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What Inspires You? (video)

Pursue Peace –that you may discover your Purpose. Allow your Purpose to become your Passion And your Passion will give you Power, that will Propel you to your Place in destiny And Prosperity will meet you there.

So, What inspires you? How can we help?

Hear this show from today where I was interviewed about the new Branding Superstar University that we are launching in 2013, click to listen, Motown Writers Network

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The first-time Farmington Hills, Michigan Social Media and Online Video 101 Laptop Workshop held on June 30 in the Detroit area empowered and inspired Baby Boomers to get their Social Media Swagger on
Pam Perry giving hands-on instruction at social media day event
Pam Perry giving hands-on instruction at social media day event
PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 03, 2012 -
Social Media Day 2012 tallied in around the world about 455 communities and 4499 members in its community.  

That’s just on – typically where the social media enthusiasts and “early adopters” hang out.

But what about those who are not early adopters and are just trying to “get” what social media is really all about? Who speaks to them?

In metro Detroit, it’s Pam Perry, Clara Wilkerson and Bob Ivory – all baby boomers who have leveraged their traditional media careers to reinvent their businesses via social media.

Bob Ivory, of Ivory Coast Communications, led the charge, see this video

“We wanted to show Baby Boomers or those not used to technology some quick tips and tricks on how to make social media work for them – and inspire them to really take social media marketing seriously, said Pam Perry, an award-winning social media strategist and public relations coach, the event’s organizer.

“Boomers feel left behind because everything is moving and changing so fast online. No one takes the time to show them how and why social networking is important for business and building their personal brand online,” said Perry.

The three-hour workshop showed inspirational videos, went over the basics of each social media platform and why/how to use each one.  Perry did a “brand” check on each person and challenged them to set up a page while in the session.

Cynthia Grant Brown an attendee at the social media day event in Farmington Hills had this to say:

Special guest, Khaliph Young, City of Detroit Digital Strategist, told the attendees “if you don’t include social media as part of your marketing and messaging with your audiences – you’re going to be irrelevant in the future. Even Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has a Twitter account – we have to stay connected to the community.”

The event got high marks overall and one attendee, Rev. Ortheia Barnes, a pastor and TV personality in Detroit, said, “My head was swimming with ideas during the session.  I immediately put some of them to test after the event and I got over 50 responses back on social media – some as far as Mexico. It’s working.”

The plans for the 2013 Social Media Day in Farmington Hills, Michigan are underway and presenters are already being scheduled.

Social Media PR Solutions, named after the parent company, Ministry Marketing Solutions, gave every attendee a free ebook and 30 minutes of follow up coaching after the event.

“I wanted to make sure everyone clearly understood the why and how of social media and for them to share the information among their associates. Social networking with confidence or swagger is our goal. So next year, we’ll be learning and celebrating on Social Media Day,” said Perry.

For more information or to get free social media tips, visit or call 248.426-2300.

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Social Media

& Online Video Marketing 101


Saturday, June 30, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM / Farmington Hills Community Library

Are you looking to take your business to the next level, create greater impact, get your story told, brand your ministry, increase sales and expand your network?

 Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You feel lost when it comes to marketing online using Social Media.
  • It seems like Facebook is rolling out a new change every week; how do I keep up?
  • You know online video and live streaming are the wave of the future but not sure if you have the skill set to really pull it off. You don't even use Skype yet.
  • Your stuff is good. You know that your business/book/ministry would be more successful if you could just get out there and reach more people!

If so, this is for you! Learn hands-on Social Media Marketing & how it can help your busine$$
Added Value & BONUSES:

  • Included: Guidebooks for Social Media Marketing
  • Bonus #1: List of local resources and media contacts
  • Bonus #2: Networking with others interested in Social Media on Social Media Day
  • Bonus #3: A list of resources to continue your learning
  • Bonus #4: Free 30 minute Q&A included – Have your questions answered up to 30 days after the event

To register now, go to: www.PamPerry.Org I86sqFm_P3Z8C46_ynvIwVcaaubDOMVPGHtKldXdMzqgKNk1aUzfTqeyl_L4FJrg5ZVoM3glpLWW0Snt7JL7csnvEy7_z689oGo2OdP1kygYZmHEEZg

Email: or call (248) 342-8806

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13 Ways to Build your Superstar Platform

Every speaker and author is told they must have a    “PLATFORM.”

