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PRESS Release - Sacramento, CA February 10, 2014

Go For More in 2014!

It’s a sad fact that 50% of resolutions are given up on by February. You can change that.Whether you’re at the beginning of the year or mid year you’ve got to have a plan and move away from traditional resolutions to intentions and commitments attached to effecting goal setting and achievement.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Tony Robbins

It all begins with a decision. God’s gift to you is life and what you do with it is your gift back to Him. Go for more in 2014!

“Before working with Robin in the Make it Happen 30 days of Empowerment Coaching program, I was looking for a coach that could provide some guidance and directions with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After working with Robin I got more clarity on how to break down my goals and focus on the areas that I could strengthen. Then I could identify the areas that I needed to work on more in depth and now I have more confidence in pursuing the goals that I have set for bringing my Vision to reality. Robin has a great positive attitude and knows how to work with her clients to help them achieve maximum results. Thanks for all you do Robin and may God continue to Bless you and the GREAT work you do.” Monique Spence

Whether you want to improve your finances, health, life, relationships, spiritual growth, business or other you owe it to yourself to set aside time to design, create and manifest your ultimate “authentic” lifestyle now!

Are you frustrated with your goal setting endeavors?

Are you dealing with broken focus?

Maybe you’re a Christian woman in business, coach, author or speaker with a great vision but don’t know where to begin with planning and/or how to market your business via online marketing or social media.

Whatever the case may be it’s important that you know that having an overall ‪goal‬ or ‪clarity of vision‬ is vital to ‪success‬.

Is there really any benefit to setting goals?

Setting goals is a very significant part of success and positive accomplishments. People who set goals literally create a map of their target achievements in life, marking where they should begin, where to pause, where to delve a bit, and where and when to stop. Once this map is created, it allows the map drawer to check where he is in the scheme of things and whether or not he is making some achievements that will take him closer to his goals.

All great achievers have goals. You need to know exactly what you are working towards!

Robin Tramble has opened up Free Access to her Dreams Alive Now 30 Day Vision and goals Challenge. Get started here:

About Robin Tramble International
Robin Tramble International is founded by Robin Tramble. Robin empowers busy Christian Women In Business, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors Who may be frustrated with the slow growth of their business and/or desire to manifest an Extraordinary mindset and healthy internal structure to get unstuck, focused and go BIG while prospering and making a difference in the world “authentically!”

Robin Tramble
Robin Tramble International
Phone: 916.467.9139

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As a new leader, visionary or entrepreneur, your sphere of influence is your power circle. Influence is all about the people you connect with constantly. If you don't have one then you aren't leading. If you aren't sure whose in this circle you are leading the blind. The goal of all leaders should be to increase their circle and cater to the interests and needs of their circle of influence.

As a leader you should have a team who is dependent on your vision and leadership to guide them. This is your sphere on influence. Your energy is dedicated to the visions, the mission, and your team. You should know what is most important to that circle and how you are reaching them. You need to know how your circle receive information best and how frequently you need to contact them to keep them motivated.


To tap into your sphere of influence think about this:

  • Who is currently in your circle of influence? Who do you currently connect to consistently? Do you share the same values, career, problems? What attracts you to one another? Think about if this is the group you need to sell the vision you have. If not begin to think about who you need to add to your circle. 
  • Who would I like to include in my circle of influence? Maybe there are a group of professionals who you'd like to market your vision to but you aren't currently. You have to study places they frequent and who they tend to gravitate to. You've got to do what you need to, to grab their attention and once you've got it give them all you've got. They need to leave understanding who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Think about this carefully before approaching new influences. 
  • What is most important to them? Know their values and principles. Know what problems they have, what makes them tick, and where they go to de-stress. You need this information to target and position yourself to be on their radar. Once you are speaking to them you have a few speaking points of their interest, and you can now transition into telling them more about you and what you do. 
  • How can I communicate what I know to that circle of influence? Once your initial contact how can you stay in contact with them. When you exchange business cards you can ask if they'd like to know more about the topic you discussed and get permission to add their email to your list. Now you have targeted exactly who you need to have on your list and you can win them into your circle of influence! 
Learn to follow your circle and they will learn to follow you!!
For more practical advice on how to connect to your circle join me for the Accelerate your Vision Tele-seminar by visiting 
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"Feel like you're running on a Hamster's

wheel and getting nowhere?"

Join me for my  Power Executive Call Free....
Empowered to Manifest Your Best Year Ever!

This is my Christmas and New Year's Gift To You...

Tuesday, December 27 at 2:00 PM PST

  • Experience a powerful Visualization Exercise to help you with manifestation of your Ideal Lifestyle!

