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Building confidence; why appearance is important

The amount of times I’ve sat in my office ready to interview a potential candid for a position only to be put off as soon as the person enters the room. Either it has been what they were wearing attire totally inappropriate for the interview, or their body language was the opposite of what they were saying or the hygiene was a total no no!It is said that we make judgements of one another in the first 30 seconds of meetingDo you know that how we look effects the way we feel? It’s true if you don’t look the part you won’t feel the part. That’s why looking good is so important, because quite simple we are what we feel!When you begin dressing like a CEO; long before you ever become a CEO you begin feeling like one! That’s simply because you started dressing like one. The people who say how we dress is unimportant, are people who are afraid of total achievement. Very few people would put their trust in someone who says they are one thing, but their attire the opposite. If appearance was unimportant as some would have us believe, companies like Mac Donald’s, Tesco, Virgin... the list is endless, wouldn’t spend millions on creating an image.If I were given a penny for the number of times people have mistaken me for an executive long before I became one, because of my appearance, I would have tidy sum today. Indeed appearance is not everything but it is a key ingredient to success.Dressing the part, even though you may not be the part (as yet) goes a long way in not just convincing others that you have what it takes to do what say you are able to do; but in giving you a sense of self belief.Just as we generally trust someone in uniform, people generally trust some one who has spent a bit of time and thought on their appearance. Looking about or after your appearance says something about you. It says you care, you’re willing and able, and you’re passionate about what it is you are going for. You’re not laid back or complacent, but you’re positive, committed and forward thinking.Now you may not agree with any of the above, but the fact still remains the better your appearance the better you feel, the better you feel the more able you are, the more able you are, the better your chance of success. Indeed it easy to feel fit for the task if you’re aptly dressed for the task. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying appearance solves all the challenges you will face in starting and running your own business but it sure will help you find the confidence, self esteem and authority to.Here are a few appearance tips:1. Always pop into the bathroom to have a quick look in the mirror before entering a meeting.2. Wear shirts and or ties, suits, waist coats, skirts and blouses or trousers, but never jeans to any business interaction3. If you wear clothes which are bright in colour ensure you wear another colour to temper the bright colour4. Wear clothes which are colour co-ordinated5. Create a look that’s smart but comfortable for you6. Women need to ensure they do not wear heels over 2 ½ - 3 inches high.7. Foot wear should always be need to be clean8. Hair should be clean, neat not too colourful. Long hair should be well groomed and or tied back/up.9. Wear clothes that fit and compliment your size; not too tight, not to large, not too revealing10. Dress appropriately for the occasion11. Limit the amount of jewellery to a maximum of two rings, a watch and a maximum of two chains.12. Go easy on the cologne or perfume, not everyone has the same taste as you.13. There should be nothing about your appearance; that deflects peoples attention whom you are and what you able to achieve i.e. intrusive facial hair, bad breathe & rotten teeth, body odour, excessive piercings etcDon't dress to kill... dress to succeed
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Black History Month Specials

You know everyone talks about Black History Month in a respectful way but do you really see an increase in your sales in the African American Business community? When will these products be as valuable to our society,and serve a purposful culture in this society?We should support our businesses in action and not thought. We need a bail out with a strategy, let me suggest you spend at least a percentage of your earnings this month on something solely made to mark this occasion and you can begin by this visiting this site now, and tell me how you feel about it, maybe you might even order something for your family, http://www.kenterose.yourafricanmarket.com.Thank you for reading this post.

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A Bird’s Eye View on Wedding Dresses

