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10744111890?profile=originalHello Everyone!
I am looking for 'power presenters' for my event on Friday, April 13th at 2pm in Hampton. It does include FM Radio airplay, so if you're interested as an individual or as the group, please send an email to drangelachester@gmail.com with 'Daily Spark Hampton' as the subject line. Thank you!
Daily Spark with Dr. Angela
Power Talkers Package
Empowering the Community for Excellence
Theme: Women on the Move for Greatness
  • Investment: $100
  • 1-radio interview on Daily Spark
  • 1-radio guest appearance at Panel Radio Broadcast
  • WDJY Social Media Promotion/Contest (30 days)
This is a free event to the public.
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LEARN HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS FAST FOR YOUR MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) BUSINESS. Making money through multi level marketing (MLM) is another way to increase your earnings. For people who would want to conduct business from their home, owning their time and write their own paycheck without creating their own product? MLM will work. MLM will work even better if you have good leadership skills a self-starter and a hard worker where selling and promoting products does not give you shivers. If selling and promoting however is not your stronger points, MLM might prove to be a challenge for you since your success will largely rest on your ability to create down line. Multi level marketing has proven successful to only 5% of its members. The majority of the 95% fall out within the week, most in a year's time. Your multi level marketing upline will sell you the idea that you do not have much to do once your downline is established. This is mostly incorrect and partly true. Real downright hard work, especially so in personal selling. If someone says that it is a laid down work, that someone is pulling your leg. No matter, if you possess the above qualities, MLM marketing should not be a problem for you. It is a real moneymaker even if only a small percentage of those who joined have something to show for it. https://3wayfunding.com/business-credit https://goo.gl/pPTsVX https://goo.gl/WQb5mq WEBSITE SETUP- http://1websetup.com/website CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER- https://goo.gl/xhuJHk GODADDY 99CENT DOMAIN- https://goo.gl/jSD7MP Set Up your online store- Click here https://goo.gl/M9R5yH

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10744088056?profile=originalIt’s TIME to STOP buying hair extensions and get nothing in RETURN! It’s TIME to Join the Multi Billion Dollar hair business as a Micoré Hair Consultant!

In 2009 Derrick & Mercy Alexander started VirginHairSupply an e-commerce website for hair. It was soon realized by Derrick that there were hundreds of other hair website competitors and they would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars if they ever hoped to make a name for VHS. Derrick did some research and noticed that even though there were hundreds of hair competitors, there was virtually no competition in the Multi-Level Marketing arena.

Derrick strongly believed that women would gravitate toward a Network Marketing program for hair extensions. He spoke to some trusted friends for support and they formed Micoré International MLM.

 Women love social settings, and they treasure their hair! Women also like to make money that they can call their own so the Micoré owners decided to put the hair business and the revenue it generates, back into the hands of the women who purchase. Even men are finding great success in Micoré!

The hair business is a fractionalized market with no single major giant competitor except the Koreans, who dominate the industry with control of more than 80 percent of the distribution of African American hair care products, beauty supply stores and the wig and extension manufacturers.

The mission of Micoré International Inc is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. Soon thousands of Independent Micoré Consultants will be sharing the Micoré story and selling to women who appreciate quality hair, and money in their pocket!

This opportunity is about to revolutionize the hair industry as the first TRUE Network Marketing Company for HAIR! The mission of Micoré International MLM is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. 

The reason I joined Micore is that I have purchased thousands dollars in
hair throughout the years for myself and my daughter and I never got a
discount nor made money anytime by referring people to my supplier.  Now I
can do both, because Micore offers 20% discount and I also get paid when I
help others start in the business and when my family, friends and customers
buys from my site.

This business is also ideal for hairstylist because now you can add a
profit center to your business. Where the styles can make money selling hair to her customers and have other team members sell hair and she will also get paid.


Network Marketing means that not only do you make money off the products YOU SELL, but also earn commissions from the sales of potentially hundreds and even thousands of Micoré Consultants beneath you!

