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Should I Buy A House Vs Buying An Apartment Complex


If you’ve never owned any real estate and your in the market looking at homes and apartment buildings, you make want to consider who’s going to pay for that piece of real estate.  Let’s say you’ve found a house you like and an apartment building in the same area.  The mortgage on the new house is $1500.00 and the apartment building is $1500.00. 


One person decides to buy the new house for his family.  Now, he’s the only one responsible for that piece of real estate.  So, if he loses his income, he’s going to more likely lose the house and hurt his credit.  Now the other person decided to buy the 4 family complex.  His mortgage is also $1500.00, however he decides to rent out 3 of the units for $500.00 each, which covers his mortgage.  So whether he has a regular income or not his still keeps his piece of real estate. 


Also, the second person decided to add solar panels to the property and switch everything over to electric, and increase rents to $850.00 for each unit.  He decides to pay all utilities for those three tenants.  He gains an extra $1050.00 in rental income and he still does not have to pay any of his income into this piece of real estate.  He also gets to save up to buy the house the first person lost and the tenants from the apartment complex are paying for that house to. 

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Create Your Rule To Live By

Hello and welcome to The BWRB, the official website for The Black Woman's Rule Book.  This website was created for women of color across the nation and around the world to share the Rule They Live By.Do you have a Rule To Live By?  Think back to your childhood, is there one thing that you were always told that still holds true today.  Maybe it was say your prayers before you go to bed, cross your legs when wearing a skirt, or what about the all too familiar, sit up straight.  As an adult,  is there a lesson you have learned that you still stand firm on no matter what?  This is what The BWRB is all about.  Tell us your rules, your lessons and the stories behind them, so that women around the  world can share, teach and learn from each other.What's my Rule?  Keep Good People Around You.  My rule didn't always have a name.  When developing my own, I thought back to my childhood and tried to recall lessons that I was always taught.  Taking it a step further, I started to remember the people in my life that always influenced, motivated, supported and encouraged me.  And that's how I came up with, "Keep Good People Around You".  Which is the rule that I stand on.  Good people are always going to tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.  Good people are always going to support you no matter what and Good people will always look out for your best interest.Take some time to think about your own rule and what it has meant to your life, how it has helped you or someone you know.  Tell the story behind it and go to the Submit your Rule page of, for an opportunity to be featured in our upcoming book, The Black Woman's Rule Book.  What Rule Do You Live By?Love and Gratitude,The Black Woman's Rule Book,Http://
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It is my pleasure to introduce to you our PeopleWhoProsper Feature Entrepreneur, Janét Aizenstros. Her story speaks for itself but in a nutshell let me say, WOW. This woman has had some hard times yet has triumphed to become a successful founder, CEO and executive producer of her own radio talk shows. She is the founder of JAOM (Janét Aizenstros Omni Media). Her motto is "helping women be the change, they want to see." JAOM offers several programs which include coaching and wealth management services and radio talk shows, among many others.  Being a licensed life coach, Janét explains, "My primary focus is to teach the fundamental principles of mind, health and wealth from a holistic perspective. She shares more in her interview with me about how she has PROSPERED. Enjoy!

1.Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

I am the founder and CEO of JAOM (Janét Aizenstros  Omni Media), which is dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women worldwide. As an award-winning entrepreneur, internationally recognized writer and radio host, I enjoy teaching women how to achieve the level of success they aspire to attain. My dedication to changing lives has truly motivated other women to capture their visions and dream beyond their current circumstance.

The vision of JAOM is "helping women be the change, they want to see." Well, I am definitely a living testament to self-healing and transformation. After, drastically changing my mind, health and wealth in 2010, I have made it my life's mission to seeing other women achieve the level of success they so aspire to attain.

Through my business savvy and charismatic personality, I've taken my extensive  corporate credentials and are lending those same principles to building my online empire. is an online platform for women who are "the first to acquire the best" and residence to Editorial  M.O.M, Life Masters Now Success Coaching, Masters Now Wealth Management Group, Masters Now Wealth Mastermind, I am...Janét, Women's Movement Radio Network,  and additional services to further the empowerment of women.  The primary focus of all these program is to instill the importance of three vital components to having a successful business; by creating a solid mindset while achieving great health and secure wealth creation.