  • Essential Keys to Manifesting Your Best Year Yet!

  • Empowering Insights for a Success Mindset

  • 4 Mindset shifts essential to your Breakthrough in 2012

And More!

Click here to learn more and secure your VIP access.

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When you look at your life, you may be miles away from your goals and dreams – so far you wonder if you’ll ever get there. This gap can be especially frustrating when you feel like you’re working hard to move forward.

For Immediate Release

October 10, 2011 Unfortunately, just “working hard” doesn’t assure success. There are a lot of other elements and factors that determine how far you go and how close we come to achieving the life you imagine.

Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva is doing something about the many Spiritually minded women, aspiring, new and enterprising women entrepreneurs who are not realizing the results they desire. She is doing this via her FREE Teleseries. The next call is Revealed: Top 5 reasons you’re not where you want to be – YET!

Robin emphasis YET because it’s not a doom and gloom message. “You may
not be where you want to be, however, as long as there’s breath in your body
you can do something about it.” Says Robin

You'll leave this call with a new found passion to get on the path to your Divine
Destiny and to finally be free to pursue your ideal lifestyle.

For you spiritually minded aspiring, new and enterprising Women Entrepreneurs Robin wants you to know that building a successful business is not just talking about marketing, traffic, list building etc.
“There's also much to be said about the mindset "inner game" that is sabotaging your empowering success. As I stated before it's about self discipline during my last Tele-class.” Says Robin Tramble

Some of what will be covered in this power-packed Tele-class includes:

•Sure-fire ways to jump start your life and biz
• Avoidable excuses you're making that are hindering your empowering
• Top 5 reasons you are not where you should be - YET!
• What you can do to finally play a BIGGER game and manifest your ideal
lifestyle "authentically!"
• And more!

During this Tele-series you'll be empowered to Get and Stay Focused, Make BIG Changes and Get Results Faster which will ultimately reveal the healthier,
wealthier, empowered, focused, joyful and Authentic you!
If you’re ready to end 2011 strong and kick-start your year with a BANG you don’t want to miss this FREE Tele-class.

You can register for the call here


                                                                      # # #

About Robin Tramble
Robin Tramble works with Spiritually minded women and woman entrepreneurs who want to discover their authentic self so they can make big changes or achieve some big results but are struggling to make it happen fast enough. She helps them get unstuck, create achieve the results that they want faster than ever before.

Robin is CEO and Founder of Robin Tramble International, President and
Founder of The Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network. She’s a Professional “Authentic LIfe” and Biz Empowerment Mentor, Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker to the nations. Robin is also known as Empowerment Diva because she has carved out a niche in the area of empowerment. She recently shared her empowerment tips on Good Day Sacramento as “Empowerment Diva” and was named 1 of 25 urban Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand maker News. Robin is also an accomplished keyboardist, singer and songwriter and plans to incorporate her musical gifts with her resources for women’s empowering personal development.

                                                                    — end —

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What do you want? No I mean what do you really, really want? If you knew you could not fail and money was not an issue what would you really want?

What does your ideal lifestyle look like?

These are some very good questions that actually as I’m passionately empowering women many who are in a consultation or coaching with me are stunned by and they have to think just a bit. We should all have the answers to these questions.

I did a Tele-class on Top 5 reasons you are not where you want to be – YET! One of the Top 5 included “You Don’t really want what you think you want.”

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

Thomas Jefferson

Everyone wants to run their own business and be their own boss…. right?
Everyone wants a vacation home in the mountains… right?
Everyone wants 2.4 kids and the white picket fence…. right?


When it comes to dreams, one size most definitely does NOT fit all. Our dreams and goals are as individual as we are, and adopting someone else’s goals as our own can feel like wearing someone else’s shoes: It looks okay to everyone else, but to us, it feels awful and gives us blisters.

There are thousands, if not millions, of people out there striving for the wrong goals. Wrong not because there’s anything inherently bad about them, but wrong because the goals they’re aiming for are wrong for THEM. So as I persevere in my endeavor to empower women I must remain authentic and help you discover your authentic self for your realized empowering success.

There’s the law student that is very gifted in music and enjoys her classes in school leading up to the profession of a lawyer who would never give an extra thought to setting that aside for pursuing her career in music because both of her parents are Lawyers.

There’s the successful saleswoman who would really love to chuck it all and teach English, but she’s making too much money and only a crazy person would throw away a six-figure paycheck.

There are many frustrated individuals out there “believe it or not ” Frustration knows no geographic, socioeconomic, or race or religious boundaries.

The only way to know if the goals you’re aiming for are the right goals is to figure out if they are your heart’s desire. Sometimes it takes some detective work to peel back the layers of societal and family expectations to get at what YOU really want.