I am sure you can appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity, so if you are ready to grab your spot and start earning please sign up at http://hairweavemoney.com

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Hello friends in the business world..I am Annie...its been a long time since I've been on here ...I have 2 kids ages 5 and 7.  I am certified CNA(which is my full time) and Im certified EKG.  I work Part-time(for now) as an Independent Rep for Primerica. If I knew then what I knew now I should've been in this field a long time ago... I started as a Rep and now I am a senior Rep...my next goal is to pass the state exam to become a licensed life insurance agent which would lead me to district...guys its an awesome opportunity...  A friend of mine died March 2nd, 2012.  We were suppose to meet to discuss about him getting a policy on him and his little daughter...I didnt get chance to talk to him..our schedules didnt match.Yall let me just say that when I found out that he passed(test driving a motorcycle)..it hurt me to my heart...My friend is gone too soon b/c I waited too long.. R.I.P..my friend.  Now my mind is on helping people make the right choice b/c you never know when its your time...I am looking for 20 people to join me in becoming a light for those who need it....If you would like to work to help families as well as yourself please contact me.

I do travel to meet with groups of people to hold life insurance classes if you would like to book with me and hold group meetings, company meetings please let me know.... if you would like quotes on life insurance please let me know..always looking for bright people to join my team...get chance to meet like-minded individuals making a difference in this world....one love ..thanks

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Cookie Lee Jewelry Opportunity "Join my Team"

I started my Cookie Lee business because I loved the jewelry. I never imagined that I would be earning the extra income that I now receive each month! I get paid to have fun while selling jewelry at home shows, office shows, through my website and by collecting catalog orders. I've made such great friendships with my Cookie Lee business—it really is a family! The opportunities with Cookie Lee are endless, so contact me today to learn how you can start your business and enjoy all these benefits too!



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Are You Seizing the Moment?

I am not going to sugar coat this one at all...Why? Because too many people are ignoring their access to abundant opportunity, therefore, by request, the word of the month is OPPORTUNITY.


It is extremely simple to ignore the moment when everything aligns itself to give you the chance to explore the greatness of your vision. All of us know someone who does more complaining than finding solutions. Quite frankly, that person could be you! You start thinking about the economic crises, the recent news of our down-graded credit rating, the job market, etc, and immediately get discouraged about things that have nothing to do with your ability to succeed.


Opportunity adds infinite value to your life. It is your access card to your destiny. It helps you see the purpose of your vision. Opportunity allows you to add value to others as well. Are you seizing every opportunity presented to you?


I work with several clients who have been a victim of their own destruction. Today is the day to shed some of that extra baggage you are holding on to that is preventing you from realizing the true gift that is in front of you called opportunity. Take a journey with me!


1.        Stop HOARDING on to dead end relationships: We get comfortable with keeping people in our lives just like the clothes we promise that we will fit into again some day....LET IT GO! On the journey of success, you are going to face several bumps in the road, however, many of those bumps are caused because we have not aligned ourselves with the right people. Take a serious inventory of your true inner circle. Evaluate each player on the team. Can you clearly define their role? Really? Your team has to resemble a standard sports team-defense, offense, guard, captain, etc. They work together for the success of the team. They want you to shine! If you are not aligned with the right inner circle, you will not score a winning goal. Take a look around!


2.      Stop hating!!!!: OMG....I know that we can all relate to this in some way. I never knew that jealousy continued past our teenage years, but I was so wrong. When we are jealous or envious of our fellow visionaries success, essentially we are allowing our appointment with opportunity to pass us by because we are not focusing on our OWN mission. Having envy in your spirit in your heart because of another persons success is not the way to go. Envy is time consuming. It takes you off of the road to your own success. It causes you be become obsessed with everyone else's next move. According to Judge Mills-Lane, Stay in Your Lane! Watch where you are going and pay attention to your GPS. Instead of envy, support your fellow visionary. Let that person(s) become your mentor & motivation.


3.      Start supporting...Genuine Support: You can never expect to receive what you are not willing to give. Success is a reciprocal process. You have to support so you can get support. Be inspired so you can be an inspiration.


