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Calling Africa


If you're a business person in Nigeria or Ghana, please contact me. I'm looking for a secure drop off and also seeking information about pop up shops, I know that landlords in Africa prefer to let long term but times they are a changing.

Anyway if you're in either of these locations or you have any helpful information please get in touch and we can speak more via email or whatsapp.





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5 Bad Credit Financing Sources

http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com 5 Tips on How to get Bad Credit Financing.

1. Merchant cash advances- these are loans that are done off of future credit card receipts. It you have an merchant account with flagship merchant, square-up, paypal, or intuit, just to name a few. You can attempt to get a loan without them looking at your personal credit. Although, I still feel you should focus on fixing your personal credit.

2. Forming a partnership with some that has access to cash or credit is another good resource. As long as, they have an clear understanding of what portion of the business they would own. This is why Business Credit America encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to setup C-corporations so you can just issue stocks instead of making people partnerships.

3. Micro-loans- are made by non-profit organizations, such as Accion (http://www.accionusa.org), which will grant small loans (up to $50,000) designed to help startups owned by women and minorities, as well as companies that are established in economic empowerment zones. Loans are also available through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Microloan Program, which lends funds through non-profit community-based intermediary lenders. Microloans are a great option for businesses with bad credit or no credit histories because their credit requirements are typically more lenient. goo.gl/ycLkHf

4. Crowd funding- is a resource of private investors that are looking for business to invest in for a higher return on their money. When the banks experienced that financial melt down, they stop lending money to business owners. Many of their investors were not getting good returns on bank cd's, money market accounts, or annuities, so these investors started to lend money to small businesses in return for a better interest rate of return. They don't focus on the personal credit. These investors are looking at the profitability of the business is how they determine who they will invest their money with.

5. IRA'S- A lot of people that are still employed or may have access to their retirement plans, may want to consider borrowing from it. The term is called ROB- roll over business. We will discuss how to use the IRA's without being penalized early in the forums.

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You are probably wondering what I mean by the old fashion way. Whenever I backup a WordPress site or blog for my clients or myself, I do it via a FTP program. Yes, I will sit and watch as files and folders are download to my computer, zip it all up and shipped it off to my dropbox so I can share it with the person I am doing the work for. Now I know there far more easier ways to do this such as using a cpanel (a control panel) provided on most hosting companies or a plug-in.

Backing up your website is important

However there can be some complications with these methods. For example, most hosting providers stated that they backup here severs on a regular basis. What happens if its not as often as you like or their servers go down and they loose all of the backups. The backs up by your hosting company shouldn’t be your only method. I can only imagine the amount of data lost two weeks ago in the massive outages of several popular and affordable hosting companies.

Continue reading on.....

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Juniques shares Why The WriteUp serving AZ and NV can improve your


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Juniques Marketing knows value, especially promotion value. The Write Up, the urban news source, serving arizona and neveda, is reaching a growing market, the urban market! In AZ 1.5 million and growing  NV is also now being served. Yes Las Vegas Neveda reads The Write Up!!! We can get any person started for as little as $20. We can help many small businesses improve their profit, with our cost saving advertising programs. We can show how to get the most from your advertisement. http://ihateselling.info contact Rickey at juniques@gmail.com  623-455-6364 and learn more. Get signed up on our contact list so you can stay updated to the happenings at The Write Up, Urban News source, Newspaper


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Reach the AZ and NV Markets with The Write Up, The Urban Newspaper attracts the 1.5 million urban market. Direct Sales, Network Marketing, New Business Owner this is a great way to make entry in to this growing and vibrant market.




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I Quit!

Yup! I quit Garrison Prosperity Solutions, Busy925.com, EVERYTHING! Ok. No not really but I have felt this way before. Haven't you? Maybe on your job, in your life or in business. You get that feeling of frustration, worthlessness or failure and just want to quit. Give up. Move on to something else or maybe even nothing at all. You get tired of kissing your boss' butt, of the incoming bills, mortgage payments or even trying to find customers and attract people to your company. It all just gets to be too much sometimes. I completely understand this feeling BUT the people that get through it are the ones that become inspiring success stories. I was even more reminded of this today from my Pastor who just so happens to also be my Father-in-Love.

In being the first Sunday of 2013, he preached on the subject of having a Fresh S.T.A.R.T.:

S- Stop making excuses - Excuses of being overwhelmed, sick, tired, having no money, working too much, working too hard, feeling like what you're doing is not enough or not generating results you want or expected, not knowing where to begin or how to move on. Stop the excuses.