There are clues all around you: If you fall asleep dreaming about something, wake up thinking about something, and find yourself perking up whenever you meet someone doing what you’d like to do, you’re on the right track. Meanwhile, if you get a sinking sensation when you pull into the garage of house with the white picket fence, or find yourself calling in sick to that six-figure job “everyone” would kill to have, then you may be in the wrong place… for you.

So what do you do if you find you’ve been chasing after the wrong dream? If you find that you’re not on track to your destiny. You readjust. You discover what your vision is, your purpose in life. You reignite your passion. You connect with someone who can be an accountability partner, who is not biased and can offer expertise in the area you are seeking to move forward in. Even if they don’t have the specific expertise in that area but have the life skills you need to help you discover your authentic self, get unstuck, get focused, make BIG changes and get results that will put you miles ahead of where you’ve been for the last 1 to 5, 5 to 10 years or more!

You find ways to move your current life closer to the one you really long for. Maybe that means getting up an hour early to work on your novel. Maybe it means spending your weekends teaching art to inner city kids. Maybe it researching organizations that may need your expertise and would like you to share with their members. Take a small step and see how it feels. Then take another, and another, until you know deep in your heart you’re on the right track. If you are, the momentum will carry you forward.

You’ll be closer to where you want to be. The Authentic you that is.

Are you ready to say yes to the healthier, wealthier, empowered, focused, joyful, and Authentic you?

I invite you to request your free access to 4 more reasons you’re not where you want to be – YET! Request access to my Top 5 reasons you’re not where you want to be YET empowering Training Audio. Go there now!

This is also part of my preview Tele-series “Get it Done. Make it Happen!” A preview of my phenomenal 90 Days of Empowerment and Focus Coaching Program. If you’re tired of the overwhelm, stress, lack of productivity, playing small and more learn more and secure 1 of 10 spaces for gold and 1 of 15 for Silver.


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Are You Seizing the Moment?

I am not going to sugar coat this one at all...Why? Because too many people are ignoring their access to abundant opportunity, therefore, by request, the word of the month is OPPORTUNITY.


It is extremely simple to ignore the moment when everything aligns itself to give you the chance to explore the greatness of your vision. All of us know someone who does more complaining than finding solutions. Quite frankly, that person could be you! You start thinking about the economic crises, the recent news of our down-graded credit rating, the job market, etc, and immediately get discouraged about things that have nothing to do with your ability to succeed.


Opportunity adds infinite value to your life. It is your access card to your destiny. It helps you see the purpose of your vision. Opportunity allows you to add value to others as well. Are you seizing every opportunity presented to you?


I work with several clients who have been a victim of their own destruction. Today is the day to shed some of that extra baggage you are holding on to that is preventing you from realizing the true gift that is in front of you called opportunity. Take a journey with me!


1.        Stop HOARDING on to dead end relationships: We get comfortable with keeping people in our lives just like the clothes we promise that we will fit into again some day....LET IT GO! On the journey of success, you are going to face several bumps in the road, however, many of those bumps are caused because we have not aligned ourselves with the right people. Take a serious inventory of your true inner circle. Evaluate each player on the team. Can you clearly define their role? Really? Your team has to resemble a standard sports team-defense, offense, guard, captain, etc. They work together for the success of the team. They want you to shine! If you are not aligned with the right inner circle, you will not score a winning goal. Take a look around!


2.      Stop hating!!!!: OMG....I know that we can all relate to this in some way. I never knew that jealousy continued past our teenage years, but I was so wrong. When we are jealous or envious of our fellow visionaries success, essentially we are allowing our appointment with opportunity to pass us by because we are not focusing on our OWN mission. Having envy in your spirit in your heart because of another persons success is not the way to go. Envy is time consuming. It takes you off of the road to your own success. It causes you be become obsessed with everyone else's next move. According to Judge Mills-Lane, Stay in Your Lane! Watch where you are going and pay attention to your GPS. Instead of envy, support your fellow visionary. Let that person(s) become your mentor & motivation.


3.      Start supporting...Genuine Support: You can never expect to receive what you are not willing to give. Success is a reciprocal process. You have to support so you can get support. Be inspired so you can be an inspiration.


4.     Start asking questions: Never assume that you can figure out everything on your own. The best kept secret in seizing opportunity is your access to quality information. Ask meaningful questions on your journey from people who understand the direction of your destiny.


