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What Now?

A multitude of women who want to start a home base business don't know where to begin and those who have started a home base business soon realize the effort it takes and start to wonder is this  really for me. I know it can be frustrating finding something out there. It has happen to most of us in search of our dream business myself included. Why does it happen? Well, it happens for a number of reasons. First, there are so many direct selling businesses now and you don't know which to choose from. Secondly, you may have been coerce into joining one by a friend or family member who became involved in one; you know you just didnt want  to say no and now your judging all home businesses especially network marketing businesses with a proverbial frown. Lastly, you keep putting it off hoping and wishing one day you will win the lottery and while that may happen the odds are against it. Yet, if  you are a women who  still have a burning desire to start on your entrepreneurial path because you want more freedom, income and you want to live your life on purpose....what now?


Stop and take a moment to think, slowly take a deep breath and blow it all out. Yes, go ahead do it right now.... Its important to pause and gather your thoughts. Now, think about what sets your passion off and think about what you truly and purposely love to do. It may not be popular or what your girlfriend is doing but, it's what comes natural to you. Can you recall doing or getting involve in something that someone else thought was in your best interest but after the first meeting your like... this is so not for me! I certainly can relate to that. Think about it; whats your happy factor? What makes you smile? What can you talk about all day while being yourself? What comes natural to you? What do you love to do now that you can parlay into earning a part time income? More importantly, in what ways can you  be of service to others? Answer these questions and see what you come up with; your answers will be unique to you.


In addition, you will be surprise at some of your answers because a home base business may be right around the corner waiting for you to take the first step. It may mimic what you are doing presently which is a perfect match as you branch off into a niche you can call your own. For example, if you are currently a manager with customer service experience you may decide to become an event specialist, virtual assistant for small businesses or health care organizations etc. However,  you are being told by critics  it won't work, its not for you or the " I can't see you doing that" spiel. These critics come around just when you want to intitiate change so do not take advice from them.


Now inretrospect, what you should be doing is what aligns with your passion. For example, if you are passionate about selling turtles to first time pet owners so be it! Ribbit On? The bottom line is there will always be a learning curve in any endeavor one undertakes but the more you love doing what comes natural to you  the more you will experience growth and success.  Contrary to popular belief, the most popular product or service will not market itself without a passionate owner to claim it. So, what now ? Well, for now think of your Passion, Purpose and Practicality; it will move you towards your destination and you will be on your way.



Here's to your success,


Marlene McCray, MS

Compass Certified Coach

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