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WAHMs and SAHMs, did you know we have a way for you to make money, while helping other women (and their families) to live good, feel good, and smell good?  Our affiliate marketing program is designed to help you put money into your handbag, successfully.  It isn't easy being a part of an affiliate marketing program.  Often, those who join are left on their own, to figure out how to effectively earn commission.  When you join our family, we are committed to helping you maximize your commission. Not only do you sit back and relax while we process orders and maintain all of the inventory, we make it super easy for you to share with your online visitors/readers... When you join our affiliate family, in addition to affiliate banners, promotional banners;affiliate-collaboration sale banners;text links and affiliate marketing tips are also provided. You can also expect digital knocks on your email door. We like to see how you're doing, and to see if any assistance is needed.



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Our affiliate marketing program is not simply about you making money for us.  It is about you making that extra for any household, business or personal (you know you've been eyeing those shoes) needs. The collaborative aspect is to highlight what you offer online, thus we are adding value to each other.

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Be Whole,

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First things first what is Instant Rewards: Instant Rewards is an online CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing company who works with different fortune 500 companies.  Instant Rewards gives others the opportunity to partner with them as independent referral agents; where your job will be to connect potential customers with these companies and receive daily commissions starting at $20 just for helping people try free or low cost trial offers.

Why Instant Rewards Works

Instant Rewards and companies like them are providing a solution to big companies who are realizing that the traditional methods of advertising have not been as effective as they once were; in this day of DVR, On Demand and TIVO we are all able to watch tv the way we want meaning no more sitting through commercials; this has created a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees alike to work from home and receive a slice of the billion dollar annual advertising budget that these Fortune 500 companies are allocating to what is known as CPA Marketing.

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action of a user, for instance… a form submission, the purchase of an item, or in this case signing up for trial offers.

In my search for an additional revenue stream I wanted to be able to earn money quickly with the least amount of start-up cost and the CPA marketing model allows me to do just that. In order to qualify to work for Instant Rewards you simply need to sign up and try one of the offers. It is a one time thing that allows you the opportunity to then refer others and earn a commission as often as you like. Although the potential is there to earn money quickly Instant Rewards, is not a get rich quick scheme it does require you to do some work but what I have found is that Instant Rewards provides great training, as well as tools and resources to make the work not as difficult.

If you are new to working online you may find Instant Rewards the perfect opportunity with the no or low start-up cost all you need to get started is a computer with Internet connection and about 15 minutes. You can learn more about Instant Rewards here or if you are ready to sign-up and start earning money click here.

If you are looking for a more long term residual income I would recommend you checking out this video.

Here’s to your Success

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"Feel like you're running on a Hamster's

wheel and getting nowhere?"

Join me for my  Power Executive Call Free....
Empowered to Manifest Your Best Year Ever!

This is my Christmas and New Year's Gift To You...

Tuesday, December 27 at 2:00 PM PST

  • Experience a powerful Visualization Exercise to help you with manifestation of your Ideal Lifestyle!

  • Essential Keys to Manifesting Your Best Year Yet!

  • Empowering Insights for a Success Mindset

  • 4 Mindset shifts essential to your Breakthrough in 2012

And More!

Click here to learn more and secure your VIP access.

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3 Keys to avoiding Burn out


Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity? This is an area that I spend a lot of time in my endeavor to follow my passion which is empowering women and woman entrepreneurs.

There is very little that can cause a decrease in productivity as easily as burnout. While you may be tempted to believe that putting every waking moment into working on your job or building your business is a good way to get things done, there is an additional factor which you may not have considered. When you figuratively take your work home with you or never officially close business you can increase your risk of burnout and get much less accomplished in the long-run.

In this scenario you are not just doing work during your free time you are actually keeping your work on your mind during your free hours. When you are at home, or somewhere else other than in your workplace, you can easily burn yourself out by keeping it as your main focus.





Key #1
When work is done or business is done at home have an official shut down of your work, of your business.

It may go something like this. At work outside of the home close the door to the office, get in your car, turn on some music that actually allows you to transition from work to home.