5.      Never stop marketing: Yes I know...I say the same thing over and over, but it is the key to your growth. How can opportunity find you if you are not out there creating a path? Marketing is the of the BIGGEST keys to your own access card to success. Let me take it one stop further-are you marketing OUTSIDE of social media (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)? So many visionaries think they have 4000 friends on Facebook so therefore they are marketing. Completely false. Social media gives you access, however great marketing produces results. Do you think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates stay on Facebook to market their products, services and organizations? I thought so....Use social media to connect but the real world of marketing goes far beyond social media. Memberships, organizations, media pitches and much more are available to you so why are you not taking advantage of the opportunity to make some serious connections? It is time to step your game up!


6.      Remain humble & hungry: Humility will take you very far in the opportunity circle. Remembering to thank people who have endorsed your success as well as those who have helped you along the way is important. I have met people who forget how a simple it is to acknowledge those who embrace you. In addition, always remain hungry for more opportunities. Never become content with your own success. (That is how one hit wonders are made). Look for new challenges DAILY that will introduce you to new opportunities.



Remember, you have to be ready to embrace opportunity. You have to align yourself in its path so you can truly enjoy the bounty of its abundance in your life. You have to show up every time and be ready to work hard for it. Opportunity takes sacrifice and will cause you to make life long and crucial decisions. Once you realize how just one opportunity can truly change your life, you will look back on the journey and embrace your growth and success. When opportunity knocks, be ready to answer the call. Once you succeed, pay it forward!



Continued Prospertiy & Success!

Your Millionaire Mindset Coach!


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Writing My Vision Changed My Life!

By now, most businesswomen have heard how important having a vision is, but surprisingly many have not written their vision.  This blog post is an appeal to all businesswomen who desire to accomplish their dreams and goals this year in 2011.

I started visioning approximately 15 years ago from a Bible study that I attended.  You see I learned that without a vision all of my hopes and desires could not be accomplished.  I had to take what was in my head, transfer it to paper and put it into action.  Of course, I procrastinated, wrote eloquent sounding statements that really didn't represent me and didn't really take the time to truly explore. It was when I decided to get real with myself that I realized I didn't have a solid vision of what I wanted.  So, instead of trying to visualize something far off I decided to create short-term visions that I wanted to experience in one year or less.

My first vision was that I wanted to experience paying off my debt.  I saw myself not having bills coming to my mail box and I saw myself smiling that I was able to get what I wanted and pay cash for it.  It became even more real as I started collecting anything that I could find on getting out of debt. 

I told anybody and everybody that I was moving towards being debt free.  It was this action that caused a girlfriend to call and share with me information about a workshop in Los Angeles that was at her church called, "Millionaires In Training" given by George Thompson . 

My husband and I committed to taking the class and the results were astounding.  In less than one year, we were able to pay off our debt and things started happening like you wouldn't believe.

It suddenly hit me that once I took my vision and made it plain and then put action to it that I was able to accomplish anything and I mean anything.  Since that time, I have made visioning a vital part of my life and what I have learned from it throughout the years is absolutely miraculous.  I learned that there are different levels of visioning and that once you truly embrace that you have a supernatural power to declare and accomplish anything the flood gates of opportunities start to open up to you.

So, it is my desire and hope that you read this post with an open heart and willingness to stop and take the time to write your vision. 

Below are 5 Reasons Why You Must Write Your Vision:

  1. It glorifies God through you and acknowledges the power that resides within you to create
  2. Gives you clarity and self-esteem
  3. Liberates you and confirms that you are indeed a unique and wonderfuly made individual
  4. It's the beginning of manifesting your dreams and goals
  5. It opens up the gates of opportunities and draw all the people into your life that will help you to realize your vision.

Join me in a non-profit mission of encouraging women around the world to write their vision:

Get the outline for writing your vision here:


Join Me On Facebook:






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What if I told you that you could change your life for-ever?

What if I told you that it could happen within 45 minutes and totally up-level in under 8 weeks?

I will be facilitating a phenomenal Tele-series Total Transformation: Simple secrets to Maximum Empowerment, Mega Mindset Breakthroughs and Total Wellness

Do you feel like you need a total overhaul? Well I want to talk to you about
Total Transformation. And when I say total I mean total.

What is Transformation?
1: an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed
In the bible it reads; Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Notice it states renewing which is continual. It’s not a place of arrival and then you’re done. There are many things that come to stop us from reaching our destiny and fulfilling our purpose.

“Give me just 45 minutes
and I’ll share with you secrets to
realizing MEGA Mindset
Breakthroughs, maximum
debilitating Fear, unleash the
Faith-full, Holistically Fit and
Fabulous you so you can realize
Total Transformation, manifest as the
unstoppable irresistible Kingdom
woman you were meant to be with
laser focus, an EMPOWERED mindset
and live an Authentically Brilliant
Diamond life!!”

