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Look at this pretty little babydoll!

Yes! It is pretty.  Sheer tulle bodice with push up bust and matching brief in a rich forest green embellished with beautiful floral embroidery.







The V.I.P.A Hiltona - Pure Opulence collection has it all... delicate lace, sumptuous satin and luxurious velvet.  Leave him speechless!  









V.I.P.A lingerie is available exclusively at Nickii's Boutique.

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S.E.A. an Houston Texas based mentoring program for high school students,college bound students and students at-risk who want to attend an Historically Black College / University, (H.B.C.U.) Visited our website: www.SSEEAA.COM

Crisis Channel Scholarship

The Crisis Channel Scholarship is available to high school and college students. To be considered, you must submit an original video that shows how your family or community prepares for an emergency. All videos will be posted on The Crisis Channel's website and Facebook page. The grand prize winner will be determined by the most "likes" on Facebook.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study
Additional Information: Please visit the sponsor's Web site for additional information.
Provided By: The Crisis Channel
Deadline: November 01, 2011
Type of Award: Contest
Amount: $500.00
Awards Available: 1(one)





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Top 40 Women Motivators on Social Media

By ShaChena Gibbs


Social Media has become the daily place to get motivated. Whether it’s professional motivation, spiritual motivation, or personal motivation, you can log into your favorite social community and you will get just what you ask for. My favorite places are Twitter and Facebook.

There are so many phenomenal women who share tips and quotes that help me get my day started. Sometime those words I read help me when I have those moments of “PAUSE” and get me right back on “PLAY” mode. I want to say Thank you to these awesome women. Although many of these dynamic women I do not know personally the all encourage and inspire their communities and myself.

  1. Robin Ransom ~ Robin Ransom Enterprise, Speaker & Coach

Facebook: Discover Your Dreams w/ Robin Ransom

  1. Bonique Harris ~ Mindmapper, Speaker & CEO

Facebook: The Entrepreneur’s Roundtable Group

  1. Andrea Cleveland ~ Tru Transformation Coaching, LLC

Facebook: Powerfully Positive: Power Players Club

  1. Geneva Farrow ~ Founder, Executive Director & Speaker

Facebook: A Young Mother’s D.R.E.A.M

  1. Lissette Torres ~ Go Small Biz Solutions, Ind. Associate

Facebook: Lissette Torres

  1. Amina Carter ~ Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Facebook: WomenSphere by Amina

  1. Tanai Coleman ~ Editor in Chief & Workshop Facilitator

Facebook: Money Mastery Magazine

  1. Oneka Bady ~ Administrative Manager

Facebook: Right Hand Mrs.

  1. Eula Guest ~ Co Founder, Consultant, & Marketer

Facebook: Griots Roll Film Production & Services, Inc.

