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When I am not creating merchandise for A Gift 4 You! I am using my scholarly skills to advance research and inform practice with Black youth. Check out my two recent publications.

 That's Not Me

Adams-Bass, V.N., Bentley-Edwards, K. L., & Stevenson H. [2014]. That’s Not Me I See on TV: African American Youth Interpret Images of Black Females. Women, Gender and Families of Color.

Measuring the Meaning...

Adams-Bass, V.N., Stevenson H., Slaughter-Kotzin, D. [2014]. Measuring the Meaning of Black Media Stereotypes and Their Relationship to the Racial Identity, and Racial/Ethnic Socialization of African American Youth. Journal of Black Studies. 

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10744108075?profile=originalAre you ready to boost your physical fitness spiritually?

Join us for the Spiritual Body Building 2014 TeleSummit: Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change your life. will begin April 28, 2014.

A FREE 7-Day Tele-Summit Featuring 7 Dynamic Experts With Empowering Information To Build You Spiritually, Mentally and Physically hosted by Renee Wiggins RD.LD, Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Sessions include:
Day One- Spiritual Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle
Day Two- Gardening with Planting the Right Foods
Day Three- Exercise you way to Healing and Longevity
Day Four-Weight Loss Transformation!
Day Five –Change from ‘Stinkin Thinking’ to Positive Thinking
Day Six- Healthy Living
Day Seven- Anything Vegan
Day Eight- Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom

Register today at

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Girlfriends Getaway to De-stress


As responsibilities pile on, having “me” time is important to one’s health. It helps to know you are not alone. Sisters and Friends Getaway on Martha’s Vineyard hosts women friends and strangers from around the country for a stress free no-agenda getaway. While there, sharing experiences of being black women in this society make friendships come fast and natural. Friendly cliques form and lead to discussions that promote ways to support and lift each other up. 

 Here are five benefits of any girlfriends’ getaway:  

See yourself in others. When women come together in a relaxed atmosphere they share more and are often relieved to find others with similar challenges.

Physical Reaction According to a UCLA study, when women spend time with friends, hormonal changes occur from the bond of friendship and from being in a safe environment to share and de-stress.

Lifts Burdens. A gathering of women often evolves into significant testimonies resulting in releasing anxieties as sisterfriends listen, understand, and cheer them on.

Share Fix It Strategies. “What would you do?” is likely asked and answered more often by a female. In a comfortable setting, women offer ways to handle issues and won’t hold back in sharing advice on how to handle yours!

Take A Way. Reflecting on new approaches to challenges equips women with tools of inspiration when time away is over.

“Most of all girlfriends’ getaways are fun” states, Connie Portis host of Sisters & Friends Getaway. This all inclusive (excluding travel fare) getaway begins the Sunday following Labor Day at high season end making it the perfect time to catch sales and low cost housing rental (passed on in affordable rates for attendees). Brunch and dinner are included round robin fashion in the vintage houses women share offering the opportunity to meet sisterfriends from Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Hartford and cities in between.

Oak Bluffs has great beachside walking paths, and the famous Inkwell Beach where African Americans still gather to savor Atlantic Ocean. The island's clean air is perfect for taking an historic walking tour, traveling by local bus or guided excursions to enjoy peace and serenity. During Sisters and Friends Getaway, activities include line dancing, book discussions, and uplifting impromptu workshops to round out the getaway. Grab a sister or friend (or come alone) for one or two week periods or as schedule permits.

For rates and more details,  email/call Connie Portis host, or 412-400-8809.

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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who is STRUGGLING to position your business for six, multiple six or seven figure success?

Is your money and quality of clients inconsistent?

Is there STILL a gap in your brand and what people think you do?

Could you use some help making the SHIFT to a profit-filled business that offers spiritual and financial rewards through the creation of LIFE and BUSINESS changing systems and strategies that work for you not against you?

Join Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA and her featured speakers for a three day training experience that will equip you to BREAKTHROUGH to your first or next six figures THIS year.

Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live May 14-16, 2014 in Reston, VA (near Washington, DC)

About Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA:
Darnyelle is an emerging millionaire small business owner who has helped more than 90% of her clients build a sustainable six-figure business. Professing that when people come into her space they make more money, Darnyelle created her signature event, now in its third year of production, to help as many women in business as she can to understand EXACTLY what it takes to build a strong, profit-filled sustainable business. With an MBA in Marketing, this former VP of a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company, Women's Business Center Director and Pink Cadillac Independent Executive Sales Director is committed to building brands and businesses so that women can add value, build wealth and strengthen their communities.

To Learn more about Darnyelle’s event and secure your seat, visit

Sponsored message brought to you by Darnyelle A. Jervey

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Avoid The Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Syndrome

Women's Empowerment

As you look over your life and more than likely compare yourself to others
who share some commonality like age, culture or other do you speak
these words? I should have been further than this by now!

