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....Branded-but Broke! 


Tending to your Self-Image so You Can Implement & Skyrocket Your Income

Let's tell the truth and shame the devil.


You have done everything right! 


You picked a program.


You invested in yourself.


You showed up for the training.


But--you are not taking action.


No action = no results.


You feel broke and a little broken...


Branding is all about being seen-but you are hiding via no action.


You know what to do but you just can't seem to get yourself in gear and simply do the darn thing.


It's not your fault.


Consider this: as a Black Woman in business, the residue of slavery shapes your current self-image and your financial future.


So let's talk.


Join us for an authentic conversation about setting yourself free to soar and be seen.


Open Q&A and lazor coaching to get you back in the game tonight!  



Sign up at now. Teleclass is at 9pm EST Tonight.

To your Superstar Success,

Pam Perry

You are one click away from your breakthrough

P.S.  Each class just $7 bucks. Ask us anything.  NO replays. sorry.

It's time to get it out on the table

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10744076878?profile=originalANNOUNCING: a special "bootcamp"
webinar training for new or emerging
thought leaders...

If you want to get out there,

... you've got two basic choices:

(1) First, what most people do, try
to figure everything out on your own.

That's the hard, frustrating way.

Everything takes 3 to 5 times longer
than it should.

You spend hundreds, even thousands
with little progress.

And, when you do get your book or
product out there, the sales trickle

- OR -

(2) The Second way, what superstars
do, is to learn from and leverage the
experience of others.

That's the much easier,
get-results-faster way.

Doors open to you.

You get introduced to greater
relationships and opportunities.

You help more people.

You make more money.

You enjoy a unique quality of life.

So ---- which path are you on?

If you understand the VALUE of
learning from and leveraging others,
please read and respond to this
invite by going to the linkl...

If on the other hand, you already
have all the subscribers, following
and income you want, OR you already
have a primary mentor, this is NOT
for you. We don't want to distract

This is ONLY for those who have made
the decision to learn from us.

ANNOUNCING: an accelerated "first
steps" webinar training especially
for new and emerging thought

7 Steps To Your Superstar Platform


Finally, how to build your superstar
"thought leader" platform from
scratch, even if you have no book, no
product, no mailing list and no idea
of where to start or what to do next.

PLUS, you'll walk away with a
step-by-step blueprint to your first
12, 100, 300 and 1,000 email
subscribers, social media followers,
book / product sales, and recurring

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time: 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM EDT


"See" you on the 12th!

Launching superstars,

Pam Perry 

P.S. Go ahead, register now while
it's fresh in your mind:

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