  1. Danielle Moore ~ Executive Director

Facebook: SheRo Project

  1. Lucinda Cross ~ Speaker, Author, CEO

Facebook: Corporate Mom Dropout

  1. Kiwan Fitch ~ The Kiwan N. Fitch, LLC, Founder & Author

Facebook: Confessions of a Welfare Mom

  1. Reverand Carmen ~ Executive Director

Facebook: NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce

  1. Nika Stewart ~ Laptop Mom

Twitter: Laptop Mom Club

  1. Deb Bixler ~ Motivational Speaker

Facebook: Cash Flow Show

  1. Tamyka Washington ~ Small Business Coach & Mentor

Twitter: The CEOMamma Network

  1. Walethia Aquil ~ Image & Etiquette Coach

Facebook: Grace & Charm

  1. Lashanda Henry ~ Small Business Coach

Facebook: Black Business Women Online

  1. Ali Brown ~ Ali International, Inc, Mentor to Women

Facebook: Ali Brown

  1. Ingrid Elver ~ A List Celebrity Consultant

Twitter: Born Celebrity

  1. Pam Perry ~ PR Coach & Social Media Strategist

Facebook: Social Media PR Solutions

  1. Cheryl Wood ~ Founder & CEO

Facebook: Cheryl Wood

  1. Melanie Bonita ~ Author

Facebook: Daily Dose of Motivation

  1. Fabienne Fredrickson ~ Mentor

Facebook: Client Attraction

  1. Kimberly Jesse Bowles ~ Celebrity Branding & Marketing Coach

Facebook: Kimpire World

  1. Shonna Hassett ~ Executive Director & Coach

Facebook: The Center for Counseling & Holistic Services


  1. Therese Kelly ~ Business Growth Coach and Mindset Mentor

Facebook: Happy in Business Marketing & Mindset

  1. Terri Clay ~ Speaker, Author, Coach, & Radio Host

Facebook: Learn how to Market

  1. Bernadette M. Johnson Hairl ~ President

Facebook: By The Book Accounting, Inc.

  1. Rachel Berry ~ Author

Facebook: The Vow Network

  1. Shalonda Williams ~ Life Coach & Speaker

Facebook: Shalonda Williams, Coach Treasures

  1. Katrina Harrell ~ Coach, CEO, & Author

Facebook: Your Simple Bookkeeper

  1. Stacie NC Grant ~ Speaker, Author, Radio Host & Coach

Facebook: Stacie NC Grant, Empowerment Strategist

  1. Rhonda Cort ~ Mentor

Twitter: Magnetic Mojo

  1. Kim Sudderth ~ Angel Power Holdings, LLC, Mentor

Facebook: Kim Sudderth

  1. Kim E. Underwood ~ Minister

Facebook: Morning Glory Show

  1. Sanya Hudson ~ Author

Facebook: Sanya Hudson

  1. Malika Anderson ~ Founder

Facebook: Real Woman’s Guide

  1. Carol Sanker ~ Author, Coach, & CEO

Twitter: Carol Sanker Enterprises

  1. Kari Day & Stephanie Page ~ Mentors

Facebook: Allied Women in Business

Visit our motivators and join, like, follower them on your social community.
Real Sisters Rising, LLC
Sign Up!:

Entrepreneur, mentor, and Small Business Educator, ShaChena Gibbs is helping women across the US with starting a successful business from home. ShaChena Gibbs is the Founder of Real Sisters Rising, LLC an award winning National Organization for Women Entrepreneurs.
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Half-Price Ads in More Black Success

10744064484?profile=originalMore Black Success Volume 11 will be advertised to one hundred thousand or more Black people internationally. 


These are educated, well-read people.


If you want to grow your business and attract customers internationally, this is a great way to do so.  See also:  International Networking


I am offering ads in More Black Success Volume 11  at half of the regular price. 


You can place your ad in MBS11 from just £30/$50. Your ad will remain in the ebook forever.


Plus you will get an addition ad in another publication in 2012 for no further charge. 


This offer is exclusively for Black-owned businesses.


The focus will be personal development - how we can achieve our goals and transform our lives. 


MBS11 will contain interviews with Black experts in personal development. 

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Take ACTION Today

There are no ‘do-over’s,’ no pause buttons, stop buttons, rewind, second rounds, or repeat/re-runs in this journey called LIFE! If you woke up this morning alone, you are Blessed. Now make every minute moving forward a productive moment to transform your life. No more complaining, or waiting… the time is NOW…Make it count! #NowOrNever

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How I'm Supporting One of Our Very Own!

I'm guessing that most of you know about one of our very own members', (Itiel McVay), delicious bath & body products because she has been featured as one of BBWO's 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs!

Since using products from Smell Goods '98TM, I've gotten comments from my husband, daughter's, (my 3yr old tells me almost daily, "Mommy you smell good!  *hmmm, did I not smell good before?*), friends, & family!


To read more about my experience and find out why I'm now a life-long supporter/user, go to "My Heart Speaks..."

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How To Use An Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are a good way to organize how you will deliver your content. Without an editorial calendar you can fall into the trap of over-delivering in one period of time and under-delivering later on. You really don't want your content tripping over itself.

What is an editorial calendar? Wikipedia says editorial calendars are "used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspaper, magazine, blog, email newsletters, and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook fan pages. They are an extremely efficient way to control publication of content across diverse media outlets over time."