I am a licensed practitioner of the Law Of Attraction.  I received my certification under Dr. Joe Vitale (featured in the film The Secret). My primary focus is to  teach the fundamental principles of mind, health and wealth from a holistic perspective.

I've  partnered with many leading international companies to offer women the opportunity to learn how to achieve the Positive Feeling Frequency™, which I  describe in detail in my upcoming book Live Free.

"I want women to know how to master their mind, time and finances.  My desire is to see women succeeding in every aspect of their lives, so they will know what it really feels like to live free and on their own terms."

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

In September 2010, I had a miscarriage, a close family friend the same age as me died -- leaving behind a 9 month old child and my ex-husband's best-friend, his daughter (age 5) was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.  All of these events happened on the same day.  I decided I could no longer go on living unhappy.  I didn't start my business right away but I began working on myself, my spirit.  I remember a few weeks later sitting in my kids playroom by myself asking G-d how does He take a heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh again."  Later, that year I was introduced to a network marketing business that gave me the start-up capital to start my business. However, I didn't want to build a network marketing business.  I started reading books and taking courses.

Then I had an Aha moment! In the midst of it all I started a small blog talk radio program called Mommypreneur. I started marketing it to other women network groups overseas because my network marketing business [helped me] capture [an] international audience. I began trying to launch Mommypreneur here in North America but it didn't capture an audience the way I thought.  While, doing the program, women began inquiring if there was an online outlet they could contact me.  I had a blog but I really didn't use it consistently.  I started writing business articles and I became bored because it reminded me of when I worked in corporate.  One night, I started going through my emails and noticed all the emails were relationship based from moms around the world.  Now, I couldn't understand why they would be asking me about relationships because I never spoke about relationships in my program and especially my own. If I did, many would have known I was separated and going through a divorce.  I woke up in the middle of the night and it came to me.  RELATIONSHIPS!!  I spoke to my coach about my apprehension about talking about relationships and she shared that I could relate to women [in] all walks of a relationship.  She showed me how I had been single, married, mother, separated and eventually divorced. I never thought about it that way. I decided I wasn't just going to create another relationship blog, it would have to be reflective of me.  I am honest about who I am with my audience which is why I feel so many women have contacted me. I use my intellectualism mixed with my love of pop culture to convey my message. JAOM is to be an online lifestyle site.  I talk about everything that is, love and lifestyle.  All I did was blend who I am with my existing businesses.  I ended the Mommypreneur program but I have rebranded it under Moms Movement Radio.  My blog gave me a diversified audience that I am happy to receive fan mail from daily.  Also, I've heard claims that it's followed by certain celebrity moms, whether it's true or not I embrace it all.  I make my living at being me, there is no greater feeling than that.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

No sleep! LOL  Seriously, I have alway had exceptional time management + great organization skills + diligent consistency with lots of meditation. lol  This is my remedy for success.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

I currently do not have a mentor.  I do have a good support network though.  I am a natural self-motivator but I do need support on the challenging days.

5. What would you tell someone getting started in your line of business but does not know how to get started?

I [would] tell anyone wanting to be in this line of business to know what they believe. What you believe has the ability to hinder your progression or propel you into your destiny. The main reason women contact me at Life Masters Success Coaching is [because]  I am authentically myself.  Anyone who has followed or read my I am...Janet blog knows that.  I intentionally expose myself showing women, that instead of hiding behind walls of masked's ok to be vulnerable.  I believe in the Taoist quote of Lao Tzu where he states, "I show my weakness to show my strength."  I believe it takes a strong person to allow themselves to be vulnerable with one's self and more so in a public format.  Truthfully, many people deny themselves this luxury because they are afraid of being judged.  However, [what] I would like to share is if you look at the most successful people of influence in our culture their lives are living testaments of living intentionally exposed of one's insecurities.  Truthfully, it's our older ideologies that keep people bound in their destructive mindsets.  Regret, judgment, emotions of this nature create a counter reaction that systematically institutes people walking around feeling confined in their own lives.   This new year, I plan on teaching a series of how to Live Free.  Free beyond your inhibitions, mental limitations.  Really helping people to understand and stop worrying about judgment.  Teaching them the ability to just live. Live in the moment and be in the moment.