4.     Start asking questions: Never assume that you can figure out everything on your own. The best kept secret in seizing opportunity is your access to quality information. Ask meaningful questions on your journey from people who understand the direction of your destiny.


5.      Never stop marketing: Yes I know...I say the same thing over and over, but it is the key to your growth. How can opportunity find you if you are not out there creating a path? Marketing is the key.....one of the BIGGEST keys to your own access card to success. Let me take it one stop further-are you marketing OUTSIDE of social media (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)? So many visionaries think they have 4000 friends on Facebook so therefore they are marketing. Completely false. Social media gives you access, however great marketing produces results. Do you think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates stay on Facebook to market their products, services and organizations? I thought so....Use social media to connect but the real world of marketing goes far beyond social media. Memberships, organizations, media pitches and much more are available to you so why are you not taking advantage of the opportunity to make some serious connections? It is time to step your game up!


6.      Remain humble & hungry: Humility will take you very far in the opportunity circle. Remembering to thank people who have endorsed your success as well as those who have helped you along the way is important. I have met people who forget how a simple it is to acknowledge those who embrace you. In addition, always remain hungry for more opportunities. Never become content with your own success. (That is how one hit wonders are made). Look for new challenges DAILY that will introduce you to new opportunities.



Remember, you have to be ready to embrace opportunity. You have to align yourself in its path so you can truly enjoy the bounty of its abundance in your life. You have to show up every time and be ready to work hard for it. Opportunity takes sacrifice and will cause you to make life long and crucial decisions. Once you realize how just one opportunity can truly change your life, you will look back on the journey and embrace your growth and success. When opportunity knocks, be ready to answer the call. Once you succeed, pay it forward!



Continued Prospertiy & Success!

Your Millionaire Mindset Coach!





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What is BizOppers?

BizOppers comes from the word BizOp which is short for Business Opportunities. BizOppers is a social networking site for network marketing and home-businesses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. Think of it as the Facebook for network marketers and home business enthusiasts.


BizOppers has been created by direct selling and marketing experts with years of experience.   BizOppers combines a breakthrough social networking site with a fantastic affiliate program, not to mention world class customer support. One of the most attractive features ofBizOppers is the high 80% commissions, repeated monthly residual income, and the opportunity to connect and earn commissions from existing BizOppers members by interacting with them.


What is the BizOppers GOLD membership?

BizOppersGOLD is for anyone who is serious about making money on the Internet.  It provides many advanced features for yourBizOppers account, such as the ability to create groups and invite other BizOppers members to join your group. They are given more visibility and are prioritized ahead of Free members. Members can also participate in theaffiliate program to earn a significant income from home.


This is BizOppers


For more information, click on the link below TODAY!



Enjoy, and it's FREE

Sheila Caldwell

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Something's hot in the pot! I am excited and on the road to being debt free! Let's make it happen for you too! I know we all have different reasons why we want financial security, so let those reasons be your motivation for at least checking out this great income opportunity.   http://www.reserveyourcup.com/cdnvisions

The product is organic instant gourmet coffee!  Yep, coffee!  It's the second  most consumed beverage following water!  And, in commodities, it's second to oil!  Who woulda thunk it?! 

We're in the Pre-Launch phase of this new company and you can join, get a website and build your team for FREE until June 1, 2011. We've got expert leadership, enthusiastic team support, and a super fantastic compensation plan.

So, go to my website at the link below, watch the video and seriously consider if this venture is right for you. Come on, it's FREE until June 1--No risk and no obligation! Feel free to email me at cdnvisions@gmail.com

Please don't be skeptical because every mega success in existence today--Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks and countless others--have had their humble beginnings. Looking back, we all would have loved to have had a start-up opportunity with any of them. Well, you may have missed those opportunities but here's your chance not to miss this one--it's all about timing and positioning!

So, avoid slapping yourself on the forehead later and Reserve Your Cup now! See the vision and embrace it!


