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Start your Hair Business for $19.95 details

RED, WHITE & BLUE, NAWOSB Wants YOU......Women Business Owners

NAWOSB invite you and other Women Business Owners to join us as we launch our Chapters throughout Metro Atlanta!!!

NAWOSB educates women owned companies about certifications and contract opportunities at all levels of government and commercial markets.

  • Come out to meet and greet our Chapter Presidents, other women professionals and company owners.
  • Hear why this is the best time for women to be in business and do business with the government.
  • Promote your company to others; expose your business in a different city or county.

Whether you are just starting your business or a seasoned company...there is something for you to hear, see and do at these launches!!


Choose the chapter location & date of the launch event(s) you will attend: Duluth (July 18), Kennesaw (July 23), Morrow (July 24) or Douglasville (July 30). PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED-purchase your event tickets TODAY, $13pp/per location*. At the door=$20

* Fee includes event registration, refreshments, networking.

Network, eat, introduce your company-we would love to meet you and hear how NAWOSB can support you in obtaining certifications and contracts!


Giveaways, networking, door prizes and more!


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES are available if you would like to speak at these events and showcase your products/services-call or email us for details.

For more information on NAWOSB see our website or call 678.468.7862

We look forward to seeing you & hope you will join us for a great time!

Tammie Bailey-Fults, CEO-NAWOSB


Date & Time

Thursday, July 18 at 6:30 PM (EDT)


            JOE'S CRAB SHACK Multiple Locations-Duluth, Kennesaw, Morrow & Douglasville (Chapter launches at these locations, various dates


Start your Hair Business for $19.95 details

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Hello Community
Micore Intl is jamming in Atlanta GA. The National Launch is going great. I am watching the live stream and "acting a fool" with excitment!! You got to be part of this history making company,
I am!!!!
Get started for $19.95

This company is a "gamechanger" in all aspects of the concept.

Micore Intl is "opening" the hair industry to "average" folk!!

Yes, $19.95 and you are in business within minutes.

Your own personalize website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system.

Your own complete product line!!


Yes, you can get a 25% discount on product

Yes, you can generate income from building your company reps,

yes, your reps, for you get paid when they make sales!!!


New product lines being introduced:

Hair growth product

Hair maintenance accessories

Education service expanded

Compensation "just got better" enhancements


Ok, enough already, get on this "trailbrazer" and braze your own trail!!!




Independent  Micore International Consultant

Juniques Marketing and Juniques Multi Cultural Connections (

endorse this message

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Micore Intl Launch Sunday 17 Mar 2013

We are announcing HUGE advancements like…

•Medical and Dental Insurance available

for all Independent Micore Representatives

•New scientifically formulated products

that grow hair, as well as hair and skin

care products

•New Product Packs to purchase or sell to

New Hair Consultants

•Improvements to our Compensation Plan

•New Director of Micore’ YOUniversity…our

training program

•And SO much more…

Get your business online in minutes for only $19.95 per month

Your own personalized website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system

and 25% discount on hair products


Get this business going today and be smiling all week long!!!

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Hello Community, Yes this is EXCITING NEWS!!! It is an industry first and you can get in for $19.95!!!

I have a whole lot of fun sharing this info. Join with me

At your service,

Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

623 455 6364

WHEW! We have been waiting a LONG time to
LAUNCH Micore'….but the FACT IS you can ONLY Launch

an MLM company ONCE! We knew we had to do this

As a result SO MANY great things will be

Micore' is about to be promoted highly in
This weekend at Bronner Brothers a whopping
5,000 flyers were passed out! Soon MASS emails will

be sent, radio interviews and commercials

released,group meetings to see some of the new things

before the launch, and a street team to PUMP ATLANTA


The Micore' Launch will have Hairlarious

Comedy, a Weftabulous Business Opportunity
presentation, and
Weavealicious Caviar Hair!


An ARMY OF ONE, loaded with our new Zebra
Sample Kits
and new Product Packs....and Powerful New
Plan....and exciting new system
take back the hair extension industry....and
keep that
money in our AMERICAN pockets!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that owns its
own hair factory in India which makes the

THE INDUSTRY. Who else dares to Warranty

their hair for 1-Year!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is probably
the only company in the hair industry to
educate its customers and representatives with
information that is
untaught in the marketplace that is loaded
with misinformation.

