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Spring is Here! Invest For Your Nest!

Spring is strongly approaching and now is the time to invest for your nest! Haveyou been deciding all winter about what to do with your financial future? Wellspring has arrived and it’s time to make some decisions regarding your familyand finances. You’ve seen countless TV ads and commercials letting you know thathomes are springing up for sale all over the country. The prices are jawdropping! Doesn’t this make you want to invest for your nest?!

As you’re sitting in front of your TV watching your favorite program, you haveto wonder what it would be like if you could escape all of your financial drama.You’ve probably sat there wondering what you could do to put yourself on theroad to earning endless amounts of cash. Starting a career as a Real Estateinvestor could be the answer for you! If you are living paycheck to paycheck andhave no idea how you’re going to survive this economic crisis, now is the timeto start thinking about being your own boss and stepping out on faith. Spring isHere! Invest for your nest!

I realize that everyone doesn’t have the power to sell Real Estate but nothingbeats a failure but a try. You will never know what’s out there for you unlessyou take the necessary steps to become educated and do it. The idea is to thinkoutside the box. There are countless Real Estate investors who never thoughtthat they would be able to climb their way to financial freedom until they triedit. Owning a home is a great investment. Being able to fix and flip homes for aprofit is not only a great way to build wealth but it’s a great way to buildstability and character. Having the right attitude and a keen business sensewill take you far in developing your Real Estate business. Don’t let life passyou by! Spring is here! Invest for your nest!

No one wants to think about getting old and not being able to enjoy life. Beingable to provide for your family is the single most important priority in life.It is time to take action. Get started on your Real Estate dream. Don’t worry ifyou don’t have perfect credit or a massive amount of cash in the bank. There areways to fund your dream. Talking with an experienced Real Estate professionalcan help you get started. Don’t wait around and let your dreams slip away.Spring is here! Invest for your nest!

Take the first step toward building your dreams! With my free seminar, you canand will learn about how to purchase your first property. Join my freenetworking site at www.cashinonforeclosuresnetwork.com. To register, visit my website www.cashinonforeclosures.com or call 866-758-3555 to attend the FREE Training Seminar to uncover the truth about becoming successful in Real Estate investing.

Annetta Powell
Queen of Real Estate
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One of my favorite poems is called "The Dash" by Linda Ellis. Written shortly after her grandmother’s death, it’s an eloquent invocation to live one’s life thoughtfully...So, what on earth is a dash and why should it count?We are born and then we die. But what really matters is what happens in between. By making a conscious choice to live our lives with passion and purpose, we can leave our mark on the world by leaving it in a better place than we found it.

THE DASHby Linda EllisI read of a man who stood to speakAt the funeral of a friend.He referred to the dates on her tombstoneFrom the beginning…to the end.He noted that first came her date of birthAnd spoke the following date with tears,But he said what mattered most of allWas the dash between those years.For that dash represents all the timeThat she spent alive on earth…And now only those who loved herKnow what that little line is worth.For it matters not, how much we own;The cars…the house…the cash,What matters is how we live and loveAnd how we spend our dash.So think about this long and hard…Are there things you’d like to change?For you never know how much time is left,That can still be rearranged.If we could just slow down enoughTo consider what’s true and real,And always try to understandThe way other people feel.And be less quick to anger,And show appreciation moreAnd love the people in our livesLike we’ve never loved before.If we treat each other with respect,And more often wear a smile…Remembering that this special dashMight only last a little while.So, when your eulogy’s being readWith your life’s actions to rehash…Would you be proud of the things they sayAbout how you spent your dash?(Article submitted by Michelle James: 1961 dash ....)
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