Listen to the live conference calls and webinars:

Daily Mon-Fri @ 12 noon and 3pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 631596#
Nightly @ 8pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 257841#

Midnight Madness Call and Webinar @http://www.iprosperonline.com
w/Conference Call ( Simultaneous) @ (218) 339-2409 pin: 6544789  ****Eastern Time Zone****

Maximize Your Morning Wake Up Call 7am CST
Phone Number: (713) 300-0182
Pin Code: 300348#

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Okay know when your being blessed

Just when you think things aren't getting any better God steps in and he throws you for a loop, he allows people and situations to come in to get your attention once he has your attention, its up to you to take the initiative to make things happen.

Opportunity, is a word that we should embrace in the moment of our victories, simply because the GREAT opportunities only come from HIm.

Now that the opportunity has made its way in your situation what should you do? If it was me I would make a decision to use that opportunity to make it work for me.

Now keep in mind I have had several opportunities to come my way, My delimma is which opportunity should I work on first.

When God gives you more than one opportunity, I say pray on what is next making sure that if you are taking advantage of that opportunity that you stay prayed up so that if by chance you have some stumbling blocks you will be able to handle them.


No matter what stay prayed up!!!

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Today, people aren’t just looking for ways to improve their health; they want to create wealth, too.

Our friends and neighbors are looking for an honest opportunity; one that reflects their passion for life and achieving their wildest dreams.

SnackHealthy offers a refreshing, inspiring business opportunity with a products and a message we believe will ring true with many. We are committed to the well being of our customers, our associates and our communities.

SnackHealthy Associates recognize the value we offer as a company and as advocates for true health and true wealth.

We hope you will join us....Click here.

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eFoods Global is currency of the future. No matter what your time commitment, level of interest or income desire eFoods Global has created a compensation plan for everyone. CLICK HERE:

This exciting plan is designed to blend many rewarding elements of several earning structures to help you achieve your financial goals and more. We blend immediate rewards with a strong long-term residual plan. One of the unique aspects of this earning plan is the blending of weekly food rewards with financial rewards. Not long ago, terms like providing for the family, being the bread winner, and putting food on the table were the measure of a good day’s work. With the eFoods Global earning plan, you will be putting food on the table tonight while reserving weeks, months, and even years of food in your home, accompanied with some huge financial rewards.

This extraordinary earning opportunity has the ability to potentially generate a potentially endless stream of storable gourmet food as well as lifestyle-changing income. We at eFoods Global have a very simple philosophy: serve it, save it, and share it.

Joining us is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

• Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)
• Serve an enjoyable meal
• Share essential ideas

Don't wait... join the movement today. eFoods Global saving families one meal at a time.

