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Daily Motivation: Staying Connected!!!!

As business owners and ministry leaders, we have to do what is best for staying connected. We have email, snail mail and text messages. We need to connect to our clients, customers and ministry followers. How can we do that w/o overwhelming them or ourselves? We send a text message!

Yes, keep with the changing times of technology and send a daily or weekly message via text!

 Sign up with me for free:




If you don't want to send a text but receive one from Fam 4 U Breakthrough Ministries for daily messages, please send an email with your cell number to

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10744057671?profile=originalWhat Love Has to Do With It!The Importance of Unconditional Love in A Relationship!By Kamal Imani © 2010My wife and I have been happily married for 15 years and together for 19. Much of our success can be attributed to a book we read entitled “Black Woman’s Black Man’s Guide to a Spiritual Union” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. In this book he speaks about the importance of unconditional love. He also highlighted how we have a script or sort of fantasy like picture in our minds of the perfect or ideal lover or mate and when that person doesn’t meet our expectations, we feel let down, disappointed, the drama begins and things begin to fall apart.When our partner fails to perform up to our Hollywood or conditioned standard financially, sexually, emotionally or otherwise, maybe they didn’t cook, clean, communicate or perform the way that we envisioned it, we allow dissatisfaction to set in.Have Realistic Expectations but High standardsWhen getting to know your significant other, you need to be real when it comes to acknowledging his/her strengths and weaknesses. You also need to realize that peoples long developed habits are slow to change. If you’re hoping that something he/she does will change simply because you have entered their life, you may be disappointed. Some changes can be made if it’s clearly communicated, understood and your partner makes a conscious effort to change, but be very patient because it will probably be a slow and gradual process. I’m not saying that you should lower your standards, but have you ever heard the term wysiwyg? It is an acronym for what you see is what you get. And, you know while you’re dating you’re getting a persons best side, and as the saying goes “You don’t know a person until you live with them”. So keep it real, but stay optimistic, patient and keep the faith. Always keep a spiritual vibration in your relationship.Unconditional LoveUnconditional love is giving of your self without expecting anything in return. It is being selfless! If you’re giving and taking is like a Wall Street financial transaction, sometimes you will rise, other times you will be in a recession, a depression and eventually a crash! So it is important for both partners to practice selfless giving with out making the other partner feel that he/she owes you something.When unexpected financial, medical and other emergencies arise, you will have to be flexible, calm and optimistic until the situation improves (because you will be tested). Always find a creative way to communicate, be understanding, stay affectionate, optimistic, patient and faithful…Did I say patient? Selfless giving/unconditional love is a high form of practical spirituality and it takes two to apply it. It indeed takes two to make a thing go right.Watch Kamal’s tribute to the sisters “Ms. Melanin” on Youtube Imani is a Poet, Author, Film Maker Teacher and Mentor residing in New Jersey. He can be reached at To book Kamal for speaking engagements email or call 201-923-9213
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Feel free to post on your twitter, facebook, myspace & share with all your friends and family!!! Thank you so much for your support

"Click here to vote for my video for the Your OWN Show contest on the Oprah Winfrey Network!"

Please click share to forward the BuzzZ--->>> thank you so much for your support --->>> VOTE As Many Times As You Can-->>>

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Are you using your personal credit to fund your church or ministry?

Are you an established or start up ministry without business credit?

Are you tired of having to use your personal credit and finances to fund your vision?

Do you have CHALLENGED personal credit and think that you can't establish YOUR MINISTRY business credit?

Greetings Fellow Kingdom Builders,

My name is Pastor April Mason and I want to tell you about this power packed webinar that will most likely change the way you operate in ministry. If you're an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Artist, Author, Musician, Praise Dancer or anyone that has been given a vision and need the PROVISION.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you're ready to take the next step in securing the ong-term success of your ministry by building business ministry credit.

  • Get the computers you need for your staff and/or afterschool program
  • How to set up you ministry credit profile
  • How to apply for credit under the church or ministry name
  • How to get the video equipment you need
  • How to get credit cards (ie, Mastercard, Nordstorms, Airline Accounts, Home Depot etc...)
  • How to get vehicle leases

and much more...


