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Hello, everyone! It have been a long time on here. But I'm back and my life changed completely. I just become a mom 4 years ago to a beautiful, amazing autism daughter. Who have teach me a lot about being a mom and better myself as a person. My daughter will be 5 years old in September 24. And her by my side, I want to also be the best business woman at the age of 34 years old.

My business is named TresjolieART and I make handmade paper bead jewelry, crochet, fine art, etc. I just made my website on my own and also opened my Etsy shop. And need a great person to help me get more people look art my website and etsy shop. So they can get interested in buying from me. I have family and friends on facebook shared my links; but, it's not enough. I also made a gofundme account to invest this business. Please, anybody help me out and/or any suggestions of being a successful business woman.


Etsy Shop: TresjolieART


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The Legacy of the Black Woman

Matriarch: King (sole ruler), Queen, Preistess, Nurturer, Warrior/ Amazon, Nurturer, Mother, & More


The Untold Story of Africa at My Amazin Roots

Fine Art, Posters & Tees. Preserve Your Heritage Today!!/MyAmazinRoots

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Handcrafted Artists and Art groups

I feature handcrafted Artists on my wirequeen blog on Mondays and art groups on Wednesdays. I have viewers from all over the US and around the world.


If you are an artist (you own work only) or have an artist group dealing with adults and especially kids please contact me on my page here so I can consider featuring you. This is a great way to spread the world about your craft or organization. There is no charge but I do like to have very good photos of your art or activites and I put a link to your site.





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September 11 · 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Whitehead Fine Art Gallery
1865 Beecher Street, SW
Atlanta, GA

Whitehead Fine Art & Pure Romance by Nirvana has joined forces and created
the sexiest Open House you’ve ever seen!! $10.00 cover grants you admission PLUS 2 chances to win:

• Custom 24x30 Whitehead Fine Art Original valued at $1000

• Pure Romance by Nirvana gift basket valued at $100

About Whitehead Fine Art:
World renowned artist Corey C. Whitehead's unique artistry can be seen on Tyler Perry's “House of Payne”, "Meet the Browns" and "Why Did I get Married Too." His work can be seen from California to New York; from Chicago to Atlanta and as far East as Dubai.

About Pure Romance by Nirvana:
PureRomance is an in-home party plan for adult women. Nirvana sells relationship enhancement products such as educational games & books, massage & bath aids, bedroom accessories and lingerie.

Duringthe open house, you will have the unique opportunity to view and purchase all of Mr. Whitehead's original pieces and/or make arrangements to have a custom painting created. You will also be able to purchase Pure Romance products, place an order, book a Ladies Only party, receive info about starting your own Pure Romance business OR sign-up and
become a Pure Romance consultant.

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Click here and start your financial legacyAFRICAN AMERICAN CONNECTIONS INTRODUCING THE MEMBER MERCHANT PROGRAMFOCUSING ON THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY,African American Connections has created a program to help the start up to season business owner to excel. Offering state of the art e commerce stores with a turn key setup for only $29.95 month!!! Recognizing and accepting African American only retain 3% of their spendable income, African American Connection has spared no expense to create a winning member merchant program check it out at
Click here and start your financial legacy
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EYe Spy a Sparkle Trend: Kim Schuessler and Fendi

EYe Spy a Sparkle Trend:Fendi Fall 2009 & Kim SchuesslerArtwork that manages to evoke the 80's and artwork of Jackson Pollock. Fendi designs a fall collection with boxy shapes, yet with a sparkle of star lite night. Kim Schuessler creates sparkle with spatter paint with bright vibrate colors.Fendi slick and refined - Schuessler pop and voluptuous.To get more information on these two artist go to: Fendi -Fall 2009 collection & Kim Schuessler Exhibit
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New Gallery & Office

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that my new photography gallery/ office is open! Would love for you all to visit if you're in the area. Check it out on my blog. It's about 2-3 blog entries back. Let me know what you think!!Thanks,Jae' MadisonBusiness Manager/ PhotographerExodus
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Etsy Store Feature of the Week