T- Take inventory of your life - (This is my explanation) Create three lists:

  1. What in your life, job, business is working?
  2. What in your life, job, business is NOT working?
  3. What would you like to do differently or add to your life, job, or business?

After doing so, take the "NOT working list" and THROW IT AWAY! STOP DOING THE THINGS THAT ARE NOT PRODUCING THE RESULTS YOU WANT. Especially if you've been doing them for a while and they STILL aren't WORKING.

A- Act in faith - Take the "WORKING" and "TO DO DIFFERENTLY" list and start working on them. Keep doing the things that are working well for you. But for the things that you want to do differently, step out in faith and do them. Praying that the end result will be successful. Even if it is not, praying all will be done as it should be.

R- Re-focus your thoughts - Even though it is not the first of the year anymore, you can still make resolutions, or revamp your resolutions. Gather yourself and get back on track. FOCUS!

T- Trust God - PERIOD. He will make sure everything will go as it should.

Psalm 118:8 “It is better  to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the  LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

So sure, have your frustration, feelings of worthlessness and failure but don't quit and don't give up. Commit to a Fresh S.T.A.R.T., it will all be worth it!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas





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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3UO2982gs1VUUhWe-oDT5Pl9LmZxZbmgaZxcCVeubR2RU369B&__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1311970493448Let's be real, no matter the mindset shift, strategies you create and implement or how successful you may be, being a business owner is a tough job! It has it's ups and downs. I don't have to tell you the number of snafu I've averted or how much my prayers and faith have evolved and strengthen through perseverance. At each new level I achieve as an entrepreneur comes the same challenges just dressed up a little fancier. Sure I've learned to master many things so that I can continue to build exponentially, but there are things in which I cannot control that throw a nasty little wrench in the operations! 

There have been times when I wanted to not just throw in the towel but cut that sucker up in tiny little pieces then burn it to ashes, then take the ashes and place it in the grill under  lip-smacking ribs, burgers in my backyard of "Normal" life with a 9 to 5 job and predictability. Of course those thoughts are fleeting as I'm passionate about what I do, but there are times when you wonder about a life of predictability.

Real talk...no matter where you are, at each new level, comes new set of mindset shifts that you will need to master to move on to the next level. Therefore we all need a little dose of Affirmation, Confirmations, and inspiration to remind us why this journey is all worth the fight.

SO! This list of my 77, compiled while I was cleaning my bathroom, making the kids lunch, trying to figure out where the heck these fruit flies came from, AND responding to client emails, checking on book orders, confirming speaking engagements (WHEW!), is for all the women entrepreneurs, regardless of your level. This is for those who have embraced a lifestyle that you wouldn't trade for the world! but recognize that we all need a little pick me up every now and then.  ENJOY ;-)

77 Affirmations, Confirmations & Reminders why You're AWESOME!

1. You Rock! Yes you do! Why? Just because you rock ;-)

2. You were made for this! Everything in you tells you are, you got a strategy (if not get one) so WORK it!!

3. Your Time is NOW! Not tomorrow, not yesterday, just NOW (see#2)

4. Let it all go! Whatever is hurting you, bothering you, holding you back, just... let it go! You can't bring carry-on on this Success journey you're on!

5. Remember what counts! You deserve a break today! Go for a walk, have a bowl of (low fat) ice cream, don't forget about you!

6. Keep on dreaming! Even when others think you're crazy or simply don't notice you...keep on doing what you do! Blaze your trail and let other's catch up to you!

7. You are beautiful! You were made uniquely and out of love. Your eyes, your smile, you skin, your curves, whatever, celebrate your awesome beauty!

8.You are a natural leader! Women by design are natural leaders! You have the ability to lead nations with your power and influence.

9. Remember to smile! You know the song! Even when you feel like you can't, find a reason to smile.

10. Let the dishes go! And go indulge in a hot bath! Take time for you!

11. You know what? Stuff happens! It's bound to happen and it will. So, go with the flow, roll with it and keep on pressing!

12. You are gifted and talented! And you can use those gifts to make as much money as you can and create the lifestyle you desire.

13. You're skillful and genius. Use those skills and gifts to build your generational wealth! 

14. You DO know what you're doing! You may not have all the tools yet but that's part of the process, keep pushing you will find your chord.

15. You are not your past! Your past is just that, keep it there. Learn what you MUST learn from it accept it and use it as fuel to ignite your future!

