support (26) Houston over at had Good Credit Union to remove a Bankruptcy from Experian in less than 10 days.  They also removed 2 inquiries off of Experian.  Houston's fico score jump from 714 to 738 experian, 701 to 713 equifax, and transunion score increased from 743 to 765.

Check out get your credit cleaned in less than 30 days.  

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Tired of waiting for someone to update your site?

growold.jpgTired of waiting for someone to update your site? Want to add a new skill to your portfolio? Need somewhere that will point you in the right direction if you're having a problem with your site? Then our newest partner - SuiteLotus- is for you! Learn to maintain your WordPress site yourself, tips on improving your site, member forum, online business resources and web/graphic goodies are to be had once you become a member. The full site launches in January, HOWEVER if you join now you will receive a full year's membership for the price of ONE MONTH. Yup. Save $220 on an annual membership by joining now.

Oh. And those who join during the introductory period can earn cold, hard cash - well, PayPal deposits. Details on that part of your membership will be sent when the full site launches. Get your "Webmaster in an (in)Box" today!

During the introductory period, you will receive a site planner and guidance on how to prepare to make the best of the learning experience.

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Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?


Why Does it Have to Be So Hard?


I am very supportive of others. Tell me what you are trying to do and I will try to help. What information or resources I don’t have, I will try to find for you or at least point you in the right direction, find someone that can help you.  I am one of these people that find it very difficult to ask anyone to do anything for me, I am not a sales person, and I don’t push my opportunities or products on anyone. I share and try to show the value.  Often times that works.   What I don’t like is so many people that want you to get into business with them, you sign up,  make the purchase and they disappear.  There is little training and no support. On top of that when you share your business or anything you would like to have supported, people that you supported are MIA.


We have to learn how to support each other. Circulate the dollars and resources within. This is too much of an individualistic society. Who truly makes it alone? We have to help one another. It does not have to be huge chunk of money. We can help each other with referrals, office equipment or other needed supplies; we can donate different things that someone may need to operate their business. IF you have a great skill that may be of great benefit to someone do some bartering, something.


And when it comes to charity, it is just has hard. I have been trying to collect clothing for a local shelter for months. I got one person to donate clothing. Another organization I support sends shoes to Liberia. I have not gotten one pair of shoes. I am collecting for a local pregnancy org that helps teen and pregnant women, I have not received one can of formula or diapers…I know that times are difficult. I am struggling. But I share when I can. It does the heart good to help. Even if it is one pack of socks to a battered women shelter. One box of baby wipes to a pregnancy program, a couple cans of vegetables to a homeless shelter. I am finding just how difficult it is. I thought it would be a lot easier. You care, you Give. Maybe not? I don’t get it but I will not be discouraged. I will continue to do what I am supposed to do and donate when I can and educate and encourage others. You never know when you or someone you love may be in need.




I am in the process of offering evening and weekend childcare. Akron Ohio area.


  • NightLight for Lil Angels Care~
    I would like to provide evening and weekend care for babies. Most mothers today have to return to work after 6 to 8 weeks. The days of staying home 3 months to a year or longer are over in today’s tight economy. This service would be helpful for those who work evenings/nights or who need a break for shopping, appointments on weekends or for a weekend get-a-way.


Donated clean, safe, working cribs, high chairs, play pins, strollers etc….would be very much appreciated.  I am trying to get started with “half “ a shoe string budget.


 Giving Efforts:


The Family That Gives


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Do you have a backup plan for your business in the event of an emergency? A backup plan, what's that? A backup plan is another means to service your clients in the event of an emergency or your absence. Business operations should never be disrupted in an emergency nor your absence. There should always be trained personel that is, persons capable of running operations. We all experience emergencies at one time or another. However, in business especially when you're trying to establish a new business, and a performance and dependability record.  You might harm your reputation. Sadly, the reality is sometimes, a first impression is a lasting impression. Suggestion, even if you are unable to hire someone full or part time. Have someone available you can call on in an emergency. Someone who knows your business. Someone you can hire to step in when there is an emergency or in your absence. 

Can I be frank? It's business! Don't take your clients for granted! Don't assume you automatically have the patronage of clients based on a shared ethnicity or gender! While, it is important for us to be supportive of each other. It is also important for those we support to be able to deliver!

