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There are many perks to being a business owner, like being you own boss, making your own schedule, putting a higher dollar value on your time, and pride of ownership. Another great reason, you want to own a business because you can qualify for higher credit card limits and these credit cards do not affect your personal credit once you’re approved and if you’re set up as a C-corporation.

However, one the biggest most benefits are the business tax write-offs.  Business ownership does have a price, especially when you’re using the banks money to help fund the business.  The good news is that business bank fees can be tax deductible and we give you a few examples here:

Annual Fees

Annual fees on a business card are tax deductible. This may be a great way to justify getting that card with the steep annual fee that also has amazing rewards. Yes, you can write it off, but keep in mind that the primary use of the card needs to be for business purposes and not for personal use.

Late Fees

Hopefully you’re not incurring late fees on your credit cards, but mistakes happen and you sometimes forget to make a payment. Those fees can be written off for your business taxes. Of course, it’s always best to call the company and explain you simply forgot and ask if they can waive the fee this time; saving $35 is almost always going to be better than claiming a $35 tax deduction.

Interest Charges

Again, in an ideal world you won’t be paying interest on any of your purchases. But there are times when you need equipment, and there just isn’t enough cash in the bank to pay for it right away. Those interest charges are all tax deductible.

Swipe Fees (point of sales fees)

As a business owner, you pay the credit card company every time someone uses their card to pay you. These are always business-related expenses and fully tax deductible.

Miscellaneous Fees

There are sometimes other fees associated with using a credit card. For instance, your cash advance fees are deductible.  

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Business Credit America will check you CPN Number for you. We will do a thorough investigation on the number to show you whether the number you have is someone elses social security number or is it a legitimate number that has never existed.

1.  Worried Your CPN Number is Bad?
2.  How Was Your CPN Number Was Validated?
3.  Are Creditors Asking For Your SSN CARD?
4.  Does Your Broker Ignore Your Phone Calls?

Click on the link to get your CPN Number checked

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In this video,  I talk about How to obtain a CPN (Credit Profile Number) to help rebuild your  personal credit

Questions I answer.
1. How to get a CPN (Credit Profile Number)?
2. How to make sure a CPN is good?
3. Is a CPN Legal?
4. What Laws allow you to use a CPN?
5. Who is currently using a CPN?
6. Where can I get a CPN?

Learn more about CPNs and the law.

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10744086053?profile=originalNet 30 accounts that you should apply for if you are just starting out. None of these require a DUNS number although some may ask you to pre-pay.  Uline(net 30), Grainger(net 30), Nebs(net 30), Rapid Forms(net 30), AT&T land line, Sprint Wireless(2 lines but approved for 10), Quill(net 30), Reliable(net 30) and Seton(net 30).

Once you acquire some of these accounts, order something on net 30 terms and repay it on time. Once you pay them they will take a few weeks to report to DnB. If they report and you do not already have a DUNS number, a DUNS number will automatically be created. Once the number is created you can easily get it online. So let me get into finding out when the number is generated.
Once you have followed the first instructions in getting an account and ordering and paying it off, you need to now go to the DnB home page. There is a little box in the center on the right of the home page where you can search for a business. You go to that box and fill out your company name, state and country and hit search. If one of the accounts reported and the number was generated, your company will now show up in the search results. Once it does show up in the search results, you can simple click “request DUNS number” and your number will be sent to you via email immediately. Once you have got the accounts and paid them off, I will check DnB at the end of every week for 4 – 5 weeks and it will be there. The more accounts you get the faster your company should show up in DnB as each company reports at different times.

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Stuntin' like a big business!

As you know I am in telecommunications I want to introduce you to one of my favorite products.It would be a perfect fit for most businesses.Since your business thrives with open lines of telecommunications. How about giving your customers a proffessional image and your be sure to increase sales!All your communication needs in one place! virtual PBX and follow-me-anywhere service is the leading system in the industry for small business!Upgrade your phone presence with features like:*Private toll-free number*Voice mail*Multiple extensions*Send/receive faxes online*Enhanced call forwarding*Music-on-hold*Unblockable caller I.D*Online management*Ad tracker*and many other features thtas what makes this one of my most exciting products.Sounds interesting?good Click below for more info! Free Demo,Free trial!
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