Home business
Hopefully you have a place that’s designated as your home office. Shut the computer down whether that’s to put it on sleep or standby. Move away from the computer. If it’s in a office with a door, close the door. Put on some music that will also allow you to make the transition from work to home.

This sounds simple, however, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it is to making the transition from work to home. If you need to go back then consider it extra work and not stringing along your work hours throughout the day.

Key #2

Leave work thoughts at work

During your off-hours, you may put a lot of time into thinking about your job. You may worry about whether you will get something done on time, or the overall quality of your work. This can lead you to become overly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. You may become more fatigued by your work when you are thinking about it and worrying about it than when you are actually doing your job.

Instead of stressing yourself out over whatever you need to accomplish the next day, or how much progress you are making with something you are working on, try learning how to leave those thoughts and concerns at your place of business.

Key #3

Cultivate positive habits

When you have free time, develop some positive habits. Learning how to relax, to participate in healthy recreation, and giving both your time and focus to your friends and family will all reduce your risk of burnout. When you have begun to develop these habits, it will not take long for you to see the results. You will start each new work day feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally refreshed. You will have more to give to your job when you are refreshed. You will be more motivated, more energetic, and more productive.

And you know I like to over deliver so here’s a bonus key

Bonus Key #4

Saturate everything with Prayer

Begin your day with prayer. You can never go wrong by staying close to the master planner. You’ll gain clarity of vision and peace will be imparted. Wisdom will also be given to those that ask. James 1:5

You can also meditate on God’s word through out the day and most definitely close your day with prayer.

Prayer will also help you to be less irritable and those things that would really get to you will seem to bounce off.

What will you use from this article? Take at least one thing and begin to apply it to your daily routine. If you need additional support in getting it done and making it happen I want to give you a special incentive Secure your place here in my FREE Tele-Class “Tap into insider secrets : Get it Done – Make it Happen!” This is the preview call to my 90 Days of Empowerment and Focus Coaching Program. You’ll receive access to my coaching, guidance, tools, resources, templates and more. End 2011 strong and kick-start 2012 with a BANG! Get focused, Make Big Changes and get results Faster! If you know you’re ready and need to do something positively different right now and don’t have time to wait. Go here to enroll in 90 Days of Empowerment and Focus Coaching program today!




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Self-discipline is an essential factor for productivity and success. Without it, one becomes lazy, unmotivated, and dependent upon others. Lack of self-discipline also makes for a difficult-to-deal-with employee, boss, or coworker.

Exercising self-discipline means, in an old-fashioned term, setting yourself to a task. You need to know what must be done, when it must be done– and do it. Good self-discipline includes a basic schedule, or framework, of what needs to be accomplished within a specific period of time. You do not allow yourself to become sidetracked, or to procrastinate.

However, being too rigid with self-discipline does not increase productivity. It can even lessen it. If you do not allow yourself any breaks throughout the workday, or any room for error at all, the expectations you are placing on yourself are too rigid. Instead of getting more done, or doing more in a shorter period of time, it can cause you to become frustrated with your tasks and your job.

If you learned self-discipline early in life, you probably do not have any difficulty with it now. On the other hand, if your schooling years and family life were too rigid, or if little was expected of you, this is a good time to develop the habit. You may have managed to slide through your early years without a good sense of self-discipline, but it will be a stumbling-block to your career.

A good way to start cultivating self-discipline is

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What do you want? No I mean what do you really, really want? If you knew you could not fail and money was not an issue what would you really want?

What does your ideal lifestyle look like?

These are some very good questions that actually as I’m passionately empowering women many who are in a consultation or coaching with me are stunned by and they have to think just a bit. We should all have the answers to these questions.

I did a Tele-class on Top 5 reasons you are not where you want to be – YET! One of the Top 5 included “You Don’t really want what you think you want.”

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

Thomas Jefferson

Everyone wants to run their own business and be their own boss…. right?
Everyone wants a vacation home in the mountains… right?
Everyone wants 2.4 kids and the white picket fence…. right?