What exactly does that mean????


A platform is just your key message. It is the position and influence you have on a subject that is informative, interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Your platform is the message that you STAND ON that reaches your core audience. It is your calling, your charge.

Your platform is the message you STAND FOR that gets people to move, take action, rally behind and/or solve a problem. It’s BIGGER than YOU!

A platform is like a “movement.” It is like a mission – and you feel you’ve been assigned to promote it.

What does an established platform look like?
1. You generate excitement/energy to an audience

2. You have attracted national media attention, have star
power or the “celebrity factor”  – ready for the Red Carpet.

3.  You are often quoted and looked upon as an expert by peers

4. You are sought-out to deliver keynote presentations or workshops or consult with “A” list clients / corporations

5.  You have created a fan-base that promotes your message to others that gives you referrals

6.  You have a large database, social media following and strong brand presence in the marketplace

Now that we know what a “Platform” is and what a successful platform looks like, let’s look at how to build your platform for your book or your speaking career.
Here’s how to establish a platform:

  1. Brand. Look like where you want to go.  Have the look of “celebrity.” Have a professional photo shoot. Hire an image consultant. Let’s be real: lose weight if you have to – image is everything.
  2. Have a spectacular biography. List your awards, activities, media hits, add testimonials and your photo to the bio sheet. This is called a “one sheet.” (see Candace’s above) I have launched many speakers careers by writing bios that became their “ticket” to where they needed to go – even before their book was published.  I crafted their “speaking topics” and secured  “A -list” endorsements. This was the foundation of their careers and they still use it to this day.
  3. Speak, give workshops, seminars. Volunteer your times at churches, schools or hospitals. No one is calling to PAY you to speak YET, so speak for free! Just get shots of you in action and video.
  4. Write. Yes, you hear that you need a platform to publish a book – but in reality a book can establish your platform. It’s easy to self-publish these days. Go to and get a free publishing kit. And if you need help, hire a ghost writer or a book coach.
  5. Pitch yourself to the media as an expert. Contact radio, TV, newspapers or magazines and offer your expertise. A quick way to get exposure is to regularly call-in to talk shows and join the conversation.  You can get to know the producers of the shows that way.  If you are afraid to “sell” yourself  – get a PR coach to help bolster your confidence and tell you what to say.
  6. Write Op/Ed (opinion editorials) or columns for your local newspaper or regional magazine. Make sure your byline includes your “spectacular bio,” links and contact information.
  7. Host your own conference, community outreach event or mini-seminar series.  Invite other expert speakers that will help “validate” your platform.  Make the event FREE so you pack in as many people as possible to showcase your skill. Make sure you alert the media. Because the event is free, pitch a public service announcement (PSA) to broadcast stations. Get listings in the daily newspapers.
  8. Secure a leadership position in a non-profit. Offer your expertise to the organization pro-bono and ask for letters of reference, testimonials and referrals.
  9. Blog! Grow your social media following. Become a thought-leader by sharing your thoughts online. Dive into Facebook (set up a ‘fan’ page) and Twitter and connect them to your blog. Make sure you are delivering value and offering solutions to problems. Search out other blogs to guest blog too.
  10. People have to hear you and see you. Set up a Youtube channel and post up videos of yourself in action. Post up videos of those who have heard your presentations too. Promote your videos via your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  11. Podcast. Become a radio show host on Blogtalkradio. Interview other experts in your field and promote the podcast on your blog and syndicate it for free iTunes. Get an account at Cincast deliver messages anytime, anywhere across the internet.
  12. Build a database. This is hub of your platform. Make sure you build an email database and regularly communicate with them via an email newsletter. Drive traffic to your website/blogsite from your social media sites and capture their email addresses by offering a “free” gift that is representative of your brand. This should be a free gift that is so convincing of your expertise that they will stay connected to you over time and eventually become a “raving fan.”
  13. Joint venture and partner with others. Do teleseminars or webinars with other speakers/authors that compliment your platform. This is a good way to get exposure to a new audience. You promote them to your audience and they promote you to theirs.  Win-win synergy

Bottom line: in order to have an established platform – you need numbers and influence. The more exposure you have, the greater opportunity for others to really know, like and trust you.  Once  you have their trust, they will spread the message of your platform to others.  And word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.

