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What is Pure Romance by Nirvana?

Pure Romance is an in-home party plan for adult women. I sellrelationship enhancement products such as educational games &books, massage & bath aids, bedroom accessories and novelties. Theparties are so much fun, and as a hostess you earn free products andmuch more... Contact me if you would like to place an order, book aparty or find out more information on our Consultant opportunities."

Shop online 24/7 at
Phone: 914-613-3717
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Food for my Soul

I am laying out a feast just for me

Prepared to my liking

Seasoned to my taste

Selfish, oh no

I am in need of this kind of love

The relaxation, this Calming Release

Honey Dipped and drizzled on my lips

Sweet Almond on my hips

Taking Passion Fruit from the bowl

After anointing my body with Island Love oil

I gathered salt just for me

Created with love from the sea

Sunflowers picked

As a born Flower Child I sit

Pouring a cool, herb infused drink

For me to enjoy

Laying out

Chasing the Sun

As I take in the essence of Mother’s Nature

I realize that I am an Earthen Vessel

Ready to be filled and poured and filled again

I am the soul within

And I am needing to be fed.

I am laying out a feast just for me

Prepared to my liking

Seasoned to my taste

Selfish, oh no

This is food for my soul.

-Soul Food Natural Bath & Body Shop

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Sista to Sista Support on

I recently got a message from a fellow sistapreneur, new to myspace, interested in making new friends. So in addition to adding her to our growing 'Sistas Makin Money Circle' I figured I would start to show some sista-to-sista support and start regularly giving shine, to fellow sistepreneurs doing their thing.

Check out Samantha's Creations:
Very nice. She is new to myspace, so show her some sisterly love yall.

Want to make more friends on myspace? Go through my Sistas Makin Money Friends list, there are so many wonderful Black Women creating beautiful style, making amazing music, writing great books..... the list goes on.

Also, don't forget to join Black Business Women Connect.
Over 100 women joined last week, what about you?

Each One Teach One
-lhenry []
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Where Are Our Leaders?

In this day and age, are we doing more harm to our future by constantly forcing our children to remember our historic leaders, instead of giving them a real life example to imitate?

I'm not discounting anything our ancestors did, because I still look to them for guidance, but a child learns to walk by watching someone else walk, not by hearing stories about how his grandmother learned to walk! We are a visual people and we need tangible evidence that we can make it in anything, especially since so many have gone to such great lengths to produce evidence that we can't!

We, as adults, are outraged at the impact that entertainers have on our children and just about every area of our lives but that industry is the only one that consistently produces outcomes that appeal to our children! Economics 101 suggests that supply and demand will always co-exist. And, the ingenious plan of the entertainment industry is that they CREATE the supply, thus also CONTROLLING the demand!

Our children are commodities to society! The world is like a big business and we need to start forecasting like everyone else! We need to teach our children to act and not react to what's going on around them. We need to include them in the decision making process, so they will learn how to make rational, well thought out decisions! This way, instead of our children contributing to the billion dollar fashion/music/entertainment industry as simply consumers, they can contribute as producers, or manufacturers! Entertainers entice our children with their "money" but forget to reveal the blueprints to the bank... Oh but I forgot, they always pay tribute to the fans at the awards... "cuz without you I wouldn't be here"... damn right!

Since it's obvious no one is going to leave the backdoor open for the kid with two arms but needs a hand, we have to prepare them with the tools to take the damn thing off the hinges!

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PartyLite Quality

When you light a PartyLitecandle, or when you create a decorative accent for your home withPartyLite accessories, you can be sure that what you have brought intoyour home is the finest quality available on the market today.

PartyLite candles are composed of the highest quality wax andall-natural wicks, combined with the perfect blend of fragrance andcolor to burn with a clean and pure flame. PartyLite develops candleformulas and then tests them extensively to be sure that fragrance andquality burning last the entire life of the candle. Whether it's adiminutive tealight or a dramatic three-wick, your PartyLite candle hasbeen created and tested by the largest Research and Development team inthe candle industry.

And if you want to know about thequality of our accessories, just attend a Show — the Consultant willencourage you to handle the accessories to see for yourself. Hold oneof our 24% lead crystal pieces, notice the weight and how it sparklesin the light. Check out the brass candleholders - see the lacqueredfinish you never have to polish, turn them over to see the felt bottomsthat protect your fine wood furniture.