When it comes to dreams, one size most definitely does NOT fit all. Our dreams and goals are as individual as we are, and adopting someone else’s goals as our own can feel like wearing someone else’s shoes: It looks okay to everyone else, but to us, it feels awful and gives us blisters.

There are thousands, if not millions, of people out there striving for the wrong goals. Wrong not because there’s anything inherently bad about them, but wrong because the goals they’re aiming for are wrong for THEM. So as I persevere in my endeavor to empower women I must remain authentic and help you discover your authentic self for your realized empowering success.

There’s the law student that is very gifted in music and enjoys her classes in school leading up to the profession of a lawyer who would never give an extra thought to setting that aside for pursuing her career in music because both of her parents are Lawyers.

There’s the successful saleswoman who would really love to chuck it all and teach English, but she’s making too much money and only a crazy person would throw away a six-figure paycheck.

There are many frustrated individuals out there “believe it or not ” Frustration knows no geographic, socioeconomic, or race or religious boundaries.

The only way to know if the goals you’re aiming for are the right goals is to figure out if they are your heart’s desire. Sometimes it takes some detective work to peel back the layers of societal and family expectations to get at what YOU really want.

There are clues all around you: If you fall asleep dreaming about something, wake up thinking about something, and find yourself perking up whenever you meet someone doing what you’d like to do, you’re on the right track. Meanwhile, if you get a sinking sensation when you pull into the garage of house with the white picket fence, or find yourself calling in sick to that six-figure job “everyone” would kill to have, then you may be in the wrong place… for you.

So what do you do if you find you’ve been chasing after the wrong dream? If you find that you’re not on track to your destiny. You readjust. You discover what your vision is, your purpose in life. You reignite your passion. You connect with someone who can be an accountability partner, who is not biased and can offer expertise in the area you are seeking to move forward in. Even if they don’t have the specific expertise in that area but have the life skills you need to help you discover your authentic self, get unstuck, get focused, make BIG changes and get results that will put you miles ahead of where you’ve been for the last 1 to 5, 5 to 10 years or more!

You find ways to move your current life closer to the one you really long for. Maybe that means getting up an hour early to work on your novel. Maybe it means spending your weekends teaching art to inner city kids. Maybe it researching organizations that may need your expertise and would like you to share with their members. Take a small step and see how it feels. Then take another, and another, until you know deep in your heart you’re on the right track. If you are, the momentum will carry you forward.

You’ll be closer to where you want to be. The Authentic you that is.

Are you ready to say yes to the healthier, wealthier, empowered, focused, joyful, and Authentic you?

I invite you to request your free access to 4 more reasons you’re not where you want to be – YET! Request access to my Top 5 reasons you’re not where you want to be YET empowering Training Audio. Go there now!

This is also part of my preview Tele-series “Get it Done. Make it Happen!” A preview of my phenomenal 90 Days of Empowerment and Focus Coaching Program. If you’re tired of the overwhelm, stress, lack of productivity, playing small and more learn more and secure 1 of 10 spaces for gold and 1 of 15 for Silver.http://bit.ly/90daysregister


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Productivity Secrets: Beware of Time Thieves

Are you a victim of Time thieves?



Maybe that would be easier to answer if you knew what time thieves were. And quite possibly you already know what they are but need to be reminded of how much they are stealing from your Destiny, from your relationships, okay from your life.

I’m sharing another post on Productivity secrets because it is one area that most women have a challenge with whether in business or their personal life.

You’ve probably given in to most of the time thieves I’m going to mention below.

You can actually use the phone as a timesaver if you know how.

TV and Radio
How many hours have we given to watching TV or listening to the radio. Now get this, some of it is done out of habit. What that means is if you actually made a decision (remember everything begins with a decision) a decision to reduce the amount of time you watch Television and replace it with a productive activity you could achieve that goal and realize increased revenue in the process.

The same thing applies to the radio. Be intentional about your listening and not habitual.

Waiting in Line
I truly believe that this is one way our patience is tested.

