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Picture Business Credit America specializes in  helping companies nationwide gain greater access to trade credit and investment capital. Our program, uses a step-by-step approach to help companies solidify their financial standing, so they can build a business credit history, obtain lines of credit and position themselves for loans from banks, angel investors and other outside funding sources.

We provide our clients with an over whelming amount of business and personal credit education as we walk them through the business credit building process that focuses on three main areas: establishing credibility with major credit agencies, creating a credit file and building a business credit history.


Business Credit America's credit-building system offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • multiple vendor lines of credit and business credit cards
  • credit-reporting files with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax
  • filing Ucc-1 Financial Statements to boost your business credit
  • creative solutions for funding any kind of small business

Many business owners rely solely on their personal credit and funds to start and grow their business, However, by following this process a lot of business owners debt to income ratio is to high to be considered for a loan approval from traditional lenders.

We encourage business owners and entrepreneurs alike to consider joining the Free Business Credit Training Forum, so they can be aware of what the possibilities are when it comes to obtaining business credit.

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Why Is Offline Marketing Important?

As an internet marketer and online business owner, you have to utilize offline marketing when it comes to gaining clients. Although it can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs, being innovative and finding creative ways to market your business can supercharge your profits. As a beginner, your main focus is maximizing your business above and beyond it's current status. This requires online and offline marketing.
Here are some simple ways you can gain more clients:

Word of Mouth Referrals

Friends and family are a good place to start for referring people to what you have to offer. Usually, these are the people that are most supportive of you and your business. But don't take advantage of them because of that. Offer a bonus of some sort for every lead conversion. This will keep them bringing you more customers.

You can even have a contest to see who refers more and develop a leader board so everyone knows who's at the top. Word-of-mouth is the best and most effective strategy for referrals. If you want to be successful, open your mouth and tell others.


Sending messages through e-mails or even using postal services, make sure you have your website and business info in you signature line. You can do this on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also. When signing off, include a link to your blog or website. You should also put your upcoming promotions along with it so your recipients are aware of the products and/or services you are offering.

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She Smells Like the Good Chocolate...

My daughters, are excited & satisfied fans of the bath and body products from Smell Goods 98™.  They use various products from the Stay Sweet Collection such as the Power Scents, Spritzers, and the Sugar Whips.  Just recently, Smell Goods 98™ launched the "Stay Sweet Self LOVE Soaps."  They come in aromatic scents like, Strawberry Splash, Raspberry Razpataz, Cotton Candy Craze, Chocolate Drizzle, and Bammin' Banana!  Each Self LOVE soap also has it's own positive affirmation, for example, Chocolate Drizzle's, (which happens to be the fragrance my daughter's have), is "I have a POSITIVE PURPOSE in life!"


From now until October 18th at 9 P.M. (est), Smell Goods 98™ is offering "Cupcake-on-a-Rope-Gift" when you purchase 3 Stay Sweet Self LOVE Soaps.  Before taking a bath with the Chocolate Drizzle Cupcake-on-a-Rope, my youngest daughter asked me if she would smell like chocolate when she's done.  So after the bath I asked her about it and she said, "I smell like the good chocolate like your cookies!"

As a parent, I want what's best for my children in all areas and that's why I choose bath and body products from Smell Goods 98™.  Everything is handmade with an abundance of love and creativity from natural ingredients; it's wholesome goodness.  My husband and I use many of their products as well.  It would torture me to have to say what my favorite is because I adore each one that I use so I will just tell you what I used this morning:  Palm Oil Soap, (which I need to order more A.S.A.P. because we're almost out), Essentials Deodorant, Pure Body Balm, and Essentials Balm Stick, (for my lips).

I hope you will try Smell Goods 98™ natural bath and body products for you and your children as we are a very satisfied "smelling good" family!

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10744086053?profile=originalNet 30 accounts that you should apply for if you are just starting out. None of these require a DUNS number although some may ask you to pre-pay.  Uline(net 30), Grainger(net 30), Nebs(net 30), Rapid Forms(net 30), AT&T land line, Sprint Wireless(2 lines but approved for 10), Quill(net 30), Reliable(net 30) and Seton(net 30).

Once you acquire some of these accounts, order something on net 30 terms and repay it on time. Once you pay them they will take a few weeks to report to DnB. If they report and you do not already have a DUNS number, a DUNS number will automatically be created. Once the number is created you can easily get it online. So let me get into finding out when the number is generated.
Once you have followed the first instructions in getting an account and ordering and paying it off, you need to now go to the DnB home page. There is a little box in the center on the right of the home page where you can search for a business. You go to that box and fill out your company name, state and country and hit search. If one of the accounts reported and the number was generated, your company will now show up in the search results. Once it does show up in the search results, you can simple click “request DUNS number” and your number will be sent to you via email immediately. Once you have got the accounts and paid them off, I will check DnB at the end of every week for 4 – 5 weeks and it will be there. The more accounts you get the faster your company should show up in DnB as each company reports at different times.