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Network Marketing Works---When you know how to work it.As an entreprenur...i currently have 2 businesses. One of them happens to be a network marketing business (http://www.SendOutCards.com/98658)Thinking about starting a home based business for sometime now... It all sounds good in theory. It would be nice to keep your current job (until you choose to move on), cultivate a new opportunity, create unlimited income potential, achieve a healthier personal and family lifestyle, pay those college tuitions, establish financial security for retirement, and have the means to pursue any dream you may have.But you’re skeptical. You’ve heard about the pyramids, the scams and the loads of products you must buy to remain eligible for compensation. You hear about the companies that collapse or get into trouble with various attorney generals and government agencies for illegal compensation plans and false product claims. So is Network Marketing a viable home based business or work at home opportunity?The answer is yes. There are many legitimate Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing, MLM companies out there which people are building very successful home based businesses with. They are building large networks and generating significant supplemental residual income and in many cases primary incomes.Matter of fact there are over 20 million people in the USA in the Network Marketing Industry today. A large percentage of whom have made this their chosen profession, a full time profession. The beauty of this industry however is that anyone can be successful on a part time basis with limited resources. The secret to success is repetition and consistency in following the systems laid out by the MLM one chooses.Thus the trick becomes figuring out how to choose the right MLM, the best Network Marketing Company for an individual’s personal situation.There are many resources out there to help with this process. Before i joined (http://www.SendOutCards.com) I did a lot of research b/c i was skeptical about joining yet ANOTHER MLM business...and believe me, ive tried them all. But during my research i didnt find anything derogatory about that. On top of the fact that i actually do like and use their product w/o having to feel pressured or convinced. Nor do i have to go to any of those brainwashing "conventions" that are associated w/other MLMs, but i still have the support i need, whenever i need it.Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business.Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we've been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us anything.Especially if we've already been down that path and found it did not work as advertised.Network marketing brings with it a whole new set of challenges, from the way we advertise, to how we approach our prospects.So it is no wonder when we hear something that contradicts what the majority of marketers are saying we immediately discount it until later it is proven true.One of the important things to remember is, you are in a REAL BUSINESS. You no longer have a boss holding you accountable. Your network marketing success or failure is dependent upon you and your actions, and is not a get rich quick overnight program.If you are currently researching different Newtork Marketing opportunities, here is what you should be looking for:Integrity.Are Distributor-Driven.Have Products & Services people want.Great Management.Have Some Form of A Compensation Plan.Integrity:Does the company have it? Do they stand behind their products, services, and their distributors? No outrageous claims or exaggerations.Success Rate:We have to face the fact that 97% fail, if you want to cut years from the learning curve, become part of the 3% that does succeed, then you need to discover a program that has helped thousands achieve greater results: http://www.SendOutCards.com/98658Weve been in business for a few years and things are continually progressing. You can even send a FREE card to see for yourself how great and easy this business is. For questions or comments please feel free to email me sendoutcards.98658@gmail.com
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Network Marketing is an excellent way for the "average Joe or Jane" to make an extra income. This business concept has been around for decades, and it will not disappear any time soon. The reason for its popularity is simple... It Works! It does however, require lots of work and most importantly, dedication and persistance to get the job done. The best part is, once you are able to set up a solid network, your business becomes MUCH less time intensive. Almost like going on "autopilot". The key is to get there as fast as possible.

Here are just a couple of tips I have found to be helpful in maximizing your Network Marketing Business:

1. Use your products regularly. This is Number 1 for a reason, this is the most ignored part of ANY network marketing business. How do you expect your business to succeed if you will not even use your own products? It does seem silly to even have to bring this up, but there are many who are not using their own products, and wonder why they are not making any money. Make a commitment to use your products for a year, and see where your business goes.

2. Educate yourself constantly. This is very important! You must rid yourself of negative ideas, sometimes referred to as "stinkin thinkin". This can be done in a variety of ways. I recommend reading at least 15 minutes a day, but try to shoot for 30. Business and self-help books are a great way to start. Don't forget your Multi-level magazines, as they are full of tips and advice. Lastly, listen to cassette tapes on multi-level tips from top earners in your business.

3. Spend as much time as possible with your upline. Your upline should have only one goal in mind, To Help You Succeed! They are a vast source of knowledge and information. Mingle with top distributors in your group, or other groups, and ask how they made it. Most everyone should be more than happy to provide you with excellent tips and advice.

4. Present your products and marketing plan personally to at least one person daily. Remember above when I said you are going to have to work, well here it is. Now here is the key, the prospects to whom you present your plan, do not have to be yours personally. Show the plan for your downline, and not only will you create "security" by placing members in your downlines' downline, it will also give you a boost in your personal income! I can guarantee if you were to follow this rule for 6 months, you would create a downline with enough width and depth to create an income to sustain you and your family for life.

5. Care for your downline. An entire book can be written on this topic. Usually, it's the little things that show you really care. Try to maintain regular contact, and always praise your distributor's accomplishments. You can even offer incentives for specific achievements, such as money, travel, recognition, or other rewards, to help motivate your group.

6. Duplicate yourself by making distributors independent of you. This will help to multiply your time, thus making you and your group more effective. Always lead by example. Never stop recruiting, training and retailing. Remember the KISS formula - "Keep It Simple, Sweety" I know, I know, I changed the last word, but it maintains the meaning. This can be done my conducting simple, brief, yet dramatic presentations, and teaching your downline to do the same.

7. Create a large customer base. This is another largely ignored, yet very important, piece of your network marketing business. Many try so hard to build a huge downline, that they forget how much profit they could also make by selling their products to retail customers. Some people will just not want to become part of your downline, no matter how great a product/system you may have. This does not mean they will not be personally interested in your product. Try to make everyone your customer. Once you earn their trust, they will come to you more, and perhaps even join your downline later. Always "leave the door open", as people needs do change.