Topic this week: Kingdom Woman Total Transformation:
Simple Secrets to Maximum Empowerment,
MEGA Mindset Breakthroughs and overcoming limiting

When: First call
Thursday, February 24 at 1:00 pm PST, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST
Can’t make the call?
My gift for this call only is the download of this power-packed audio teaching.

I will also be giving away over $897 in resources during the course of this Tele-series to registrants

of this call so be sure to register.

Register here:

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Know God Know Peace

No God, No Peace

You shall go out with joy,
And be led out with peace:
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 58:12

I don’t know about you but that sounds soooo good,refreshing and rejuvenating.

In my earlier years of marriage I may have desired to win the creative, intense fellowship
(argument) (smile).

I had more energy to exert and my mind was just a little bit clearer. It seemed that I didn’t understand
the value of a peaceful environment.

When a value is not placed on a thing you tend to abuse it. You also don’t guard it to make sure that
it is healthy.

Well ladies I learned that I would rather have my peace than to live in an environment of strife and discord (which God hates) more than winning any battles that will take it away.

I look at it like this, more evenings with my husband and family makes me rich. Rich in the creation of positive memories. Rich in increased vitality and health to my bones because I am notsetting myself up to become resentful and/or bitter and rich because myenvironment is peaceful allowing me to create and receive insights andrevelation from my Father God through Holy Spirit as I’m in Hispresence cultivated by a peaceful environment.

I truly believe that it allows for activation of His word that states that He teaches us to profit and He gives us witty ideas andinventions. Peace can open the lines of His Divine intervention.

Strive for a peaceable life and you will realize a Rich life!

Empowering you,

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body: and be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

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Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must
fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.
There is no other route to success.

~Stephen A. Brennan~

Do you have goals for your life and business?

I'm sure you do. Are you achieving any of your goals?

Even when you've set a "good" goal - you can run into some

challenges along the way... namely, motivation. Without motivation,

even the most ambitious person will get sidetracked. Here are the strategies that
will keep you on track to achieving your goals:

Write it down

It's one thing to set a goal and yet another to write it down.

You're making a step towards committing to your goal when

you write it down. I know it seems obvious, however, you'd be

surprised at how many individuals

don't complete this step.

Determine what achieving this goal will do for you

Give life to your goals. Write down what it will mean or what it

will do for you to achieve this goal. Visualize it and write it down.

Place yourself in the moment. This is also a key to manifesting

your goals.

Focus on success.

Being overcome by negative thoughts or "what if" scenarios can spell
disaster, even death, to your goals. When you start out by finding a
million ways why your plans won't work, your energy is getting diverted
to dealing with failure that hasn't even happened!

Instead of funneling your time and resources into negative thoughts and
processes, make the decision that you're not going to entertain any
ideas of failure. If it happens, it happens. You don't have to spend
your precious resources worrying about it now.

"What you focus on expands." ~ Author unknown

Chart your progress.

A great motivation is to create a visual graphic to represent your
progress towards your goal. Think of those thermometers that elementary
schools place outside on a busy road, measuring how close they are to
achieving their fund-raising goal for the new community pool or
library. A similar, physical chart that you can update with progress
will do wonders to keep your attention focused.

When you're doing this step, think outside the box. If you're trying to
spend more time at the gym, why not post a map of the US on your wall,
and draw an inch from one coast to the other for each hour you spend on
the treadmill? Visual reminders are fun ways to keep your goals in the
forefront of your mind.

Don't be afraid to ask for help or turn to an expert for advice.

Some individuals feel guilty about asking for help or admitting that they
need help. Or you may think that you need to do everything on your own.
Nothing could be further from the truth! Alcoholics Anonymous has
sponsors, Michael Phelps has a coach, and Jack Welch had an advisory
board. No one has to be alone in their goal-setting efforts. Trying to
eat healthier? Nutritionists will help you fine-tune your diet. Working
out to get fit? Trainers will help you find the most effective
exercises to achieve your physical goals. Trying to get clear on your
vision, goals and stay focused or maybe even get unstuck? Coaches such

myself can assist you in this area.

There are business mentors and coaches who can help you figure out social
media, launch a new information product, create action plans, stay
focused, streamline your finances etc.. You can also find tons of
books, videos, and websites to help you reach your goal, no matter what
your goal happens to be. Don't go it alone. You also need an
accountability partner. Many times this is the missing piece.

Need more support in setting and/or achieving your goals? I invite you to
contact me for a complimentary life and business breakthrough strategy
session. Where I'll help you create a vision of where you'd like to go,
uncover some of the things that may be holding you back

and more. You'll leave our session re-energized, empowered and more focused.

