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In a recent call "5 simple secrets to begin living your delicious life"
I shared this as one of the secrets. There are 4 plus additional secrets
that were shared and are essential to women's life empowerment
endeavors and living a delicious life!

Secret # 2 was to get your life in good shape.

You must make sure your life is in good shape, although I didn't
go into detail on the call about Total Wellness this is also
very, very important.

Areas included under this secret were:
Life balance
During the Breakthrough mentoring and coaching program each participant
will have a chance to reflect on this by utilizing one of the popular
assessments of the industry. This is not something that is locked in
to the 12 week period , however, it will give you another accountability
measure continuing beyond the 12 week period. One of the areas of thistool includes Physical environment and one of the sentences states mypersonal
files and papers are neatly filed away and if you’re good here you would
check it if not you don’t – At the end there’s a scoring system and there
is an ideal score that you want.

Another area is Health and emotional balance- And one of the sentences
in this area reads.... I very seldom use chocolate, coffee, colas, tea
less than 3 times per week total. We will also use a tool that will be
very instrumental in taking a look at your life balance, giving you a
measuring stick to allow for improvement. You see many times we major
on the minors and wonder why we aren’t achieving the results we so desire.

Strong Divine Connection
We need to feed our soul, body and our spirit and it is imperative
that you have a strong divine connection which for me and others on
this call is a God our Father and you must be committed to your
spiritual authority which would be God, your pastor and those of
you that are married your husbands. It’s about order and when you have order you will live a delicious life!

This was an excerpt from 5 simple secrets to begin living a delicious life.
I share so much more on the call. Here is my gift to you for a limited time.
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It's time for your personal, spiritual and business breakthrough!
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Be delicious and live your delicious life now!
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