It’s all about people and how you are positioned to make difference to make an impact in people’s lives. It’s ministry really. See

See too for free MP3 and! (FREE social network for  authors)

Pam Perry, is a PR coach, social media strategist, co-founder Perry + Williams and chief visionary at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. in Farmington, Mich.

Visit her at and get her podcasts on Blogtalkradio too!

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I know a lot of people who sometimes just “drop out” of sight.   I believe it’s a sign of the times. Too much pressure. Too many expectations.  Too much stuff going on.  The only way people seem to handle the stress, strife and struggles of life is to hide.  


I guess that’s normal. If you knew a storm was coming, you’d hide.  If there was a tornado outside, you’d go in the basement.   When a caterpillar wants to turn into a butterfly, it wraps itself up in cocoon.


Women need to refresh, reflect, and rewind.  There is so much stuff. Dealing with illness of a loved on, financial struggles, depression, self-esteem issues, family crisis, work stress or just plain burnout!  


Let’s unplug. Women need to let their hair down. Women need to talk. Women need to just getaway and do Girly Stuff.


Experience 3-days of discovery, strategies, growth and fun:
  • reconnect with your highest goals and deepest values
  • discover the Disney Secrets to grow your leadership, business or career
  • start or grow business to build your financial empire
  • know how to leverage your unique leadership style for success
  • be more confident asking for and getting what you want
  • finally balance your life so you enjoy more while achieving more
  • learn business and marketing strategies and systems proven to work
  • awaken your true inner beauty to live your best life
  • more from Passion to Profit, from Profit to True Wealth
  • learn to build and leave a legacy
  • connect with other amazing women — entrepreneurial peers, leaders and business owners — willing to encourage and support you … and more!

Walk away re-energized and ready to take your life, career or business to the next level!



Have a spa party. Sit on the beach (and not be judged) but just really talk about stuff. 

Get inspired by others who are making money online. Get spiritual nuggets from real Christian Business Women.


Sound fun? Sound like what you need? Join Kim Coles, Dr. Stacia Pierce and friends at April Raine's Glamorous Getaway Conference.

Empowerment Weekend | April 19-21, 2012



 Join us!

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Make these book marketing mistakes? #launch

HOW Come I Can't Sell More Books, Or Make Money Online....Or Get Folks to Follow me on Twitter...Or plan a Launch?

See This NEW Training video,

... reveals 5 avoidable mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to their book, information product or program:

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Unlocking the superstar in you,
Pam Perry and Ramon Williamson
Follow the "influencers" says, Lamar Tyler. 
TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! The Gatekeepers are gone.  

Time to Launch Like a Superstar!

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As a publicist (and producer) with 20 years experience, I know when someone is ready for the “big time” and when they are not.


The major media “gatekeepers” are very particular. They can spot an amateur in a split second (and you only get one chance to pitch).


Surprisingly though, most people (especially authors) think they are ready for Jay Leno, Steve Harvey, CNN, USA Today, Good Morning America, Fox News, Essence, Today show, etc. But they are not.  What’s so funny is that the shows or publications they want to be on or in – they don’t even watch, listen or read!


There are so many variables to getting major publicity. It does not happen because you have a good book, a new product or a friend who works for the station or publication. Major publicity doesn’t even happen if you have a good publicist with connections.


It takes a strategy, a strong brand and information that make the media’s job REALLY easy. (Because they are so busy!!!)


Here are some things you must have if you want to be considered to play in the big league with the big boys:


  1. A track record. Most authors think that if they could just be interviewed on a major network when their book is released – they would set them up for major sales. Listen, a new book is not news.  A good TV producer is not looking for the “new kid on the block” to present to their viewers, they want to score a guest that has some STAR power. A guest that has some juice; some awards; someone who has a following and people want to watch.  So, this means you must start small, start local and then you can progress to regional and national.  This takes TIME.
  2. A good internet presence. If you think just having a website is enough – think again. Everyone has a website. You must prove to the media that you have an online following and dominate the search engines in regards to your expertise.  If you say you are an “expert” – the media’s proof is to see whether you show up on page one of Google when they put in that query about the topic. If you don’t show up at all. NEXT. So you must know SEO, have a blog, some Facebook fans, Twitter followers and so on.
  3. A concise, professional media kit. This is the hub of your information. But wait, don’t just throw together a press release, bio and some jpeg photos and call it a day. Think this through. Make this a tool that the make the media go “wow.” Meaning, there is no searching for answers, or searching for photos, or searching for video clips, or searching for current key facts or links.  This is a living document that you keep on your website under a tab called “Media Kit” or “Press Kit.” But make it stand out and make sure your contact info is there and you are available 24/7 for the media. So, yes you must put a mobile there or your publicist’s mobile number there.