Sometimes going to crowded places can’t be avoided, however, there are peak hours that you can expect longer lines. Pick a schedule where you least expect many people to show up. For example, buy your groceries on weekdays. Don’t shop during weekends and paydays. If you can afford the higher price tags of items that can be bought through the phone, internet, or third-party services, then go ahead and buy them. If you treat time as gold, then the extra time you’ll be saving as a result of this act is worth much more than the extra money you’ll be spending. In case you really have no choice but to wait in line, then don’t waste your time complaining. Do something productive like reading a book, listening to educational tapes, or writing your future plans on your little notebook.

Social Media
Yes I said it. Social Media. Some individuals spend all day on Social Media sites and get absolutely nowhere. Social media is a power resource if you know what you’re doing. Automate your activities. Up grade your skills. Connect with a Social Media Coach such as myself to learn how to monetize your efforts or outsource it. Our World Wide Visibility movement is set for this very thing. to support you in your efforts to gain World Wide Visibility.

Email overwhelm

The ability to send emails has contributed to productivity in the office whether you have an office at home or in the workplace. It’s become such a part of our daily activities that we’ve forgotten about the snail mail which can end up being more effective due to the fact that some people don’t even open most of their emails.

However, there are certain downsides to using email as a means of communication. Do you check your emails many times in the day? If so you’re hampering your productivity. It can end up being a very time-consuming activity.

Traffic Traffic and more Traffic
This is another hair-pulling moment, especially when you’re running late for an important appointment. Avoid the rush hour by all means. Anticipate when a traffic jam is usually occurring during the day so you can adjust your commuting time. If your destination is not too far away, a walking session might
be a great idea to evade traffic, save on gas or money, and attain a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve shared with you a few time thieves and you may be asking “Okay Robin that’s all good but what do I do about it?” I’m glad you asked.

I’m hosting a Tele-series “Get it Done – Make it Happen: Get Focused, Make Big Changes and Get Results!” I’ll be sharing some yummy insights on this very topic and more! If you’re serious about keeping your appointment with Destiny, manifesting your most desired results and ideal lifestyle while having time for what matters most, you don’t want to miss this call.

Go to http://bit.ly/90daysofempowermentinfo to secure your VIP ticket to my Tele-class. There are only 200 lines so secure your ticket and call in early.

Here’s to your empowering success!

“The Empowerment Diva”

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Register => http://tinyurl.com/complasercoaching
Only 90 phone lines available!

Are you having challenges with starting or growing your business as a new and aspiring Woman Entrepreneur?
This call is for you.

Realizing some level of success but know that you could do so much more?
This call is for you.

You're invited to be part of my FREE laser coaching call for Aspiring ,New and Enterprising Spiritually minded Women Entrepreneurs. This call is to support those who may feel a little overwhelmed and experiencing information overload and simply need to know where to begin, make sense out of all the information out there, grow your business etc.

3 Simple secrets to Online marketing breakthrough and laser focus so you can chart your course, realize results faster than you ever have with unshakable confidence, fear-less, faith-full, more time and more money and manifest your best year ever.

I will share content and answer your question and provide you with laser coaching. Plus I'll be making a special announcement on the call.

You Don't want to miss this opportunity!

Thursday, May 5 at 1:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm EST
Can't make the call? The audio replay will be available to all registrants.

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Talk to you soon!

Questions? info@RobinTramble.com

Only 90 phone lines available for this call

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Do you desire to be a better mom, wife and/or friend?


Longing to step up to your purpose and manifest your Authentically Brilliant Diamond Life and/or Biz?

Feel like you’re doing everything possible to uplevel your life but are not getting anywhere?

Are you being held back by dis-empowering habits?

Wish you could experience a transformational coaching program to take you
to a new Dimension in your life?

I have great news for you.

I’m giving away a few partial scholarships to my Total Transformation – “A Journey to Wholeness” VIP coaching program.

You see many times we spend so much time on the external and neglect to manage the internal. Without mastering your mindset, overcoming disempowering habits etc. you may sabotage any endeavor towards empowering success.

Here’s the gist…..

