/05......Living in the place where I can definitely grow and connect in the industry. And emotionally connect, through words, to women all over the world. That's my Purpose and talent. I will fulfill my dreams, no I mean my Purpose.Ya'll better jump on the boat and know that through Faith, ALL things are possible. I am a living witness. As long as I stay focesed on what is important, I am going to have the neccessssities. And I am writing to tell you all that if it happened for me it can happen for you. Faith is an act. Faith is believing even though don't see it. Faith is how strong you are mentally. And the stronger your faith, the more prosperous and friutful you will be...If you don't grasp this then you'll continue in the same cycle until you do.......TawanaP.S. Know that "Your future is as bright as the promises of God."
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I got this in my email this morning. You should know that ifs its happening with this cruise line, it will happen with them all******************************************************************************************Because of the continued rapid escalation of fuel prices, six of Carnival Corporation & plc’s brands, including Princess Cruises and Cunard Line, will increase their current fuel supplement from $7 to $9 (USD) per person per day. The fuel supplement for third and fourth passengers will increase from $2 to $4 (USD) per person per day.The new fuel supplement will apply to all new bookings effective June 12, 2008. The fuel supplement will not exceed $126 per person per voyage for the first and second passengers, and $56 per person per voyage for the third and fourth passengers in a stateroom.For bookings made from April 21, 2008 to June 11, 2008, the current fuel supplement of $7 (USD) per person for the first two passengers, and $2 (USD) per person per day for the third and fourth passengers will apply.We regret having to take this action, but fuel price increases have continued, and we now find it necessary to implement a modest increase in the supplement.Please remember that all of your bookings made on or before June 11, 2008 will not be subject to the supplement increase.
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