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Are You Dreaming?

From guest blogger: Victoria Garrison


"A dream is a wish your heart makes..." These words represent the first lines of the popular Disney song from the movie Cinderella. They tell the story of how a dream turned a young woman from an indentured servant to a princess in what is easily one of the most well-known fairytales ever told. Ah, but I know what you're thinking: life isn't a fairytale. And the lyrics to that song are little more than just a catchy tune that replays in our heads and reminds us of childhood. Well, I'm not suggesting we all head outdoors to sing and dance with the birds and solicit help from the mice to complete our house chores. But I do wonder, how many people have given up on "the dream"?  How many people no longer believe in the power of  a dream, a wish, a prayer, or a hope? It's no wonder we lose our dreams; just watch the news for about ten minutes and you'll be halfway to depleted of all hope. But what if people stopped allowing outside influences to affect or dissuade their dreams? Imagine the overflow of purpose and drive that leads to the ultimate freedom of an abundant life!

It's safe to dream again. It's safe to open yourself up to the limitless possibilities of life, to make a wish in your heart, say a prayer in your spirit, lift up a vision for your life. It's safe! Drop your baggage, your past, and your skeptical outlook on life at the dumpster of a dissatisfied life. It's time-- now more than ever-- to take action on your dreams. Pick one, find one, develop one, or just keep one. A dream leads to a prayer, which leads to an answer, which leads to an action, which leads to a lesson, which leads to success, which leads to ABUNDANT LIFE, which leads to FREEDOM! To those of us who are willing to take that path....

Here's to the JOURNEY, Victoria


Dream again! http://www.garrisonprosperitysolutions.com


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The Pathway To Your Joy In Two Words

Have you ever wondered how people live such awesome lives.  They have great wealth, abundant joy, successful marriage, nice house, wonderful spouse, great friends, awesome kids, beautiful cars, and travel the world year round, the list is endless.  Have you ever wondered how they achieved it all. Some might say they worked hard for it, they inherited it or they got lucky.  There is a strong commonality in the lives of those who live life abundantly and it is a belief that dates back hundreds of years.  Books have been written about this topic for ages and it is available to everyone who can apply it's rules to their life. All you have to do is INTEND IT!That's right, intend it.  Whatever you want for your life, you must intend it. Let's take a look at the meaning of the word. To have in mind as something to be done or brought about.  You 100% intend to have a wonderful life, intend to have a loving marriage, intend to be successful, intend to be great, intend to be healthy, intend to be happy!  For all the things you want for your life intend it.  Expect that it will happen and remain focused on only those things.  Don't allow any contradiction, doubt, disbelief or denial to enter your mind.  Dismiss those thoughts immediately and replace them with the positive thinking that what you want is on it's way, everything you need is flowing into your life right now.  And feel good about it, get excited about it!Go to a quiet room in your home, take a pen and paper with you.  Now, sit quietly and think about what you desire most for your life.  Be very clear with yourself, be very specific.  Now that your mind has become clear on what you want, write it down and read these thoughts everyday.  When you do this continue to imagine yourself where you want to be, continue to remain positive and continue to feel good about it and watch it appear in your life.  And finally, be grateful and thankful for what your life already has, so that you can continue to feel this way when your life begins to produce more for you.With Love and Gratitude,The Black Woman's Rule BookHttp://thebwrb.com/
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