Many of us have heard of “The Lady in Red,” well meet the Lady in Pink. Now is the chance to decorate your life. Wraynes Den has a unique collection of ACEOs (Art Card Edition and Originals). My personal favorite is…well I’m sure you can guess. Created with a combination of stamps, colored pencils and pastels this beautiful piece of artwork would definitely look great in The Pink Locket showroom. Check out more of Wraynes Den work on Kamilah C.The Pink Locket
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Calling All Etsy Crafters and Artists

tiger.jpgAs a fellow Etsian myself I know what a challenge it is getting your shop’s name out there and drive traffic to your store. Last week I did a blog entry on jewelry boxes and instead of looking for an already established business that sells jewelry boxes I found a fellow Etsian and feature their shop in my blog entry. Well, I’ve decided to keep that going, beginning next week I will be posting an article on my blog featuring a piece from an Etsy store as one of my blog entries for that week. I figure it’s a great way to help us promote each other and extend our customer and network base. So if you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured on The Pink Locket blog, email me your name and Etsy store name.Kamilah C.
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For a very brief period of my life I use to surround myself with millionaires or people who thought they were millionaires. One thing I noticed in that journey was that they were not healthy at all. I remember being told that an associate could not meet with us because he was taken to the hospital after having a heart attack. Although this was a very wealthy man it did not stop him from getting sick. I don't understand why things like steak, lobster, etc are associated with having money. You eat enough of these foods and you might not live long enough to enjoy your riches. On the other hand you may live a long life coupled with sickness. We hear of these billionaires dying from very poor health. While their money is still here they are gone. There are so many wonderful foods full of nutrients that actually enhance our bodies rather than to harm them. The scriptures clearly tells us that we should treat our bodies like temples. We were provided with so many fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts that is not a necessity to eat meat. And if you still want to eat meat the scriptures points out that you should only eat meat that is clean. Being a vegan or vegetarian is a blessing and not a burden.Now the saying health is wealth goes both ways. There are people who are very healthy and not wealthy or comfortable. They eat and exercise properly and do whatever is necessary to keep their bodies at optimum level. For example, I had a roommate who was 70 years old but didn't look a day past 35. She was a natural doctor and fantastic vegan chef. These were only a couple of her long list of talents. She was also on public assistance and was content on being there for the rest of her life. She is always in my prayers and I pray that she successful today. Ironically I aspired to be a natural doctor and wanted to study under her but all of that changed after we started living together. While I wanted to budget and save on what we could, she wanted to spend money that was not there. While she was a brilliant woman in many areas she had not mastered the financial area.So I mentioned both points to say that there should be a balance between health and wealth. You can do both. Again we must remember our children. The woman I mentioned earlier has children who feel that they have to take care of her. That is not how it should be. It is our responsibility to be positive examples for our children. If a little girl or boy is use to seeing his or her parents buying or selling silver,gold, or property; growing their own crops;sharing with and helping others then they will do the same when they are adults. On the other hand if that same little girl or boy sees his or her parents buying and "renting" unnecessary items, unfortunately he or she will go down the same path of making conscious decisions that leads to generations of poverty. "The sins of the father" is literal not figurative.Here's another challenge. If you are wealthy or comfortable but still eat meat try omitting meat for the rest of the week or if that is too much to ask try 1 day. If you are healthy but not wealthy or comfortable try omitting one thing from your routine that will allow you extra money for a day or the rest of the week. For example you can buy food on sale; skip a weekly massage;walk or ride your bike instead of driving a car. If you do take challenge and find it rewarding please share with us in the comments section of this blog. Todah(Thank-you)for reading this blog. Have a very blessed healthy and wealthy rest of the week.Shalom,Tamar
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Today's big question is "Should Our Children be born with Silver spoons in there mouths?" The answer is "Absolutely". Gold or Platinum is even better. As mentioned in our first blog it is the obligation (as parents and guardians) we have in sustaining our cultural heritage, and investing all our talents wisely. Scriptures tells us throughout that we are to be prosperous an wealthy in silver, gold, and land. We must ask ourselves especially for our children's sake "will this appreciate in the future". The very first item that our son received after he was born was a sterling silver rattle and spoon. Today at age three his favorite word for when he sees at toy is "foolishness". On the other hand, if you give him a piece of silver or gold he will gladly take it and play with it. My point is this is what he knows and will continue to know. The seed has been planted. Meaning that when he is old enough to do so, he will share knowledge of wealth and prosperity through scriptures. Yes knowledge is very powerful. There are other items that have great value like old cars, trains, trucks, etc.It is tradition for people to give money only instead of toasters, blenders, silverware, etc at Jewish weddings. The idea is that Jewish young adults get an opportunity to start their lives without unnecessary financial burden as long as they take the money and invest it wisely in gold, silver, land, etc. It is also the norm to pass property and businesses to children when they become young adults.Shalom,Tamar
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Good Reading for You and Friends

