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Early this morning I was watching TV One’s “Living With Soul,” which featured the home of author and founder John Bryant and his wife Sheila.  Their Los Angeles home is a beautiful, contemporary showcase of art by Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe–but I was even more impressed by what he does outside the home.


Homeless for six months when he was 18, Bryant refused to mentally accept his predicament, noting the difference between broke (an economic condition), and poor (a state of mind that can keep one locked into that position).  He gradually climbed out of his situation, to become the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, America’s first non-profit social investment banking organization–now operating in 68 U.S. communities and South Africa, having raised more than $500 million from the private sector to empower the poor.


effak.png?width=144One of their best resources is the free Emergency Financial Aid Kit, created to help families and individuals in maintaining financial stability in the event of an emergency.  It helps you identify and organize key financial records, providing a quick reference file for your important financial documents.  Why do I think this is just  Simply because money is a BIG issue, especially for small business owners who may or may not have a steady income and are figuring out how to budget everything.  And if you have a family, the pressure is compounded.  With many one-income families, the stay-at-home spouse may not know all the details about the household financials–which can be disastrous in a crisis situation.


Check it out, it’s a great resource.



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Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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It's already been stated that one critical thing to your breakthrough is to make the right mindset shifts.

Andone of those shifts is a shift to a success mindset. I've sharedessential keys to mindset breakthroughs, the importance of a successmindset and today I want to share one of the hindrances to a successmindset. One hindrance is that of not being aware of fatal distractionsand being overcome by fatal distractions.

One hindrance to a success mindset is that of not being aware of fatal distractions and being overcome by fatal distractions.

The following are the definitions as found in the dictionary.

Fatal: a: causing death b: bringing ruin c: causing failure

Distraction: a: the act of distracting or the state of being distracted; especially: mental confusion

Wecould say that it represents bringing ruin to our mental focus. Anotherway to look at it is causing death and mental confusion with regard toa desired outcome, destination, etc.

Let's move on and I'd like to present another view of fatal distraction.

Onetypo, two typos, three typos, four? This was the pattern that followedas I continued to read. It was a good book, something that wouldbenefit my spirit man tremendously. I felt like I was being lifted,challenged, restored and then it happened.... The power of the readingwas diluted and my attention was drawn to the errors. I'm not sayingthis to draw attention to the errors found in books or other readingsas now you may look for errors in this article. (smile).

When Isaw the first one it wasn't a big deal, then the second one and I saidto myself wow two on one page. I turned the page and saw yet anotherand actually stopped to make sure the error was there.

What wasthis? Why am I so interested in the errors that are here? It wasn't theerrors I was interested in it was a fatal distraction. The word fatalmeans "causing or ending in death." There is definite opposition to oursuccess and the goal to make sure that we die spiritually and/orphysically. You will be presented with distractions the bottom line isthat many are meant to be fatal. It took me sometime to stop what I wasdoing to refresh myself with devotion, devotion that would give lifeand refresh my vision.

Watch out for fatal distractions. Don'tlet distractions break your focus or intercept your endeavor to makemindset shifts. Being consumed by fatal distractions can send negativeenergy to your subconscious mind.

Maybe you're trying to getclear on your goals, vision and purpose you must do whatever is neededto overcome the fatal distractions that will come. Defuse the power ofthe opposition to your endeavours.

When you pray turn off theringer on the phone if you must. Have devotions at the time of daywhere there is the least traffic going through your home.

Howmany fatal distractions have you been presented with? Is Father Godtrying to get you to the next level and can't because you aredistracted by altercations that seem to occur often? Is He trying towarn you of your lack of spiritual development but you are beingdistracted by your commitment to your job and the promotion that mayfinally be realized? Maybe there is a witty idea and invention that istrying to be made available to you and yet you are more focused onanother situation. Block the distraction! Press in, stay close, anddraw nigh to Father God. Realize a mindset shift to success by beingaware of and overcoming fatal distractions.

Are you dealing with dis-empowering behaviours? Want to unstop the blockage to your empowering success?

Maybeyou'd like to remove the emotional baggage, phobias, and toxicbehaviors from your life. Are you afraid that you will succumb to yournegative thoughts and self talk? I know you long to be free to live themost delicious abundant life available to you. Did you know that toxicbehavior and thoughts can also induce unhealthy habits, weight gain andchronic illnesses. These behaviors are at the root of your lack ofpersonal, spiritual and business success.

Coming soon Detox your life! Sign up for the notification list here. You will receive pre-early bird notification that will save you at least 50% on the tuition. Bonus Join the Women's Empowerment Inner Circle here and receive a 65% savings on the tuition during the pre-early bird notification.

I welcome your comments on this post. What spoke to you in this post about
fatal distractions?

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In a recent call "5 simple secrets to begin living your delicious life"
I shared this as one of the secrets. There are 4 plus additional secrets
that were shared and are essential to women's life empowerment
endeavors and living a delicious life!