I have a heart for single moms and often cry for how many may be experiencing challenging times right now. I really felt it when I watched the gas prices increase to the place that they have.

While preparing for this phenomenal program I thought what can I do to encourage more to connect with me for support?

Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of partial scholarship to the Silver Level
of my Total Transformation Coaching program.


Opportunities for partial scholarships in the uncategorized area whether you're a single mompreneur or not.




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One of the things that I’ve encountered while serving my passion of empowering women are these three words “the right time.”


How many times have you sighed, “Let me think about it, I need to wait for the right time”, “Not now it’s not the right time”?


Did you ever find the right time? Or are you still waiting.


Time fulfills it’s purpose daily waiting on no man. Are you fulfilling your purpose

daily, waiting on no man, no thing? ~ Robin Tramble


The grave is rich with good intentions. Many I’m sure were waiting for the right time. Some of our greatest songs are in the grave, witty ideas and inventions in the grave, Government officials, Men or Women of God “in the grave!”


I’m not trying to be harsh here, however, I’m tired of seeing gifted individuals passing time and refusing to do whatever it takes to manifest their dreams all because you’re waiting for the right time.


I see this a lot in my coaching. Some take me up on complimentary sessions, see the value and talk about how others aren’t stepping up to get the training they need only to say at the close of the session that now is not the right time. Of course at times it may not be the right time, however, you must take inventory of the validity of your statement. Is it another form of procrastination? Do you have a fear of the unknown, fear of success or fear of failure?


Everyday will bring about a change. The question is what change? A change for the better or for the worse? Will it change by default or will you take charge of your future and change yourself so that you can change your world?


Underline, highlight, print in your memory this next statement; “There’s never a right time!”


Children are small at home “not the right time.” You now have teens at home “not the right time.” Your son or daughter is in college “not the right time.” Oh my they’re getting married so much to do “not the right time.” I’m going back to school now so… “it’s not the right time.” My parents are aging so…. “it’s not the right time.”



Life happens and there will always be something else that we are responsible for.


How important is it to you to manifest your desired results in your personal growth, business growth, spiritual growth, weight loss, relationships etc.?


God’s gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift back to Him. Now is the time. Right here and right now.


There’s an audience waiting to hear your message and realize the benefits of your solutions to their problems.


This is your time. This is your year!


How is your mindset? Your mindset could be causing you to continue to delay taking steps towards your empowering success. I invite you to request my video series “Mindset Secrets for Empowering Success” while it’s available.


Go to http://tinyurl.com/mindsetsecretsvid



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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"I see so many women wanting to learn more about how they can tap into the Social Media phenomena, however, they are presented with the task of balancing their current roles with that of adding yet another item to the list. If I can convince them of the value of Social Media Marketing to their business the investment of time associated with empowering themselves with this skill would be the last thing allowed to hinder their endeavors." says Robin Tramble

Social Media is all the rage and is replacing many of the Marketing strategies in companies. Social Media has changed the way we do business, connect with friends,clients, prospects etc. and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere too soon. Social media sites give people the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones and expand their professional network with only a few clicks, from the comfort of their own home. Social Media includes Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin,Myspace and more.

Imagine being able to Finally attract 1000's of lucrative relationships online and Quickly EXPLODE your business results using Social Media without wasting time or money so you can increase your bottom line!

So what else could be holding women back from stepping up to empower themselves and thereby empower their business results?

"Some of the problem may stem from fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure and more! They must somehow replace that fear with vision for their ideal lifestyle, ideal business and the feeling that would result from finally attracting their ideal clients. Change your focus. Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positives, focus on Faith." Says Robin

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”
Mary Manin Morrissey

Robin has designed a brand new program just in time for the new year. "I Rock on Twitter and Facebook Social Media Empowerment Coaching club/program!"

Why should you listen to Robin?

Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva was recently named as 1 of 25 urban entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand Maker News. With a combined total of over 10,000 followers she is qualified to share with you how you too can rock on twitter "authentically!"

