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The B.I.G. Business Conference Is Seeking Trainers and Coaches!

You are invited to attend tonight's  ‘Call For Trainers’ Information Session to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

RSVP Here:


During this session we will provide information on how your participation in the B.I.G. Business Conference as a trainer/coach will help you:

1. Generate revenue while working within your passion – helping others learn. A compensation plan will be provided for all coaches and trainers.
2. Elevate your brand and position yourself as an expert in your niche and the small business community.
.....And More!

Click here to get more details and to R.S.V.P. for the Information Session:

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Budgeting and Why People Hate It

I recently did some random surveys, where I ask people questions about budgeting.  Budgeting is a necessary evil but no one wants to do it and I couldn’t figure out why?  Because it’s a very simple process.  I even share some simple steps in my post titled How To Create a Budget in 3 Easy Steps.  So I said to myself, “when in doubt – ask.”  So I asked people everywhere I come in contact with, friends and family, clients and social media connections, these three questions:

  • What frustrates you about budgeting?
  • What challenges do you face with budgeting?
  • What would make budgeting easier?

I received a lot of different responses.  One response was even “trying to get my husband on board.”  I had to laughed at that one.  Wouldn’t you know sometimes I have that same problem.  So I asked around and the most common responses I got were: Not having enough money; Having to create the budget; and Sticking to the budget.

Well let me tell you that last one resonates with me in a big way.  When I graduated college and started getting a real paycheck I moved out of my parents house within six months.  And I haven’t been back yet! One of things I realized very quickly was I needed to make sure all my bills for paid before I could spend money on what I wanted to.  I already knew I had a shopping problem.  Big secret right? So I created a budget for each paycheck.  I would budget six to eight months at a time so I would know when I would have the money to go holiday shopping or shopping for myself, on trips and even which months I could make lump sum payments to get out of debt.  This little schedule was great .  In fact, I still use it to this day.

As time went on, I could never figure out why I didn’t have enough money.  Then I would get a new job with a higher salary but the same thing would happen.  It was years before I realized that I was good at creating a budget but I sucked at following the budget.

So to help you avoid or to stop having the same problems I had, here are solutions to the top three responses.

  1. Not having enough money. This is a terrible excuse.  You don’t have enough money because you don’t have a budget to begin with.  You need to create a budget so that you can know where you need to spend money, including saving or paying yourself first.  Whether you are getting paid $5,000 a week or $5,000 a month, you need to ensure that all your costs are covered.  And if all your costs are not covered, that’s when you will know it’s time to ask for that raise or move on to other things.  But my guess, you will be just fine when you see all of the unnecessary things you spend your hard earned dollars on.  It’s just going to take  a little self control.
  2. Having to create the budget.  Not sure why people have such a hard time with this one.  If you do, then you are definitely over thinking things.  Here is the link again for How To Create a Budget in 3 Easy Steps.  Doesn’t matter if you’re doing a budget for a business or for your household, the same rules apply.  The only difference is for a household, you may not need to budget a full year.  Six months will do just fine.
  3. Sticking to the budget.  Now this I get.  It’s the shiny toy syndrome.  Every time you see something shiny and new you just have to have it, right? WRONG? You don’t need to be a walking model with all the hottest clothing trends.  And you don’t need to buy a new cell phone every time they come out with a new version.  You need to develop a system for tracking your costs.  A system you can stick to.  And try and make it fun.  Enlist a friend, turn it into a game or reward yourself.  When you have a prize waiting for you, you are more inclined to follow through.

Now it’s your turn. What frustrates you about budgeting? What challenges do you face with budgeting? What would make budgeting easier?

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As posted on Denene Millner's "My Brown Baby" on November 5, 2012. See full post here.

Author: Akilah S. Richards

How is it that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our percentage of business ownership as black women in the U.S. is up 59 percent since 2002, yet we make up a mere 3 percent  of the $1.2 billion dollars in sales from women-owned businesses?