16. You are worthy of love! Simply because you exist. There is nothing else you need to do to earn it.

17. You are an incredible multitasker! Even though at times you shouldn't, the fact that you CAN and HAVE makes you genius at building an awesome business.

18. Your business is wealthy! You have the ability to create a foundation in your business that will leave a legacy to your family, children, and other women (and men) throughout the world.

19. Your Business IS successful! Whether you wanted to earn $100,000 but you've only earned $10,000 or you earned $1,000,000 but you are still at $500,000 girl you EARNED those dollars using your OWN genius, skills, influence and talent. You better celebrate that! And keep moving forward

20.  You are a QUEEN! And you deserve to be treated as such! Don't except anything less!

21. You got this! Trust your instinct and gut!

22. You are a master communicator! 

23. Your Emotional IQ is high

24. You Survived! Whatever happened, if you're reading this that means you survived it and you have the ability to conquer anything.

25. You are open minded and willing to try new things.

26. You embrace your haters. They aren't really haters, but all the naysayers or those who doubted you, love them anyway!

Click here for the rest! I promise they won't disappoint!!


Copyright 2011 Katrina M. Harrell www.katrinamharrell.com (Please include FULL author credit if you repost or share!)

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Something's hot in the pot! I am excited and on the road to being debt free! Let's make it happen for you too! I know we all have different reasons why we want financial security, so let those reasons be your motivation for at least checking out this great income opportunity.   http://www.reserveyourcup.com/cdnvisions

The product is organic instant gourmet coffee!  Yep, coffee!  It's the second  most consumed beverage following water!  And, in commodities, it's second to oil!  Who woulda thunk it?! 

We're in the Pre-Launch phase of this new company and you can join, get a website and build your team for FREE until June 1, 2011. We've got expert leadership, enthusiastic team support, and a super fantastic compensation plan.

So, go to my website at the link below, watch the video and seriously consider if this venture is right for you. Come on, it's FREE until June 1--No risk and no obligation! Feel free to email me at cdnvisions@gmail.com

Please don't be skeptical because every mega success in existence today--Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks and countless others--have had their humble beginnings. Looking back, we all would have loved to have had a start-up opportunity with any of them. Well, you may have missed those opportunities but here's your chance not to miss this one--it's all about timing and positioning!

So, avoid slapping yourself on the forehead later and Reserve Your Cup now! See the vision and embrace it!


Listen to the live conference calls and webinars:

Daily Mon-Fri @ 12 noon and 3pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 631596#
Nightly @ 8pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 257841#

Midnight Madness Call and Webinar @http://www.iprosperonline.com
w/Conference Call ( Simultaneous) @ (218) 339-2409 pin: 6544789  ****Eastern Time Zone****

Maximize Your Morning Wake Up Call 7am CST
Phone Number: (713) 300-0182
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You are just a few clicks away from receiving your "fully-loaded" premium WordPress blog.

  • I'll install on YOUR domain name and It's yours to keep!
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How many of you take time for YOURSELF? I have watched enough Oprah shows to know that if you don't take care of yourself no one else will. You will be unhappy, grumpy, and your friends will be begging you to see a shrink. If anyone knows it's me. A child with autism, and epilepsy; family dysfunction, unsuccesful relationships, death of close friends and family members, etc...I don't feel like a victim, so don't go poor Rierie, just sharing!!! I used to run on empty, out of gas; that was my normalcy so to speak, then one day I crashed. I wanted to crawl into a whole and never come out. God's grace saved me. There are a few things that I cannot live without nowadays. I try to feed my mind, my body, my spirit, as much as I can; it's all connected, so why not take care of the whole package!!!

The Mind
6a00cdf39c677acb8f00d4143c67bc3c7f-500pi.jpgWhewwww, "she" can chatter all day long; from what you need to do right now, what you didn't do yesterday, how many things you have to get done nowwww. "She" will keep you up at night, and before you know it, you are on Ambien. So I brain drain.
-Brain drain: write down a list of everything you need to do on a notepad, from grocery store to going to the bank to chaperoning your kids next field trip.
-Stop being negative; I am sure you already know this, whatever you focus on expands, if you focus on negativity, what's wrong in your life, you will get more of it.
-Let your mind float freely. Imagine that you have no limitations. Imagine that you have all the time, money, resources, intelligence, education, experience and all the contacts in the world. Imagine that you could do, be or have anything in your life. What if you had no fear of failure at all?
-Your most important goals/intentions must be YOURS. Not your spouse's, your child's, your employer's, your mother's, your sister's....
-Write your intentions in positive terms, avoid saying "I will not be. Your subconscious mind is very specific and it doesn't judge, it will attract like a magnet whatever you focus on.
If you've never read 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind", pick up a copy, a great book....I have 2 copies, dog-eared to the 10th power lol.