What you should know about me is my movement extends far beyond just helping's about liberation.  Real liberation.

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Don't let anyone put limitations on you.  Some people told me that being myself wasn't going to be good enough or no one would be interested in what I had to say.  Well, I am sitting in a really great place now.  I am living free. Free of my inhibitions, free of my personal insecurities. I wish everyone could live this emotionally free.

I want to thank Janét  for sharing her inspirational story with us. You can connect with her online at  Fill out the form leaving a brief message and she will respond to all emails within 48 hours. You can also find Janét at for speaking engagements, business consultation and mentorship.


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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Other options

The current economy is causing business owners to find ways to help others learn a skill. Well, at least it is for this business owner! I am struggling with my emotions with various families and friends being out of work. My mind says why don’t you open your own business my heart says not everyone is as entrepreneurial as I am.

So, now what?

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Hello this is Blue Melnick and this message is for Robin Tramble. Robin I have some good news for you can you give me a call back?” Well I said who is this and then I thought for a while “Did he

say Lou or Blue?” “Blue?” “Oh my God it couldn’t be!” I went to my laptop and typed in the name in the email search box and it came back Blue Melnick. I called immediately. Long story
short he told me that I had won the VIP ticket to the Ali Brown “Shine” event.
When I entered there was an option to tweet about it to up your chances of
winning to which I responded “No, I’ll just enter and if it’s for me I’ll win.”
I did I won!!

I’m excited and feel blessed to have this opportunity. Speaking of opportunity I’d like to offer this

opportunity to at two individuals and that is to sponsor me for this incredible

There are other expenses attached to this and although my husband is in full support it would be nice to attend with the blessing of one or two major sponsors.

If you don’t know much about Ali Brown’s “Shine” Event. Let me share just a bit with you.

Shine is sponsored by acclaimed entrepreneur and business coach Ali

Brown. This is a powerful conference that convenes this fall to
revive your business and your spirit.

Here’s an blurb from the Shine website “As we emerge from one of the most challenging shifts in business history, entrepreneurial women are poised to create a better world for

ourselves than ever before. And it all starts with you!” Says Ali Brown.

Shine attracts a wide variety of entrepreneurs from all types of fields and skill levels.

Ali Brown’s events, programs, and coaching have helped thousands of women and men create, redesign, or expand their businesses to dramatically increase their incomes – and often while
working less than before. Ali created SHINE to lead entrepreneurial women
through their own personal revival, helping them discover new ways to propel
their businesses and lives to new levels. It’s an event uniquely designed for
both experienced and new business owners alike that
delivers an exclusive combination of insight, information, and business formulas that can be found nowhere else.

You can visit the Shine event site here for additional information.

am currently seeking sponsorship for my own attendance, and I believe that

there are a couple of you out there that would love this opportunity.

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive personal thanks and recognition on My Blog

Plus a few ideas below

Live Tweeting with an occasional mention of your company to my over 8000 followers on Twitter pre and post event.

• Updates to facebook to my over 2100 friends and over 600 fans on my fanpage pre and post event

• Your business url listed on my business card

Your sponsorship shows this community you support woman entrepreneur


I'd love to hear from you if you’re interested in securing this opportunity.

You can contact me at

Thank you.

SHINE Event -- November 2-4, 2010 with Ali Brown


FTC requirement: I am an affiliate of Ali Brown's Shine Event and in the event that
you register for this event I do stand to receive commissions on your paid registration.
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Part of my mission is to education and empower Minority businesses and business women on the importance of proper financial management of our businesses. I decided to do a weekly "Ask the Accountant" LIVE chat from my website.

Every Wednesday from 2-4pm EST I am on my website live discussing ANY business and accounting topic you may have. Now no need to worry about your accountant billing $150 an hour just to ask a simple question! The first 30 mins features your's truly LIVE broadcast where for about 20-25 minutes I discuss a specific topic and for the remainder of the time I leave my chat lines open to discuss the topic at hand or any other questions you may have. If the question is too complex to answer via chat, I'll request your email or other means of communication and we chat off line (and I won't bill you).

For the next couple weeks we are exploring business entities and the benefits of each one. I also offer some little known benefits as well as offer simple explanation of complex idea.