What it does is create for you a map of what, when, and how you will post your content to share it with your audience. So for example, let's say you have a couple of upcoming programs, a new product and an ongoing service you provide. You want to make sure your audience is aware these things are coming, but you want to divide up the messages to avoid information overwhelm.

Here is an example of what an editorial calendar may look like. Mine has elements of written content but also a few other tasks I like to consistently do. Some of mine is adapted from a calendar shared with me by one of my favorite mentors, Nancy Marmolejo over at

editorial calendar

IM Nirvana has a cool downloadable spreadsheet here. Or you can try another that's more social media-based like the Loud Few here.

My friend and social media guru, Tai Goodwin, shared a great tool with me recently called DivvyHQ. This site has a great interactive calendaring system you can use to map out different points within your marketing campaigns. Personally, I'm a spreadsheet geek, so I love using Excel and other spreadsheet-style tools to map my progress.

I'd love to hear what you currently use to keep track of and post your content. Share in the comments section below.


WANT TO RE-POST THIS ARTICLE ON YOUR BLOG OR USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE, E-NEWSLETTER OR WEB SITE? You may, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

About the Author: Tanya Smith is a creative business strategist and coach specializing in showing service based entrepreneurs like coaches, consultants and freelancers how to save time & money with simple, yet profitable systems that engage leads and clients.  Her company Be Promotable provides fresh actionable strategies and virtual resources to promote business owners as power players in their market.  Claim your instant access to a free 12 point checklist at:

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S.E.A. a Houston Texas based mentoring program for high school students,college bound students and students at-risk who want to attend an Historically Black College / University, (H.B.C.U.) Visited our website: www.SSEEAA.COM

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

Are you an athlete who has flexed your heart in your community? and Foot Locker will be honoring 20 athletes who shine on the field and in their communities with $20,000 each through the Foot Locker Scholar Athletes program. Learn more below about this scholarship opportunity and sign up today.


In order to be eligible for the Foot Locker Scholar Athletes program,
the applicant must:

Be currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community based sports
Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
Be college bound (accredited four-year college) anticipated in Fall 2012
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident (you will be asked to prove citizenship and age if you win)
Officers, directors, members, and employees (including Store Associates) of Foot Locker Inc., Foot or Do Something Inc. and any of their subsidiaries or divisions, are not eligible to apply; nor are Locker Foundation Inc.,members of the immediate family of anyone described above.


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Luke 12:24-28 Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest? Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you!

This scripture is particularly encouraging for those who are considering embarking on new endeavours, experiencing financial difficulty or a dry spout in life. The positivity, sense of love and warmth in this scripture is overwhelming. There’s an soothing of emotions, that brings a subtle smile to ease your worries, a deep breath to relax your mind and an expansion of warmth in your heart.

Though there are only four verses, they are worth looking at individual.

24. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have neither storeroom or barn; and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! 

The imagery brings one back to the essence of life and further still when we think of the animals and the simplicity of their lives compared to the unnecessary complexities of our own. We hear so often the phrase ‘keeping it real’, but how many of us really do? We have lost appreciation of the basic elements of life. The elements that are provided for us naturally and generously by God; food, water, air, heat, though we can manipulate these things none of them are dependent on us for their existence, in fact we are dependent on them. As we are so valuable in the sight of God we have been placed on an earth that has been built to provide our every need.


25. And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

There have been times in all of our lives when our finances seemed crippling, we began to worry, make calculations, consider that second job, considered crime (O.K. that last one was a joke, hmm... for most of us anyway). The point is that the reality of the situation is a temporary phase, yes, it is temporary because look at where you are now, still breathing and still living to tell the tale. Yet every time we face adversity we begin to make ourselves crazy with worry, some of us to the point of physical or mental illness. Worrying never helps any situation, it only serves to make us less focused, confused, stressed and agitated.


26. If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest?

We must remember that the powers of God are far beyond what any of us can possibly imagine. It is pointless to stress ourselves about situations that are outside of our control or that we are unable to predict. In these events we should look to find peace and comfort in the Lord, because when you have walked that last mile, feel heavy and burdened, and as though nothing more can be done, perhaps there is  nothing more that you can do but this is not true for the Lord who has the power to part seas for his people. So put your mind and heart at rest and trust in him as he has not brought you this far to see you fade to nothing.


27. Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Again, the use of imagery draws our mind back to the essential elements of life. Lilies just as all the flowers and vegetation on this earth when not planted or harvested by man have the ability to grow wild and naturally. They do nothing for their existence but simply exist itself and yet they are beautiful and worthy of admiration. Many people believe that depending on the Lord means that they have to content themselves with a mediocre life style or be happy to be poor. Let me remind you that the Lord has not only covered this world inch by inch with beauty and a wealth of resources but he has done the same for his people throughout history, think to King David or Solomon as in this text. Our God does not ration us with meager portions of his love, but gives in abundance to those who trust in the Lord.


28. But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you!

The lillies of the valley, the grass of the fields and even the raven are not as valuable as we are to God, we have been made evidently superior to all other beings on this earth. If so much care is placed into the birds and the bees, how much more love do you think the Lord will place into our care? Bundles and bundles more!


There comes always a point when you have done as much as you can but even at that point it’s not over yet because God is able to continue working long after you have and much further than you can. So do your best, go as far as you can, work as hard as you can and then remember to enjoy your life also even through the struggles. The Lord has got your back, whist your sleeping he’s still working so trust in him, place no worries in your mind but little reminders to God in your prayers.


Have a wonderful Sunday!


original text can be found on All Black Woman

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Do you want more Profit for your business? Want more qualified leads? Social Media Marketing is the answer!



I want to ask you what do you know about the following sites – FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Youtube ?

While you might know the URL for the sites in question, did you know that you could use these Social sites to drive qualified leads to your business?


For small business owners running a business and making a profit is more difficult day by day. Very few business owners have enough clients. Paying for leads, advertising in the Yellow Pages, running ad’s on radio and television are all expensive, and without any guarantee of getting the results you need.


I don’t want to sound negative, but that is the reality.


Social Media Marketing is affordably, and more importantly it is guaranteed to work. We are a local business who specialise in delivering results for small businesses in the Sacramento area and Globally via the internet.


Social Media Marketing is really a very simple concept. Our small team uses the most powerful software available to make sure that your message is delivered to exactly the right target audience.


The fact that you have heard about FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace and Youtube should give you some confidence, because your customers have too. They use their computers just about every day – so getting your message in front of them is not going to take long.


We can adapt our campaigns to suit your budget. Give us a try, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Please feel free to contact us at


I look forward to speaking with you.


Empowering you!


Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

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Have you watched what is going on in the entrepreneurship world today? Have you noticed the trends of businesses that are emerging in the wake of other concepts? Maybe it is just me, but I can never decide which one to choose from. It can get confusing!


Let us take a look at the concept of what I like to call the ‘Control, Alt & C’ business concepts. It seems to be spreading like wildfires. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by a concept from a mentor or visionary; it is another issue when you are not starting your business with your authentic God given gifts and talents.


The authentic visionary takes the time to perfect their craft, gain the following and captivate business based on the need for the concept then grow their business. An authentic visionary stands out by understanding and catering to their target audience. They spend time supporting fellow visionaries rather than pressing the Control, Alt & C functions and adding it to their business. There are a great deal of visionaries and mentors who have had an invisible hand of greatness in my life and business, however, I have to remain authentic by providing my followers the best products, services and information that my target audience needs.


Do not spend time perfecting the craft of your competitors. Build your business that reflects YOU and serves as your gift to those who need it. Take the time to be mentored from those who can teach you the importance of perfecting your skill, but leave the Control, Alt & C functions out of the equation. Remain authentic so you can stand in the line of greatness rather than get lost of the sea of the imitation!

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Make a statement without saying a word. Pair these fashionable over the top earrings with a blazer and jeans or edge it up a bit by pairing with a suit. They're fun, flirty and attention grabbing and has all the yummy options!

Shop the collection now Basketball Wives Earrings

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We're Still Waiting For You!

Are you a person that prospers??? Well, if so, we've been looking for you! Currently, GPS is looking for People Who Prosper OR anyone that is successful, considers themselves successful, or on their way to success!