You represent a Network Marketing Company
that will soon introduce
a mascara that will help grow eyelashes and
work to eliminate
the need for false eyelashes!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is GOING to have 100,000 or more Consultants with their
own Hair Business
(costing only $19.95 a month), earning a
full-time or part-time
weekly income as well as a monthly residual
income for years...
which means paid-for hair!

Micore' is the END OF NO FAIR HAIR!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is about to offer Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

at a special Group Rate to our Independent Contractors, which

after January 2014 will be mandatory to have! (Leaked that one

for excitement)

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that cares about you
and wants to see each one of you succeed!

Visit the  for

more details,

We can't show you the New Micore'!

Committed to your success,

Derrick Alexander, CEO


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New products, Enhanced compensations, New education instructors with decades of experience,

National growth ( going for 100,000 reps ), Breaking the barriers to entering the hair business,

and yes, more!!!


Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections explains Micore International Compensation Plan (12-2012) for the hair extension and wig hair products.


He explains the business growth fundemental for any business, then explain how a consultant with Micore Intl get pays 3 out of the 9 ways available.

This is his interpretation of the compensation plan and every business owner should confirm this information by reading the compensation plan.

This is a great business to be involved with. The hair replacement industry generates multi billion dollars annually.

Micore Intl, allows individual, for the first time in direct sales, to enter this lucrative business for reasonable cost.

Juniques Multi Cultural Connection Teammembers are very excited to be able to offer this product and business opportunity, at a time, many in the US of A are looking for viable ways to improve their income.

If you would like more information, go to or call 623-455-6364

Comp plan 12/2012

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Becoming a Power Player in the Coaching Business isn't easy, but it's possible.

Ladies – are you:

  • A woman with a defined area of expertise or a unique skill to offer the world who is trying to determine if coaching is the right pathway?
  • An ambitious female entrepreneur who started your own coaching business and is trying to figure out how to get your business out of first gear?
  • A woman who ealized that the corporate world was not for her and left to use your expertise as a coach in your field?
  • A professional coach with an established coaching business who isn't earning what you deserve?

If you fit into any of these categories, keep reading.

The Coaching Business is like a game of chess and every woman entrepreneur must play to win. Regardless of your current position in the industry, all women share one common drive – to become the Queen of our respective domain. However, in order to become a Power Player, you must have more than desire and determination; you need to have a Framework for Success.

Let me start by setting the table:

In my twenty-four years in business, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in the C-Suite of two National Healthcare Corporations, work as a Division Chief for three State Government Agencies, serve as a Commissioner for Women in 2 states, and direct a National Women’s Association. In these roles, I hired a variety of coaches to help with skill development, provide training and speak at conferences. Today, as a National Business Consultant and Trainer, I have the pleasure of coaching hundreds of women (and men) in corporate leadership roles, as well as small business entrepreneurs.

Coaching is an industry that’s ripe, if you pick from the right tree! I want to see women entrepreneurs rock the coaching industry like never before; and now is the ideal time. But the only way this can be done is if more women learn how to become “Power Players”. A Power Player is a women that, no matter where she began her coaching journey – be it in the “Hood” or at “Harvard” – knows how to play the game exceptionally well, stand out, and even change the game altogether.

What Does It Take to be a Power Player?

The business arena is the ultimate proving ground for one’s skills and abilities, especially as a coach. It’s the ultimate self-development and growth experience. The business world provides you with the opportunity to stretch your mind and broaden your expertise in the process of producing results for your clients. Coaching is a matter of expanding the capacity of one person or many to win in the Super Bowl of their own life or career, but your coaching skills have to be a proficient enough to show them how to do that.

The structures, models and methodologies of the coaching business are numerous, but most are designed to facilitate learning new behavior for personal growth or professional advancement. Coaching is the process of helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within a person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability. As a coach, you must possess the skill, ability and ingenuity to help people envision and create the better future for themselves or their organizations.