Unjust systems and long-standing, deliberately placed hurdles aside, many of us are learning to maneuver this new era of social impact through technology, and leveraging our skills with our passions to the tune of thriving businesses and comfortable lifestyles.

But on the real, the numbers of us who hoist sails on sinking ships with unstable businesses far surpass the number of financially and emotionally stable black women business owners.

Certainly, we do not lack access to the resources or the brainpower it takes to excel in business—so what’s the deal?

Business and Life Strategist Katrina M. Harrell and I have got a theory about these troubling truths.  It might ruffle your feathers a bit, but perhaps that’s a necessary part of your growth and ours.

The theory: Black women in business have been up, big time!

Yes, we BITCH up!  We get scared.  We stop trusting ourselves.  We take the shortcuts and we prioritize popularity over business ownership.  Many of us, myself included, spent years building a “popular brand”, without focusing on operating a business.

The results: High visibility, but low income.  Some success, but no real fulfillment.

I was a slave to the very thing I had built.  But thankfully, I got free.


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Happy New Year!!! Wishing Everyone New Beginnings and a Start to A Brand New You!

VLS is truly excited with the growth and support of our affiliate partners since we officially started in mid 2010. Putting all the elements together for a good recipe as a real estate service and referral provider has been an awesome experience, and we know that the best is yet to come in real estate leasing for us!!!

As we all know real estate leasing is HOTTER than ever. What are the predictions for commercial and residential leasing for 2011? Rents will continue to increase in prime markets and remain steady in areas where there are more vacancies. 

Commercial Office Leasing:
Office Leasing activity will remain strong in 2011, especially as entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies begin to grow and expand their employment levels. The vacancy rate for office space will decline in the range of 1 to 1.5 percent and virtual office services will increase tremendously.

Residential Leasing:
The demographic trends are changing from longtime renters buying to longtime home owners renting. It's all about choice!

Baby Boomers are renting their homes to downsize or move to warmer climates, but not necessarily buying a second home, but renting by choice without having the hassle of owning.   

On the flip side longtime renters are going for the "American Dream" of home ownership. There are alot of great deals and incentive programs for first time homebuyers to purchase by choice.

I would say this is a good look for real estate leasing in 2011!!!

Lin Gordon
Virtual Leasing Solutions

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Using a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Need a VA? Call 469-737-0712
A virtual assistant, or VA, is an administrative professional who outsources his or her administrative talents and experience to small business, individuals and corporations for a long or short-term period. Most virtual assistants have several years of experience in the corporate world, and bring to their business the training and experience accumulated during those years.

For me, I have over 15 years experience in administrative roles and worked for top companies such as Fed Ex Office and Southwest Airlines. I also have a degree in Office Management and another degree in Business Management. I used my 8 years experience as an internet marketer to specialize as an internet marketing virtual assistant. So along with administrative tasks, I also help small businesses with marketing online.

Many administrators who leave the corporate world to start their own virtual assistant business do so because they are motivated to achieve and want to influence how their talents are used and developed. Virtual assistants are known for continually developing their administrative skills, business knowledge, and keeping up with leading edge technology to provide you, the client, with professional and reliable virtual service.

Virtual Assistants In Business
Virtual assistants are not employees. We are small business owners who work with you to support your business goals and needs. When you contract a virtual assistant, you receive expert and flexible administrative support, provided through popular and leading edge technology. VAs are business owners themselves and understand why you and your business need professional, timely, reasonably priced service. Because the client's satisfaction is key to the success of a virtual assistant business, you can expect solid and reliable performance on a continuing basis.

Though virtual assistants can be engaged for an occasional project, their potential is best realized in ongoing business relationships with their clients. Over time, your virtual assistant will become more familiar with the workings of your business, so he or she can better support you and add to your success.

The many small business owners and entrepreneurs of today's business world have found virtual assistants to be an invaluable resource. Virtual assistants have come a long way from being "work at home" secretaries. They can be writers, proofreaders, editors, database creators, researchers, marketers, web designers ... The list of possibilities is as diverse as the people who enter the VA industry. Business people are realizing they no longer have to do everything on their own and are hiring virtual assistants to take care of tasks they no longer have time for, or that they don't enjoy doing.