We are looking to feature and introduce people who are up and coming in their business or already there! is a place that will feature these business owners and share your stories with someone who just might be able to relate. Sometimes it helps to stay motivated when you hear other people's stories, and this is our goal: Not only to feature successful prosperous people, but to help keep others MOTIVATED.

The other part of this, is that we want you to tell US about YOU. It's easy for anyone to find your website, blog, Facebook page, or twitter. But is a place for you to challenge yourself and put yourself out there. We give you a chance to brag about yourself! Because let's face it, if you can't talk about you, then who else will? Tell us about your business and services and how long you've been in business. We want to hear your story. Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

I am challenging you today to step out and tell others about you! Here's what you have to do:
Email with subject line PeopleWhoProsper to
Include your business name, website and a synopsis of "your story".

After getting in touch with you, you will be sent a series of questions about yourself, your business and/or services.

After you return the answered questions, you will then be featured on, PeopleWhoProsperTV, and up to 16,000 people on you tube!

So, take the first step today and tell us about yourself! You never know who will need to hear your story or need your services!

Deuteronomy 8:18: But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.
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Are You Seizing the Moment?

I am not going to sugar coat this one at all...Why? Because too many people are ignoring their access to abundant opportunity, therefore, by request, the word of the month is OPPORTUNITY.


It is extremely simple to ignore the moment when everything aligns itself to give you the chance to explore the greatness of your vision. All of us know someone who does more complaining than finding solutions. Quite frankly, that person could be you! You start thinking about the economic crises, the recent news of our down-graded credit rating, the job market, etc, and immediately get discouraged about things that have nothing to do with your ability to succeed.


Opportunity adds infinite value to your life. It is your access card to your destiny. It helps you see the purpose of your vision. Opportunity allows you to add value to others as well. Are you seizing every opportunity presented to you?


I work with several clients who have been a victim of their own destruction. Today is the day to shed some of that extra baggage you are holding on to that is preventing you from realizing the true gift that is in front of you called opportunity. Take a journey with me!


1.        Stop HOARDING on to dead end relationships: We get comfortable with keeping people in our lives just like the clothes we promise that we will fit into again some day....LET IT GO! On the journey of success, you are going to face several bumps in the road, however, many of those bumps are caused because we have not aligned ourselves with the right people. Take a serious inventory of your true inner circle. Evaluate each player on the team. Can you clearly define their role? Really? Your team has to resemble a standard sports team-defense, offense, guard, captain, etc. They work together for the success of the team. They want you to shine! If you are not aligned with the right inner circle, you will not score a winning goal. Take a look around!


2.      Stop hating!!!!: OMG....I know that we can all relate to this in some way. I never knew that jealousy continued past our teenage years, but I was so wrong. When we are jealous or envious of our fellow visionaries success, essentially we are allowing our appointment with opportunity to pass us by because we are not focusing on our OWN mission. Having envy in your spirit in your heart because of another persons success is not the way to go. Envy is time consuming. It takes you off of the road to your own success. It causes you be become obsessed with everyone else's next move. According to Judge Mills-Lane, Stay in Your Lane! Watch where you are going and pay attention to your GPS. Instead of envy, support your fellow visionary. Let that person(s) become your mentor & motivation.


3.      Start supporting...Genuine Support: You can never expect to receive what you are not willing to give. Success is a reciprocal process. You have to support so you can get support. Be inspired so you can be an inspiration.


4.     Start asking questions: Never assume that you can figure out everything on your own. The best kept secret in seizing opportunity is your access to quality information. Ask meaningful questions on your journey from people who understand the direction of your destiny.


5.      Never stop marketing: Yes I know...I say the same thing over and over, but it is the key to your growth. How can opportunity find you if you are not out there creating a path? Marketing is the of the BIGGEST keys to your own access card to success. Let me take it one stop further-are you marketing OUTSIDE of social media (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)? So many visionaries think they have 4000 friends on Facebook so therefore they are marketing. Completely false. Social media gives you access, however great marketing produces results. Do you think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates stay on Facebook to market their products, services and organizations? I thought so....Use social media to connect but the real world of marketing goes far beyond social media. Memberships, organizations, media pitches and much more are available to you so why are you not taking advantage of the opportunity to make some serious connections? It is time to step your game up!