Stop by and visit my writing blog As I Was Saying... to read my lastest post on the publishing biz. Great links, too!I'm a regular columnist on Blogging In Black. Check out my July 21st post. In fact, read all the recent great columnist contributions. You won't be disappointed.Want distinct gifts? Something more than a greeting card to uplift the person who receives it? Then you should definitely visit Words of Sunlight You can give someone you care about a gift with words to encourage and black art to delight the eyes. The words are mine, the art from the collection of a great Black artist Jean Paul Hubbard. Jean Paul was my late husband. So share your love with Words of Sunlight and beautiful art!

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Hello BBWO, I know this site is for enterprising ladies to communicate. Not trying to intrude. However, for everyone who has a special guy in their life ( Dad, Brother, Cousin, Friend who is way up the Road of Life, with some us right behind) this interview has to be shared. One of the reasons Leonard embarked on his walk across the USA, was to honor his deceased wife. Leonard is one of my strong examples of what one person can accomplish that can influence so many more. Enjoy. Networkingly yours.This radio interview was great!!!!! You have to hear the travels of Leonard , who will be 80 years of age this august. This gentleman can teach you a thing or two about living.Find out what was going on when he walked across the USA, with no sponsor, but the CREATOR!Find out how he manages to do more in his Senior Year than most of us do in our Junior Years. Baby Boomer Alert, you really need to listen in.Ok, go to and click on the radio!!!!Look forward to sharing this great interview.Networkingly yours,Rickey
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We're all a little Irish, aren't we?