She has a nice following on Facebook and her likes to her fanpage are increasing by the week without much effort. She has plans to increase her efforts to greatly enhance the likes to her Facebook page.

You can learn more about this program by going to http://www.RobinTramble.com/irockontwitterfacebooksocialmedia.html .
Get targeted followers on Twitter without stress and overwhelm. Targeted friends, and likes to your Facebook Page. Set up your Facebook page and more! Plus over $900 in bonuses.

                                                                                                    # # #

Robin Tramble works with savvy women,new,aspiring and enterprising women entrepreneurs who want to discover their authentic self so they can make big changes or achieve some big results but are struggling to make it happen fast enough. She helps them get unstuck, create achieve the results that they want faster than ever before.

Robin is CEO and Founder of Robin Tramble International, President and Founder of The Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She's a Professional "Authentic LIfe" Empowerment Mentor, Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker. Robin is also known as Empowerment Diva because she has carved out a niche in the area of empowerment.
She recently shared her empowerment tips on Good Day Sacramento as "Empowerment Diva" and was named 1 of 25 urban Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand maker News.
Robin is also an accomplished keyboardist, singer and songwriter and plans to incorporate her musical gifts with her resources for women's empowering personal development.

--- end ---
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Are you the person everyone comes to for advice? If so Compass is providing for you to make it official and become a Professional Life Coach. Compass Coach Training is comprehensive, accelerated and affordable.


With Compass Coach Training you can become a Professional Life Coach with a comprehensive curriculum,  industry IAC ( International Association of Coaches ) partnership. This is  unique coach training design for you to  become a Certified Life Coach within a year with an - Earn While You Learn approach.


You will have clients assigned to you through Compass Independent Reps who are enrolling people into the Compass Coaching Network. Classes can be atttended virtually as to not interfere with what you are currently doing. Next class starts in March and Limited Enrollment.


Contact me if  you are interested; I will provide you with additional details. Also visit http://www.fallintoyou.com to know all about Compass - self-growth and personal development network for women.


Marlene McCray, MS

Certififed Compass Coach



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Are you using tactics that are relevant to the times? Or are you still using tactics from 1999?

Just a reminder that our coaching program, "I Rock on Twitter and Facebook Social Media Empowerment" starts tomorrow! This is your last official chance to join us for what promises to be an enriching experience.

The coaching program is... your answer to overcoming the fear, anxiety, overwhelm and possible information overload that you've been experiencing where it concerns using Social Media to accelerate your online success. Or maybe you have none of the above and have been looking for the anser to your needs. The coaching program is 6 weeks in length and we'll be meeting on select Tuesdays via live TELESEMINAR.

Check out the program and register here:


Remember, tomorrow at 12 noon PST, 2:00 CST, 3:00 ST is the absolute last day that we'll be accepting registrations with the current bonuses. You can register after that time,however, some of the bonuses may not be there for you as they were to be Early Bird bonuses (over $900 in value). Also the investment was to change, however, we may leave that where it is.

This is not a program in a box. You'll be empowered to explode your business and attract 1000's of lucrative relationships online using Twitter and Facebook.


I just created the secret group on Facebook today, which will add immensely to the effectiveness of this program. Plus you'll get access to my coaching and over $900 in bonuses including the new linkedin resource added.

Don't worry about missing a session as the calls will be recorded and you get access to them on the password protected page. And it's all from the comfort of your home .


POWER up your Social Media Marketing and Networking!!





P.S. Don't wait, do it today, right now.

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only you'll step away and return with regrets because you

missed the time-frame you committed yourself to.

If you're interested you'll do what's convenient.

If you're committed you'll do whatever it takes.  ~John Assaraf

Join the other committed savvy woman entrepreneurs and aspiring

in the I Rock on Twitter and Facebook Social Media Empowerment


P.O. Box 13406, Des Moines, WA 98198, USA

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You can get my Social Media Empowerment Coaching Program/Club for $9.
But hurry, this ends Friday, January 21 at 12 midnight PST or until the quota for this promo is reached.

Social networking sites revolutionized the way we do business online since initially being introduced in the mid 1990's. 