Examine the detail onour bisque porcelain, observe the delicacy with which our ceramics havebeen hand-painted and embellished by traditional artisans, see theclarity and perfection of our hand-blown glass — these qualities aresome of the reasons we want you to see our accessories in the comfortof a home instead of on a store counter.

PartyLite gives you an unlimited vocabulary offragrance options. Enjoy candles for a holiday feeling or an everydaycomfort. Use body care products to carry scent with you all day long.Set a mood in any room with convenient air care products.

And once you'vepurchased candles and accessories from PartyLite, you'll learn aboutanother quality consideration we're very proud of: the customer serviceoffered by our Consultants. Your Consultant wants you to be happy withyour purchases, so he or she will make every effort to ensure that youreceive the quality that we promise, and that you have every reason toexpect.

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In an age of increasing social and cultural diversity international perspectives on career development are more evident than ever before. With its strengthening economic structures and growing financial markets Sub-Saharan Africa is proving to be an ideal platform for this career development for individuals, particularly those within the Diaspora. However there is still currently a gap between the number of vacancies and international candidates ready to fill highly lucrative career roles in Africa.

As an international business, RSL management Services aims to bridge that gap through its executive search facility. RSL seeks to improve the perception of the African business community by placing highly trained individuals into executive positions throughout the continent. The need for economic growth and business development is crucial for the long term success of Africa's position in the global business arena. RSL believes that there is a need for the 'Brain Drain' dynamic to reach the core of African business and know that there are individuals in the UK and across Europe & the USA who are keen to be part of Africa's long term economic growth.

RSL currently recruits for 2 industries of Oil and finance within Sub-Saharan Africa. By assessing clients' needs and criteria RSL Management Services is able to use its strict selection methods to review some of the best professionals and graduates on its confidential database. By recognising the potential in these individuals, RSL hopes to increase awareness of the positive change that Africa is currently undergoing. There is a new dawn for change, individuals no longer have to look to the West for better jobs, Africa is now offering a brighter future on the horizon.

Ronke Lawal

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Sensual, modern, feminine, beautiful, only a few of the words used to describe the Simone Williams collection. Ranging from cutting edge denim street wear to sophisticated evening wear the Simone Williams collection has something to suit every discerning and fashionable woman. Her unique creative vision and eye for beauty has led to a collection filled with stunning one off ready to wear pieces that create attention wherever worn.

Her summer/autumn 2006 collection has a feminine look and is inspired by vibrant yet delicate flowers and the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe in her white, halter neck dress. Her new summer range is a blend of classic cuts and 50’s silhouette dresses with leather waist belts and other modern details. Using fly away erratic hems and layering of chiffon, Simone’s dresses symbolises the petals on a flower in full bloom.

The 2007 Simone Williams collection, city desires is inspired by the tall city building structures which make up London’s vibrant city. This is reflected in the shapes and details of each garment whilst still retaining sexy charm.

There is something to suit every woman’s shape in this collection, which is a true celebration of femininity in the city.

The Simone Williams fashion label has been up and running since the summer of 2004 and is based in Hoxton, London. As a black British female establishing her unique vision in an already competitive market has been difficult but Simone is quick to encourage more African and Caribbean designers to break the mould and not follow the usual “urban” trend. “Haute Couture and high end fashion can be enjoyed not only in the upper echelons of the European community but also amongst the African and Caribbean Diaspora” states her Business partner, Ronke Lawal.

The Simone Williams label was showcased in the Kulture 2 Couture fashion event in association with The Mayor of London’s office and the V & A in November 2006. The label has also been featured in Touch Magazine, Total:Spec and Aspire amongst other publications. Worn by Helen McCroy (Harry Potter and Casanova) and Anya (Finalist: Make me a supermodel – C5) the label is gradually enjoying increased media and press exposure.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to view the next season’s collection please contact Simone Williams or Aderonke Lawal: /

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Many already established entrepreneurs have a flood of great ideas. These ideas come at any given time and can be found on notepads, scraps of paper, phone memos, or just kept in circulation in their minds. This is not the best place for your new moneymaking idea! The important thing is to have all your new venture ideas in one central location. So get organized!

Next it's time to understand in what order the project will be tackled. An idea means nothing if you never get to it. A note pad should not the place for your new profit-building idea to live and die. Once you have the thought, build on it!