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Something's hot in the pot! I am excited and on the road to being debt free! Let's make it happen for you too! I know we all have different reasons why we want financial security, so let those reasons be your motivation for at least checking out this great income opportunity.

The product is organic instant gourmet coffee!  Yep, coffee!  It's the second  most consumed beverage following water!  And, in commodities, it's second to oil!  Who woulda thunk it?! 

We're in the Pre-Launch phase of this new company and you can join, get a website and build your team for FREE until June 1, 2011. We've got expert leadership, enthusiastic team support, and a super fantastic compensation plan.

So, go to my website at the link below, watch the video and seriously consider if this venture is right for you. Come on, it's FREE until June 1--No risk and no obligation! Feel free to email me at

Please don't be skeptical because every mega success in existence today--Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks and countless others--have had their humble beginnings. Looking back, we all would have loved to have had a start-up opportunity with any of them. Well, you may have missed those opportunities but here's your chance not to miss this one--it's all about timing and positioning!

So, avoid slapping yourself on the forehead later and Reserve Your Cup now! See the vision and embrace it!

Listen to the live conference calls and webinars:

Daily Mon-Fri @ 12 noon and 3pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 631596#
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Midnight Madness Call and Webinar @
w/Conference Call ( Simultaneous) @ (218) 339-2409 pin: 6544789  ****Eastern Time Zone****

Maximize Your Morning Wake Up Call 7am CST
Phone Number: (713) 300-0182
Pin Code: 300348#

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Women: Stick Together

I was having a conversation with Tee89 over at Fabby Girl, about women sticking together. Iwas never one to have many female friends growing up, but now as anadult, I see the value in having female friends. It's just two sexes onthis planet. And, the males have dominated it, but last I heard, theearth was called MOTHER EARTH. So, women, take heed in our power. Someof us are fragile, weak-minded, strong, strong-willed when we are byourselves. Imagine when all of us with our many talents and weaknessesand strengths bond together.

When you have time, read or just scan through this article. It is about a women gang for justice. Enjoy!!

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We openly invite all of our BBWO Members. We are here to promote and give u a platform to tell the world what you have to offer. Black Business Women Online have been such a blessing to me over the years. I would like to do whatever it is to give back to any of my Sista's who wish to participate. Contact me via email or inbox(BBWO) 1 Love...

Beverly Campbell

EbonyRoyal Apparel

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We live in a world of convenience. It is really easy to buy from Black people, but it is easier for most of us NOT to buy from Black people. It is easier to say I got bad customer service at the Black owned store and never return. But when we get bad customer service from a store owned by someone of another race, why do we keep going back and spending our money with them? That is a HUGE problem. It has been so convenient to drive to the mall or the super center where you have thousands of products to make a selection. Even when some of these products have proven to be a health risk to people of color!

Just think of it this way, itis easier or more convenient to drive one mile to go buy junk food. But it is better for you to drive 15 miles to the Black all natural health food store for your cereal, rice, fruits and vegetables. So just because it is easier to go down the street to buy from the Asian hair care store than to drive 20 minutes to buy from the little Black hair care store... which one is the right thing to do for OUR community, even if it costs a few dollars more on gas and product? There are over one million Black owned businesses in this country, but unfortunately we spend 95% of our income outside of our community.

Have youever asked yourself why there are so many commercials with Black actors that are targeted to the Black consumer. You might have thought, Wow! This company must really care about Black people to
have this type of commercial. Or you see major bank like Wells Fargo sponsoring a huge music event with top Black entertainers. Or a panel like Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union. Well think again. McDonald's became so convenient for us, we started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and now have the highest obesity rates ever! Wells Fargo was one of the worse companies in this country who put Black people into horrible loans. It was if they designed these loans for the Black home owner to fail after 3-5 yrs. Some were put into
interest only loans, some were put into adjustable rate loans that after the “teaser” period was over, the interest rate could adjust up every six months until it reached 15%! So I believe one of the purposes of sponsoring the events is to get more Black consumers to patronize their products/services, and for no other reason. So why
do we put so much faith into companies like these that continue to rip us off, than in our own Black owned businesses?