  • What business entity did you choose for your business?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • Do you know if you are receiving the best Tax benefit from it?

Join me LIVE today at 2pm by clicking here! I can't wait to chat with you!

P.S. If you miss this opportunity, no problem, I post the entire broadcast on my website. I also post smaller highlights as well.
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Women will come from across the states for personal, spiritual and business empowerment,
structured networking and refreshments.

If you've been looking for something to change the course of your life and business forever, this is it!

Select women will experience an onstage Business Spotlight! You'll receive information on
how you can be one of these women after registration. You'll walk away with at least one idea
and a spotlight for your Business.

Be sure to bring your Business Cards.

Secure your seat today!

Limited seating.

Online registration ends Thursday at 12:00 midnight. Registration at the door is more.

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The Empowerment Gathering live is a New Empowerment and Networking event that
will hit Sacramento, CA August 20.

Ladies are flying in from North and South Carolina, California, Washington and more.

We are seeking Major sponsors and Co-sponsors for the event.

There will be limited Major sponsors that make monetary contributions. You'll
receive prominent exposure.

Our co-sponsors can be monetary or in-kind.

For more information contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can learn more about the event here:

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Music History in the making

Musical History in the making!

every now and then the right circumstances emerge and a fruitful environment is created that allows a "new music" to be born. Bach wouldn't been able to realize his musical vision without the financial support of the church that enabled him to sit down and write all his wonderful music. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie among others would not have been able to create "be-bob" without clubs like Mintons Playhouse giving them a platform to meet after hours and jam without havin' to compromise their playing. the examples are too many to list here but I think you get the idea.

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and touring the world, first as a dancer and later as a singer, I began writing songs that reflected my Afro-Brazilian roots but also reflected my influences from around the world.

In the mean time, last year drummer Henning Stumm began to get together with two friends, guitarist Billy Titus and bassist Glenn Palermo, that shared a similiar interest of taking different styles of music from around the world and blend them together to a colorful and vibrant sound. They began to write grooves that provided foundation to new songs, but they still wanted to add vocals to their songs.

In December last year (2009) I met Henning Stumm on a gig with jazz-pianist Patrick Poladian in New York City. We soon realized that we share a similar musical vision so we decided to join forces.

We began rehearsing and finalizing those songs. but now we still needed a place to perform to present it to the public and get some feed-back.

We found such a place in Giovanna's Restaurant on the upper east side in New York City, a beautiful place with great food. the owner Divino extended his place to us to perform there every thursday night and so a new chapter in our musical history can begin.

I'm really excited about this opportunity for us and are confident that this will develope into something very special.

I hope that this will find your interest and arouse your curiousity and if your're ever in New York City, you will find your way there to become part of "musical history in the making"

Eliana Marcia & Banda Azul live
every Thursday 7pm - 11pm
Giovanna's Restaurant
1567 Lexington Ave/E 100th Street
New York City NY 10029