So let's say you have these three great ideas. (Entrepreneurs usually don’t have just one idea - there are almost always multiple brilliant business ideas they are brainstorming about). Start by breaking each idea down:

  • How is the idea profitable?
  • What is the whole scope of what you are trying to do?
  • What it is a possible cost?
  • How long will it take to implement?
  • Do you need investors?

These are important questions to ask because this will determine which idea should be tackled first. Once you've picked your first venture, research your business and put the information gathered into a business plan. Writing business plans can be a pain BUT, it will be important to have when investors start knocking! Remember to keep your business plan simple and factual.

Once the idea is established and the research is done, put the plan into action! There are many different ways to do this, but make sure your foundations (research, resources & business partners) are qualified and capable. It will save you time and money.

Good luck!

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Monaco on my mind

An article I wrote for

When my friend invited me to stay with her, while she was in Monaco for a business trip, I jumped at the chance. Casinos, celebrities, luxury and glamour all ran through my mind as I searched for the cheapest way to get there.

Monaco doesn't actually have an airport – it has a heliport though, a hint as to how small this country really is. The nearest airport to Monaco is Nice - the second biggest airport in France – one of the many useful facts I learnt about the region.

I arrived on a lovely October afternoon and inquired about the easiest way to get to Monaco from the airport, I learnt it was by coach, a service that runs every hour and takes about 50 minutes costing 15 Euros. (under 25s get a discount – 11 Euros). The coach dropped me off at the Columbus Hotel in Fontvielle, situated near the heliport and the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

As another friend was also joining us later that day, I decided to start my tour of Monaco by taking the train to meet her at the airport. There is only one train station in the world's second smallest country, and you can get there via carefully situated subway tunnels.


My friends and I spent our first day in Monaco wandering around Fontvielle, the royal palace grounds and La Condamine (a lovely little shopping/café district). Fontvielle is a port area where many high fliers moor their huge yachts and private boats – it's a wonderful sight. There are a few great restaurants along the port that offer Italian and French cuisine as well as an English pub. Every Saturday there's a flea market at the port – with some glorious little treasures at quite reasonable prices.

We wandered up to the royal palace which is quite a trek, but well worth it. I wanted to have my photo taken with the guard, but he told me he wasn't allowed. Vielle Ville (the old town) is situated by the palace and its cobbled side streets make for a nice walking experience – there are plenty of ice cream shops and tourist gift shops as well an internet café. The Cathedral de Monaco was delightful and the bright sunshine made the architecture look even more commanding.

You can get some wonderful views of the entire country from the Jardin de St Martin. The weather in Monaco was idyllic; it was 26 degrees - in October! Having walked through the old town and taken more pictures than I could count, we decided to walk back down to La Condamine. During our stroll we discovered the most divine vintage clothes store – Chanel, Cavelli and Louis Vuitton – I wanted to buy the entire shop, but financial sense prevailed.


The next day we went into the heart of Monaco - Monte Carlo. With its grand casino and gardens one would think that it's the capital of Monaco (which is Monaco-ville). It's a glorious part of town with luxury shops, hotels and gardens that are every tourist's dream. We decided not to go inside the Casino de Monte Carlo, however we did go inside the Café de Paris casino, which I found to be a dull experience, plus I bemused that people preferred to be in the dark when they could be basking in the sun. We quickly left and headed for the tranquillity of the Japanese garden – a quaint little spot influenced by Zen thinking.

Picture: Casino de Monaco. Source:

After a hard day touring we went to a little jazz bar named "Le Jazz" near La Condamine which had a happy hour from 5:30pm 7:30pm. Its interior was plush and classy as one would expect and the music was a wonderful mix of classic soul and soft rock.

We decided against walking up to the Monte Carlo beach as the sun was beginning to set, so we went to The Champions Promenade near Larvotto beach. The guide book professed a walk full of the world's most famous footballers, so I was extremely excited at the prospect of seeing the footprints of Pelé and Zidane. The most famous player's footprints were Maradona's and Shevchenko's. There are about 12 prints and we took pictures of our feet in Maradona's "golden foot" prints.


The final day of our trip was spent lazing by the pool and wandering along the port watching locals catch fish. I did manage to get up early enough to catch the changing of the guard at the palace, which takes place every day at 11:55am and is a treat for those die-hard monarchists.

Monaco is a true gem in Europe's crown and is well worth a visit – even if you are short of time, rest assured you can see most of this small country in less than 48 hours.

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Where have all the good men gone?