Becoming a Power Player in the coaching industry encompasses four things:

  1. Learning the Game – This involves knowing the rules of the industry, understanding your niche in the field, and figuring out what it takes to be one of the top contenders.
  2. Playing the Game – This involves knowing how to connect with the right networks, figuring out where to focus your efforts to build your clientele, and what products and services you should offer.
  3. Mastering the Game – This involves figuring out how to build eminence in the market and how to position yourself to continuously move through a series of destinations to avoid complacency.
  4. Redefining the Game – This involves leaving your mark in the field, becoming a revolutionary coach, and creating a legacy that will impacting others for years to come.

Now that you know what it takes, let’s outline the Power Player Manifesto. To be a powerful coach in today’s business environment, you must be serious about putting your coaching services on the national map and this requires a specific vision, mindset and method. The infographic below provides a framework to show you the four most critical areas for coaches to establish themselves and/or improve in order to step-up their game during the last quarter of 2012 and in 2013.

The Framework:

  • Business Strategy – How You Compete:

This helps establish your “position” in the field and guides how you compete. Coaches aren’t and shouldn’t try to be experts in every area. What is your established area of expertise? What type of coach are you – life, business, career, health, fitness, spiritual, executive, dating, financial, etc. Find and establish your niche. Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades makes you a master of none. Likewise, if you were a mailroom supervisor making $38,000 a year at the height of your professional career, you shouldn’t jump into the coaching business claiming to be able to show people how to make a million dollars as entrepreneurs – unless you’ve already made your first million.

Compete based upon what you know, do well, and can demonstrate past results! Your clients will know if your expertise is being recited from a blog or a book or if it came from your own experience and knowledge. Your business strategy should always flow from the position you’re establishing in the market. For example, Life Coaches offer very different services & products, and address a completely different set of issues than Executive Coaches and you don’t want to send a mixed message to clients or potential clients.

  • Branding Strategy – How You Build a Name, Reputation and Loyal Clients:

Once you know your business, then you can build a powerful brand. Your brand as a Coach is the platform upon which you stand and the promise of what you plan to offer to clients. Therefore, your brand messaging has to be consistent with the business area in which you’ve positioned yourself. If you’re a Business Coach, why would you market your latest “healthy living” product or "organic soap"? However, if health & wellness is a part of your business coaching platform, how have you integrated the two areas? Do your clients understand the correlation between all of your products and services? You don’t want potential clients to think that you’ve changed focus areas based upon your brand messaging, particularly if you cater to corporate clients.

  • Financial Strategy – How You Profit:

This is where the rubber meets the road. If you’ve started or plan to launch a coaching business for lifestyle economy reasons (i.e. to augment your 9-5 paycheck) and you’re not looking to build wealth as an entrepreneur, then none of this information is really pertinent. But, if you are in the coaching business to build an enterprise economy, then you must have the right financial strategy and revise it as the needs or trends in the market change. Do you know what are other coaches charging? Are your products comparable? Upon what did you base your pricing model? Did you know that pricing is related to and can actually dictate your target market? Pricing too low or too high can also make it difficult for you to move up or down at a later date.

Keep in mind that Ken Blanchard can bill a million+ dollars for his teams coaching services. Your products and methods may be just as good, if not better, but you have to prove that you are worth the higher bill rate. Posting YouTube videos of yourself sitting on your bed giving a coaching lesson in business management strategies won't get you to the million dollar club! Proven business experience comes from results and outcomes. What results can you show with current clients to substantiate your pricing model or bill rate?

  • Leadership Strategy – How You Build Eminence and Grow Your Business:

Okay – now for some real talk. If you don’t consistently play this game like you’re a “true” WNBA player, then you’ll end up on the bench or in early retirement. You must focus on optimizing what you offer and maximizing the results for your clients. Every day hundreds of men and women are stepping into the coaching field, including CEO’s from billion dollar corporations with “proven business experience” and the competition is fierce. Whatever got you to where you are today, won’t keep you there tomorrow.

