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So You're Considering a Virtual Assistant?

So you've decided that you need a virtual assistant. Great! A virtual assistant (also known as remote assistant) can offer services that you can utilize in your own business or even personal life to help you save time and money. I have come in contact with many people that know they need help but when I speak with them find out they really don't have a plan of action lined up. In order to find the right service provider and get the most from their services here are some things to consider before deciding if a virtual assistant is right for you:Know Your Project NeedsYou'd be surprised how many business owners or employers have little idea how much time and attention is required for the job they need completed. Now you may not have all of the details exactly. Write down an outline for your project, take a step back and look through objective eyes at your project needs. Then evaluate what is necessary to get the job done. Do you have at least an idea of how your project should be executed? If you need help with the finer details consult with the virtual assistant you are looking to hire to see how they would execute the work. Then go back and fine tune your project description. It's essential to be up front with yourself and your business and say 'I need someone to help me figure this out.' This pre-planning will help you save time and money down the road and facilitate healthy and productive communication with your perspective VA.Determine What Experience You Need Your VA to HaveAfter you have determined what project(s) or assistance you need ask yourself what experience must your VA have. It may be very basic experience like typing and data entry to more specialized experience like project management, accounting, or marketing. Don't make the mistake and tell yourself 'Anyone should be able to do what I need done,' because that seldom is the case. Not all virtual assistants are cut out to perform the same work and each VA will have a different background. Take the time to write down qualifications that the VA should have or at least should be able to develop over time while working on your project. Also remember the years of experience your VA has in certain areas always adds value.Don't Always Try to Go CheapWe've all heard the saying 'You get what you pay for.' Money is used in exchange for a product or service and also as a motivator. We all want to be paid for our services or what our products are worth. So if you don't know how much you should fairly pay someone consider looking at wage and salary charts online. Chances are if you hire someone with the intention to pay them under wage you may not get the desired results you are looking for and in the long run this will cost you and your business more time and money. Don't expect stellar or professional results if you are only willing to hire someone for minimum wage or less. Create your budget and decide how serious you are about your business. Your level of seriousness about your business will determine how far you are willing to go to hire the proper, professional help you need and at the appropriate cost.Determine the Level of Communication You Need With Your VAWe would all agree communication is extremely important in any business. How many of us really follow this advice? It is important that when you commission a VA to work with you to decide how much communication you need with them and to find out what degree of communication your VA is comfortable with. As the employer you are coming to the VA for services so make efforts to not only check-in and see if your work is getting done but to also ask your VA if there are things he or she may need from you, then provide what it is they need. Work to establish regular meetings via phone or remote meeting to speak with your VA, provide your schedule so your VA knows where you will be and respond to emails from your VA. Remember one of the reasons you have a virtual assistant is to have someone that works remotely. If you are not comfortable with email to help facilitate communication chances are you are not ready to have a VA. Also remember your VA has a life too. Some people make the mistake of calling their VA too much during working hours, after business hours or on the weekends. Respect their time like you would anyone else and establish your level of communication.Do you want to use this article on your website or blog? Certainly but you must include the following information with it: Lyn Twyman is a virtual assistant and Founder of TK Virtual Administrative Services. Lyn has worked with clients nationwide and worldwide providing specialized administrative support and offers small business start-up consulting, business development, and procurement services. Lyn posts a weekly blog article on effective ways business owners can utilize VA services at Learn how a virtual assistant can help your business by visiting www.tkvirtualadmin.comAll rights reserved 2009.
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Are you in need of someone to help with the mundane task of organizing paperwork, scheduling appointments, researching, planning & scheduling events (business & personal), a billing reminder, Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, etc, etc. Then my company is just what you’re looking for.My Company helps Entrepreneurs, Solo-preneurs, Self Employed, Home Base, Small and Large Businesses, or any individual in need of an experience Clerical/Administrative Assistant. I am a Virtual administrative Assistant; a Business Manager and Planner. I can assist you and your business. My services are endless. Why not save money and grow your business by working with me as your Business or Personal Administrative Assistant . I work by the hours, days, weeks or months my services are needed. I have a pricing system that works with everyone’s budget.Phyllis L JacksonCEO/FOUNDERUniquely40, LLChttp://www.uniquely40.comhttp://www.uniquely40virtualoffice.com
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