This is the wrong mindset. It is definitely not a success mindset and will sabotage your Authentic Breakthrough whether you’re a christian mom are in the category of christian women in business, christian women entrepreneurs, Author, Coach, Consultant, Speaker or other you must cultivate a positive mindset and let go of limiting beliefs.

Don’t continue to focus on woulda, coulda, shoulda beens… FOCUS on the right
here and right now manifestations. Yes! Death and life are in the POWER
of the tongue. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. I set before
you death and life “choose life!” Focus on the positives. Focus on your
desired outcome. Focus on FAITH!! Focus on GOD!!

You see when you base your success on what you have accomplished based on time you are setting yourself up for self sabotage.

Your success is not based on your bank account, how many friends you have or
even how many customers or clients you have. You can’t even base it on
whether you own a house or have a husband.

Success must be defined by you and for we who are christians based on your walk with God. 

We all have a purpose in this life and we live out our purposes.

To succeed according to another’s definition and miss your life calling is not success at all.

Change your focus and change your life!

I’d love to support you. 

I invite you to join me for my EmpowerME One Day Online Event. – Go where
you’ve never gone before. Do what you’ve never done before. Tap into
God’s abundant living for you.  Get the Keys, tactics, quick and easy
steps during this movement. Discover Authentic Mindset, Empowerment and Breakthrough Secrets. Click here to reserve your place.

A movement whose time has come. Go Get Your Breakthrough!

I’m here to support you..

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You're Invited to Blogger Week 2014


Blogger Week™ 2014 is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens hosted by Black Bloggers Connect. Coming April 28th – May 3rd, Blogger Week will feature 6 days of festivities including Twitter parties, blog carnivals, Google Hangouts, workshops, panels, and networking events.

The Blogger Week Networking Mixer is May 2nd and the official Blogger Week UnConference is May 3rd in the Washington, DC area. Register today at

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Sponsored Post brought to you by Melissa Troupe:

My Free Video Will Show You...

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Last month Inside ProWebinars...

I shared my Pricing Chart - it helps you Price and Package your Webinars (+info products) BETTER.

Ladies loved it!
They said it was easy to follow and REAL. They could see how to generate 1K - 5K from virtual trainings without BIG Lists or BIG budgets!

I also gave out my PowerPoint Template and Online Event Promotion Mega Checklist!

Seriously I had to take an extra hour to share it all - lol - lots of great info to get you started!

Ladies are really seeing how they can get paid for what they know without waiting for speaking gigs or book sales.

I highly recommend you join us if you want teaching online to be a possible income stream for you.

I Know you missed a few sessions UGH! BUT...

It's not too late to Get the Pricing Chart, Watch the Replays and Join our FINAL 2 live sessions. Click here for Mid-Training Registration at $97.

Don't miss these live sessions OR the replays! Have a powerful weekend!

LaShanda H.

p.s. Plus learn even more about Monetizing Your Message Online via my Speak.Teach.Coach. 7 part audio series - $27 (for now).

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I recently hosted my first PowerUp Call and talked about Being a Happy Entrepreneur: SistaSense Solutions to Building a Better Business and Blog Online.

PowerUp Sessions are a new series of weekly Calls that I am hosting starting March 30th for women entrepreneurs who need that extra boost of direction and accountability required to work on the businesses and blogs each week.

Inside this call we will take a look at your current business, project plans and blog. If you are happy where you are right now wonderful! If you feel like you could use some direction... a boost... a power push I hope you listen in (smile).

To me being a Happy Entrepreneur means really loving what you do. Feeling accomplished and valued. Seeing progress.. growth in your business and customer base. Moving away from "paycheck to paycheck" or "this is good enough just to get by" to a place of abundance and wealth. It means actively participating in the lives of those you strive to provide for while living in your purpose.

Everybody is busy buzzing away each day working a 9 to 5 or working in their business, but you have to consistently work ON your business if you want your 'happy thoughts' to become 'happy realities'. Life is never going to give you enough time to work on what you REALLY want to, so you have to take it!

In the call replay above I take you on a 60 minute clarity journey in which I share some of my recommendations on how you can take the time to build your business and blog online.

What does being a happy entrepreneur mean to you? Post your comments and questions below plus join the SistaSense Circle to participate in our weekly PowerUp and ProBlogger calls so you can stay productive and see progress in your online business.

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Meet one of the top burlesque babies in the business, Miss Essence Revealed. Smart, beautiful and on point, she'll be your guide through April's Sister's Under The Feathers blog. After you've enjoyed the essence of the wonderful, mysterious world of Black burlesque buy yourself something pretty!

Happy Spring!

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