If you want to be a leader in the field, you must be innovative and focus on solutions. Leaders don’t follow the same tactics as others, they figure out how to do things better and how to add more value than their competitors. Ask yourself this question, if you had to pitch a proposal for coaching services in "Change Management" to a group of CEO's from 3 Fortune 500 Companies, what innovative service or product could you bring to them that would make you a top contender against Ken Blanchard Companies, Anthony Robbins, or even another small business coach? This question illustrates why your leadership strategy must focus on where you want to go as a coach, and not just on where you are today!

Was this article helpful? I'd love to hear your comments!

If you are serious about becoming a Business-Savvy Entrepreneur and a Successful Coach and you want to increase your earning potential, Monique Stoner can help!

Visit her website at Monique has upcoming webinars focused on helping women in the Coaching and Consulting Businesses. LIKE her on Facebook at to get immediate notices about her webinars.

Monique is also launching the MBA Center for Women website and virtual training services on Oct. 16, 2012 at

Check out the MBACW e-Brochure!

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13 Ways to Build your Superstar Platform

Every speaker and author is told they must have a    “PLATFORM.”

What exactly does that mean????


A platform is just your key message. It is the position and influence you have on a subject that is informative, interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Your platform is the message that you STAND ON that reaches your core audience. It is your calling, your charge.

Your platform is the message you STAND FOR that gets people to move, take action, rally behind and/or solve a problem. It’s BIGGER than YOU!

A platform is like a “movement.” It is like a mission – and you feel you’ve been assigned to promote it.

What does an established platform look like?
1. You generate excitement/energy to an audience

2. You have attracted national media attention, have star
power or the “celebrity factor”  – ready for the Red Carpet.

3.  You are often quoted and looked upon as an expert by peers

4. You are sought-out to deliver keynote presentations or workshops or consult with “A” list clients / corporations

5.  You have created a fan-base that promotes your message to others that gives you referrals

6.  You have a large database, social media following and strong brand presence in the marketplace

Now that we know what a “Platform” is and what a successful platform looks like, let’s look at how to build your platform for your book or your speaking career.
Here’s how to establish a platform:

  1. Brand. Look like where you want to go.  Have the look of “celebrity.” Have a professional photo shoot. Hire an image consultant. Let’s be real: lose weight if you have to – image is everything.
  2. Have a spectacular biography. List your awards, activities, media hits, add testimonials and your photo to the bio sheet. This is called a “one sheet.” (see Candace’s above) I have launched many speakers careers by writing bios that became their “ticket” to where they needed to go – even before their book was published.  I crafted their “speaking topics” and secured  “A -list” endorsements. This was the foundation of their careers and they still use it to this day.
  3. Speak, give workshops, seminars. Volunteer your times at churches, schools or hospitals. No one is calling to PAY you to speak YET, so speak for free! Just get shots of you in action and video.
  4. Write. Yes, you hear that you need a platform to publish a book – but in reality a book can establish your platform. It’s easy to self-publish these days. Go to and get a free publishing kit. And if you need help, hire a ghost writer or a book coach.
  5. Pitch yourself to the media as an expert. Contact radio, TV, newspapers or magazines and offer your expertise. A quick way to get exposure is to regularly call-in to talk shows and join the conversation.  You can get to know the producers of the shows that way.  If you are afraid to “sell” yourself  – get a PR coach to help bolster your confidence and tell you what to say.
  6. Write Op/Ed (opinion editorials) or columns for your local newspaper or regional magazine. Make sure your byline includes your “spectacular bio,” links and contact information.
  7. Host your own conference, community outreach event or mini-seminar series.  Invite other expert speakers that will help “validate” your platform.  Make the event FREE so you pack in as many people as possible to showcase your skill. Make sure you alert the media. Because the event is free, pitch a public service announcement (PSA) to broadcast stations. Get listings in the daily newspapers.
  8. Secure a leadership position in a non-profit. Offer your expertise to the organization pro-bono and ask for letters of reference, testimonials and referrals.
  9. Blog! Grow your social media following. Become a thought-leader by sharing your thoughts online. Dive into Facebook (set up a ‘fan’ page) and Twitter and connect them to your blog. Make sure you are delivering value and offering solutions to problems. Search out other blogs to guest blog too.
  10. People have to hear you and see you. Set up a Youtube channel and post up videos of yourself in action. Post up videos of those who have heard your presentations too. Promote your videos via your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  11. Podcast. Become a radio show host on Blogtalkradio. Interview other experts in your field and promote the podcast on your blog and syndicate it for free iTunes. Get an account at Cincast deliver messages anytime, anywhere across the internet.
  12. Build a database. This is hub of your platform. Make sure you build an email database and regularly communicate with them via an email newsletter. Drive traffic to your website/blogsite from your social media sites and capture their email addresses by offering a “free” gift that is representative of your brand. This should be a free gift that is so convincing of your expertise that they will stay connected to you over time and eventually become a “raving fan.”
  13. Joint venture and partner with others. Do teleseminars or webinars with other speakers/authors that compliment your platform. This is a good way to get exposure to a new audience. You promote them to your audience and they promote you to theirs.  Win-win synergy

