10 Things Social Media Is NOT…

After doing several Social Media Workshops, Panel discussions and everything in between. I am writing this article for all of the conversations, discussions and pushback. I hope this list adds some value.Social Media is NOT…1. It is NOT the Holy Grail… Yes it is everywhere. Yes it is low cost. Yes it is effective. Yes it is Powerful if used properly. It still can only be one prong of your overall marketing approach. Social Media is designed to strengthen and insulate relationships. You still need some traditional marketing. Obviously this is based on your market, your company, your goals etc. It is meant to enhance and amplify your message. Do not put all your eggs in any basket. Balance, prioritize, have a strategy and goals. Engage you audience.2. It is NOT Magic… You are not pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It is not a way to pull the cover over your customer’s eyes. So let me advise not going out and planting those beans in hopes of a magic beanstalk.3. It is NOT Fake… I truly believe it can be either the most powerful tool or the biggest fake. Always remember that you have to earn attention. It is creating, maintaining and enhancing relationships. So do not have someone write tweets for you. Work hard at providing the right experience for the right audience in an authentic and genuine way.4. It is NOT One-Way… I hear SO many people say that they do not think a social media tool doesn’t work or that social media overall is not an effective medium. Then after discussion with them about how they are using it, we discover they use it as a broadcast medium. They do not engage with the audience. They create content and let it sit without using the real power of the medium. CONVERSATION. This creates connection.5. It is NOT Advertising… It is not about you. It is social exchange of ideas, thoughts, insights and best practices. The great news for those who forget. It is Social Media and it is in the title for you. It is SOCIAL. It is a chance to interact with your customers, prospects and suspects in an engaging way.6. It is NOT Something to Do Without a Plan… Take the time and effort to set some goals, a benchmark. Have an idea where your audience is and what you are going to share with them. Start with a destination and then a map of how you will get there. If you do not, then any road will get you there and that road may be through un-travelable roads or roads with heavy roadblocks.7. It is NOT Corporate… Again, this is human and personal. Do not talk about you, your products or your company. Do not talk like a corporation in your annual report. Do not talk with your logo. Speak in a voice. Be real. Be from this planet. Have fun and relax.8. It is NOT a Replacement For Eyeball to Eyeball… It is a way to enhance person to person networking. It strengthens relationships. It is a great way to share or talk about events.9. It is NOT a FREE… So even though the platforms require a very low cost. It requires a lot of human capital to run a successful social media campaign. There is a big cost; it just doesn’t come in the way of subscription or dues. There is also a bigger cost of avoiding and putting on the backburner.10. It is NOT Without Work & Effort… You cannot just put up a profile and then go away. It requires interaction and engagement. The effort can not be when you want. It has to be frequent, consistent and sustained.Even though this list is not exhaustive, it is something to think about.Other Related Article(s)I wrote another article last week you might also enjoy about 10 Myths of Social Media - http://tr.im/tSLS* By Chad Rothschild MBA, Marketing & Branding Expert | Social Media Marketing Authority | Author | Speaker | Workshops | www.chadrothschild.com
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