8. Focus on your customers needs. You must give customers more than they expect, and always satisfy your customers complaints immediately. Try to listen 80% of the time, and talk only 20%. As stated above, your customers can be a huge source of future referrals and/or business. You must earn and maintain their trust. Once you have their trust, you can always ask for referrals, which leads to even more business and a larger downline.

9. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals - and Write Them Down! You may have heard the expression, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Breaking up a larger goal into smaller easily attainable goals, is the key to success. You cannot just jump to the end, you have to make progress everyday. Writing them down is another largely ignored, important tip to help you succeed. A goal is just a "passing thought", or "wish" until you put it in writing. That is when it becomes concrete and real. It is also a great idea to keep a business journal of your daily activities, as it will help you to become more productive and time-conscious.

10. Get Out There And Do It Now! All of the knowledge in the world is useless and unprofitable, until you put the most important ingredient of them all in place. This "secret" ingredient should come as no surprise at all, but this is the #1 reason for failure at anything in life. It is ACTION! Remember, knowledge is useless without action.

Following these steps will almost give you immediate results. Thank you for reading this, and I truly hope this has provided you with valuable information to help you and your business grow and succeed.

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For Immediate Release:
WHITNEY,TX - Stephen Pierce, who went from being bankrupt and homeless to running a multi-million dollar business the past ten years, announces the release of his
Infinite Internet Income Workshop. As a Certified Accelerated Innovation Trainer, Pierce travels the world and coaches CEOs and other corporate executives. He's also a Certified Coach and works one-on-one with individuals who want to pursue their dreams and set up their own home-based Internet business.

Thanks to his travels toSingapore, Australia, India, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa and other countries, he's helped thousands of people around the world set up their own successful online business as a result of his coaching and inspiration. "I created the Infinite Internet Income Workshop because making more money doesn’t have to mean working more hours. It’s not about working harder… it’s about working smarter and using leverage."

Thanks to theinternet there is unprecedented opportunity to make money from home, even during difficult economic times.
The Infinite Internet Income Workshop will literally change the way you think about making money and help you take concrete steps to ridding yourself of debt and start living a healthier, wealthier life. It shows people step by step how to create an online business and gives members the tools they need to get their websites up and running in hours, with no computer skills required.

In these 3 extraordinary days you will learn…

  • How anyone with a computer and Internet connection can make more money starting immediately.
  • How to build automated income machines that pump in cash daily to increase your income.
  • My step-by-step system for success.
  • Mental strategies to overcome obstacles and excel in the face of challenges.
  • How to build websites that pump in cash daily and create long-term passive residual income for you and your family.
  • How to eliminate your fears and embrace your financial freedom.
  • How to start making $100 a day in 14 days.
  • How to make quick chunks of cash on the Internet in 3 days or less.
  • And tons more!
"My entire life changed the moment I gave myself permission to succeed," says Pierce. "With the Infinite Internet Income Workshop I have the opportunity to help others see that they, too, can succeed financially beyond what they have ever imagined." For more information about Infinite Internet Income Workshop, visit http://www.YouCanBeAVirtualMillionaire.com
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See How BIG My Check Wll Be!

How Many Streams Of Income Do You Have...I'm Currently Flowing In SEVEN!!

Hey BBWO Family & Friends... I just wanted to give you a 'Heads Up' on an amazing business that is sweeping the Internet. This is the FIRST 100% FREE Home Based Business opportunity.

I have only been in this business for 30 days and already I have over 730 who have sign up under me. As a matter of fact, in the last 3 dayss I received OVER 200 emails from new people looking to also join. As it currently stands, even if no one else signs up under me, I could receive a check on April 20th for at least $1,400!!!

This is amazing, seeing that this business requires me to work less than 2 hours a day and its 100% FREE to join!! There is absolutely NO INVESTMENT COST involved in this opportunity, and that's why thousands are jumping on board daily.