A good media kit should have –

a. A long and a short bio (in third person not first person please). How are they going to introduce you if they have to rewrite your bio because you wrote it in first person? Make it an exciting bio too. Have a one sheet too. This is info about you in a snapshot. Hire some to help you if you need it. Read bios of the experts in your field for samples.

b. Interview questions the media can ask you (because they probably won’t have time to read the whole book or do all the research on the topic you’re an expert in – so help them out!) Prepare at least 10 to 15 questions. Also good to have is a FAQ sheet and pitch letter.

c. Photos. Have an assortment of PROFESSIONAL head shots, speaking shots, full body shots and if an author, the book cover. Please have high-resolution photos available on the site for magazines too.

d. Previous media hits with links to video and audio interviews. Media begets media Also if you have endorsements – include those in the kit as well. They want to see what others are saying about you. So the more you show how you were featured in other media and seen by other people (preferably other experts), the more comfortable they will feel about booking you.

e. Radio and TV Interview Ideas. Think like a journalist or producer.  Write out a show description or have a list of topics with bullet points you can speak about on the air.

f. Articles. Have some articles ready for the media to use for the prep of their story or to post on a blog for further info after the interview. They can be published or unpublished articles or even blog posts. But you want to provide them with background research from you about the topic you’re being interviewed about. A link to old newsletters are good to have included as well.

g. PDF of your book for the media to access in a hurry.



  1. An intro video of you speaking at events. Showing you speaking in front of an audience with some audience reaction. This is extremely important if you want to get book on a major network.
  2. A calendar of events. Media want to know that you’re busy – and have an active itinerary. Remember the media wants to book and interview those who are in high demand and have a strong brand.
  3. Lists. Media love lists. Become a valuable resource for the media. Create Top Ten lists for your industry. These are good for sidebars for articles they are writing. Or the list could be used as a “teaser” when promoting a show.
  4. A tight brand. Professional graphics. Professional photos. Professional website and blog. Professional newsletter. Keyword here: PROFESSIONAL. Not homemade. If you have a “DIY” look, it screams amateur.  Pay a professional. If you want to roll with the big dogs – don’t be cheap with your brand.  You have to pay to play.


Finally, timing is everything – but equally important is being prepared. There is nothing worst than having an opportunity to get major publicity and goof it up because you were not prepared. (The media is very quick to say “no go” – and it takes time for them to give “yes, it’s a go.”)   


Learn to stay prep (become a student of the media) and continue to market and grow your brand.  Strong SEO, a polished brand, networking and consistency will yield great results.




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Got Swag? 7 Steps to Social Media SWAG by Pam Perry



You’ve heard the term swag lately. Someone may say, “I like your swag” or “He’s got swag!” And although you may not find this popular term in Merriam-Webster’s version of the dictionary, it is used worldwide by teens, recording artists, TV critics and most importantly for your sake… social media!


I know, I know. Before you tell me how you don’t know how to tweet and have no desire to tweet, twit, or Facebook, for that matter, let me let you in on a secret. Social media can be your business’ ticket to success. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

Swag is a term used to describe someone’s style, personality, the way they carry themselves, and their level of confidence. It’s a person’s walk, their talk. It’s their attitude, but in a good way! We’ve all got some level of swag… well, some more than others. But after reading the following, I challenge you to ‘get your swag on’ and make social media work for you.


Step 1

Don’t Hate on the Competition Just Yet…

            In any business, the goal is usually to beat the competitor. But in order to beat the competition, you have to know what they are doing and what makes them a competitor. If they are still in the game, they have to be doing something right. So you need to watch, look and listen at what is going on around you. Put your head in the game! Take inventory of where you are right now and where you want to go from here.