I worked over 20 years in broadcasttelevision working with consumer market research. Main stream advertisers continue to spend millions of dollars to find out where Black people spend and how often they spend. There are thousands of data bases with information on what TV shows we watch, what radio shows we listen to and what newspapers and magazines we read. So that these corporations can customize their advertisements to entice us to buy their products. Knowing that as a race we currently spend about $900 billion dollars as consumers... who wouldn't want a piece of that kind of money. Isn't it sad that our highly spiritual people would rather go for convenience rather than the principle of doing the right thing. This is THE same thing that Marcus Garvey, Dr. King and Malcolm X spoke about. We MUST buy from our own people because it not only is the right thing to do, it is the only way for us to rebuild our communities, with thriving Black businesses and give our children more role models that are business minded in nature.

Lookat how many businesses Marcus Garvey built between 1916-1920. Do you realize what he really created? He created communities with Black people organized with their own self-sufficient economic resources. Grocery stores, laundries, hotels, clothing shops, every kind of biz for Black people. I believe desegregation lead to the downfall of Black businesses for decades!

Fast forward from 1920 to theyear 2008, millions of us pulled together as a people and registered to vote in numbers that were staggered the imagination, so that we could vote for a Black as President. So why can't we come together on creating our own economy by recycling our dollars back into our own communities by buying from more Black owned businesses just like the Jewish and Asian communities do? How long are we going to let other ethnic groups set up shop in our communities and take that money back to their neighborhoods to spend with their own people? We are probably the only ethnic group in this country that DOES NOT support
each other on a wide scale economic basis. (Excluding the brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam.)

So how long are YOUgoing to keep doing what is convenient... instead of doing the right thing for you and your community? Especially when we have brothers and sisters who make high-quality products that are made specifically for OUR skin, OUR hair, OUR body types, etc. I really want to know what you think.

Darlene Robinson

Independent Marketer

TAG Team Marketing, International, Inc.

black, business, support, community, unity, culture, black-owned

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Everyone Can't Be In Your Front Row

Life is a theater so invite your audiences carefully.
Not everyone is holy enough and
healthy enough to have a FRONT ROW seat in our lives.
There are some people in your life that need to be loved
from a distance.  
It's amazing what you can accomplish when you let go, 
or at least minimize your time with draining, negative,
incompatible, not-going-anywhere relationships,
friendships, fellowships and family!
Everyone can't be in Your FRONT ROW.
Observe the relationships around you.  Pay attention to:
Which ones lift & which ones lean?
Which ones encourage & which ones discourage?
Which ones are on a path of growth uphill & 
which ones are just going downhill?
When you leave certain people, do you feel better or feel worse?
Which ones always have drama or don't really understand,
know & appreciate you & the gift that lies within you?
Everyone can't be in Your FRONT ROW.
The more you seek God & the things of God, the more you seek quality,
the more you seek not just the hand of God but the face of God,
the more you seek things honorable, the more you seek growth,
peace of mind, love & truth around you, the easier it will become
for you to decide who gets to sit in the FRONT ROW
& who should be moved to the balcony of your life.
Everyone Can't be in Your FRONT ROW.
You cannot change the people around you...
but you can change the people you are around!
Ask God for wisdom & discernment
& choose wisely the people who sit in the FRONT ROW of your life.
Remember that FRONT ROW seats are for special & deserving people
& those who sit in your FRONT ROW should be chosen carefully.
Everyone Can't be in Your FRONT ROW.
"Spiritual growth occurs when faith is cultivated."
Keep the faith!

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Social Networks - "The Purpose" Part 2