With instant access to your target audience, and the ability to keep a steady pulse on what our market is currently interested in, it has never been easier to connect with potential buyers and long-term customers.


Get targeted followers,friends on facebook,create a facebook page,get targeted likes, learn about facebook ads, learn what to tweet, what to post on facebook, suggested apps,BIG mistakes made and what to do and MORE! Plus over $900 in bonuses.
I look forward to working with you and helping you explode your business using Social Media effectively.
Get a taste by requesting access to my no cost Tele-training audio here:
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Social media is all the rave and growing by the day or maybe even the minute.

Are you successfully using Social Media?

As Christian Women Entrepreneurs it is important for you do everything you can do to get your message out… in a BIG way. I’m going to share 3 tips with you that will enhance your use of Twitter. If you
don’t have a Twitter account you can go to http://www.Twitter.com

When choosing the username opt for your own name even if you’re going to have a business account at least reserve an account with your name.

I’ll share more about setting up and managing your Twitter account in my Social Media Empowerment Coaching program.

For now here are 3 tips that you can use.

1. The word Social is not in Social media just because. Twitter, like any other virtual conversation, is a two-way street. Pay attention to what other members are saying,
Add to the conversation where appropriate. This will also put you in front of their followers.

2. Make your Twitter updates available to busy people who are on the go, and for people who access your page solely on their iphones by utilizing the many tools available which also includes iTunes.

3. Strike up a conversation. One thing that is essential to gaining additional followers which will give you a larger audience to get your message to is to engage. One way to do this is to ask for feedback.
Don’t just tell everyone what you’re doing via Twitter, try to ask
everyone for their opinion or feedback. It’s a good way to start a
dialogue and open up a forum for new suggestions and changes that can
be made.

These are just 3 out of the many tips to maximize your results on Twitter.

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Do you have a Facebook account? If not and you want one you can easily sign up for one at www.Facebook.com You’ll be given prompts which will include setting up basic information.

You’ll want to add a photo of yourself. Be careful here because a picture does speak a thousand words. It says a lot about you. If you’re aiming to build the know, like and trust factor then you want a picture that’s going to promote that. This is not the place to show your wares. Ladies you know what I mean unless that’s what you’re there for and still it’s always good to be discreet but that’s your option.

You’ll be given a couple of opportunities to add friends and you can do that now or later.

When you’re ready to add friends you can use this way and also include more intentional ways that will allow you to target the friends that you add. Adding friends is going to be beneficial to your fanpage activities.

Your profile is supposed to be more for personal, however, it’s also the place that some of your business associates will get to know you. Keep this in mind, your friends will end up hiding your posts if you post too many business updates on your profile wall.

So do you need a Facebook page also known as a Facebook fanpage or don’t you?

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Is your Mindset sabotaging your Social Media marketing success?

Any level of Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment requires continued personal, spiritual and business development endeavors.

Social media is playing a BIG role in business development. Believe or not your mindset also plays a BIG role in weather you are successful or not successful.

Your mind is a powerful thing and although there are many contributing factors the wrong mindset can hold you back from realizing the results you desire.

Here are three mindsets that will stop you every time.

1. Scarcity mindset

When you operate from a mindset of scarcity you see everything from a perspective of lack. You may resist trying to learn new tactics or even attempt to apply what you’ve learned because you feel there are already so many people out there in your field so why try? Truth be told there are many individuals out there who need your expertise and are waiting for you to step up and out so that they can resolve some of their problems with your solutions, however, how will they know if you never get out there. Also you may choose not to invest in additional resources that will empower your results but your scarcity mindset kicks in again causing you to hold on to every penny because there may not be enough for something else.

2. Inferiority mindset
Here you always size yourself up with others who are miles ahead of you. Stop! When you do this you will end up giving up and this is fuel for low self esteem. Instead tap into your brilliance. What makes you unique? What are you bringing to the table that gives you a competitive edge? It’s important that you take the time to discover this. Once you are clear on the value that you offer you will no longer practice the activity of comparison,however, you will arise and shine for all the world to see!

