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African-American Female Television Actors

What do Tamara Jones, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington and Megan Good all have in common?  All are actors of African-American decent who currently star or co-star in network (ABC, CBS, NBC) television series.  And we’re talking about drama series, not sitcoms.  I don’t believe that’s ever happened in the history of television.


We know Hollywood has difficulty creating original, positive roles for minorities, and it is rare for there to be so many opportunities at the same time.  I’m not sure why it’s happening now, but these women are part of successful shows; and the one thing that Hollywood does best is copy anything that’s successful.


The roles that these women portray are serious, intelligent roles.  They have substance.  They have depth.  As a writer ( I try to create similar roles for my female characters.  They are smart, accomplished, and confident women.  Yes, they might be a little devious at times, but overall they are positive portrayals.


Tamara Jones, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington and Megan Good have all starred in movies produced primarily for African-American audiences for years.  And now to see them all having success in network television is a success worth recognizing. 


I think this is a moment in time that we need to pay attention to.  Not because network television is that significant in the overall scheme of life, but because these women represent positive media influences.  It is a refreshing diversion from the characters so prominent in fake “reality TV”.

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