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Business Credit America has done it again. This time, their taking on the credit industry to prove to Americans it is still possible to build business credit. Their offering a free business credit forum and BUSINESS training teaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, internet and online marketers how to properly structure themselves for the best asset protection.

As the banks and other financial institutions still refuse to help the American economy rebuild itself, Business Credit America has decided, they will not wait until after an election to help revive the economy. A spokesperson for the company, said “they feel the American Economy should not be struggling when you have so many multimillionaires that are able to help small business owners keep their business going and help start new businesses”.

Business Credit America is offering a Free Business Credit Forum and Business Training to the American public. Learn some of the Basic things most business owners miss in order to have a successful business

• Learn, How to properly structure your business for the strongest asset protection
• Learn how to properly order you EIN number
• Learn about current trade vendors that offer business credit on net terms, such as,,,,, these are just a few trade vendors.
• Learn the difference between a Paydex score and a Business Credit Score
• Learn how to properly file a Ucc-1 financial statement to help your business or personal credit
Business Credit America offer so much business information to help get the American Economy get back going. Check them out at and join their free business credit forum today, IT’S FREE

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10744086871?profile=originalThere is a BIG shift happening in America today. Attention is being paid to the true wealth of our inner cities.  Hospitals, universities, community colleges and other "anchor" institutions in our U.S. cities are looking to "local" markets for their services and supplies.

It's all part of that "go local" movement and it is also about building up our domestic economy.

Fresh Urban Marketing is a service organization specifically for small businesses in urban centers and regional towns.  We know that our cities are filled with big “potential” from major institutional community anchors like universities and hospitals, to revitalized manufacturing sectors and retail centers that all contribute to diverse and sustainable communities for YOUR business.

It’s important for small businesses to know what’s possible and changing in our cities today. That knowledge can translate into increased sales and sustainability.

We help small businesses by providing:

  1. Timely news and marketing information to keep small urban and suburban businesses informed and prepared.
  2. Expert media relations and promotional services to get your story and business in front of your target market.
  3. Copywriting and website creation services to help market small businesses to local and distant customers in the most cost effective and profitable way possible today.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your business? Contact me today at to learn more or visit our Services page to learn how we can get working for you today.

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Should I Invest In That?

We’ve heard it many times before that in order to continue to be successful in business and reach each new height in business “you must invest in yourself”! Or, we’ve all heard “you can’t expect for others to invest in you and what you have to offer if you don’t invest in yourself”.  I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments!  In fact, I’ve seen what investing in myself can do for my business as well as for my own personal development.  However, I’ve also seen where investing in the right program, service, or product at the wrong time can cause stress on my business finances as well as personal finances.

You might be wondering how that is possible.  At times we as solopreneurs invest in this coaching program and that coaching program without really taking the time to assess if it’s right for us at that time.  Or we fail to take the time to be absolutely sure that the business can support a particular level of investing.  All the while depleting cash flow, because depending on what you’re investing in you’re not able to really implement what you’ve learned.  Quite frankly this could be because the stage that you’re business is in at the moment cannot support or sustain that level of investing or implementation.

To combat this I usually tell clients to “invest where you are”.  You’ve heard the saying “Bloom Where You’re Planted”.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t stretch yourself or have faith that what you invest in today, (even when you can’t see where the money will come from to invest) will bring even more in the future.  But, you have to be strategic in where, how, when, and how much you invest or spend the money in your business.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself which can help you to determine if you should invest in a certain program/service/product at a certain time:

  • Will this program/service/product help me to make money, save money, or leverage time?
  • If not, will it at least add value to my personal growth & development or add more value to what I can offer to my clients and customers?
  • Will I be ok with investing my dollars now even if the return on investment isn’t immediate?
  • Will this program/service/product be offered again in the near future in which I will have more time to prepare and plan for the investment?
  • What can I do in my business today that will generate additional income in which I’m able to invest in this program/service/product now?

Remember the key is investing where you are, but challenging yourself to move beyond what you’re doing now in your business and also being purposeful with your investing and spending.


I can help you plan for investing in high end coaching programs & products so that you’re able to take your business to the next level, but without the financial stress & frustration.  Contact me for assistance.

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