A Bird’s Eye View on Wedding DressesHow this Photographer sees it

The Wedding dress is one of the most important details of the day. Everyone wonders “what is the bride wearing”? “What is she going to look like”? Therefore having seen hundreds of wedding dresses as the owner of a photography business I wanted to give some thoughts and advice that I hope will be considered regarding this most photographed item on the wedding day.Let’s start with that trip to the bridal salon, I recently spoke at a seminar and mentioned that mothers are probably not the best person for the bride to take when shopping for her wedding gown unless mom is a fashion icon and she knows a lot about wedding dresses. I felt like that woman in the bible who had just been caught in the act of adultery, I really thought I was going to be stoned to death, a few of the mothers in that room were more than a little annoyed with me. .My point simply was that mothers are often driven by emotions, this after all is their baby getting married and they may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the details involved in selecting the one item that sets the Maybe your mom didn’t have the wedding of her dreams but wants that for you; it is only natural that she will be a touch emotional, mom may not see that her daughter may spend the big day looking like a gigantic wedding cake, or a throw back from the Victorian era. stage for this big dayAdditionally the bride is often under enormous pressure to make others happy and may not have the intestinal fortitude it takes to stand up to mom and say I don’t want this, especially if mom and dad are shelling out any of the money for the wedding.Obviously not every dress looks great on every one, you must consider your height, weight, complexion, hair & eye coloring when you make this significant purchase. Would your body type look great in a strapless dress or a ball gown? Would your skin coloring favor white, ivory or eggshell or another color? Do you like beading if so how much? What about lace? What about the fabric? Chiffon or satin? What fabric works best for you? Trying on several different styles of wedding gowns, made by a variety of manufacturers can give you a great sense of what is available in the market place. The things I havementioned are but a few of the many considerations in selecting this garment. Finally you may have to make alterations make sure to ask the bridal salon what they can and cannot do. You must be precise and specific about what must be done to avoid very costly mistakes especially in the area of alterations. Brides go alone, or take a very trusted friend not the whole crew of screaming girlfriends with you to the bridal salon. You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown.You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown. A quick note most salons have a sales staff that will give good advice but keep in mind that the salon is in business to make money.Don’t make the decision in a hurry; don’t buy the first thing you try on, and for heaven’s sake don’t just try on one dress. When selecting your wedding dress also consider the season of your wedding. A sleeveless dress in February in Aspen probably won’t cut it, so don’t forget the time and season of the year. Best wishes on finding the dress that best represents who you are on that all important day.Go to the shop when you’re restedGo when the shop is slow, take a day off work if necessary, Friday evenings and Saturdays are almost always busy and you may not get the kind of service you requirePlease have the right undergarments when you go, most shops have the proper bras but it would be worth the investment for you to buy one for the purpose of trying on gownsOnce you make the decision on the dress come prepared to put a deposit on the gown.Other Points for Great Wedding Day Photos:Rest the night before the wedding puffy eyes show in photosGet a great makeup artistGet something to eat; a hungry bride is not a happy brideHire a wedding planner at least for the day of, stress really does show in photosRelax and have a great day!This article provided by Carla Rein of MorningStar Photography to reach MorningStar go towww.morningstarphotography.com
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Expert Wedding Photographer Balks at the Idea of a Lack of Diversity in Wedding IndustryMorningstar Photography Says Black, Indian and Asian Women Get Married Too

Columbia, MD (BlackNews.com) - While weddings are their expertise, many major celebrities and notables such as baseball Hall of Famer Dwight Gooden, iconic anchorman Roger Mudd, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, Congressman Elijah Cummings, and Hollywood producer Cleveland O'Neil have all found their way in front the lens of a MorningStar photographer.While serving every possible client MorningStar has broken away from the herd and focused primarily on the ethnic client. "There is an assumption out there that Black, Indian and Asian women don't get married as frequently as everyone else, it may be statistically true but it is not borne out by the people who come to us."Gone are the days of the couple looking longingly into each other's eyes. Today MorningStar Photography focuses on the nuances of the wedding day: mothers who cry, bridesmaids who aren't always happy at the altar, an engagement ring on the heel of a bride's shoe, a bride's expression as her sorority sisters wish her the best for her future. These are the memories that make each wedding unique, and that MorningStar strives to capture.Focusing on ethnic weddings as a niche market has allowed MorningStar to blaze a trail in the past ten years producing eye-popping images for the client, no matter who they are. High end boutique photography is available for the senator's daughter as well as the sanitation worker's daughter. MorningStar has spectatcular packages for almost every budget.While MorningStar focuses on a diverse clientele, the owners of this company also represent the America that Barack Obama hopes for and would be most proud of. Alan Rein, a Jewish man, and his wife, Carla, who was born in Trinidad, are the driving force behind the day-to-day operations of this small, hands-on, thriving enterprise. The Reins know diversity because they live it in their everyday lives.Carla commented "We don't do fast food photography, it takes time and patience to create beautiful images. It's the eye behind the lens that matters most, not a photographer's ability to Photoshop."MorningStar Photography recently did a showcase at the Gathering Place in Clarksville, MD where potential clients were able to view MorningStar's immense catalog of work.MorningStar can be reached directly at www.morningstarphotography.com or to schedule an appointment with MorningStar simply call in the Balto-DC Metro area 410-730-7515 or 1-888-294-1417 toll free. MorningStar also works both nationally and internationally.CONTACT:Carla Rein410-730-7515888-294-1417 toll-free
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The Big Gyrl Now, entry #1