Bottom line: in order to have an established platform – you need numbers and influence. The more exposure you have, the greater opportunity for others to really know, like and trust you.  Once  you have their trust, they will spread the message of your platform to others.  And word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.

It’s all about people and how you are positioned to make difference to make an impact in people’s lives. It’s ministry really. See

See too for free MP3 and! (FREE social network for  authors)

Pam Perry, is a PR coach, social media strategist, co-founder Perry + Williams and chief visionary at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. in Farmington, Mich.

Visit her at and get her podcasts on Blogtalkradio too!

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10744076878?profile=originalANNOUNCING: a special "bootcamp"
webinar training for new or emerging
thought leaders...

If you want to get out there,

... you've got two basic choices:

(1) First, what most people do, try
to figure everything out on your own.

That's the hard, frustrating way.

Everything takes 3 to 5 times longer
than it should.

You spend hundreds, even thousands
with little progress.

And, when you do get your book or
product out there, the sales trickle

- OR -

(2) The Second way, what superstars
do, is to learn from and leverage the
experience of others.

That's the much easier,
get-results-faster way.

Doors open to you.

You get introduced to greater
relationships and opportunities.

You help more people.

You make more money.

You enjoy a unique quality of life.

So ---- which path are you on?

If you understand the VALUE of
learning from and leveraging others,
please read and respond to this
invite by going to the linkl...

If on the other hand, you already
have all the subscribers, following
and income you want, OR you already
have a primary mentor, this is NOT
for you. We don't want to distract

This is ONLY for those who have made
the decision to learn from us.

ANNOUNCING: an accelerated "first
steps" webinar training especially
for new and emerging thought

7 Steps To Your Superstar Platform


Finally, how to build your superstar
"thought leader" platform from
scratch, even if you have no book, no
product, no mailing list and no idea
of where to start or what to do next.

PLUS, you'll walk away with a
step-by-step blueprint to your first
12, 100, 300 and 1,000 email
subscribers, social media followers,
book / product sales, and recurring

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time: 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM EDT


"See" you on the 12th!

Launching superstars,

Pam Perry 

P.S. Go ahead, register now while
it's fresh in your mind:

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Something's hot in the pot! I am excited and on the road to being debt free! Let's make it happen for you too! I know we all have different reasons why we want financial security, so let those reasons be your motivation for at least checking out this great income opportunity.

The product is organic instant gourmet coffee!  Yep, coffee!  It's the second  most consumed beverage following water!  And, in commodities, it's second to oil!  Who woulda thunk it?! 

We're in the Pre-Launch phase of this new company and you can join, get a website and build your team for FREE until June 1, 2011. We've got expert leadership, enthusiastic team support, and a super fantastic compensation plan.

So, go to my website at the link below, watch the video and seriously consider if this venture is right for you. Come on, it's FREE until June 1--No risk and no obligation! Feel free to email me at

Please don't be skeptical because every mega success in existence today--Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks and countless others--have had their humble beginnings. Looking back, we all would have loved to have had a start-up opportunity with any of them. Well, you may have missed those opportunities but here's your chance not to miss this one--it's all about timing and positioning!

So, avoid slapping yourself on the forehead later and Reserve Your Cup now! See the vision and embrace it!