Where Is The VA Industry Going?
It's only going to get bigger and better! The current trend in business outsourcing means that the role of virtual assistants will become more significant in the future. As technology develops and business need grows, a virtual assistant may soon become a vital part of every successful business.

Dana Williams is an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant specializing in online promotions for small businesses. Visit for her special report "Internet Marketing for Small Business".
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Create Your Online Branding Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

As a small business owner building your brand online is essential in this new economy. A few weeks ago I attended a webinar presented by Coach Tanya, of, a branding consulting company in Dallas, Texas.

In the webinar, Coach Tanya detailed these five steps to online branding. Follow these five online branding tips and you’ll be on your way to creating a solid brand for your small business.

  1. Develop a Visibility Strategy. Be seen and be heard. It used to said that– “it’s who you know”, but in this new economy, it’s “who knows you” that matters. To accomplish this strategy, create a blog for your business, use social media such as Twitter and Facebook but don’t forget about affinity groups like LinkedIn and Ning. Create a profile and get active on these sites.
  2. Be Known for Something. Become a thought leader. Define your strengths. What comes natural to you? What are you good at? What makes you think “I can’t wait to do that again?” Determine whatever it is and become a known leader in that area.
  3. Decide Your Style. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. When it comes to marketing your business online, there are so many ways to do this. There’s social media, article-writing, press releases, blogs, etc. and so on. Don’t try to do it all. Test them out, then decide what’s right for you and go with that.
  4. Manage Your Time. Outsource what you don’t have time to do yourself. A tool like HootSuite is a real time-saver when it comes to posting to your social media accounts. Another way to save time is to hire a virtual assistant or outsource company to handle administrative or marketing tasks you don’t have time to do yourself.
  5. Monitor Your Brand. You can measure how well your brand ranks online by using sites like and These sites will let you know how strong your online brand is currently and give you some tips to leverage your online clout.

Dana Williams is an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant specializing in online promotions for small businesses. Visit for her special report "Internet Marketing for Small Business".
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Mother's Day Virtual Host Party

Mother’s Day is coming up and everyone is getting ready for their weekendwith that special woman in their life.. Why not let Tastefully Simplehelp you preparefor that day? Need an idea for a meal? Or perhaps dessert? Don’t forgetour tastygifts that are already dressed up in pretty boxes.

Starting today I will be having a Virtual HostParty to celebrate Mother’s Day. Here are the details:

Too busy to host or attend a partythis time of the year?? Well, how about being a part of my virtual mysteryhost party!!!

What is a virtual mystery host party?I'm glad you asked. Here's how a virtual mysteryhost party works. Everyone invitedto the 'party' that places an order through 12:00pm(noon) on April 26th is considered a guest. At the end of the partyon April 26th, one of the guests will be chosen as the mysteryhost and will receive all the host benefitsof this virtual party. Thismeans that just by stocking up on your favorites, you could receive FREEproducts of your choice (visit

to view a complete listing of our products)

You must call me, or email me your order. NO WEBSITE orders are valid!!!I take cash, check (make checks payable to Kimberlee Stevenson), andcreditcards (master card, visa, discover, amex).

For your protection you can email me your order and I can call you to getyour credit card information if you like.

Increase your chances to win...

* Everyone who orders by 12:00pm on April 26th receives 1 entry.
* If your order is over $25 (before tax and shipping), you receive 2entries.

* If your order is over $50 (before tax and shipping), you will receive 5entries and you are eligible for a half price drink bucket!
* If you have an order from a friend or family member in addition toyourorder, you receive an extra entry.(let me know who you referred)
* If you schedule a party in June, July or August youreceive 10 entries.
* If you are interested in becoming a consultant and schedule time todiscussthe opportunity or refer someone who does, you receive a free BountifulBeerBread and 5 entries.