Ladies I need to share this with you. That's what blogs are for right? Well, I recently attended the Delaware Black Awards a couple of weeks ago. I am proud to say that Big Gyrl Clothing was a finalist for the Best Retailer Award! Unfortunately we did not win, but we are all winners. Well, according to previous emails sent from DelawareBlack.com, it was going to be an elegant affair so I immediately starting thinking about a fabulous dress to make. Life becomes extremely hectic and busy in an instant and I did not get a chance to make my dress until 3am the day of. I finished the dress at 10am Friday, ran errands like a maniac, and by 6pm, was ready to attend the event. The dress is chocolate brown on the bottom and mint green on the top. There is gold detailing on the bottom of the dress with mint green and chocolate straps on top. The neckline was a braid of mint green and chocolate material. The dress was sleeveless with a train in the back. I wore my open toed gold shoes with an amber stone in the middle. They were strapped around the ankle. The event was held at the Grand Opera House which is a very popular place for comedy shows, concerts, orchestras, and other events. So my man and I finally arrived at the event. While we waiting in line I looked around excited seeing who was there and checking out other dresses. The only thing i saw were suits, business suits, jeans, a couple of plain garments, nothing elegant. Oh well, I always stand out no matter where I go, its just a positive nature and disposition that I have and carry with me, especially at a networking event. What I did not like were elevator eyes looking back at me. I will smile at everyone but most women would look like 'umph'. I am familiar with it, I have always and presently receive the Umph look everyday, but what bothers me is that 1- you are a grown a** woman looking at me like that because I have a beautiful and flattering gown on and you decided to where something casual, who's fault is that. 2- Do not hate on the big gyrl of the room and whisper and laugh when you cannot say anything to my face, who is the weak one? 3- We live in a country now that has a black president and you want to keep a petty mentality like this, come on, are you serious? I tell you ladies of BBC and I hope that I am not talking about anyone here and I pray that you do not act the same way as some of the ladies at the event was. Don't hate on the woman doing her thing. I am a fashion designer, I take risks in business, life, love, and clothing, I am not afraid of wearing anything and do not have a care in the world who talks about me. Until you live for yourself, you are not living at all. For us to overcome the major obstacles of racism, glass ceilings, etc. we must remove the hatred amongst each other. Who was standing there crying at Barack Obama's acceptance speech, Jesse Jackson. Did you know that he was on live television earlier this year saying he wanted to cut barack's testicles off? But yet despite all of this, he was overjoyed that obama won, he stood there crying tears of joy, not hatred and it takes a real man like obama to have someone who said such a thing to be there. I go through the same 'umph' situations at work but eventually the same chicks that talk all that mess, come around and ask where did I get this from, and they learn to respect me and my business. The awards night was wonderful and I met some great contacts for business. I did receive compliments on my dress as well, met some future models, and politic'd with the guys. All in all, with or without creating enemies, I had a great time. This is the first entry of the big gyrl now blog series where I will speak of various big gyrl comedies, tragedies, and life issues and successes. Hope you enjoyed this and if you are a hater or umph girl, don't you think its time you made a change? Maybe if you focused your energy on yourself instead of someone else, you will be halfway close to where they are.Keep motivated and have a fashion fabulous week!S
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Introducing the Simone Williams Label

Sensual, modern, feminine, beautiful, only a few of the words used to describe the Simone Williams collection. Ranging from cutting edge denim street wear to sophisticated evening wear the Simone Williams collection has something to suit every discerning and fashionable woman. Her unique creative vision and eye for beauty has led to a collection filled with stunning one off ready to wear pieces that create attention wherever worn.The 2007 Simone Williams collection, City Desires, is inspired by the tall city building structures which make up London s vibrant city. This is reflected in the shapes and details of each garment whilst still retaining sexy charm.There is something to suit every woman’s shape in this collection, which is a true celebration of femininity in the city.The Simone Williams label was showcased in the Kulture 2 Couture fashion event in association with The Mayor of London’s office and the V & A in November 2006. The label has also been featured in Touch Magazine, Total:Spec and Aspire amongst other publications. Worn by Helen McCrory (Harry Potter and Casanova), Lisa Maffia (singer) and Anya (Finalist: Make me a supermodel – C5), Rachel Ritfield (Model & Actress) and Jasmia Robinson (Finalist, Britain’s Next top Model) the label is gradually enjoying increased media and press exposure.If you would like to arrange a meeting to view this season’s collection please contact Simone Williams or Aderonke Lawal:info@simonewilliams.co.ukSimone: 07946675432Ronke: 07984141169www.simonewilliams.co.uk
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Her Style My Way