Listen to the live conference calls and webinars:

Daily Mon-Fri @ 12 noon and 3pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 631596#
Nightly @ 8pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 257841#

Midnight Madness Call and Webinar @
w/Conference Call ( Simultaneous) @ (218) 339-2409 pin: 6544789  ****Eastern Time Zone****

Maximize Your Morning Wake Up Call 7am CST
Phone Number: (713) 300-0182
Pin Code: 300348#

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Q: What is your most pressing question where it concerns your

personal, spiritual and business empowerment?

A: Transitioning from my old self, with those limiting beliefs, to who I truly am.

The first place you want to begin is what I call awareness. In this step
you need to take inventory of your limiting beliefs. You can identify them
without placing them in categories and after you've identified some of them
you can then categorize them in the money, education, career, faith and
other category. Don't get too caught up on this simply jot down what comes
to mind.

Why do you have those limiting beliefs?

What steps can you add that will assist you in overcoming your limiting

Another key factor is your mindset. I won't go deep into this, however,
a lot of our success is sabotaged by our mindset and you would do good
to discover what your mindset is and make the necessary shifts.

You can do this on your own or enlist the help of a coach such as myself
who are equipped with various tools and experience to support you in
this endeavor.

In order to know where you're going you must know where you are.
This is also true where it concerns evolving to who you truly are.
Make sure you are clear on who you are. What are your core values?
What is your purpose? Vision?

All of the above will support your endeavor towards transitioning from
your old self to who you truly are.

The steps mentioned above are supported by my Dream Launch
eCoaching program.

Women's Life Empowerment Blog

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On Sat, 2/21/09, TAG TEAM launched the new Black Business Network 4.0. The new program and website is phenomenal. The Black Business Network will be THE PLACE that Black people all over the world come to, in order to find Black-owned businesses. There are already over 22,000 Black people committed to buy Black everday who are members of the online communityWatch the Broadcast of the Launch Party Right Now! TAG TEAM recorded last night’s event and the taped broadcast of this event is available to view right now! You will be able to watch the launch event online. Although there is no fee to watch the Internet broadcast, you must be a member of the online community to have access to view. Just visit to set up your free account, then click on the Black Business Network banner in the upper left hand corner. A window shoud open for you that has a button that says Play Video.If you are a Black Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer or someone dreaming of starting a business, just sit back and watch one of the greatest online events for Black people you have ever seen right now!"I don't have to apologize to anybody for being Black, because God almighty knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made me Black!" "God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be." - Marcus GarveyDarlene RobinsonIndependent MarketerTAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc.Email:

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Blessings and greetings to all of my online friends! This is Darlene Robinson of TAG TEAM Marketing giving you a friendly reminder of this Saturday’s launch party for… The Phenomenal Black Business Network 4.0 in Atlanta, GA…. Unfortunately, I can’t get to Atlanta this weekend to attend in person because of a business commitment,… but I am so excited about watching the internet broadcast of this event online, on Sunday, February 22, 2009,…that I am throwing a watch party here in Orlando to share this event with other positive Black people right here in my community!So consider this your personal invitation to attend the live Black Business Network 4.0 launch party in Atlanta on Saturday, February 21, 2009.. Don’t forget you can also watch the rebroadcast on your computer… in the comfort of your home on Sunday, February 22, 2009.. for FREE!You can register to reserve you seat, or internet viewing slot at… by clicking on EVENTS,... select the date… and click REGISTER…. Although this event is free… you must be a member of the TAG TEAM online community to have access... After the event,.. shoot me an email to let me know what you thought…Well that’s it for now,… I will be back at cha next week with more event updates from TAG TEAM Marketing…. Remember TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!Until next time have a blessed and prosperous day,… your friend Darlene Robinson.

Comment | Copy This

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I'm Excited ... Again!

My company is approaching a mile stone and taking it the next level. I have been preparing for the Business Launch Social. It will be a great event and will support a local Cancer Survival Group - Sisters Supporting Sisters (an affiliate of Sisters Network, Inc.)Marketing and PR plays an important role in developing and growing a brand name for your endeavors. Thank to everyone who have supported my growth! Come and share in my excitement.The SharmoozAnn

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