            For example, when you read a blog, you are studying your competition. And after you read so many blogs, you’ll not only be motivated to start your own, but you’ll know what to say, how to say it and who is listening. Read the responses to the blogs as well. This lets you know what your target audience is saying, which allows you to tailor your own blog to those respondents.

            Though many like to think so, social media is not a magic lamp where you can rub it, and out comes a genie. It is just another spoke in the wheel for your overall marketing plan. The social media outlet door is wide open for you and the rest of the world to see, free of charge! So no longer do you have to play detective and act like a secret shopper to find out the best strategies of your competitors. Their marketing strategies have just become an open book. Read their tweets. Follow their Facebook posts. Find out who your top three competitors are and simply sit back and watch, look and listen. Then determine your own personal goals you want to achieve through social media.

            Social media is more than an outlet to just post pictures and ‘like’ someone’s status. It’s essentially free advertisement. Let’s say that I have a client who has an article about them written in Essence or Ebony. They can then repost that article into a blog site, or even add a link to the article on their Facebook profile. So this not only allows the readers of these publications to read the article, but all of this person’s ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ also learn of the success. If someone is featured on The View or Oprah, they can obtain a copy of it from the TV station, upload it to YouTube, and then repost to whatever other social media sites they choose. So while your friends or family may not have picked up the latest issue of Essence and didn’t get to watch you on The View, they are sure to see it when you post it on your public social networking profile.

            Watch, look and listen. The competitor didn’t become a competitor by doing something wrong. They have to be doing something right. Find out what it is and make it work for you. While watching the competition, you purposely position yourself to attract your target audience as well.       


Step 2

Make Digital Footprints in the Sand

          Who are you? What do you do? What do you specialize in? These are all vital questions to ask when it comes to branding yourself in the social media. Make sure that wherever you go, with every digital footprint you make, that your brand is the same. Be consistent. Don’t create a brand for encouragement and inspiration, but post negative, depressing updates on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This contradicts your ultimate branding of being one who encourages and inspires. Your Twitter and Facebook page should match your professional website. Your website should match your fan page. Your fan page should match your YouTube videos. And so on…

            Don’t confuse people. They need to see your brand and instantly know who you are and what you stand for. Take Coach for example. The Facebook page and website for Coach products should reflect the same brand. And because of the reputation Coach has built, when you see a product, you can immediately tell if it is created by Coach. The same should ring true of your brand.

            In this digital age, people have ADD. You have to capture their attention within a split second or you could lose them forever. However, if you have successfully branded yourself, they will recognize you and feel comfortable with whatever product you are promoting. There’s a certain comfort level people search for in brands. For example, if you visit Paris, but aren’t familiar with the restaurants, and you see the golden arches, you will more than likely eat at McDonald’s. You already know what their food tastes like and you feel comfortable with the brand. The same is true of Starbuck’s. When you visit a Starbuck’s, you expect a certain level of quality and great atmosphere, no matter the location.

            It’s not just the brand; it’s the logo. That logo signifies everything that is behind the brand. The time you’ve invested. The information you’ve shared. The trust you’ve built. The logo is a culmination of everything you’ve done for people to notice you, know you, understand you, and recognize your brand ultimately. It is the promise to your customers.

            Confusion destroys your brand. The equity and time you put into building your brand can be destroyed overnight by you simply doing something different and offbeat. Be known as an expert for whatever it is that you do. If you’re in business, your goal is to provide customers with your area of expertise. But it’s up to you to make sure you are known for just that. Share, don’t sell, information to your customers so that they not only come to know you as an expert, but they trust you. So as you make your digital footprints in the sand, make sure your brand tracks look identical to the ones you have made before!



Step 3

Content is King (Marketing is Queen)

          People don’t follow a good salesperson. They follow good content. That’s one of the ways people will get to know you, by the content you offer and the value of it. In order to create valuable content, you must research keywords. Search for certain keywords and brand your content so that it contains those keywords. This will allow you to receive numerous hits without a potential customer ever knowing your name.