Send an email to put "Life and Business

Breakthrough strategy session" in the subject area.

Someone will contact you to set up your session with me.

Visit my blog here
for additional empowering posts.

I welcome your comments.


include this complete blurb with it and retrieve the complete article:

Robin Tramble is the Dynamite "Authentic Life" Empowerment Mentor,Trainer,Coach to savvy women and
woman entrepreneurs that want to attract get results in a big way and
faster than they have before by discovering their authentic self,
getting unstuck,creating action plans, staying focused so that they can
live a big, bold, beautiful and authentically brilliant life of

Request your fre.e access to Robin's empowering ezine for savvy entrepreneurial
women "Highlights of Empowerment and Total Wellness." Receive
empowering tips, her empowering
audio "3 Big mistakes women make" and her special report "Barriers to empowerment."
(c) 2010 Robin G. Tramble

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Women have many hats to fill and the demand is great on their time and because of the lack of support, training and/or
resources the dreams and desires of many go unfulfilled. If you're
ready to be more, do more and have more this may be for you.


Jun 08, 2010 – Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva is offering a very special opportunity for 10 women to experience her phenomenal coaching program where she will work very closely with those
selected on their personal,spiritual and/or business development endeavors.

"I'm so excited about this opportunity for a select few who
are ready to play a bigger game and realize the abundant life
that Father God has designed for us. I will not only work closely with
women on external areas but will help those selected deal
with the internal issues that more often than not sabotages
our empowering success. " Says Robin Tramble

This is only for 10 women [now only 3]. You may be a leader in your industry,
Executive, CEO, coach, author, minister, pastor etc. or you aspireto be. You know there is more and that God is ready to propel you toward your Destiny. One piece that is missing for you is
accountability. No, I'm not saying that you're not accountable,
however, you speak into so many other's lives that there is not time
set aside for someone to speak into your life and allow you to monetize
your endeavors and play in a bigger way.

We serve a BIG God and He is looking to partner with women who are ready to step up in a BIG way.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can be one ofthe 10 that Robin will be connecting with please send an email to with your phone # and best time to reach you and
Robin will gift you a fre.e consultation.
But be quick as this is limited to a select few.

Robin says "I'm ready, God's ready, however, the question is are you? Don't miss this opportunity!! "

This opportunity is for you if you're ready to step up.
It's for you if you're saying enough is enough.

Let go and let God!! You are blessed and highly favored.
The head and not the tail. Blessed going in and blessed going out. Arise and shine!!

Robin will be talking with more than 10 women, however, she willonly be connecting with 10 for this life-changing Destiny opportunity.

# # #

About Robin Tramble
Robin Tramble is the CEO and Founder of Robin Tramble Authentic Life Empowerment International and is also the President and founder of
The Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Robin Tramble The Dynamite "Authentic Life" Empowermentmentor,coach, trainer and public speaker is available to savvy women
and entrepreneurial women ( and those aspiring to be) as they strive to
realize their personal, spiritual and professional goals. Robin offers
weekly ezines, products and programs for women's empowering success.

To secure your free consultation with Robin send an email to with your phone # and best days to call you.

For more information about Robin Tramble and Robin Tramble Authentic Life Empowerment Int'l go to
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Motivational quotes to inspire you.

"There is an art to living well, a meaning for our lives. The careers we choose are our pathways to mastery. They are to amplify our capabilities and values, our character and courage. Answering three questions continually, no matter our age or station, will keep us on a course of productivity, integrity and fulfillment: Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I going there?"

"...God wants [you] to have [your] reward. Prepare to claim it. Have a vision for yourself and others far beyond the present reality. Declare it and work toward it."

- Susan L. Taylor

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Special op.portunity for 10 women (Now only 4)

I'm so excited about this op.portunity for a select few who
are ready to play a bigger game and realize the abundant life
that Father God has designed for us.

This is only for 10 women [now only 4]. You may be a leader in your industry,
Executive, CEO, coach, author, minister, pastor etc. or you aspire tobe. You know there is more and that God is ready to propel you towardyour Destiny. One piece that is missing for you is accountability. No,I'm not saying that you're not accountable, however, you speak into somany other's lives that there is not time set aside for someone tospeak into your life and allow you to monetize your endeavors and playin a bigger way.

We serve a BIG God and He is looking to partner with women who are ready to step up in a BIG way.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can be one ofthe 10 that I'll be connecting with send me an email to with yourphone # and best time to reach you and I will gift you a fre.econsultation. But be quick as this is limited to a select few.

I'm ready, God's ready, however, the question is are you? Don't miss this op.portunity!!