•Rod Warren’s The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide eBook: 10 Steps to a Better Credit Score FREE ($34.99 value)

•ALlison Cross- Over 400+ page ebook of EVERY GRANT RESOURCE for Non-Profit’s FREE ($79.99 value)

•Allison Cross- How to Successfully Write a Grant Proposal ebook FREE ($39.99 value)


Learn how to secure hotel space for your conferences WITHOUT having to pay up front!


When: May 20, 2010

Time: 7PM PST

Investment: $147 early bird (includes material)

BEST VALUE: $247 early bird (includes material and 1hr of coaching with April Mason to get you on a running start)

For more information about bringing this workshop to your ministry or organization email us at

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Authors and Publishers HaveYour Book Placed InsideVictorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the DaySubmission Guidelines:Authors and Publishers: Send two copies of your book to:>Victorious ReviewsP. O. Box 206Snellville, GA 30078-0206Include Email addressPhone number w/area codeAllow four – six weeks for your book to be reviewed by one of Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day Review Team. When your book has been reviewed, you will be notified by email with information pertaining to the week that your book will be placed inside Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day. It will remain on our and also be made available for readers and visitors to win a copy of your novel. The Book Bag will display a copy of your book cover inside Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day the entire week. Readers will have also have an opportunity to win all five books appearing on the website by submitting contest information outlined on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Your book(s) will receive wide exposure. Readers and visitors to our website will be encouraged to support Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day by purchasing copies of the books we review.For more information, please send an email to: will launch on January 1, 2010. ALL books received will receive a book review. We do not except erotica books!Stay abreast to updated information by joining our mailing list!Follow us on Twitter
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT:Brooks J. Young(404) 910-3983Victorious Enterprisetalkshow@victoriousvoice.comPRLog (Press Release) – December 15, 2009 – Nationally known Entrepreneur Brooks J. Young has met and conquered another hurdle, adding to the ever-growing list of entrepreneurial businesses and organizations she has founded. Young was recently hand selected by World Talk Radio to host Victorious Voice Radio Show. Young is the executive director of Touching Heart which was established in 2004, founder and publisher of Victorious Magazine, founder and host of Victorious Voice Blog Talk Radio Show, a sought after motivational speaker, and author of Stop the Cover Up: No More Band-Aids, which will be released February 20, 2010.World Talk Radio is a pioneer in live internet talk radio that hand selects each of their hosts personally. “Victorious Voice Radio Show is an interactive outlet which allows listeners to hear the voice of our readers and in turn share the voice of our vision,” Young states. Network Director of World Talk Radio Brandy J. Jackson states, “We here at the network are very excited to add Brooks and Victorious Voice Radio Show to our show line-up. We believe in her vision and the value her program will bring to our listening audience.” Young, who hosts the Victorious Voice Radio show on Blog Talk Radio each Thursday evening, was assigned a personal executive producer by World Talk Radio, advertising, commercials and the authority to choose guests that will uphold high standards of professionalism expected from Ms. Young and World Talk Radio. Young states, “I was shocked when I was contacted and offered my own radio show and dedicated time slot on World Talk Radio. It is a blessing from God.”Young will feature various authors, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, book club hosts, musicians, and other public figures as a means of spotlighting women who are living victoriously, in an effort to inspire listeners to turn their adversities into avenues for success and victory.Young says, “As a host on WorldTalk Radio Network, I will have a weekly time slot that is reserved specifically for Victorious Voice which is unlike Blog Talk Radio that airs hundreds, maybe even thousands of other blog talk radio shows simultaneously."Victorious Voice will air World Talk Radio, weekly on Friday evenings at 8 o’clock p.m. EST, starting February 5, 2010. Young states, “I am grateful for the doors that the Lord has opened and I am blessed by the awesome relationship that has developed with World Talk Radio and myself.About Victorious Voice Radio ShowVictorious Voice Radio Show is our interactive outlet which allows us to hear the voice of our readers and in turn share the voice of our vision. On the radio show, we will feature various authors, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, book club hosts, musicians, and other public figures as a means of spotlighting women who are living victoriously in order to inspire our listeners to overcome the obstacles they are facing and turn their adversities into avenues for success.About WorldTalk RadioThe World Talk Radio Network ( streams live Internet talk radio programs. World Talk Radio™--along with sister network, VoiceAmerica--are the single largest producers of original Internet talk radio programming in the world.Our goal is to help hosts make an impact in the fast-paced world of Internet media by placing their message and brand identity front and center, far beyond simply "having a website" or "having a podcast". We are innovators with a proven platform to support hosts broadcasting, marketing and interactive solutions. We work with new, emerging and veteran media personalities to further establish and create a complete media presence to a rapidly expanding Internet audience.World Talk Radio provides complete production, delivery, and on-demand archive delivery for World Talk Radio hosts. At the center of this offering is our patented BoomBox® technology that provides show hosts with instant broadcasting capabilities from their own websites and with instant syndication through affiliate sites. In addition, World Talk Radio assists in the creation of sponsorship, advertising and advanced distribution models for our programming.
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For immediate release: September 14, 2009Memphis, TennesseeDiscipleship International Event on October 3, 2009Join Discipleship International for the official launch of their faith-based personal, financial, and professional development ministry programs, under the leadership of finance expert Michael Anthony Farmer!This ministerial kickoff event will feature cuisine by Tony Johnson Catering and will give a sneak preview to attendees about the type of professional ministry provided ongoing.Location: 7285 Winchester Street, Suite 105, Memphis, TNMr. Farmer will also be a guest on September 28th, 2009 with Christie B. Taylor’s radio program. The show will air at 9PM/8PM Central Time on may call in to 347-327-9733 to listen in. To call in with questions and comments, audience members may press 1.For more information please visit or by calling 901-553-8901.Media inquiries:Sharen RooksThe Sharen Rooks AgencyOnline Inquiry Form:

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New Book Club:Our Featured Writers for the Month of June are all Pastors:1. Dr. Bill Winston “Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life”.2. Apostle John Barton “It’s Time to Start Living”.3. Pastor Andre Butler “Not In My House”.***Please read the Blog Post for these Authors and buy the books... they are all phenomenal; truly life changing!New Ministry:Destiny Daughters is a branch of Women of Destiny, LLC which enhances our parenting skills and assist our daughters in healthy development and transitioning that they may grow into healthy, whole adults. Stay tuned for future meeting schedules.Website Changes:Women of Destiny, LLC “Purpose-Minded to Promise” has had a facelift. Keeping it simple and straight to the point and yet the message sounds LOUD AND CLEAR! Check us out at http://www.p-mtp.comI AM EXCITED TO INTRODUCE OUR UP AND COMINGBLOGTALK RADIO SHOW!!!RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! begins in July, exact date... to be determined. Stay tuned for updates and listen in for biblical ways to naturally live your life abundantly. Write me with ideas after reading the blog entitled“Reclaim Your LIFE”.LOOK FOR MY FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK OF POETRY IN 2010.~Check out Poetic Expressionism on my Poetry Page. Schedule ME for YOUR next event!~I look forward to hearing from you in all venues and thank you in advance for your continued support for truly THIS MINISTRY IS FOR YOU (US)!!!We walk in wholeness together as 1 BODY IN CHRIST!!God Bless You,Debra P. Declouet
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Ingredients To A Good Marriage