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I LIVE SO I CAN LAUGH THIS IS AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK. IT IS ABOUT THE BIRTH OF MY 1ST BORN SON. July 5th 1987. It was hot and sticky and I was sooo restless it was crazy. My swollen belly seemed as if it was ready to pop. Anything that touched my stomach hurt like hell. I got up early and began cleaning everything in site. My Grandmother came into my room and told me "you're just about ready to have that baby". I asked her how she knew and she said "because you're cleaning everything". There's something maternal in every mom-to-be that causes them to clean their surroundings in preparation for birth. Animals also start cleaning their nests and dens preparing for the birth of their offspring. When I thought about it, it did make sense. Although everything around me was clean , I was still trying to make sure my baby came home to nothing but cleanliness. I would have blown away a dust bunny with a shotgun if I saw one under his crib. Everything in my room was sacred to me. I often had friends who would visit and immediately pick up his little teddy bears and other baby things. If they knew the rage I felt when they did that, they would have dropped everything and ran the hell out of my room. I was always thoughtful of other people's belongings and made sure I didn't invade their space. I was never one to overstay my welcome either. Howcome they couldn't do the same? As the evening arrived, I noticed that I started having contractions. I didn't think much of them because I had started actually feeling them in my 6th month. They were false contractions. I guess my body was practicing for the real thing. I was early as well. I had at least an entire month more to go. Late that night I tossed and turned. I talked to my son. I sang the ABC's, sang the 123's and other nursery rhymes. I talked to my baby boy and told him that we were going to be ok. I promised him that I wouldn't allow anyone to hurt him. If I could have rolled out an ancient scroll and signed it with my blood I would have done so. I knew I was going to give birth to someone that would change the world. Society was already against my baby. He had 3 strikes already before he was even born. He was male, he was black and he was going to be smart as hell if I had anything to do with it. I knew how I would raise him and I knew all the values I would instill in him. I would teach him about the world and all the bullshitters in it and despite what society would say about him , I was going to make sure he wouldn't end up a statistic. The Heavens began to move. It was time. I got up early in the morning, around 5am. My contractions were coming harder and faster. My back was killing me. I had already heard about all the horrors of childbirth so I was trying to prepare myself. I took a cab by myself to the Hospital, they checked me and saw that I was in active labor. I was afraid because I thought it was too early. Please God protect my little man. My cousin showed up. I was glad because I didn't want to go through childbirth alone. I think that is the saddest thing for a mother-to-be to go thru. Giving birth with no one there to help you. I had labor pains in my back. That is the worst kind of labor pain you can have. It felt like someone stuck a knife in my lower back on the left side and continuosly twisted it. That's the only way I could decribe it. I went through 12 hours of labor and decided near the end to get an epidural. When the anesthesiologist showed up with that big ass needle I immediately changed my mind. That needle looked like something out of a horror movie. There was no way I was going to be stuck with that shit. I just started breathing and trying to get through the labor. My Doctor came back in and after a quick exam, said I was 10 cm's. I was happy as hell. Then I was scared shitless. Wait a minute, I gotta push a baby out! Holy shit! I gotta push a baby out! Why hadn't I thought about how he was going to get out? Oh no! I don't think I could do this! It was time to push. How do I push? Push what? After a quick how-to session, I began to push. My heart felt as if it was going to burst out of my chest! I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed! Finally his head began to crown! That's what the Doctor was saying. My cousin was saying that she could see his hair. I didn't give a shit at that moment, I wanted him out of me! I pushed real hard again and he was half way out. OH MY GOD! Is that MY son? My eyes began to well up with tears. I couldn't believe it! I started crying as the rest of him was birthed. He was so red, like an indian. He had a head full of hair and had my juicy lips. My heart swelled with an unbelieveable amount of love that couldn't be measured in a billion years. Amazingly, there was a knot in his umbilical cord. He was bouncing around in there like crazy. I watched the nurses and Doctors like a hawk. They weighed and measured him and cleaned him up. The nurse asked me if I wanted "rooming in" or if I wanted him to stay in the nursery. I looked at her like she was crazy as hell and answered "rooming in". There was no way I was letting him out of my sight! As I was cleaned up and prepared to go to my designated room the Nurses told me that they were going to take him to the nursery to put him under a light and to perform all the necessary tests for a newborn. I think they saw the look on my face so they elaborated a lil bit more on what they were actually going to do to him. They had to reassure the hell out of me because I wasn't having no bullshit. What surprised me was how protective I had already become. It was scary. I was thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. I thought about someone trying to kidnap him, I thought about some Nurse playing herself and trying to sell him on the black market and thought of some woman who's child wasn't that cute trying to switch my baby with hers. What