There seems to be a conspiracy for women in the singles scene, a mystery that not even Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes can solve. It's the mystery of the "Good Man". They say he exists, he's been written about and sung about for years, surely not every Hollywood romantic comedy and Mills & Boonä novel can be wrong. Somewhere out there for every woman there has to be that "Tall, Dark and Handsome" hero, yet for many women they just can't find that "good man".

So what is a "Good man"? Like many things in life this definition is subjective. My simple definition is a man who is confident in himself enough to respect humanity and celebrate the beauty of life. There are many elements that can encompass this – honesty, kindness, passion that we cannot forget, but these lead onto subjective tastes and attitudes. He is a man who is proud in his own skin and with that pride carries his integrity on his sleeve. With this I propose that the "good men" are all around us! To be good is not just about being able to buy your partner the most expensive gifts or raiding Kew Gardens every evening for the perfect bouquet of flowers (although that helps! J ). Anyone can do those things in practice but in principal their hearts and minds are not true.

So where is this elusive "good man" if he does exist?

He is out there but he won't come to you – you have to find each other. "That's obvious!" I hear you cry. But honestly how often do you go out with a sexy, CONFIDENT smile on your face, proud of your beauty and exuding your love for life. I'm not talking about going clubbing or to bars with the hope of meeting a "half decent bloke" – I'm talking about going everywhere with the INTENTION of meeting your "good man". There are so many barriers to that smile, that confidence, that beauty, that it's a wonder any woman can walk out with her head held high – The bad hair days, the fat days, the memories of those bad experiences we had with those guys that haunt us each and every time we meet someone new… I know it's hard to positive when there are just days you don't feel like the beauty queen that you are or when you hear another story about a guy mistreating a lady. But give it some time, let go of all those internal barriers and be comfortable and sure that you are just right the way you are. With that the "good man" (based on the definition I outlined above) will attract each other.

All good things take time and in the mean time might I suggest that we start to celebrate all of our men! Men are absolutely FANTASTIC! Look around you in your community – the bus driver that gets you to destination (after working 10 hours on the same route), your GP (who tries his best to make you feel healthy despite NHS cuts), the fathers and grandfathers who make you feel like a princess. Not forgetting our great men through history: Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein and Gandhi. Be open to finding your "good man", he's just around the corner and he's searching for you too!

If you want to get out there more why not check out,, and for new ways to meet those "good men".

Ronke Lawal

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Do you drink coffee?

How would you like to earn money while others drink coffee?

Did you know that Coffee is the #2 commodity in the world?

Interested in building generational wealth?

Contact me...I will tell you how

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A FREE Cruise Vacation You’ll Love!

How would you like an expense-paid cruise in May, 2008? Every year,hundreds of PartyLite Consultants earn their way to a PartyLite Trip. In 2008,we’ll be on our own ship with other PartyLite people cruising to every hotspotin the Caribbean.

Starting your own PartyLite business now during ourholiday season gives you a jump-start toward this cruise. But you’ll not onlyset yourself up for the vacation of a lifetime, you’ll be earning profit checksright away for whatever you need today.

Believe me, a PartyLite trip is avacation experience unlike any other! You could even earn enough points for atrip for two. Let me tell you about your dream vacation with PartyLite!

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Host Your Own Show!!!

Friends, Fun and a FREE shopping spree
Hosting aPartyLite Show gives you a fun get-together with your friends in your own home.Plus, hosting a Show brings you:
  • A FREE product shopping spree
  • Hostess Specials - different products every month
  • Half-price products - choose your own "specials"
  • Exclusive Booking Gifts - exclusive FREE products just for you, not sold in our catalogs

The Benefits of Hosting...

Free Shopping Spree*

With $250 or morein sales, plus one or more bookings, you'll earn a FREE shopping spree of 25% ofyour Show sales. A $400 Show gives you $100 to spend on products of your choice!(A booking is when a friend of yours who was invited to your Show also schedulesa Show with me.)

Half-Price Products

Choose any one itemat half the retail price for every $250 in sales. Additional half-price itemsfor increases in sales thereafter.