I know this is for you if you're ready to step up.
It's for you if you're saying enough is enough.

Let go and let God!! You are blessed and highly favored.
The head and not the tail. Blessed going in and blessed going out. Arise and shine!!

I look forward to receiving your email with best times and day to callyou, however, don't delay as I'm only going to connect with 10 afterthe calls. I'll talk with more than 10, however, I'm only connectingwith 10 for this life-changing Destiny op.portunity.

Talk to you soon!


Authentic Life Empowerment

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Ready to catapult your personal and business growth to a new dimension?

Join 8 savvy woman entrepreneurs and I for.....

The Empowered woman Entrepreneur Telesummit

Pam Perry Joins us tonight at 5:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM EST

Topic: Social Media; How to do it without wasting time or money!

This Empowering Telesummit runs through May 5

Cost: This phenomenal Telesummit is FREE

9 savvy woman entrepreneurs will share insider tips and strategies on topics ranging
from personal growth to business success!

Request your FREE VIP pass ;

Empowerment is a choice.
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Ok so by now if you have been following along with my series of blogs on this your week should be complete. But it doesn't just stop at the one week challenge. In my research of how good or bad habits are created I have found that the general census is that it takes at least 30-45 days for something to become habit forming in that it is habitual, something you do on a daily basis. With that said, I believe that habitually focusing on your goals and actions toward accomplishing your goals will in essence cause your dreams and goals to manifest into reality. Especially if you have cleansed yourself of all non-essential habits, hinderances, and distractions.

So the list you created and focused on for a week, continue on through your journey of establishing your thoughts toward developing your goals into reality. So part of your process will be to create a list of short term and long term goals that you intend to accomplish by a certain date. It's important that you place an end date on when you expect these things to happen because it will help you to focus and get rid of things that cause you to procrastinate. Also it will allow you to see if your end date is reasonable, in that if you have been working on a specific goal and it is not completed by the targeted end date then you may need to revamp your goal and actions toward making it happen to see what you can improve to speed up the process, or if it's something that will need additional time.

The main point here is this, don't give up. Keep pushing toward making your vision come to pass. Also, remember an attitude of Gratitude will expedite the process of your visions, dreams, and goals, becoming a reality.

Be Blessed in all you do!

~Tamishia Clayborn~

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How is life treating you? Have you succumbed to the subtle messages
from society and allowed this to influence how you live and go after
opportunities in business?

What if money were no problem and you knew you could not fail what would
you do in your personal, spiritual and business life?

I have news for you! Many times it's not a money problem that's stopping us from stepping up
to more and can be as simple as changing our mindset to begin seeing advances in our endeavors.
If you have a mindset of failure or have a fear of failure or success for that matter this can sabotage
your empowering success plans.

If you feel powerless to change your business or life it's time to get a new perspective. It's time to master your mindset!

Join me for my upcoming Preview call "5 fatal mistakes that could be holding you back!"

If you're tired of being sick and tired and know that you are ready to step up now to your
life and online business empowerment, you want to secure your enrollment now for
my Quick - Start Teleseries.

Stop trying to do it alone and reinvent the wheel.
Get the support, training and tools that will enable you to reach a new dimension in
life and your business now! Some of what will be covered: list building,
persuading visitors to subscribe to your list, effectively using email
to market to your prospects/customers,easy way
to create your first website, 3 M formula (mastering your mindset, motivation and motivation) and more!

Enjoy the short video below.

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What is that one thing?

List Building or building your community.

If you're going to realize any level of success and online business
empowerment you must be actively building your community (list).

One of the most important things in an online business or offline business
is a list of contacts. Just as in any other business, online businesses
also need to build relationships with their customers. Subscribers are
the contacts on your lists that are the most valuable asset of your
online business. Therefore, list building leads to building
relationships, which in turn encourages prospects to visit your
website, sign up and get closer to buying your offer. But people are
not just going to flock to a website and leave their contact
information! To attract them, they must perceive some value. The first
thing they are going to think about is how they will benefit from
giving you their contact details. That’s why every business that does
online marketing must build its own lists, targeted at specific
prospects. It is time consuming. You have to work really hard. But in
the end, you will directly enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Youropt in list is your treasure. You are always looking for new and
innovative ways to build your lists to keep visitors coming to their
sites continuously. As you participate in this activity you offer
various things to the prospective customer like free reports, ebooks,
software, memberships, services etc. just to get their email address
and other identifiable information. It is essential to keep following
up with people who might be interested in what you are offering. Only
when you have a growing list can you facilitate your users to visit
your site. It grabs their attention and takes them to those areas of
the site that are of particular value to them.