I want to say thank you to all of you that responded to Part one of this post. I appreciated all of the comments whether they were good or bad, sweet or bitter. I welcome all suggestions, comments or critics because it brings awareness to the mindset of my valued readers.This response is to clear the air and to make sure that I make my intentions known to all. The blog was intended to raise awareness not to attack anyone or their site. If I’m a member of your site then that means that you haven’t failed me, when members start leaving that’s when you start becoming concerned. I posed the following questions concerning social networks on the previous post:1. Does the network description, mission or purpose match what is actually happening?2. Do you receive feed back and information from site manager, group leaders etc?3. Are the groups active? Meaning is there a discussion thread started at least once a week?4. Is the network administrator accessible?5. The blogs, are they informative and submitted daily? (Versus Just marketing holes)These were just questions to think about, I still feel that they are valid as a voluntary member of all ning sites. As a member and network administrator I have expectations, it’s a two-way street. Now if your site is a private group that you reign over, then yes you may have a dictatorship and then that site may not be for everyone. However the sites that I administrate are meant to be community based, meaning everyone is important and valued. For if you have a membership site and you have no members…what purpose would that serve?So with that said, my points are intended for my members too, I want to be held to a standard and would hope that my other network administrators should feel the same way. It’s not to say that if you don’t meet all those areas that you have a bad site or you’re not doing your job, it’s just something to think about. Maybe you are too busy in your offline life. Some suggestions may be to elicit group leaders or site administrators. And of course essentially it is your site, to do as you please with it and by all means I respect anyone’s wishes, I’m really easy to get along with...However tonight I was ask to leave someone’s network because of that blog and to be honest I had never had a conversation with her before, no welcome to the site, nothing. You can’t please everyone and you will die trying. I feel I have a voice and I will not be muzzled but I have enough humility to know when to say maybe I should have been clearer with my intentions. Maybe I should have reworded that etc…I only named a few sites because I did not want to make a long list and leave out 3 sites and those administrators would have thought I was talking about them. I’m a member of 40+ sites and I was a member of 50+ I already left the ones that I was talking about. I would never get on a persons site and post a blog attacking them that would be so rude and just plan wrong.In addition let it be known what a blog is:“A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” SourceSo when reading a blog please understand that they are meant to inform, entertain, encourage or provoke thought. But at the end of the day their just a person’s personal views, ideas and blurbs. Now if the person is a verifiable expert on that subject matter then that is when you can make there blog semi-law and still there is room for flaws. Don’t be so quick to condemn them. For blogging is just my way of expression and it profits me nothing to offend anyone; that would be counterproductive.May we all work together to create the environments that we desire.This Coach Richetta, until the next time be empowered to greatness!Coach RichettaEmpowering Women: “One Lady at a Time”
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Social Networks, "The Purpose"

I have a few points to ponder as it concerns Social Networks! I had a conversation with a member of one of my Ning sites and we both were concerned about the growing number of Ning sites that are no more than a space full of faces and no activity. I’m a member of 40+ Ning sites and this doesn’t include the many other social networks that I’ve joined. I must admit that I use them all as a marketing tool, however I only joined sites that interest me, for instance I wouldn’t join a site for ladies who love snakes just because there’s a lot of ladies on the network. I can’t stand the sight of snakes so that wouldn’t work for me, no matter how many women I can pitch my spill to.With that said I went on every site and asked my self five questions:1. Does the network description, mission or purpose match what is actually happening?2. Do you receive feed back and information from site manager, group leaders etc?3. Are the groups active? Meaning is there a discussion thread started at least once a week?4. Is the network administrator accessible?5. The blogs, are they informative and submitted daily? (Versus Just marketing holes)Clearly most of the sites failed miserably. This taught me a lot about what not to do as a Ning Network Administrator. I have a desire to recruit sustain members that are interested in my mission and want to benefit from being on my networks. I decided that quality is better that quantity; I have at least 10 members that joined and haven’t been back on the network since. Now what purpose does that serve?

On Women Support Women you will receive the following, if not I hope that you would cancel membership:• Groups will have a leader that creates discussion and evokes activity weekly.• A weekly theme that is inspirational and motivational.• Access to network administrator (I return emails, answers questions, welcome suggestions etc)• Access to monthly workshops• An environment that matches the site mission and description.I want you to know that these are my goals and I want to be held accountable. If this network is for you please join and hold me to it. I want to be the best but I have learned a lot of good and bad from the rest. Let me put the good on Blast, the bad well we won’t discuss them.Sites that are vibrant have active groups, the administrator is accessible to some degree, the blogs are excellent and I feel at home. No particular order, some are large, some are growing. This is just 5. I know there’s probably many more out there. Please no one take offense. (LOL that’s me)http://thedivinewellnesscenter.ning.comhttp://naturalandhappy.ning.comhttp://sistapreneurs.ning.com hope this information is helpful to you! I would love to hear your response. I think that Social Networks are great but when they're targeted to a center niche, the audience is there because they expect certain things from it. It’s not MySpace, facebook or Black Planet. We expect to be lost in the crowd on those networks. However when we join a network for women who love to knit we expect to find information as it relates to knitting. Thanks for your ear!Coach Richetta BlackmonEmpowering Women –“One Lady at a Time”
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Remote Computer Support-Saving Time and Money