I am still at the Art Museum and I had a pleasant suprise. Friday evening is meet, greet and be entertained and I was by the music of Scythian and a glass of chardonnay! Scythian is described as a "unique hodgepodge of Irish, Celtic, klezmer, and gypsy influences". And since I am from Nashville, I could hear the bluegrass influences. Believe me, the Art Museum was not a stuffy quiet place, because people were clapping, stamping and dancing, children were off their ADHD meds and the flow of alchohol made you think that you were in a pub, instead of place of high culture.The day was one of emotional highs and lows. I loved the granduer and architecture of the buildings along the Parkway, but was brought back to reality when I saw a homeless camp on the back side of the Youth Study Center. I had to reflect about homelessness because this building is scheduled to be torn down and in its place will go the Barnes Museum. The homeless will have to find another place to go. Some of the rooms in the Art Museum caused me to be reflective and pray, because they were so peaceful. One such room was The Indian Temple.So, in all, I had a great day, but, my ankles were so swollen from all of the walking. My sister laughed when I had to bounce down the steps on my bottom!
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Hey again everyone,It’s your girl QP here to talk to you about Secret #4: Bootleg Publishers exist, how to tell the difference!As a member of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, Writers Network) my boss gets monthly alerts on publishing companies going out of business, or just doing unethical things and are being sued. Every month there seems to be at least 6 publishers going out of business because of complaints from writers who have sent their manuscripts, sent money to be published, that sort of crazy thing.So, that has lead me to disclose this secret which sadly but not surprisingly, most writers don’t know: everything with publisher at the end of it does not make it a publisher. Here’s how you tell:Clue #1: If they ask for money when sending your manuscript they are bootleg. A legitimate publisher won’t and doesn’t need to be paid just to read your story.Clue #2: If they advertise in the back of a magazine, they are bootleg.Clue #3: If they request $3.00 for postage, shipping and handling for a response to your manuscript, they are bootleg.Clue #4: If they aren’t a member of any professional publishing organizations such as SPAWN, SPANNET, or PMA to name a few, they are bootleg.Clue #5: If they don’t have a website, they are bootleg.Clue #6: If they have email that looks like this:,,, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishing compannies have company branded #7: If you are presented with a 5 page publishing contract, they are bootlegged. The average publishing contract is at a minimum 10 pages long.Clue #8: If your book cover looks like the outside of a cereal box, they are bootleg.Clue #9: If you have to pay for all your books, including the “free ones”, they are bootleg.Clue #10: If you are paid in royalties of IOU’s, they are bootleg.Clue #11: If anytime you call the phone number for them and all you ever get is an answering machine or service, they are bootleg.Clue #12: If the only software they have to develop your manuscript into a book is MS word, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers have top of the line publishing software. My boss has ADOBE CS3, which is the latest in publishing software.Clue #13: If you can’t find them on myspace, facebook, or gather, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers understand the need and use for consumers to find them on all outlets. My boss in on all three and even SImon and Schuster is on Gather.When deciding to send out your manuscript to a publishing company, make sure you contact them first, talk to someone, ask if they have a website, a myspace page, a gather page, a facebook page, ask for their mailing address, office address, company email address, verify no money needs to be sent in order to hear a response or when you are sending your manuscript.Clue #14: If when you call them up, asking for these things and they are reluctant to give it to you, they are bootleg.Writer BEWARE!Until Publishing Secret #5QP Signing Out!
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Welcome back,This week’s secret is a continuation from last week’s silly conversation with the caller. (If you need a recap, go to Secret #1)Writers have this crazy idea that they’ve written a book that deserves to be published. No! You’ve written a manuscript, a manuscript of a book hopefully to be published! In the publishing industry, contrary to popular belief they do not consider your book, a book until it is published! That thing you call a book is called a manuscript! At weekly meetings it’s Manuscript #205 or Manuscript BOW or whatever!In the publishing industry, a book is considered final. What you have written is not! It has yet to go through the final editing phase, if any editing at all! It has yet to have a cover designed for it; the book size decided; how it will be marketed, or who will print it. And we are missing the all important task of deciding who will publish it.My boss hates when people tell her they’ve written a book and when she asks who wrote it or where can she get it because it sounds good, they reply by telling her they wrote it, it’s not yet in stores, and that they are looking for a publisher. She always responds, “So, you’ve written a manuscript?” Not knowing what she’s talking about, they look at her funny eyed.So what do you do?Change your language, but more importantly, change your way of thinking!Remember, you have 7 seconds to make an impression. When you approach a publisher either in person or via writing, approach as follows:“I’ve written a potential book”“I’ve got a book idea, I’d love to pitch to you”“I’ve written a manuscript about xyz”Let’s repeat this again: You have 7 seconds to make a good impression. Approaching your potential boss correctly determines your next step career wise. it is the same for approaching a publisher. Remember, they get approached 500 times a day, mainly by clueless writers. Approaching them correctly is the difference between them actually taking your manuscript to read it or politely (and even in some cases) unpolitely, saying ”Thank you, but no thank you!”Let’s recap: Your book is not a book until it is published! We all know that’s your baby, but just like welfare doesn’t consider your baby a baby until it is born, the publishing industry doesn’t consider your book a book until it is published!Sounds harsh! I know, but I told you that the truth was going to hurt!Until Secret #3QP Signing Out!
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