Not everyvisitor buys from the site he or she is visiting. Sure you may have
built a huge database of contacts, but unless each one is a qualified
contact, there is no guarantee that they will take any purchase-related
action when they visit. Even in the offline world, you usually cannot
get a buying decision out of your prospect right away – it takes not
less than 5 visits unless they are desperately in need. Again, if you
deal with more than one product, different visitors may be interested
in different products. That is why you have to get your visitor’s email
address and name as they browse through your site.

There are certain things you need in order to effectively begin building your list.

Let us talk about the basic things you need before you actually experiment with different methods of building lists .

A Website

The first thing you must set up is your website, so that your contacts
have a place to come to and find you. They also need a place where they
can securely leave their email and name. You must ensure that they do
not have any difficulty in the process. Not only that, you want to give
them something of value to remember. I'll be sharing an easy way for
you to start your first website in my Online Business Empowerment Quick Start Teleseries.


The next thing is your autoresponder. These are a wonderful way to
automate your follow up, when you have to keep in touch with your
customers regularly. You might find it easy to keep in touch with, say
100 or 200 people, but when the list runs to thousands, just imagine
the amount of time you’ll spend, time that you can devote to more
creative activities. Instead, a good Autoresponder can help you
tremendously in keeping up with your reminding and emailing.
*Aweber which can be found here is a good choice for many reasons.

You'll need ways to draw traffic to your site.
You can't expect to build your list unless you bring traffic to your site.

Andyou'll need relevent content. Your users will look for information that
is useful and relevant to them. The quickest way to cause your
subscribers to unsubscribe is if you don’t send them messages that are

Don't get caught up with building your list just for size. You're looking to build
a quality responsive list or community.

I've shared a little bit of information in this post, however, if you'd
rather not try to do it yourself and want to receive support I have a
special offer for you.

Empowerment is a choice. Make the choice for business empowerment today by requesting access to my empowering resource.
Click here to access now.

Required FTC Notice:
I am an affiliate of Aweber and stand to make a small commission should you
decide to use this system.
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Ok Now that you have written your positive, visionary, dream, goals list and detroyed the negative list take a moment to reflect on the things you already have in your life that currently bring joy to you. The things you should reflect on are things that are not on your list, this thought process is strictly related to what you already have that you are grateful for.

Gratitude is essential in the process of having a positive mindset about your vision, dreams, goals. Showing or having an attitude of gratitude allows you to have a balance in your mindset regarding reflecting upon what you have, but also allows you to "see" the tools you currently have to help your vision come to pass. For instance, begin to become grateful for things that you may not have even thought of as an option to be grateful for. Most of the time when people reflect on what they are grateful for it's usually things that are essentially priceless like life, your children, your husband/wife, pets, etc. However, also consider being grateful for other things as well like your home, transportation, internet access, a computer, a job, your business, financial resources, etc. Now I know you may be thinking, "but those things are tangible and monetary?," and I'll say yes they are, but sometimes we can be "ungrateful" for those things. Here's what I mean, because we already "have" those things we neglect to reflect on what life would be like if we didn't have a car, a home to live in, clothing, shoes, a computer, internet access, a job and we can easily take those things for granted and not be faithful over them. Just like the bible says be faithful over the little things (few things) and I will make you ruler over much, how do you expect to obtain more or be blessed with more if you are not grateful for or do not take care of what you have now?

So as you reflect on your vision/goal list that you already created, also take time to show gratitude for what you already have.

Bring more Joy into your life and the life of others....


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Q: What is your most pressing question where it concerns your

personal, spiritual and business empowerment?

A: Transitioning from my old self, with those limiting beliefs, to who I truly am.

The first place you want to begin is what I call awareness. In this step
you need to take inventory of your limiting beliefs. You can identify them
without placing them in categories and after you've identified some of them
you can then categorize them in the money, education, career, faith and
other category. Don't get too caught up on this simply jot down what comes
to mind.

Why do you have those limiting beliefs?

What steps can you add that will assist you in overcoming your limiting

Another key factor is your mindset. I won't go deep into this, however,
a lot of our success is sabotaged by our mindset and you would do good
to discover what your mindset is and make the necessary shifts.

You can do this on your own or enlist the help of a coach such as myself
who are equipped with various tools and experience to support you in
this endeavor.

In order to know where you're going you must know where you are.
This is also true where it concerns evolving to who you truly are.
Make sure you are clear on who you are. What are your core values?
What is your purpose? Vision?

All of the above will support your endeavor towards transitioning from
your old self to who you truly are.

The steps mentioned above are supported by my Dream Launch
eCoaching program.

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