            For example, if someone is searching for Pam Perry, they may use keywords such as PR coach, PR guru, ministry marketing, and so on. When someone enters any of these keywords, my website, blog or even my Facebook page should come up in the search results page. The ultimate goal is to be the first or second result on the search results page. If you come in any other place below that, you risk the user entering new search keywords, which may not be tagged for your business. Whether it’s a list of things to do (or not to do) or top ten tips, provide good, valuable content so that there is no question that you know what you are talking about.

            A good resource to use when trying to determine keywords is This tool not only allows you to enter keywords, but if you click Get Keyword Ideas, it will provide you with other keywords to use. Use these keywords in your blogs, eblasts, social media profiles and of course, your website. But even with keywords, if you have a similar name, like Jessica Jones, you want to make sure you are posting enough valuable content on the Internet so that you come up first in a person’s search results. Even though the other Jessica Jones in the world may have nothing more than a Facebook page, you don’t want customers to confuse the two. You have to constantly be active online. People love people that provide information for free. For example, author Seth Godin provided his entire book for free as an eBook before he released the hardcover copy. Because so many loved the electronic version of the book, they purchased a hard copy of the book once it was released, making it a New York Times Bestseller.

            You can’t give away too much content. If it genuinely came from you, there is more from where that came from. With every article you write, every video you post, and every status you update, you throw more content out onto the web to brand you all the more. The more content you share, the more people come to recognize you as an expert and will realize the value of your information and ultimately, support your business.



Step 4

Are You Engaged?

            Now, I’m not talking about the engagement where you get a ring and start planning a wedding for months down the line. I’m referring to interacting with others online. It doesn’t matter that you and I talk; we have to engage with others online. Create a community for isolated conversations to take place. Twitter actually uses hash tags, such as #GrammyAwards2011, which allows you to converse with all users who may be watching the Grammy Awards at the time. It’s all about engaging and establishing relationships. It’s not always about selling and marketing. Sometimes, you have to build up a group of ‘followers’ first.

            Take Facebook for example. That’s great that someone wants to become your ‘friend’. But if you never engage them, and they don’t visit your page on a regular basis, what’s the point? How does this help your business? But also realize that while someone may not visibly engage on your page on a regular basis, they may still be watching you. They may still be taking all of the information you post into account, without ever saying a word to you about it. Personally, 90% of my clientele comes from online. I never know who is watching me. All of a sudden, I get checks for thousands of dollars from people that have been watching me for three or four months and appreciate the information I have shared.

            I love this information age we are in. I’m like a kid in a candy store. While others feel overwhelmed by too much information, I consume myself in it. It’s what I’ve done all of my life. I reported information in high school, college, and even once I was out of school. It comes naturally for me. I’m always sending an eblast, conducting a conference call, tweeting a valuable website for authors, or even posting a video on YouTube of me speaking at a recent conference.


            I give away a plethora of information. But it’s up to you to use it. The same should ring true of you and your social media swag. Give away so much information that people say to you, “You give away too much free information.” Then give away some more! You’re putting your best foot forward. You’re creating your own community and at this point, people are simply watching you to decide if they will conduct business with you or not. The benefits in the long run will far outweigh the cost to send out complimentary information. Get engaged!

Step 5

The Swag Tool Belt

          As with any job, you have to make sure you have the essential tools to succeed. People are looking for a solution to a problem. So you must make sure that the content you provide or the service you offer solves a problem for the customer. For example, if you’re a plumber, you can provide content on taking care of pipes in the winter time.

            More importantly, make sure that you not only have a website, but that it works properly. It doesn’t matter if your website comes up first in search engine optimization and you have a steady flow of traffic to your site, but you’re not capturing their email address to communicate with them in the future. As with any other social media, your website homepage should state very clearly the purpose of the business and what it is that you do. Your brand should be the same as it is everywhere else on the web. Make sure you have an opt-in box on your website as well so people can continue to interact with you.

            You definitely want to invest in an AWeber or Constant Contact account. Constant Contact allows you to create and send eblasts in a click of a button. You can even create eblasts to be sent out on a certain date and at a certain time, without being anywhere near the computer when it goes out. Eventually, these eblasts will turn into blogs, which is where a significant amount of your social media will stem from.

            Do you have to have a blog? Absolutely! I say it’s mandatory! It doesn’t make sense to have a Facebook page or a Blog Talk radio show, and not have a blog. Don’t be blog haters; get a blog! You’ll be surprised at the results a blog can bring.