The Body
If you are not kind to it now, it will be hostile to you later.
-Don't diet, diets make you cranky, eat whole foods; diet=die, I want to live lol. I am sure you do too. God gave us whole foods for a reason, ditch those frozen meals, canned goods, fat free this and that. Eat grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught fishes; not farm-raised, organic fruits, and veggies. Use olive oil, and coconut oil. Do your research on canola oil, and soy (disturbing). Cut out sugar, drink more water. I can't get down with eggs beaters in a carton box, come on now.....you get the jist. Check out this book, "Healthy Urban Kitchen", the author, Antonio is on to something....
-Move it; you don't have to be a slave to the treadmill, hike, take a walk with your dog, take your kids or grandkids to the park and become one of them, salsa dance (my faaaavorite woo hoo).
Check out these two amazing salsa teachers; they offer classes that will have you sweating and cheering; Myriam Soavinzara and "Tony "El Pana". You will be sweating to a slimmer you while having fun...
-Treat yourself to a massage, mani-pedi, get a facial, plan a get away, put on lipgloss, reconnect with a long time friend over a great glass of wine, take on golf.... :-)

The Spirit
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, that's what I believe, we are more than this body. Believe in a Higher Power, whatever it may be for you, I am a God fanatic, and lover ♡
-Prayers work, enough said.
Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD)-Meditate, "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). Look up Japa meditation if you are having a hard time shutting down your mind. It's helped me a lot. You can check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Getting in the gap".
-Surrender, this is now a daily practice of mine, it has truly become a habit. To surrender means to yield, to relinquish control over. When we surrender to God, we are simply acknowledging that what we "own" actually belongs to Him. He is the giver of all good things. By surrendering to God, we admit that He is ultimately in control of everything, including our present circumstances. Let Go, let God.
-Forgive someone; Love someone; Compliment someone and mean it, say Thank You.
-Be grateful; there are thousands of things to be grateful for on a regular basis, no matter how difficult things may seem. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". Dr. Wayne Dyer


These are the few things I do to keep me sane, what about you? What do you do to keep your sanity? What do you do to keep a healthy mind,body, and spirit?

Disclaimer: These reviews are my opinions. The information contained on this site is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with professional advice.

PS: I love comments AND Followers )))) CLICK ON "FOLLOW" located to the right of the blog under "CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FOLLOWER", merci beaucoup, bisous!!!!!

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Free website set up

Ok everyone so I know being connected on this site that you have received a lot of information about setting up a website, marketing yourself, being an internet marketer and online sales pro so of course you have received inside tips on free websites, right?

Well I thought I'd add some information about a website that I use. The website designs are similar to having a wordpress blog website, but the set up is easy and simple. You can chose your background/design, chose the content of your website whether you want to make a website that is focused on blogs, selling products, anything you can think of the design options are there for you.

The website and set up is free, if you want to upgrade your services to a professional account there is a minimum fee of $4.58/month for a 6 month membership, $3.99/month for a 1 year membership, and $2.99/month for a 2 year membership.

If you decide to upgrade to a Weebly pro account you will get 10 sites per account, audio player, vidoe player, embedded documents, Adwords credit, premium support(meaning they will create your websites for you) and so much more.

However, if you choose to keep your website free and you are pretty savvy at creating dynamic websites you can maintain a free account and have up to 2 websites on a free account. Not bad huh! Check it out and click the link below!