Secret # 2 was to get your life in good shape.

You must make sure your life is in good shape, although I didn't
go into detail on the call about Total Wellness this is also
very, very important.

Areas included under this secret were:
Life balance
During the Breakthrough mentoring and coaching program each participant
will have a chance to reflect on this by utilizing one of the popular
assessments of the industry. This is not something that is locked in
to the 12 week period , however, it will give you another accountability
measure continuing beyond the 12 week period. One of the areas of thistool includes Physical environment and one of the sentences states mypersonal
files and papers are neatly filed away and if you’re good here you would
check it if not you don’t – At the end there’s a scoring system and there
is an ideal score that you want.

Another area is Health and emotional balance- And one of the sentences
in this area reads.... I very seldom use chocolate, coffee, colas, tea
less than 3 times per week total. We will also use a tool that will be
very instrumental in taking a look at your life balance, giving you a
measuring stick to allow for improvement. You see many times we major
on the minors and wonder why we aren’t achieving the results we so desire.

Strong Divine Connection
We need to feed our soul, body and our spirit and it is imperative
that you have a strong divine connection which for me and others on
this call is a God our Father and you must be committed to your
spiritual authority which would be God, your pastor and those of
you that are married your husbands. It’s about order and when you have order you will live a delicious life!

This was an excerpt from 5 simple secrets to begin living a delicious life.
I share so much more on the call. Here is my gift to you for a limited time.
You can go here to secure your own download of this power-packed
Teleseminar FREE! This will be part of a paid product so you do want to
grab your copy now.

It's time for your personal, spiritual and business breakthrough!
You're not alone. Join other sisters and I for Breakthrough 2010

Be delicious and live your delicious life now!
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Have you ever come into contact with a woman and thought I don'tknow what it is but I like her. She had an ability to motivateyou and brought out the best in you. Just being around her made youwant to reach higher and the energy she had was contagious and leftyou longing to achieve a new level of women's empowerment. Could it be thatshe discovered her gifts, rose above her challenges in life, discoveredher uniqueness and this was partly due to her tapping into her brillianceand learning the life skills enabling her to acquire an unmistakableclient magnetism??A diamond starts off as a coal and goes through severe pressure tobecome what we see as a beautiful diamond shining with brilliance. Howcan you use the challenges, disappointments and set backs in life toyour advantage. How can the seasons of your life possibly cause you tohave a competitive advantage? This is all possible.In my upcoming teleseminar Tap into your brilliance and transform your world,I'll share simple secrets to do just that.Some of what I'll share on call #4 includes....* How you can tap into the rich uniqueness of you and become a client magnetAttracting your ideal client.* Keys to empower you to step out in FAITH with courage to realize exponential growth in every area of your life.* Why you must discover and present your authentic self for a competitive edge in your personal and business relationships* Help you identify how you are setting yourself up for self sabotage causing you to start projects or tasks only to stop at any given point* How you can transform your world by tapping into and unleashing your brilliance* How tapping into your brilliance can help decrease the overwhelmSecure your space on this transformational call by visiting the registrationpage hereLimited phone lines available.I'll also be doing a away during the call.When: Thursday, January 28 at 5:30 PM PSTCan't make the call? Call replay available to all registrants.Tap into your brilliance, transform your world so you can live big, bold and beautiful!!
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OK ladies it's Valentine's day tomorrow and I know there are mixed emotions.
Included in this blog post on savvy women's tips I want to share some insight
on love and hopefully motivate you to look at your life in a different way.

Bravo!!!! To those of you who are already living this way.

The greatest love to we as Christians is Father God's love as He gave His
only son for us.

I'd like you to remember that, however, I'd also like to focus on you.
Yes, you. In the bible it says to love your neighbor as you love yourself,
however, all too many times that's the problem we don't love ourselves!!
Ladies until we can learn to love ourselves it doesn't matter one bit how
many brothas, fellas you have.

You will probably self sabotage every relationship because you are
counting on the man to fulfill you and "to make you happy!"

You must come to terms with how unique, how special how absolutely
incredible you are. You are a unique one of a kind gift from Father God.
He didn't make robots.

There is a song that was so-o-o-o very instrumental in my learning to
love myself and to feel good about myself. It was a song that Whitney
Houston sang very early in her career and some of the words said
"learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."

You see when you love yourself you are less inclined to be intimidated
by those with more education, money, followers (smile) than you. A better
car, home, body than you might think that you have. You will be so confident
in who and whose you are that excuse me "none of it matters" enough to stop
or block you.

My gift to you is to challenge you to discover more about you.
Discover your core values, what makes you unique, what your purpose is.
And this savvy woman will help you live a delicious life with no apologies.

Of course I'm going to invite you to connect with me for additional
support on this new journey by either joining my
Breakthrough Mentoring and Coaching program here or attending my preview call and you'll need to register here
for that. We will definitely cover a self discovery component during Breakthrough.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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