            If you really want to be found, you also need Google Analytics. This free service offered by Google actually tells you where your traffic is coming from and how long a person stays on your website. It will show you, for example, that 50% of your traffic is coming from Facebook and 25% is coming from Twitter, etc.

            In this digital age, you definitely need high speed Internet access. Dial-up won’t cut it. It will limit your capability to interact with others online as fast and efficiently. Also invest in a webcam. A webcam runs approximately $30 to add to your computer if you don’t already have one directly installed. Video tape yourself speaking about your area of expertise and post it on YouTube and Facebook. This counts as content as well. People are visual. Don’t be left behind because you won’t participate in the video content wave.

            As a side note, when using social media, use your real name. People may see your photo but if your Twitter name is GodselectLady, no one knows your real name to connect with you. If you won’t post your real name, at the very least make the name your business name. People trust the real thing, not a nickname.

          Ok, so yes, ultimately your goal is for people to do business with you. But you must first work to establish relationships. If the first time someone hears your name is when you release your first book, they may be hesitant to connect with you because they think you are just trying to sell them. You have to let people know who you are, what you’re about and that you’re not just looking at them as a dollar sign. I would advise using the attraction marketing method. Simply go about life, doing what you do best, and sharing information on a regular basis. Eventually, people will see how much of a goldmine of information you are for them, and ultimately be attracted to connect with you further.



Step 6

Find Your Social Media Niche

          So you’ve started hanging out online a bit more. You tweet more frequently and may update your Facebook status three times a day now as opposed to the one you were accustomed to doing in the morning before heading out the door. Depending on the audience you are trying to attract, you may need to reconsider which social media outlet you funnel your energy to. If you started a blog but you hate writing, then maybe you need to consider posting more videos of you speaking. If you like to speak, but you may not want your face plastered online just yet, consider starting a Blog Talk Radio show. Find three major outlets and master them.

            Most of the social media outlets allow you to integrate others. While you can integrate Twitter and Facebook, you can also integrate Facebook with your blog. Remember, most times we are mobile. So consider mastering three outlets that you can update and monitor from your cell phone. is another good one for retail businesses to use. This outlet can be monitored from a cell phone as well. LinkedIn is a more professional network where you can also connect with people worldwide.

            You have to find what works best for you. Once you find your three prominent areas of your social media niche, master them. Become consumed with them. Begin to build relationships, which will ideally turn into clientele. Remember, people look for consistency and a business they can trust. Make sure your daily branding reflects this.


Step 7

If It’s Broke, Fix It!

          The final step is to measure your results of your social media efforts. Maybe you got over 1,000 responses on your blog, but didn’t get any responses to your posting on Facebook. Maybe you gained 100,000 new followers from Twitter, but didn’t get any reviews on your YouTube video. This is where you have to decide where your most vital relationships will stem from based on social media efforts thus far.

            Make sure your content is not boring. Add pictures and video, if possible. Make it eye-pleasing. The great thing about social media is that it’s your world! Be as creative as you want to be. The more creative your blogs are, the more people feel a personal connection to you and start to see your true personality. This will build trust early on and cause them to stay connected long term.

            Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get one million ‘followers’ as soon as you create your Twitter profile. Social media takes time and dedication. It may not seem like anyone is paying attention to you; it may seem as though no one is listening. But believe this, someone is watching you. They’re just waiting to see how consistent you will be. Don’t change the message that you send out. If you’re a motivational speaker, your tweets and statuses should motivate, daily! Over time, you will see positive results from people you never even knew were watching.

            The benefits of Facebook are limitless. You can not only create a personal page, but also create a fan page for fans of you or fans of your business. You simply ask your personal ‘friends’ to ‘like’ the fan page. Now you have two pages where you can post content. Your personal page lets a person get to know you from day to day. Your fan page may only contain information pertaining to your business or your area of expertise. is another site that allows you to share content with one click of a button to many social media sites.

            As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But for the things that are broke when it comes to defining your social media swag, you do need to fix it. And quick! Don’t just hang out. Create an effective brand, build long-term relationships and get your swag on! Your business brand depends on it!


Upcoming Book by Pam Perry coming June 2011!

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5. Create a press release about products or services you’re giving away.

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Creative PR

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