3. It’s too late for me
Sure things may not have happened the way you want them to happen, however, as long as you have breath in your body there’s hope. Take inventory of why things are not working. Don’t be a victim of time. There are many who started in there latter years and actually realized more in their latter years than their earlier years. Spend your time discovering new ideas, strategies and resources. Determine who it is you are here to serve. Develop an appropriate brand and make sure you have an online visibility plan that works.

Where are you in your Social Media Marketing endeavors? Do you recognize yourself in any of the mindsets mentioned? There are many more. Take inventory of some of the negative chatter that happens when you attempt to move forward with Social Media.

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The best way to have an empowering week is to start off Monday with a solid foundation.


This preparation begins with Friday. Set yourself up for an empowering week by closing out your week. Take inventory of what tasks you completed. Add those that you didn't complete to the list for the following week.


Here's an important thing to remember. Do not make your top 10 to do list. Make a top 3 priority list. Among them will be at least one thing that will be cash producing.


Read my Facebook update

Are you ready for an absolutely,empowering week? What are your top 3 to do items for Monday? Add action steps that will allow you to complete them. Avoid checking email first. Focus. Take targeted action. Balance your social media activity. Don't let it consume your day. Allow for a time to step away during the day to avoid overwhelm. Commit your works to the Lord. And so shall your plans succeed. Proverbs 16:3


Want to accelerate your results? Embrace a mindset for success. Whatever happened the week prior is not what you want to focus on. Remember what you focus on expands!


Focus on the results you expect to achieve. Focus on what it will look like when you achieve your desired results. Focus on what it feels like.


Get rid of the negativity. Negative attitudes, negative environment, negative relationships. Of course I’m not suggesting that you get rid of you marriage relationships, however, you can seek out ways to empower your relationships. We’ve actually set up a community to help you do this on our Marriage Empowerment Coach page on Facebook.


The tips I’ve shared in this post should get you started on the right path to your empowering success.


Of course if you need additional support you might consider securing your Coaching A La Carte session

with me. Click here to find out more and get started.


Here's to your empowering week!


Share your ideas below.


Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

Authentic Life and Biz Empowerment

Coach,Mentor,Trainer and Public Speaker to

Savvy women, New,Aspiring and Entreprising Women Entrepreneurs







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How you spend your time says a lot about who you are.

How much time have you lost looking for something? When you

spend time looking for things you are also losing money.Time is money right?

If you are simply too tired or do not have adequate time to do anything in the evenings, then your daily routine is out of balance and you need to make adjustments.

Your work can be too difficult or unsuitable, or you may not be making full use of your hours during your day or evening. A good balance of your time is needed for work, goals, recreation,
family time, your spiritual life and relaxation. Take a close look at your
daily routine, examine your findings and come up with a plan. Be prepared to
follow your plan and with this, you can become better organized.

I use a great tool to enhance your endeavors toward having proper balance in your personal, spiritual and business life. The participants in The Make it Happen “30 days of Empowerment” Coaching program will have the opportunity to experience this popular tool.

Why even take the time to be better organized?

The more organized you are the more time you will have foryourself and what matters most. Being better organized allows you more time to

work on new projects with clarity. And being better organize will allow you to
realize increased revenue.

With a place for everything and everything in its place, you are freed up in body and mind to take on new endeavors.

Another thing is as you take on new endeavors such as addingincome streams like the coaching model, information products etc. you’re free

to be laser focused.

Here are a few additional tips

Make a decision to get better organized and commit tostaying organized.

Create a number of brightly marked folders for discountcoupons, invitations and directions, and other time-sensitive papers that just clutter your counters.

Establish one defined place in your house for storinglibrary books, and end a house-wide hunt when it is time to read or return time.

Getting organized also includes conquering the cluttermonster. I invite you to

join me for an empowering call 3 sure-fire ways to conquer the clutter monster by clicking here.

The audio replay will be available to all registrants.

Here’s to the new organize you!


Authentic Life Empowerment Coach


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How can I add targeted friends/ get more targeted likes on Facebook?


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