ever negativity there could be, I thought of it. As soon as the Nurse brought him back I checked every inch of his tiny body. I looked for his birthmark as well as memorized every hair on his head. I couldn't sleep at all because I was up watching and waiting for someone to come in my room and try something stupid. I was so tired but my fear wouldn't allow me to sleep. I was like a zombie in that bed. I was ready for anything. I kept my eyes on him all night long. I kept kissing the hell out of his face and lips and arms and legs and smelling his breath and hair and just kept checking his fingers and toes and knees and ankles. I couldn't believe he was mine. When I thought of how his fucking Father wanted me to abort him, my rage grew to an all new dangerous level. From that moment on I knew without a doubt that I would kill the first person who tried to hurt my lil man. That fear scared the hell out of me. All of a sudden I started to think about all the craziness in the world and really started to worry. For one brief millisecond I wondered why I even brought him into such a crazy fucked up world. I thought about my past and what had happened to me and was so scared for my baby boy. I knew I had to literally become a superhero of a Mom in order to protect him. I begged God to protect him . I begged like nobody's business. Lord please don't let anyone try and hurt him, I really don't feel like spending the rest of my life in jail. I also knew I had to curb my own temper so I could remain in my lil man's life. Where could I run to If I had to kill someone. I thought of the world and where we could be safe. I was thinking of the future and what it would bring. We were going to travel and go places. I wanted to make sure he never ended up starving or hurt. I already knew what that felt like. I knew I wouldn't allow him around certain family members, so that part was taken care of. I was a Mother bear on the highest alert ever. I was on defcon 4. Red alert. I would have brought down the heavens if something came our way. There would have been a new chapter to the Bible. I left the Hospital with my precious cargo. It seemed as though it was the hottest day of the year. I flagged down a cab and looked at the cab driver with the meanest look on my face letting him know not to try NO SHIT! Most of the cab drivers in NYC were foreign. I had heard about people and kids being kidnapped and taken overseas where their organs were harvested to the highest bidder. We made it home safely and I retreated to my room where I stayed there staring at my lil man. I don't think I slept for a month. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. How could something so precious turn a person into a stark raving paranoid loving lunatic? That was what I had become. Why hadn't my own Mother felt that way about me? What was wrong with some Mothers? I'll never understand that crazy bullshit. The love I felt for my son was u n b e l i e v a b l e. It grew by the second. I couldn't wait for him to understand what love actually was. God I love my lil man. Fuck his Father.
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According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke), cancer, and diabetes are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. They are considered preventable because they are tied to our lifestyle choices. Choices that we have the power to control.Each waking day our lives are filled with messages that cause us to think about and encourage us to live healthier. We see them on T.V., hear them on the radio, read them in the newspaper or our favorite magazines – they even pop up while we’re surfing the Internet. And there’s a reason why these messages are so prevalent. It’s because our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our states and our nation are saturated with disease and illness that have our healthcare system in a financial bind.The CDC states that the medical care costs of people with chronic diseases account for more than 75% of the nation’s $2 trillion medical care costs. The bottom is, we all have the power of choice and it’s our responsibility to implement it not only for ourselves, but for those in our lives, to include the neighborhoods, communities, states and nation that our unhealthy lifestyles will impact.So, how are you going to respond to these messages? You see them. You hear them. They’re everywhere. Hopefully, you’ll respond by implementing change in your life. For months during President Obama’s campaign trail, we heard a message that resonated throughout this country. ‘Yes we can!’ It was a statement of possibility, a statement of hope, a statement that caused us all to believe. Well, that statement doesn’t have to end with President Obama’s campaign trail. You can make it your own by saying ‘Yes I can!’ You can even add to it and say, ‘Yes, I can change and make better choices!’Our leaders are working on legislation to help families make ends meet, as well as to address not only our economy and other issues, but our healthcare crisis. With all of the changes that are underway, though, it’s critical that we do our part. And we can start with our health and fitness.Just think about the following comment I recently heard from a lady. ‘I never made the connection of my lifestyle habits and the healthcare crisis until recently. Now, I think about my father who recently had a massive heart attack that costs somebody – Medicare, insurance company, etc. – over $150,000. I think about the costs associated with my debilitating arthritis which primarily stems from my excess body weight. I think about my cousin’s stroke that caused paralysis on her left side. I think more and more about how our unhealthy lifestyle habits were contributing factors that led to our health predicaments.’Take the time to figure out how you’re going to respond to the messages you’re seeing and hearing. Yes, you can change!This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Destined to Live Healthier and Imagine Living Healthier. For general health and fitness questions, please feel free to visit or email Coach Collins at