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a way to earn an extra $500-$5,000 a month working from home, please take a look at my website here: http://thePowerofTEN.info. If you think this 100% FREE Opportunity is something that you'd be interested in, please go ahead and sign up on my website, and I'll be in contact with you shortly thereafter.

MY WEBSITE: http://thepowerofTEN.info

Hope To Hear From You Soon,
Gee Renee
Internet Marketing Mentor
Home Based Business Owner
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Start Your Own Stationery Business Today!

Joi Paper Stationery & Gifts

Do you enjoy planning parties, writing, or graphic design?
Would you like the opportunity to:

· Own and operate a business using your creativity?
· Build a part time or full time business that is truly rewarding?
· Choose the people you work with?
· Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

Discover an opportunity to integrate your story and your style into a successful niche market business with Joi Paper. Joi Paper is a new company that is in the pre-launch phase and will host its official launch in April 2010!
Joi Paper is a niche market, direct selling organization which provides invitations, stationery, gifts, and business opportunities. Our company promotes, honors, and communicates milestones and events that are common to all and unique to the ethnic market. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality products and give them options which will allow them to express themselves and their lives through paper. We also provide our business partners with the tools and resources to operate their own flexible business as a Stationery Consultant.

Stationery Consultants have an opportunity to share their stories while marketing products that promote a positive self image and tell a fantastic story of heritage, joy, optimism, and innovativeness.
We will provide consultants with an opportunity to earn an income through selling at:

· Paper Socials™
· Online store
· Fundraisers
· Trunk Shows
· Expos, Conferences, Craft Fairs

Join us at the ground floor as we aim to be the ultimate provider of stationery and gift products for every occasion. Sign up today to become a Joi Paper Stationery Consultant at [LINK: http://www.joipaper.com/] www.joipaper.com.
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Pass this on its true I just join to try no credit card needed or bank account you can start making money now today I just made some cash just by being on the site check it outEarn cash just by socializing Check out this its on the news all over .Free,Free You will not believe what I saw on the news you get paid just by getting your friends and family to join the social network its free you do not get paid here on fb but they pay you for getting friend to join you I just joined today they paid me .03 just after getting in 3 seconds freeEarn cash just by socializing
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Do You Have A Plan B?

I am in the business of helping others achieve their dreams and do what they desire. But there are so many of us who don't believe that getting what we want is truly possible. We tend to not pursue our dreams out of fear...fear of the unknown, fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. Well these days many people are getting out of their comfort zones and not by choice. Folks are getting laid off everyday and they don't know what to do next. Others are working on a Plan B in case something does happen. Do you have a Plan B?I have a girlfriend who escaped the first wave of layoffs with her company only to get hit in the 2nd wave today. She thought her job was secure, but she's now realizing that no one's job is secure. When a company feels they don't need you, especially in an effort to save money, then you're dispensable. She started working on a Plan B last week not realizing that she would soon be needing another Plan A.I would like to offer you a Plan B! It's an opportunity for you to make some extra money while still working your Plan A. It's also a lot of fun, and gives you plenty of discounts and perks! You can work it spare time, part time, full time or big time! Of course I am talking about my company TraVerus Travel. We are currently having a special where you can earn 75% in Commissions by becoming a Certified Travel Agent for only $199.95. The regular price for this package is $399.95. There is also an opportunity for you to double your commission in your 1st 30 days.As a member of TraVerus you can also take advantage of our Member Trips...http://www.dmatravel.traverustravelnetwork.com/travel_member_trips.asp?CO_LA=where you can travel and take up to 6 people with you at the same price.Please watch the following video of our President/CEO, Mr. David Manning as he tells you a little about our company...http://www.step1video.com/.I know this opportunity may not be for everyone. There are probably facets of this business that you're not comfortable with. Just remember you're in business for yourself and you can run it any way that you feel you will be successful. If after watching the short video and you find this is not for you, I would like to ask you to keep me in mind when you're planning your next trip/vacation. Also, please refer your friends/family members to me if they are planning a trip as well or if you know they are looking for a Plan B.
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