Create a free website or blog in minutes with Weebly!
Free hosting and no ads. One of Time's 50 best websites of the year.
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Click here and start your financial legacyAFRICAN AMERICAN CONNECTIONS INTRODUCING THE MEMBER MERCHANT PROGRAMFOCUSING ON THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY,African American Connections has created a program to help the start up to season business owner to excel. Offering state of the art e commerce stores with a turn key setup for only $29.95 month!!! Recognizing and accepting African American only retain 3% of their spendable income, African American Connection has spared no expense to create a winning member merchant program check it out at www.jussuccess.com
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FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH EQUALS MASSIVE SUCCESSHello Community,Great day to ya. I was listening to Lee Green, CEO, Black Business Builders Club, and he pointed out an obvious yet overlooked fact.A lot of people do not know!!!They do not know some of the basic business building fundamentals.We take it for granted that since something is available people will use it. The internet is a great tool. It offers access to a lot of other business building tools. What it does not do is verify that you know how to use these tools.That is right, the “food” is there and it is assumed you know how to “eat”. No one checks for indigestion. You may be trying to consume this “food” and even when successful, your system cannot process it, therefore, mental “indigestion” happen.So lesson learned.I want to ensure that all my readers understand and use some basic business building tools.First, I will discuss an extremely important business building (and relationship sustaining) fact.You must do, what you say, you will do. Read this line a several times.Integrity is built on this.To help you do,what you say you will do, you must employ these actions. Follow up on anything you say you will do and Follow through on what you say you will do.Most people start off great. High energy, Wonderful promises, Honest intentions.Yet, because they do not follow up nor follow through, their results are dismal.I will not explore the many disadvantages that are created by this lack to follow up and follow through, at least, at this time.However, I can must assuredly inform you, people who do not follow up and follow through, will not be around for long. Why?Because the people who do, what they say, they are going to do and employ the follow up and follow through principles, replace them.Replace them!!!! Read this line several times.Networkingly yoursRickeywww.juniques.ws
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Are You Asking for the Business?

Meeting one-on-one with prospective clients can be an effective marketing tool, but you must do one important thing; don’t forget to ask for the business! The purpose of an in-person meeting is to establish trust, relationship and sincerity in a personal manner.As businesswomen we often enjoy the social aspect of talking with others so much that we often forget why we are meeting. To remedy this challenge, below are six ways to stay on track and get the business you deserve!1. Clarify why you’re meeting. When scheduling an appointment, make sure that the prospective client you are requesting a meeting with knows exactly why. It’s important that they don’t think they are coming to a social meeting.2. Know your prospect’s needs. If you don’t know the services or products your prospect needs, it’s important not to schedule a one-on-one meeting until you do. This should be done during the follow up call after you’ve provided information about your services/products.3. Prepare a short agenda. It’s important to maintain your focus with the help of a list of no more than 3 points you would like to share during your meeting. Writing your agenda on an index card or small notebook really can keep you on track.4. Don’t do all of the talking. Allow your prospect the opportunity to share information about their business and to ask questions they might have about your products or services.5. Ask the right questions. “How can I help you?”, “What can I do to gain your business?”, “How soon are you seeking to purchase this (name of your product)?”, “When would you like to get (name of your service) started?” Don’t allow fear to hold you back from asking for the business!.6. Save some time for socializing. Some communications experts say be polite and socialize first and ease into the sales part of your meeting. However, it can be awkward to socialize and then out of the blue break into the sales portion. By socializing last you both of you get a chance to relax and get acquainted with one another more and end the meeting in a comfortable and meaningful manner.Implement the above suggestions, ask for the business and see the difference in your one-on-one meetings!Trina NewbyWomen About Biz"If You're A Businesswoman, You Belong!"
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In an effort to help Black Business Owners effectively promote their businesses to consumers the Jaidonmedia.com in partnership with the BlackBusinessCommunityNetwork.com has recently launched the Black Business Search - www.blackonlinebusinesses.com.

The Black Business Search directory is an online business directory that has a main purpose to bring Black business owners and consumers together.

Click Here To add your business for free!

**Please note you must have a web site in order for your listing to be considered.

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The Beauty Balance

I love being a woman. I am a girly-girly and my three daughters are also. But I no longer have to wear make-up and be fabulous every day, in my early years of makeup and fashion, I would never be caught dead (or alive LOL) without makeup on and the latest brand name clothes on. I think back and I now realize that time period was actually be burdensome, feeling like I have to be all made up, all the time. Back then I felt like I wasn’t me, without all that. Thanks be to God for releasing me, now I look in the mirror and I’m not worried about what others may think, I have widen my view of the world and I now know that there is more to me than what’s on the outside. I have matured, Thank God. Not to say that I don’t wake up and say today is Glam day and make up and dress up. Date night I may put in little weave (being a cosmetologist) and the dramatic makeup (for a change from the more natural make up used for business trips). I love to discover new colors of eye shadow, blush, eye liners etc. Color is my thing but I personally don’t wear dramatic makeup, except on dates, or to beauty networking events.
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