Kimberlee Stevenson
Tastefully SimpleIndependent Consultant
ID# 0063034
(413) 244-6713
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Get Noticed Now!

I wanted to share with my fellow networkers my new project. Recently, I have come in contact with several members of various sites and I have been asked time and time again where did you come from and how did you make such an impression so fast. Well I love people and I have always been a people person and every field that I have worked in has been catered around helping others, it’s a passion that I have. I spend a lot of time doing so, but I don’t mind because it’s fun. My fiancé asked me the other night, “Why don’t you help others do the same thing that you have done; I’m sure that they would appreciate it.” Now if you have been following my blog you will know that once a “Richetta” gets started on something there is no turning back. I hope that I will be able to reach and help others grow they’re market and GET NOTICED!!So until the next time this is Coach Richetta!Have a wonderful Tuesday!Coach Richetta BlackmonEmpowering Women- “One Lady at a Time”
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We all have attended a conference or two and always leave wondering did we get out of the conference what we should have?When preparing to attend a conference, you get all your material ready in order to take notes and capture the most important points, but how can you really get the most out of a conference?This question was asked and answered on Young entreprenuer ( Matt Toren wrote a very good article. When preparing to attend a conference don't forget to think about interacting with fellow conference goers this includes but not limited to attending the breakfast sessions and talking with those at your table. This will give you the opportunity to meet some new people and network while eating. Be proactive in your approach to the conference. Have professional business cards to pass out to your new contacts, plan to attend some breakout sessions, some after parties (not only to have a good time, but also to continue networking).Once you return home after your conference, make notes about the conference, the people you met, and send follow up emails to those that you connected with. Attending conferences can be beneficial twofold, it allows you to network with potential employers or business assoicates and it allows you to learn the latest business best practices. So attend conferences with the mindset that you will benefit someone and someone will benefit you!Enjoy your conference.Visit to read the full article. Then visit to sign up for the business conference that will be held November 9, 11, and 12, 2009.
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Writers Block

So you sit down to start writing and low and behold you have writers block. What do you do? I know most of us have heard that you should just continue writing something don't lift the pen off the paper just write, write, and write. This should help with removing the block and get your creative juices flowing, but what should you do if that doesn't work.Would you just get up and try again later? Would you start a new project and just strap this one? What are some good options to try to remove writers block.Melissa Donovan wrote a great article at Writing Forward ( to help motivate your writing mind. She list 25 creative ways to prompt your writing mojo.Next time you get stuck try one or all of these 25 suggestions:1.You’re digging in your garden and find a fist-sized nugget of gold.2.Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.3.The asteroid was hurtling straight for…4.A kid comes out of the bathroom with toilet paper dangling from his or her waistband.5.Write about your early memories of faith, religion, or spirituality; yours or someone else’s.6.There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper…7.Write a poem about a first romantic (dare I say: sexual) experience or encounter.8.He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…9.Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird…10.The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…11.There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…12.There is a magic talisman that allows its keeper to read minds. It falls into the hands of a young politician…13.And you thought dragons didn’t exist…14.Write about nature. Include the following words: hard drive, stapler, phone, car, billboard.15.The doctor put his hand on her arm and said gently, “You or the baby will survive. Not both. I’m sorry.”16.The nation is controlled by…17.You walk into your house and it’s completely different — furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home.18.Write about one (or both) of your parents. Start with “I was born…”19.The most beautiful smile I ever saw…20.I believe that animals exist to…21.A twinkling eye can mean many things. The one that is twinkling at me right now…22.Good versus evil. Does it truly exist? What are the gray areas? Do good people do bad things?23.My body…24.Have you ever been just about to drift off to sleep only to be roused because you remembered an embarrassing moment from your past?25.Get a package of one of your favorite canned or boxed foods and look at the ingredients. Use every ingredient in your writing session.Ok, so what are you waiting on...get to writing!
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Social Media Impact on Business

Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. Website. LinkedIn. These are the buzz words/sites that are taking over virtual marketing today. Businesses are engaging these social mediums to market their products and services; however, some executives are intimidated or overwhelmed with the task of updating their social sites on a daily basis. To properly engage potential customers, business owners must build their online presence.Maintaining an active online presence can boost the companies sales and customer base. As a business owner, you are probably thinking "Oh no, not something else to add to my overflowing plate of responsibilities!"Savvy business owners are enlisting the help of a Virtual Assistant (VA) to manage their social accounts. Hiring a VA will allow the business owner to continue to focus on revenue generating tasks while the VA maintains the business online presence.The internet is the go to place for people when they are looking for information about products and services. Potential customers use the internet as a research tool to gather more information about products or services. Maintaining an updated website and social media presence will help build your company brand and establish brand loyalty.A VA can ensure that your business has an updated website and that your status on social media sites are updated regularly. Hiring a VA to manage your social presence will ensure that your business is remaining competitive and help build strong relationships online, monitor your brand reputation online, and gain support for your products or services by publicizing them online to establish a good image for your brand. Engaging customers in conversations about your product or service is the best possible publicity and its FREE!CMB Virtual Assistants, is a business support company, that offers social media services. CMB VA will ensure your business have an online presence without you adding an additional task to your already full day whilst your business still benefiting from the social media interaction. Pamela King, Virtual Office Manager, states "Companies today are utilizing social media sites as a way to reach their target market without investing a huge marketing budget."Contact CMB Virtual Assistants to plan your strategic strategy to enhance your social media presence.Visit for more information or call 206-376.0735 for your free consultation.
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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter andthose who matter don't mind. ~Dr. SeussAs you make the shift to your best empowered life there will be nay-sayers.Those that feel you're going just a little too far. Those that feel you arenot connected to reality because you have such an optimistic outlook.You are embracing a lifestyle of Faith, purpose, passion and empowerment.Your mere existence may rub some the wrong way because they're only comfortablefollowing the dictates of society or their surroundings.What I've often told my children as we were raising them and remind them ofnow that they're young adults is to "be true to yourself." There is powerin being authentic and sticking with what you believe regardless.You can often see this exhibited with one's Faith.Besides if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.Only you can be the best you that there ever was. ~ Robin TrambleEmpowering you!Request your 3 free empowering gifts from Robin aka Empowerment Diva.
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How to Make Real Money as a VA (What Most Training Programs Don’t Teach You) F*R*E*E Teleseminar Event.* Learn the secret stumbling block why most Virtual Assistants miss out on their ideal client* Become empowered with a tip that will skyrocket your journey to your next BIG PAY DAY $$$* What 3 things most VA Training Programs Don’t Teach You and how to change what you don’t know to what you need to know for ultimate success* What business owners can to do empower their VA’s to assist more in their business for profitabilityClick here to sign up
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Due to the recession, employers are laying off employees to cut costs. Most organizations are being forced to think outside the box in order to survive the recession and to stay competitive.To stay competitive in these tough economic times, business owners are outsourcing some job duties to virtual assistants. An article published Feb. 3, 2009 by entitled Outsourcing on the Rise explains that “more companies are outsourcing as a cost-cutting strategy”. Today, businesses have many options in delegating tasks to a virtual assistant from administrative office work, bookkeeping, social media marketing, proofing, to customer service. “CMB Virtual Assistants supports and meets the growing needs of businesses,” states Pamela King.Outsourcing is the perfect solution for overwhelmed businesses. There are many creative ways a VA can assist the busy executive to survive these tough economic times. To learn more about these creative options, contact CMB Virtual Assistants at 206.376.0735 or visit
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Is it time to Hire an Assistant?