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At a time when the world is reeling from the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, most people are experiencing an economic recession that will undoubtedly have an impact on their lives in 2009. Each day we hear about companies failing, industries needing government assistance, retailers struggling, increased joblessness, housing foreclosures, and more. Even more overwhelming and frustrating are our daily thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stalled business, a stressful job, a contract that ended unexpectedly or didn’t materialize, the rumors of job layoffs, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, a mountain of bills, and so much more. All of which have the potential to stifle our desires and intentions to implement and/or sustain healthier lifestyle habits. So, how do you plan to address your desire to live healthier in the midst of a life full of hassles, demands, obligations, and uncertainty? Which lifestyle habits will you try to spend more time on? What will you decrease spending on to live healthier?As you began to sift through those thoughts and feelings about how your life has been and will be impacted by the state of the world and your personal circumstances, and those actions you intend to modify in 2009, don’t put off evaluating those related to healthier lifestyle habits. It’s no secret that when you have so many feelings, thoughts, interests, and activities vying your attention, the idea of exercising or eating healthier will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There is never time enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination. Are you one of those people?Now is the time for you to sit down at your kitchen table and focus on how you’re going to achieve the following three important tasks related to living healthier: (1) conduct a self-examination of those things that challenge you everyday, (2) develop a plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with your pursuits and challenges, and (3) implement your plan that will help to alleviate a continuum of poor lifestyle choices. The one thing you have to your advantage is the power of choice; taking responsibility for your actions and learning that your faith, determination, and perseverance are necessary for overcoming your challenges, rearranging your priorities, and embracing healthier lifestyle habits. One of the most important transactions you’ll make in 2009 will be to live healthier in the midst of it all.This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Imagine Living Healthier and Destined to Live Healthier, two entertaining and inspiring books that uses fictional stories to illuminate familiar patterns and truths about common lifestyle habits. For more information about Bridgette L. Collins (Coach Collins) and her books, go to
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Do you remember the book Iyanla VanZant wrote titled Faith in the Valley? That best selling book, which I believe was her catharsis, inspired and motivated countless people. Consider the founder of MADD – a woman who used her grief as a catalyst to save the lives of an incalculable amount of people. These are just two of a myriad of examples of people who used misfortune and personal tragedy to benefit mankind.Many of us have learned early in life that no one likes to be around people who make a habit of verbalizing their worries and complaints “no one likes a worry wart” is the adage that I best remember. A few of the other adages that have shaped my life’s conversational patterns are: “Keep a stiff upper lip”, “Silence is Golden”, “Successful people know how to keep private matters private” and one that I believe is universal: “Keep your business to yourself”.My cherished readers, I believe that our growth and success in life is a direct reflection of the lessons we’ve learned from people who were not too proud or afraid to share their personal triumphs. Information is a key proponent of growth. Be it intellectual, spiritual, physical, psychological . . . information is a stimulus, a catalyst, an activator. There will ALWAYS be nay Sayers in the world. No matter what you do or how you do it, there will be people who criticize, minimize, and ridicule not only your actions but your intents as well. We are always sharing information either with our words and actions or our silence and inaction. I herewith encourage each and every person reading this message to share with others the transformational lessons you’ve learned during the fires in your life. Your teachings may not only help someone through their personal fires, they may also save others from enduring needless fires.Being our brother’s keeper requires us to share information – not necessarily tangible goods. Remember teaching a person to fish is infinitely more valuable than giving them fish.
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It was Kamal Imani's first time performing his spoken word/Neo Soul song "Lovin Her Nappy Nappy" live at the Bowery. He wanted to rock it right for promoter and CEO of Brown Eyez Magazines "PJ". The audience was with him and they all had a good time lovin the nappy nappy. This song is a tribute and dedication to natural hair styles and the sisters who rock them. It is also laced with humor and flirtation. Enjoy!
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Spirit Soulfire is and emerging organic indie soul artist whose main inspiration is Minnie Ripperton. She takes it as a compliment that she is sometimes compared to Erykah Badu and Jill Scott knowing that she has her own distinctive songwriting ability and talents.Spirit Soulfire has performed at the World Famous Apollo, The Black Lilly, Hibachi, Groove Lounge, Five Spot (Philly) and Café Wha in NYC’s Greenwich Village to name a few.Keep an eye and ear out for this emerging talent! soul spoken word urban r&bSpirit Soulfire on Soundclick