Contact me to send me an e-mailrequesting a Show date. Then I'll get back to you right away to confirm the dateand provide you with your exclusive Hostess password so you can start your ownWish List of all the things you want. Together, we'll get you a lot of candlesand have fun doing it!
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The Consultant Lifestyle

Becoming a Consultant with PartyLite was oneof the smartest decisions I ever made! It was great to start a business with nocash investment and it's also great that I don't have to store a supply ofcandles (PartyLite fills the orders). The income is incredible, especiallybecause I can choose to make more money by doing extra Shows or by building ateam of my own. Here's why I think you might want to give PartyLite a try:

  • No experience necessary!
  • You'll have fun selling candles because everyone loves them
  • You aren't tied to a 9:00 to 5:00 schedule
  • It's easy to book Shows because of PartyLite's generous Hostess program
  • Your future is up to you - you don't have to wait for someone else to promote you, and you don't have to worry about lay-offs

Easy, No-Cost Start
Can you imagine starting a business just by having a party where your friends and family buy candles? That's how I beganwith PartyLite, and the sales at my Show were more than $350, so everything Ineeded to get started was free!

My Starter Kit had candles andaccessories to display at Shows, and enough order forms for my first six Shows.And I was earning money right away - I received 25% of the sales from every Showin my weekly profit check. How easy is that?
Enjoy the Consultant Lifestyle!
I really love being able to plan my work time around the other things I want to do in my life. It makes it so easy totake care of my family and my business without stress or conflict.

Plus,I keep learning and growing with PartyLite. Every month we have free workshopsand PartyLite sends lots of materials with tips and ideas. And I've seen thatother PartyLite Consultants are always willing to share what has worked for themin their business.

Best of all, many of the PartyLite people I've workedwith have become my very best friends. We have so much in common, and we have somuch fun together that it hardly seems like work!

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Shopping for Baby Shower Invitations?


Are you planning on hosting a baby shower for someone? Whether

you are planning a simple shower or the ultimate baby shower one

thing is certain, you want this special event to be memorable. To

start the baby shower excitement, the baby shower invitations

have to become a big part in the planning process of any shower.

As the hostess you will need to be familiar with the wishes of the parents-to-be

and also consider the season,theme, and sex of the baby.

Some questions that you may want to ask are:

  • How many people are attending?
  • What theme would the mom to be like?
  • What types of creative invitations are on the market that would make the shower unique and memorable?
  • What types of things does the mommy-to-be like?

The invitations will set the stage for the baby shower and will indicate to the guests the mood and theme of the event. When purchasing baby shower invitations, make sure to give yourself enough time to order them and send them out. The baby shower invitations should go out around 2 to 1.5 months in advance and the guests should have at least 2 weeks to reply as well as some time to invite anyone else that was on an alternate list. Make sure to include the following information on the baby shower invite:

  • Name of Mommy-to-Be
  • Location
  • Date
  • Host(s) & Phone number
  • RSVP
  • Where Mommy -to-Be is registered
  • Theme of the party (Sweet Pea, Diva Mom, Animal, Couples Shower)
  • Let the guest know if they need to bring anything (Pot luck, Recipie, etc.)

There are so many ways to be creative with our invitations. Many baby shower planners like to tie in the baby shower invitations with the theme of the shower. Cocoa Prints has several great baby shower invitations that can easily be accented with complimenting shower favors and thank you cards. For more baby shower planning tips and theme ideas please feel free to email us with your request.

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Success Is Yours

Benefits Alert: Pay Yourself First.

You Can Make A Difference About Your Destination to Success

Use This Opportunity To Bring Total Wellness To Your Family

With Expanding Nationwide Company

Training Available/// Work From Home or Office

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Start Creating A Prosperous Future for You and Your Family


Dorothy Anderson Independent Broker


Learn and Discover Your Purpose and Destiny

Discover who you are and where you want to go

Analyze your beliefs, behavior, attitudes… which hold you back

Reprogram your mind for success Get the vision of a brighter future

Produce a powerful plan for success You can achieve your dreams and goals.


Premier Discount Medical and Dental Benefit plan

Family Activites Community EmpowermentS

Complimentary Resource Package Courtesy of

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Clipart Free stuff for teachers

Get your code to success

Design and Orchestrate Multiple Streams of Wealth


Travel the Stairway to Success. Join the Worldwide Wholelife Wellness Network.

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A Message from Biblical Prayer Bracelets

A Message from Biblical Prayer Bracelets, Inc.