Are you working every hour of the day, even in your sleep? Are you working odd hours - late into the night or very early in the morning? Are you missing quality family time because you “must” finish this one last thing? Is there simply too much to do and all of it has you feeling a bit overwhelmed?If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to hire an assistant. If you are:1. Spending more than 60% of your day on administrative tasks.You should be focusing on revenue generating activities, instead of pushing paper, making return phone calls, or updating your Facebook or Twitter page. If most of your time is spent on administrative tasks you are not adding value to your business which means your business is not growing.2. You have had to forgo your strategic plan in order to manage the day to day activities.Due to the economy, it is becoming the norm for Executives to play the office manager, the sales manager, and the CEO of their company; however, wearing these hats causes the Executive to lose focus on the long-term projects, which will sustain their business in the long run.3. When was the last time you took a “real” vacation? Are you still thinking? If so, you are overworked and you feel that you can’t take a vacation because you have no one that can handle things while you are gone.You must take time to smell the flowers. An overworked exhausted executive is a hazard to any company. You must take the time to revitalize your mind and body by taking much needed rest periods. Take some time to have fun and come back recharged and ready to grow your business.4. One man show! Be honest - You know you would produce more if you had someone to work with you.You would likely be able to make better decisions because there would be someone there to provide insights and ideas & this will give you the opportunity to delegate some tasks which will increase your time to focus on growing the business.5. You want to spend time with your family and friends and there is simply too much work to do.If any of these situations sound like you or your business, it may be time to consider hiring an assistant. Call CMB Virtual Assistants (206.376.0735) today to set up an appointment to discuss the services that we offer that will help you grow your business through our many levels of administrative support.
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Stuntin' like a big business!

As you know I am in telecommunications I want to introduce you to one of my favorite products.It would be a perfect fit for most businesses.Since your business thrives with open lines of telecommunications. How about giving your customers a proffessional image and your be sure to increase sales!All your communication needs in one place! virtual PBX and follow-me-anywhere service is the leading system in the industry for small business!Upgrade your phone presence with features like:*Private toll-free number*Voice mail*Multiple extensions*Send/receive faxes online*Enhanced call forwarding*Music-on-hold*Unblockable caller I.D*Online management*Ad tracker*and many other features thtas what makes this one of my most exciting products.Sounds interesting?good Click below for more info! Free Demo,Free trial!
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So You're Considering a Virtual Assistant?