6.      Remain humble & hungry: Humility will take you very far in the opportunity circle. Remembering to thank people who have endorsed your success as well as those who have helped you along the way is important. I have met people who forget how a simple it is to acknowledge those who embrace you. In addition, always remain hungry for more opportunities. Never become content with your own success. (That is how one hit wonders are made). Look for new challenges DAILY that will introduce you to new opportunities.



Remember, you have to be ready to embrace opportunity. You have to align yourself in its path so you can truly enjoy the bounty of its abundance in your life. You have to show up every time and be ready to work hard for it. Opportunity takes sacrifice and will cause you to make life long and crucial decisions. Once you realize how just one opportunity can truly change your life, you will look back on the journey and embrace your growth and success. When opportunity knocks, be ready to answer the call. Once you succeed, pay it forward!



Continued Prospertiy & Success!

Your Millionaire Mindset Coach!


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Ha Ha! Are you ready for this?!

Savoy - Burlesque Dreams, very reminiscent of the burlesque style with it's ruffles and frills, is beautifully understated, yet totally spectacular.  *Delivery date: October 2011

Dare to be different!  The Greta - Fabulously Kitsch collection is wonderfully quirky.  *Delivery date: November 2011


Words do not do the Hiltona - Pure Opulence collection justice.  From delicate lace and sumptuous satin to luxurious velvet, Hiltona has it all.  *Delivery date: November 2011

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I’m sure many of my readers are not in the literary field. But there comes a time in our lives as professionals when we have to put on the breaks and check ourselves.

In business there is a level of professionalism that is expected among us. I’ve experienced a lot of unprofessionalism in the four years I’ve been in business but never gave it to anyone. One thing that every person in business must know; being unprofessional can turn away potential customers.

I work around a lot of passionate, motivated, intelligent, out-going, fun and informative people. None of us are multi billionaires and none of us run a multi-billion dollar company but being professional is still a matter at hands.

If you want to be anything in your life; anything in a professional world, you must act professional. Greet people with manners, talk to them with respect, not have the need to down play other people or set revenge on people for their actions. There’s always a way to handle things.

Quick tips on how to be professional

  • Have good phone etiquette. Answer the phone professionally; with a smile on your face as if you are eager to help the person calling
  • Have good email etiquette. Respond quickly to emails saying Hello Mrs. (Mr.) Ending the email saying thank you and have a great day. Make people have a sense of comfort and eagerness to get back in contact with you.
  • Set priorities. Get work done that’s most important for the day. If you told someone you would get a certain thing to them by this hour, make sure they have it.
  • Be organized
  • Be on time; with anything!

Now let’s talk about setting a different between twitter/facebook and business

When I sign on to twitter or facebook, I let my hair down.  I am not generally who I would be in business. I am socializing and there’s no need for me to be on my best professional behavior. But when the tables turn and it’s time for me to be CEO, Owner and operator of From A Writer’s POV, I am 100% professional. I’ve met several people on twitter that I like talking to and laughing with but if I ever come in contact with someone professionally, I’m using my quick tips above to address them.

No matter what the level of friendship is, business is business and it’s important to be professional in business. This is where a lot of business professionals go wrong. They incorporate pleasure with business and then lose their grounds and respect for what they are trying to do.

If you do not take professionalism seriously, you will lose customers, your business will fail. I’m sure most people are like me and will not deal with someone being unprofessional. When I go to eat, I want a waiter who is professional, good manners, quick on their feet and quick to respond. Not someone that is coming at me like “hey girl what you want to eat.” No I want “Hello, how are you? May I take your order?” Why? Because it’s professional it’s a part of that’s person’s job. With an attitude like that they can expect me to come back time and time again because of their professionalism and manners.

So if you are in business, check yourself right now and ask yourself are you professional enough. If you want people to take you seriously, it’s time to get some professional business about yourself and get to the next level.

Straight from the DIVA



Article written by: Dominique Watson



If you are looking to get to the next level in your literary career, sign up with me so I can be your literary career mentor:

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