If there is one thing you should make sure you do everyday and or everyopportunity you have and that is to remember to pray and give thanks to JesusChrist our Lord! We sometimes get caught up in worldly things and forget to saya simple prayer and truly worship our God! Then we often complain that thingsare not working for us or just not going our way. What a better way toremember than to have a spiritual reminder right on your wrist. We’ve designedbracelets and necklaces for males and females. Take a few moments andexplore our website and discover the spiritual colors in thebible. Each bracelet has been professionally handcrafted and made of puresterling silver components, swarovski crystal, rose wood and czech glassbeads and selected gemstones!

Visit us at and remember...

"Prayer Changes Things!"

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It's About You

Kingdom of God LivingSuccess Is A LifestyleLearn the Secrets and Strategies of these giants of Prosperity; K. and G. Copeland, M. Munroe, K. Price, O. Winfrey, R. Kiyosaki…R. Allen and many more. Success is a lifestyle. You need the blueprint and pattern. Study the lives of these mortals and grow powerfully. Start by walking in the power ofGod Almighty; Jehovah, Yaweh, Elohim…God is God of The Most Holy BibleD. Anderson at you heard of or studied these champions? Identify success traits they share. Start building your character so that you are aware, have a knowledge program, people skills, a communicaton portfolio and more. Champions; Madame C. J. Walker,Booker T. Washington, Mahalia Jackson, Theodore Hubbard,Roberta Martin and Thomas A. DorseyBenefits Alert: Pay Yourself First.You Can Make A Difference About Your Destination to SuccessUse This Opportunity To Bring Total Wellness To Your FamilyDiscount Programs; Dental plus. Health; basic, total, total NowStart Creating A Prosperous Future for You and Your FamilyDorothy ikanukan@gmail.comSUCCESS HAS ITS REWARDS. CONGRATULATIONSYES YOU CAN in TouchGet Yours NowBelievers’ Confessions Powergeneses Success Designswww.ikanukan.comThe ProtocolsBonus Gift to YouMANIFEST THE PROTOCOLSMANIFESTATIONSThe SPIRIT of the Lord is Up On me; Kingdom Power, Principles, Paths, Practices, Prosperity, Promises and Patterns causing the manifestation of realities of wealth, abundance and riches according to the pattern/matrix of power working/flourishing in me.Live your life through the COVENANT, WORD and POWER.You are the chosen. Blessed and prosperous are ALL the works(believed acts of faith) of your mind/hands.Realities are composed by the matrices of power.Manifest your lifework(promised cdsor purpose, mission, calling and destiny).You vow to be responsible for every area of your life. See to it that you prosper in all areas; CHRISTIAN REWARD;Challenges, Heritage, Recreation, Inheritance, Social, New Technologies, Economics, Education, Worship...MANIFEST THE PROTOCOLSMega protocolsPWG power SalesAFG transformation DiamondsAFM Musik language RichesSupermodel Superachieve MAP ACEMega Design CSPMThought formation CHRISTIAN REWARDIncome LiabilitiesExpensesAssets Work/EmploymentSelf EmploymentInvestmentsBusiness SystemsMega Design TM)Multidimensional Total Brain Thinking THERE'S A UNIVERSE IN YOUR MINDMega Design Realities Megadreams Megavisions MegavoiceMegaexperienceSubconscious Subconscious :Creates reality ie, Primary Matix of ProgarmsMind Brain Spirit Programs;thoughts Neuronetwork TheSpirit of the Lord is Up on mePrimary beliefs Neuromelanin Power; riches, Template:forces of energy, rhythm wealth, covenant vibrationsRestructure Manifests desiresNew sacred script Create internal realitiesPower symbols (eagle or lion) Belief System Make transformationsLanguage and symbolsMemory of thoughts and experiencesConscious: Apply Mega Protocols™Accomplishes tasks assigned to itActions Behaviors Plans Values Knowledge LogicCreate internal realitiesSecondary beliefs; all thoughtsRehearse & practice & speak your realitiesNeuroscript (power script) Scriptures ACE/mic3Tap into God's power and the Universe; King Kingdom principles,prosperity,promisesWealth is a reflection of your mind.ACE the Mega ProtocolsSuperconsciousGoals: Master financial literacy, intelligence,language, educationBuild tools for success New revealedScript Leverage assets/resourcesBecome your greatest expression ofgates/calling/destinyPOWERFLAMESDividerMEGA PROTOCOLSANDMEGA DESIGN MANIFEST REALITYHANDBOOK)IKAN UKAN victory series(C) 2005 all rights reserved by Dorothy Anderson
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