With the rising cost of almost everything, people are looking for ways to save. This can be accomplished by using remote computer support instead of traditional onsite support. While this service is still fairly new to some, it is has been around for quite some time. Through the use of a screen sharing application, a technician can connect to your computer and control your mouse and keyboard to fix over 90% of your computer related issues.Because of the nature of this process, security is a major concern and it should be. Having a person located in possibly another state control your mouse and keyboard does sound creepy. But unlike onsite repair or dropping your computer off at your local pc shop, you are able to actually watch what the tech is doing. Ask your onsite tech can you watch what they are doing and let me know how that works out. Also, each connection that is established requires your permission. In addition, once you or the tech has stopped a session, your computer can no longer be accessed.Pricing for this service is not as near as expensive as onsite support. Most companies have packages that will allow you to receive support for up to 1 year for a fee. Often that fee will only cover 2 onsite appointments. Also, because there isn’t any face to face interaction, you will have to pay using a credit card or debit card.When choosing a remote support company, make sure they offer a no service, no fee option. You can’t lose. Don’t be scammed by companies that charge you for their time. Spending time diagnosing your computer is not the same is having the issue resolved. Also, because you will have to use a debit or credit card to pay for this service, make sure company has a secure way for you to pay. When you are asked to enter card number, if the company is not using a reputable online payment company, make sure that a yellow lock appears at the bottom right side of your screen.Need more information about remote computer support, perform an Internet search. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
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Got Support? Need Support?

Good Morning,BBWO, this site is full of a diverse and wonderful group of ladies I want to invite you to a site where those that need support can get it. This will serve as a great addition to this site as I know as a Business Women I could not do without BBWO. Now you may feel you got it all together, and that’s great! How about your sister to the left and right of you, is there anything that you can do to encourage them? Whether you need motivation or you’re in need of motivation Women Support Women is a great solution. Please view and share the video below to learn more.Visit or even join us at:
Visit Women Support Women
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Holiday Season Request from Darlene Robinson

This is Darlene Fobinson from the Black Business Network. I’m asking for your support to make at least one purchase from a black owned business at the Black Business Network this holiday season. By supporting one of these black owned businesses will make a huge financial impact for that biz. Do you think you can go to the website today and look at the products and pick out at least one product to add to your holiday shopping list this year? We would really appreciate your support in recycling your dollars with a black owned biz this holiday season. A small purchase as little as $5, $10 or $20 will make a huge difference in the bottom line for that business and their families.One of my favorite businesses at the black business network called Products of the Earth who are making their products by hand. These PRODUCTS ARE SUPERIOR THAN SO MANY OTHER products out there on the market today. They are all natural and some of the best products i have ever used. There is also a black computer company, plus health and nutritional products, cosmetics. inspirational, motivational and educational clothing, books, cds ,dvds. Then my two favorites the President Obama figurine and the African Genesis program that provides families with an educational course to learn about our African heritage to earn a free trip to Egypt just by successfully completing a 2 year course!When you buy from one of these businesses it not only helps out that biz, it also helps me out because the money i earn from these sales will help me to build my family’s funds to get back into a home. Many of you may not know that my family was evicted from our home on July 4, 2008. We were victims of identity theft when someone forged their name on the deed to our home in Sept 2006 and tried to sell our home right out from under us. God blessed us with the knowledge to start a business that helped other families who were victims of fraud or facing foreclosure due to predatory lending practices.Because we fought for over a year and used all of our savings, until we ran out of funds. Sold our daughter’s car, my husband’s 2 trucks and even our piano. If it hadn’t been for the help from family & friends and the Grace of God we would have been homeless. My family is trying to get back on our feet financially and the majority of our monies go towards keeping the business afloat. We have lived in a 400 sq ft guest house of a dear family member since July 2008. I want to be able to give my 2 children the ultimate present of moving back into a house even a rental before Christmas this year. We need to get the rest of the money for the deposits and getting the utilities turned on. So can I count on you to make a least one purchase at today to not only help me out, but also to help a black business prosper this holiday season?Don’t forget to visit the website today to place your order for timely delivery!Thank you for your continued support by reading my emails and listening to my voice mails. May god bless you and your family this upcoming holiday season and hope you have a prosperous new year!Darlene Robinson and familyOrlando, FL
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Finding a New Direction: Mornings