So you've decided that you need a virtual assistant. Great! A virtual assistant (also known as remote assistant) can offer services that you can utilize in your own business or even personal life to help you save time and money. I have come in contact with many people that know they need help but when I speak with them find out they really don't have a plan of action lined up. In order to find the right service provider and get the most from their services here are some things to consider before deciding if a virtual assistant is right for you:Know Your Project NeedsYou'd be surprised how many business owners or employers have little idea how much time and attention is required for the job they need completed. Now you may not have all of the details exactly. Write down an outline for your project, take a step back and look through objective eyes at your project needs. Then evaluate what is necessary to get the job done. Do you have at least an idea of how your project should be executed? If you need help with the finer details consult with the virtual assistant you are looking to hire to see how they would execute the work. Then go back and fine tune your project description. It's essential to be up front with yourself and your business and say 'I need someone to help me figure this out.' This pre-planning will help you save time and money down the road and facilitate healthy and productive communication with your perspective VA.Determine What Experience You Need Your VA to HaveAfter you have determined what project(s) or assistance you need ask yourself what experience must your VA have. It may be very basic experience like typing and data entry to more specialized experience like project management, accounting, or marketing. Don't make the mistake and tell yourself 'Anyone should be able to do what I need done,' because that seldom is the case. Not all virtual assistants are cut out to perform the same work and each VA will have a different background. Take the time to write down qualifications that the VA should have or at least should be able to develop over time while working on your project. Also remember the years of experience your VA has in certain areas always adds value.Don't Always Try to Go CheapWe've all heard the saying 'You get what you pay for.' Money is used in exchange for a product or service and also as a motivator. We all want to be paid for our services or what our products are worth. So if you don't know how much you should fairly pay someone consider looking at wage and salary charts online. Chances are if you hire someone with the intention to pay them under wage you may not get the desired results you are looking for and in the long run this will cost you and your business more time and money. Don't expect stellar or professional results if you are only willing to hire someone for minimum wage or less. Create your budget and decide how serious you are about your business. Your level of seriousness about your business will determine how far you are willing to go to hire the proper, professional help you need and at the appropriate cost.Determine the Level of Communication You Need With Your VAWe would all agree communication is extremely important in any business. How many of us really follow this advice? It is important that when you commission a VA to work with you to decide how much communication you need with them and to find out what degree of communication your VA is comfortable with. As the employer you are coming to the VA for services so make efforts to not only check-in and see if your work is getting done but to also ask your VA if there are things he or she may need from you, then provide what it is they need. Work to establish regular meetings via phone or remote meeting to speak with your VA, provide your schedule so your VA knows where you will be and respond to emails from your VA. Remember one of the reasons you have a virtual assistant is to have someone that works remotely. If you are not comfortable with email to help facilitate communication chances are you are not ready to have a VA. Also remember your VA has a life too. Some people make the mistake of calling their VA too much during working hours, after business hours or on the weekends. Respect their time like you would anyone else and establish your level of communication.Do you want to use this article on your website or blog? Certainly but you must include the following information with it: Lyn Twyman is a virtual assistant and Founder of TK Virtual Administrative Services. Lyn has worked with clients nationwide and worldwide providing specialized administrative support and offers small business start-up consulting, business development, and procurement services. Lyn posts a weekly blog article on effective ways business owners can utilize VA services at Learn how a virtual assistant can help your business by visiting www.tkvirtualadmin.comAll rights reserved 2009.
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Hello Everyone!It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful and talented women of color on the "What's Working Now" webinar provided by the Business Women of Color Coaching Program today.Powerful and Inspirational! Many of you have reached out and I welcome the love. I invite you to sign up for my Newsletter at: http://www.sevenwindsva.netA majority of you want to know the following:How can I become a Virtual Assistant?How can I improve my Virtual Assistant business?What tools and systems can I utilize to improve my business IF I'm NOT a Virtual Assistant?I would like to learn from you Larissa, how can I go about doing that?I would love to have a mentor, are you available?I want to partner with you as my Virtual Assistant, what's the next step?For tips, news and updates I invite you to sign up for my Newsletter at http://www.sevenwindsva.netYou will have FIRST access to all of the new updates in order to help take your business and personal life to the next level. Please feel free to reserve an appointment with me through my website if I can be of further assistance.Seven Winds Virtual Assistance, LLC has many new exciting and upcoming products and services to enhance your life.Live life without limits!
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Great Day!Online Virtual Makeovers are the hottest beauty technique today. You can play with colors, try a new hairstyle and create your own look without going to a department store. I would love your opinion on the below Virtual Makeover. Feel free to tell me what you think? Can't wait to hear your response.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 what’s your rating on this virtual makeover? _______2. Have you ever tried a Virtual Makeover? YES NO3. Are you interested in learning glamour application techniques for a: CAREER NATURAL or DRAMATIC look? (Circle all that apply.)4. Would you like to receive a complimentary Virtual Makeover? YES NO5. Would like to receive beauty tips? YES NOThanks you for your honest opinion!Subscribe to my blog “If You Luv Makeup & Beauty”....
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Play the world’s richest lottery! €2.6 Billion up for grabsThe Christmas El Gordo draw only happens once a year and is drawn on 22nd December. And that's right, this year €2.6 billion has to be won, including:195 jackpots of €3,000.000 each195 second prizes of €1.000.000 each345,930 sixth prizes of €1,000 each26,001,300 (26 ) individual prizesEach 'decimo' ticket can win up to 90 timesAnd, this is the best part, e-y's system GS that every El Gordo syndicate will at least one prize!Unlike most lotteries, El Gordo tickets are issued with predeter-mined numbers. This means that tickets are limited, so once they are sold, no more will be made available.We will be launching y El Gordo syndicates to the public on Thursday 4th December and we expect demand to be high.However, as an e-lottery member, we are giving you an exclusive opportunity to join an El Gordo syndicate before the public release. But spaces are limited, so get in quick!CLICK HERE
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