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Recently, a friend told me about a negative incident she had while dining at a large restaurant chain. Her waitress was very rude and inattentive. By the time her meal arrived, her colleague had finished eating. The last straw was realizing her steak was prepared wrong. Angrily, she took out her I Phone and sent out a tweet to her followers about her experience. Minutes later, she received an apology from the restaurant’s general manager; the cost of her meal was waived; and she was given a $100 gift certificate for a future visit. Imagine if that restaurant chain didn’t have a social media presence? What you don’t know can harm you!


It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin


Do you know what people are saying about you, your business or brand? Whether you are managing one or all, your online reputation is extremely important.


According to a recent study at Forrester Customer Experience Forum, a single negative comment using a social media platform, can equate to a loss of 30 potential clients. Can your business afford such a loss? If the answer is NO, then read on for tools and tips:

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The subject of business ethics has been of concern since the beginning of time and will continue to be especially in these times of economic turbulence. Many businesses as a result of ignoring this principle have lost their reputation just for the sake of making money.Unfortunately, in the 21st century in which we all find ourselves, there seem to be some systems that have created ethical dilemmas for the business owner or entrepreneur today in the sense that what you will find to be legal could not necessarily be ethical.Interestingly enough, there is a new trend sweeping over the business world today where a lot more individuals are venturing into starting new businesses as a result on the many job loses.That in itself is a good thing and what could even make it better if you are into business for yourself is to take the time to properly establish an ethical business that benefits both you and your community.The problem is that most of the new businesses that are being set up, due to their ignorance of how things work and the speed with which they want to start making money, most of the time, only study their industry colleagues' ways of operation and try to model them while overlooking the ethics behind the business.One of the things that most business starters do not get to learn is the fact that depending on how well you build relationships with your customers and clients, is what will determine if you succeed long enough in business or not.Fortunately, there are ways and systems that can even help new businesses to operate ethically and still make lots of money without ruining their reputation.One sure way to find out if you are operating in the right manner is to join at least one association or community where your target customers or clients meet and listen carefully to what issues they talk about and use those to shape up your business ethics to build a reputable business.Gone are the days when the customer had no say in the product development and the companies treated customers “equally” and most of the time without any care.Today, customers are not only talking a lot to each other about how businesses treat them but they are even dictating how they want the outcome of a product or service to look like before they invest in it.It is therefore important as a business owner, to put systems in place that only works to build great relationships with your target community in order to grow a loyal and a faithful following that respects, values and trusts you, in a way that makes your business offerings highly sort after in order to grow your business exponentially.The question you must therefore ask yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur is “what values do I want to nurture in my business?”Making good business ethics a part of these values would be a wise decision that will help you to avoid many of the pitfalls that have caused many businesses to end up shamefully and painfully.Do you have any etiquette question you need answers to? Join me on my monthly FREE calls and I will make sure I answer your question on the call.Access the link below to register: you on the call!
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