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For more information go to: Imani Management201-964-6275cipherkam@gmail.comsoulgriots@yahoo.comRevolutionaryARt Innertainment Logo
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Get a sneak peak at Niva as she does her thing on the Hot 97 stage in Paterson NJ sponsored by China Doll Entertainment and Def Jam! The people loved her as shown by the many request for autographs and CD purchases. Niva is a songbird with a beautiful spirit. Look forward to more from her and Soulgriots Music Group/Kamal Imani management and promotions! For more info on Niva go to and
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How in the world do people come up with clever and catchy business names? For months now I have been trying to come up with a name for my new business. Next to doing my business plan (which I am still working on) this has got to be one of the most frustrating things to do. Well for me anyway. I thought this would be the easiest part of it all. But who was I kidding.I have tried different variations of things. I tried using my name (which just may be my best option) but it is not original enough, nor is it that catchy. I tried to think of some sort of catchy name that has to do with events and entertainment but everything that I can think of, is already being used. ; Anything that is worth using, anyway. And if it is not already being used, it has too many words and syllables in it. No one wants to say a mouthful just to say a business’s name. I tried to get some advice from friends and family members but they don’t take my business seriously enough to give me a name worth a second thought. What is a girl to do?I really can’t make any steps forward with out finalizing my name first. I cannot get incorporated. I can’t do a logo or a slogan. I can’t make flyers or build a website. I can’t build advertising banners or anything that needs to be done to make my business successful. I will not even be able to do something as simple as get business cards.Now I started using the name Black Dress Entertainment. The first time I said the name, immediately I thought of a funeral engagement. Other than that initial thought, I really do like the name. It has a classy feel to it but I am not sure if it is what I really want. When I Google the name I get a million responses. It’s only when I put quotation marks around it like “black dress entertainment” I get about 30 responses back. Which is good, right? Honestly this is the name that I am leaning towards but I want to be sure. I need to make sure of it before I have all my business cards and logo designed and decide not to use it again. That would be killer.I also looked at calling the company Word of Mouth Events, but that name or saying is in everyone’s mouth and they wouldn’t only be talking about my company. They would be talking about any and everything worth talking about. And that Google search brings up even more responses. HOLY COW! I want my name to stand out and only get about maybe 150 responses (still a lot but a whole lot better than a million).I just don’t know what to do. I want a name that when you hear it, you know exactly what we are about. But I also don’t want it to be to long or complicated where people get frustrated just saying it or try to make up their own acronyms for it. I want something that is happy and brings thoughts of joy and excitement to every ones minds. Not something that is dark and gloomy and may have you thinking about anything else but happy times. I look at all the businesses on my favorite sites, BBWO (black business women online) and SUN (start up nation), and just about everyone has a catchy business name that suites their company. The only ones that don’t are the ones named after the business owners.Everyone keeps saying just relax and let the name come to you. It has been months now and it hasn’t come to me yet. How long am I to wait for a name to come to me? Seven months, 12 months, 2 years, who knows? And what if it comes to me in a dream? Being that I am not the kind of person who remembers any of my dreams, that wouldn’t help me at all either.I am being patient though and considering all my options so that I can have the best possible name. Hopefully it will not be before long that I would have a company name…HOPEFULLY. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!Any suggestions?
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LIVE Wedding Dress Bridal Webcam @ Victoria's Bridal CoutureVictoria's Bridal Couture now has a new Wedding Dress Bridal Webcam for the Brides and their family.Invite your family and friend to shop with you! Tell them to tune in here during your appointment to watch you while you shop for the wedding dress of your dreams...This webcam service is FREE and easy to access. Just go to our website at Victoria's Bridal Couture ( then click on the "WEBCAM" menu item in the lower left hand part of the page. You could also go directly to the CAM here at . You will need to click the "Refresh" button to update the webcam camera image every few seconds.
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VOTE for Kelle on

Kelle Jolly has invited you to join Big Shot Live!Kelle Jolly NEEDS your votes to go to Hollywood!Big Shot Live is the first-ever national online talent search that gives one person, every day, the chance to audition in front of a Hollywood powerbroker for entertainment industry opportunities ranging from a guest role on a TV show or in a movie, to a model in a commercial advertisement or dancer in a music video.Whether you want to be a fan and vote for your friends and favorites, or be part of the talent search for your chance at Hollywood, come join us!Here is my profile at Big Shot Live:
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