Fashion is a revolution, vaguely elusive, and extremely seductive. Fashion has the power to transform any image into a social statement.How Do We Define Fashion1. a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.:2. conventional usage in dress, manners, is polite of society, or conformity to it:3. manner; way; mode:4. the make or form of anything:Most use fashion as an art form to others it’s a religion or a way of life. It’s an identity, a personality, trademark, and a disguise of one’s true self.Fashion is a statement of many truths accompanied by accessories even down to your cell phone and the car you drive.Show your passion for fashion, submit your articles, images, and websites. Let’s Celebrate Style!Join Our Group: Her Style My Way!Visit www.TrentsSolutions.com
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LIVE Wedding Dress Bridal Webcam @ Victoria's Bridal CoutureVictoria's Bridal Couture now has a new Wedding Dress Bridal Webcam for the Brides and their family.Invite your family and friend to shop with you! Tell them to tune in here during your appointment to watch you while you shop for the wedding dress of your dreams...This webcam service is FREE and easy to access. Just go to our website at Victoria's Bridal Couture (http://www.victoriasbridalcouture.com) then click on the "WEBCAM" menu item in the lower left hand part of the page. You could also go directly to the CAM here at http://www.victoriasbridalcouture.com/cam.html . You will need to click the "Refresh" button to update the webcam camera image every few seconds.
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Wedding Gown Preservation for Wedding Dresses


Wedding Gown Preservation for Wedding DressesVictoria's Bridal Couture brings you Wedding Gown Preservation - TraditionalPrepaid bridal gown cleaning and preservationWhite gloss finish preservation chestConvenient Carrying HandleRedesigned (NEW) deluxe shipping container$500 Declared Value20-year Certificate of GuaranteeAnti-Sugar treatmentGown will be steam pressedPrepaid shipping both waysAdd 3 additional accessories at no extra charge. (clean your choice gloves, bag, detachable train, garter, veil, headpiece and many other wedding accessories.)Bridal gown preservation kits are usually shipped within 5 - 10 business days depending on your location. Our kits are shipped from New York. Your wedding dress will be handled with personal care, preserved, and shipped back to you within 2 - 10 weeks from the day it is received by The Wedding Gown Preservation Company.See the video here.1. Order your gown preservation kit from VictoriasBridalCouture.com for only $120.2. Your gown preservation kit includes: cleaning order/instruction form, stickers to mark stains, plastic bag to wrap your gown, twist tie to close plastic bag, box to ship your gown to Wedding Gown Preservation Company, tape to seal box and pre-paid UPS and FedEx shipping labels to Wedding Gown Preservation Company.3. Look beautiful wearing your wedding gown on your wedding day!4. After your wedding or when you return from your honeymoon, carefully look over your wedding gown. Use the stain stickers to mark any spots, dirt or stains you see. You don't have to mark the hem as dirty - everyone's hem gets dirty and the folks at Wedding Gown Preservation Company know to always pay special attention to the hem.5. Fill out the Wedding Gown Preservation Company's order/instruction form and the return shipping label. If you want to have your veil and garter cleaned, there is a place to add those items.6. Place your gown and any other items (veil and/or garter) into the plastic bag. Close the bag with the twist-tie provided.7. Place plastic bag into box. Seal box with tape provided or use your own tape.8. Decide if shipping UPS or FedEx is more convenient for you. Tear off the small tracking receipt tag from the shipping label and keep it for your records. Then place the appropriate shipping label on the box.9. Take box to any Mail Boxes Etc. (or any package shipping store), take directly to any UPS or FedEx terminal, give box to any UPS or FedEx driver, take the box to your work (if your employer has UPS or FedEx service) at no charge to your employer or you, take to any grocery store that accepts UPS or FedEx packages, or call 1-800-PICKUPS, or 1-800-GoFedEx and UPS or FedEx will go to your home (a service charge may apply when calling UPS).10. You're Done!Manufacturer: Wedding Gown Preservation Co.Warranty: The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. offers a 100% guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown. If at any time the gown is found to have yellowed or has caramelized stains, the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. will reprocess the gown at no extra charge to the customer. If re-processing is unsuccessful, the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. will refund the preservation cost.MSRP: $154.99Price: $120.00
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