MorningsWaking up at 4am in the morning wondering who I amStruggling to go back to sleep but something tugs insideA longing to know what is missingwhere can it be foundnot knowing where to lookor what it is i'm looking forSoon a shimmer off light begins to enter the roomThe sun is begining to rise and then the baby criesAnd another day beginsBefore the other endsAnd I yet to know who what or why....Poem by Richetta BlackmonAre you searching for Direction? What's missing? Got it going on, but there's still something going wrong? New Direction Life Coaching for Women can help you work through those issues. http://newdirection.camp8.orgNeed more support try

Visit Women Support Women
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May this be the best holiday season for you and your family. I hope I can count on you to shift at least $20 to a Black Owned Business this holiday season to share your blessings and show your love and support.Check out the Barack Obama figurine, African History/Kemet Timeline Poster, handmade soaps, all-natural bath/body, books, art, CDs/DVDs, Diverse Super Hero Collection, and so much more! Robinson
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Supportive people may not always be around to offer support at the exact moment when you may need it. Sometimes YOU may need to be the source of your own support. If that is the case, and frankly, it usually is the case, it helps to get out a journal and write down when you need support most of all.

To learn some suggestions for doing getting started, visit my Pound by Pound Weight Management community

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So You're Considering a Virtual Assistant?

So you've decided that you need a virtual assistant. Great! A virtual assistant (also known as remote assistant) can offer services that you can utilize in your own business or even personal life to help you save time and money. I have come in contact with many people that know they need help but when I speak with them find out they really don't have a plan of action lined up. In order to find the right service provider and get the most from their services here are some things to consider before deciding if a virtual assistant is right for you:Know Your Project NeedsYou'd be surprised how many business owners or employers have little idea how much time and attention is required for the job they need completed. Now you may not have all of the details exactly. Write down an outline for your project, take a step back and look through objective eyes at your project needs. Then evaluate what is necessary to get the job done. Do you have at least an idea of how your project should be executed? If you need help with the finer details consult with the virtual assistant you are looking to hire to see how they would execute the work. Then go back and fine tune your project description. It's essential to be up front with yourself and your business and say 'I need someone to help me figure this out.' This pre-planning will help you save time and money down the road and facilitate healthy and productive communication with your perspective VA.Determine What Experience You Need Your VA to HaveAfter you have determined what project(s) or assistance you need ask yourself what experience must your VA have. It may be very basic experience like typing and data entry to more specialized experience like project management, accounting, or marketing. Don't make the mistake and tell yourself 'Anyone should be able to do what I need done,' because that seldom is the case. Not all virtual assistants are cut out to perform the same work and each VA will have a different background. Take the time to write down qualifications that the VA should have or at least should be able to develop over time while working on your project. Also remember the years of experience your VA has in certain areas always adds value.Don't Always Try to Go CheapWe've all heard the saying 'You get what you pay for.' Money is used in exchange for a product or service and also as a motivator. We all want to be paid for our services or what our products are worth. So if you don't know how much you should fairly pay someone consider looking at wage and salary charts online. Chances are if you hire someone with the intention to pay them under wage you may not get the desired results you are looking for and in the long run this will cost you and your business more time and money. Don't expect stellar or professional results if you are only willing to hire someone for minimum wage or less. Create your budget and decide how serious you are about your business. Your level of seriousness about your business will determine how far you are willing to go to hire the proper, professional help you need and at the appropriate cost.Determine the Level of Communication You Need With Your VAWe would all agree communication is extremely important in any business. How many of us really follow this advice? It is important that when you commission a VA to work with you to decide how much communication you need with them and to find out what degree of communication your VA is comfortable with. As the employer you are coming to the VA for services so make efforts to not only check-in and see if your work is getting done but to also ask your VA if there are things he or she may need from you, then provide what it is they need. Work to establish regular meetings via phone or remote meeting to speak with your VA, provide your schedule so your VA knows where you will be and respond to emails from your VA. Remember one of the reasons you have a virtual assistant is to have someone that works remotely. If you are not comfortable with email to help facilitate communication chances are you are not ready to have a VA. Also remember your VA has a life too. Some people make the mistake of calling their VA too much during working hours, after business hours or on the weekends. Respect their time like you would anyone else and establish your level of communication.Do you want to use this article on your website or blog? Certainly but you must include the following information with it: Lyn Twyman is a virtual assistant and Founder of TK Virtual Administrative Services. Lyn has worked with clients nationwide and worldwide providing specialized administrative support and offers small business start-up consulting, business development, and procurement services. Lyn posts a weekly blog article on effective ways business owners can utilize VA services at Learn how a virtual assistant can help your business by visiting www.tkvirtualadmin.comAll rights reserved 2009.
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You Got Friends!