Marriage is hard work. In order for marriage to really work, God MUST be at the center of the relationship. We are unable to know how to love our spouse unconditionally, unless we have God's love and know of His love. There will be ups and downs in marriage. After 22 years of marriage, I have seen both sides. When the storms clouds enter into your marriage, keep God as your "spiritual umbrella". He will not allow your marriage to get "wash out".Show appreciation for your spouse daily. Encourage each other every day. Is that easy always, I give you a resounding "No", but you must not allow your flesh to rise up to tell you not to do this and know that God wants us to speak good words to each other always.Stay best friends. That is what helped me. My husband is my friend. Some make their children their friends and the spouse is like an outsider or a foe. The devil tried to tell me at times that my husband was not my friend. You have to look past the flesh of the individual and look at the root of the situation. We don't fight against flesh and blood but against powers, and principalities and rulers etc. If we keep that in mind, we can fight off the devil that is ruining Christian marriages everywhere.The Christian marriage is to be the example to all marriages and to the world. We represent the relationship of Christ and the church. If the enemy can enter into our marriages, we would set a poor example to the world of Christ's relationship with the church.Learn to prioritize the important things in our lives. Some spouses put their work before their marriage, some Christian leaders have put the church or ministry before their marriage and this will put a strain on the marital relationship and can foster resentment to rest on the marriage. The order we must operate in is: God first, spouse, children or family, then work or ministry. Marriage can not fail in this order, this is God's order.Forgiveness is another important ingredient to keep in your marriage ALWAYS!!!! There will be many times you will say "I sorry" and hear "I'm sorry". In your heart there should always be a cup of forgiveness to offer to you spouse in return. Giving forgiveness is not letting your spouse "off the hook" for what he or she did, but it frees you from bitterness that could later raise its ugly head later on in the marriage. Forgiveness also stop the enemy from having an entry point in your marriage and in your life personally.I am passionate about marriage and the lives of people,I desire to see us reach new levels in life, to come out of frustration, which is a place a lot of people live, to "become" into the person you know you should be but do not know where to start to be it, and to growing into Christian maturity.Marriage is a journey, with winding roads and some rocks and pebbles along the path, the kind that get in your shoes sometimes. But just like when that pebble get into your shoe, you take it off, shake it out and put it back on and go on to your designation.In marriage we need to do the same, shake off the rough stuff, put on the good stuff and GROW on ! ! !Living Life Through Him,Glyniel Garner
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Press Release.... Press Release....

Christian Internet Television is here. Pastor Ken and Aminata Gill launched "Word4UTVNetwork", internet television combined with a social networking flare.Join and become a member, and we will feature you, your ministry, your gifts, your business ventures, in our program. It's New! It's Exciting! It's Different! It's The Lord! Come all ye faithful, come!
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The Labor Was Hard, But I Finally Gave Birth

When I realized that I was pregnant, I thought to myself, oh no, not me, and in my old age. God you can't be serious? Like Sara, of the Old Testament I was pregnant indeed. As in any pregnancy, you become more and more anxious as you get closer to you due date, but the thing with me was I didin't know my due date. I was pregnant for 5years, and I wondered if I set some sort of record for the longest pregnancy ever.After being pregnant for so long, you begin to think you're never gonna give birth, I carried this baby within, praying and asking God when, and how long am I to be like this.... then one day..... the Lord spoke and said, "Shut off all connections...." Now I didn't know why, but I was clear on what I was to do and so I did it. But that didn't stop drama from wrecking havoc in my life, but God was with me all the way. What I didn't know then but do know now, is that I was in labor. I was in labor for 5 weeks and finally I gave birth....I am inviting all my friends to come join me and celebrate the new arrival:
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“Power of 10 Gaining Empowerment in 10 minutes, 10 words, 10 people”is a powerful tool that will cause senior executives, middle management or anyone in a leadership capacity to evaluate how they are procuring the American dream of success. Mrs. Spence declares that the necessity to review the corporate road to success, will prevent a premature headstone with no meaning for the “dash” that separates the beginning from the end. With more then 17 years of corporate management experience, Mrs. Spence is grateful for her faith and those that have made an impact in her life and thus she is sharing it through The Power of 10 Gaining Empowerment in 10 minutes, 10 words, 10 people.RetreatThe need for work/life balance in America is among the number one problems for corporate executives and leadership teams across the county. Each workshop is conducted with a maximum of 10 leaders to ensure a positive, intimate and eventual learning environment. Training is recommended to take place off site away from participant’s usual place of business to provide a change in scenery and increase focused energy.ReflectThis positive environment fosters self-evaluation of life priorities and provides steps to regroup and bring about the very necessary need for change to life/work balance.ImplementMrs. Spence has captured steps for each executive to read and evaluate their current state. This workshop along with her book restores empowerment through small steps of 10.Over the years corporate America has changed it’s culture and environment to improve the companies focus on R.R.I. (Retreat, Reflect, Implement) with various programs to address the life/work balance and mental health of their employees. The “Power of 10” is that workshop that reinforces the corporate commitment which ultimately improves the company's R.O.I through R.R.I.
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In Denial Of Self Denial!