AOL became famous for it's "you got mail" thingy and a lot of people join it because of it. They loved to hear the "you got mail" when they logged on to their computers. When I was first introduced to the online social networks, I admit it was amazing. It's been just over 2 years now, first I join Facebook, next it was MyChurch and then the others came... "Ning" and now my own Christian Soul Saving Network, Word4UTVNetwork.I learned a lot in the process, via blogging how other Christians from parts of the country and the world see, share and experience Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I'd like to believe that I made a lot of friends, on these social networks, but the truth be told, "I don't think so."What I've come to realize is that the online christian community is really no different than the offline christian community. There are the good, the bad and the ugly; the naive, the wolves in sheep clothing, the whoremongers, false teachers and prophets, etc.; just to name a few. There are far to many people who pimp "My Jesus" for personal gain, and far too many control freaks, who feel really liberated because they can hide behind a computer screen. I see far to much manipulation and condemnation that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but yet.... I still see Jesus! Yes I do see Jesus.I see Jesus in the few friends who show the love of Christ in their consistency, who have a genuine heart for the Lord, in their words alone. They care and are not afraid to show it. As friends we share this in common, the love of Jesus Christ, unconditionally. Yes, these few are my friends.But, talk about being naive! Well, that's my middle name. I thought that all these friends (almost 1,500 across the social networks), would also support me as well on Word4UTVNetwork. NOT! Well, reality is as reality does... Here I am with the few blogs I do write, posting them to each and every site I belong to, and yet... those same friends who asked me to join them... do not return the favor.Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed and highly favored! I just think it is so sad that we just don't get it. We don't see how our (yes I said our) talk doesn't line up with our walk. We are turfie, we are cliquey, and yes some of us are still to narrow, because we think that to support one is to deny another, why is that? But the real deal, the ugly reality is they never intended to be supportive, they only seek it from others.Now as for me, you might say, "hey, I haven't seen or heard from you lately, what's up with that?" Well, I've been quite busy, online and offline, plus it's a huge learning curve trying to grow your own social network, especially since I promote Jesus Christ, which on a global scale isn't very popular, and let's face it... I'm a woman and black, yeah I said it. Because it's the truth. Many of us still have issues. I live in a world where people still expect you to ask permission to be yourself, like who said you can do that, and where do you get off trying to do that? My answer is: Jesus!I don't have anyone to teach me except the Holy Spirit, and it does take a lot of my time, trying to understand concepts that I'm just not familiar with at all. Yet, I say this is all for "The Glory of God", not me. Word4UTVNetwork is a christian soul saving network, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying global community. We are not the only one, just another one doing what we feel God has called us to do.To each of you reading this blog, you have a standing invitation to come and join us. Come and help us in the great commission. I'm not asking you to forsake where you are, rather, to extend your reach that's all.Jhn 15:13 " Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." You got friends! The truth be told, not really. These are just folk who want me as another notch on their friend list, and that's just the way it is.Pastor AminataCreator of Word4UTVNetworkCreator of "God Has A Word For You E-Telecast"CEO, Leadershipology, Inc.
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