Wow I constantly meet christians who are so caught up in this prosperity ring. That's what I call it, a ring, because it appears that more and more, people forget that the Lord requires something from us, as opposed to us expecting something from Him. After all, did not Jesus pay it all on the cross? Did not Jesus, shed his blood for the remission of our sins? Are we not the benefactors of such a supreme sacrifice!

You would think that the bible was all about prosperity. Now don't get me wrong, I ain't hatein on anyone, just sad to know that the true meaning of the Gospel has been replaced with a psuedo gospel of "let me get mine" and "God's gonna do it for me too!"

But what about when Jesus asked us, if anyone would be my disciple, let him deny self, put away his own selfish ambitions.... how does that line up with all this prosperity teaching today? I know I'm probably gonna be a lone voice on this one.

Pastor Aminata

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How Many Missed Opportunities?

How many missed opportunities did you have today? Umm? How many times did you missed a chance to be about your Father's business today? Umm? In our fast-paced, busy, busy, daily please move out of my way, cause I've got-to-get-things-done-ness, we often times forget that we are to be about our Father's business, in the midst of the no see-ums.What about when you were standing on the check out line in the department store, and you saw that mother struggling with her young child who was having a serious temper tantrum? Did you say a pray for that mother, or did you watch in judgement?What about when you were stuck in that traffic jam on the highway, and when the traffic finally started to move again, you passed by that accident, and saw the ambulance and fire trucks? Did you say a prayer for who ever was in the cars, or did you just drive by relived that the traffic was moving again?How about when you were at the ATM waiting for your turn and someone was yelling at the elderly lady who was a bit confused on how to use the ATM? Did you say a prayer for both the yeller and the one being yelled at, or did you suck your teeth in insensitivity?What about the time you saw that woman walking down the street, crying? Did you say a prayer on her behalf, or did you shrug it off as mere curiosity? These are just a few examples of the many no see-ums we experience in our daily lives. We see them, but we don't see them because there is no emotional connection, so we just move on.But these are precious opportunities to be about our Father's business. Opportunities to be ambassador for Christ. True, nobody will know that you said a prayer, nobody will say thank you, nobody will praise you, that is except God. God knows all and sees all and God is the one who will reward you for being about His business today.John 14:14 - "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it."Pastor Aminata
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On any typical day... or is there such a thing.... ?You woke up late this morning, rushing to get out of the house, to catch the 7:15 express bus, only to find that you left your metro card in your other bag, and you don't have enough change for the bus. Finally at work, with frowns abouding from them to you and you back to them, your told that you have 3 minutes until the staff meeting begins, and your expected to make a presentation, agrh. So why today does a cup of coffee decide to spill over into your lap?Wrinkled and stained, you do what you gotta do, anyways.... the rest of the day is typical, or is there such a thing... ? Feeling like an octupus out on the skating rink, you handle it all, phone calls, requests, emails, yadder, yadder, just a typical day.... or is there such a thing?Another day's journey and I'm so glad... well at least it's almost over. On your way home you remember that you promised the kids... ah... mind goes blank, seems like there always a promised due lately, anyways, so why isn't the express bus showing up? It just darned on you that you've been standing there for over 40 minutes and out of the blue a thunderstorm comes, and so where is your umbrella? It's home, watching the weather channel.With key in hand, you approached your home, wet, no soaked, tired, no beat, no exhausted, you prepared yourself for round two with the spouse and kids, on this typical day... or is there such a thing? No matter because whatever you go through, on any typical day, which really isn't so typical at all, you know that you have God's Word, His precious promises to encourage you and strengthen you.Neh 8:10 - And Nehemiah continued, "Go and celebrate with a feast of choice foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don't be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!Pastor Aminata
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