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The perfect online solution for bridal shows. We'd love for to be a part..We have over 25 Wedding Categories. We are EXCITED!

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at 30 biz cards, coupons, samples, etc.): You will be mentioned in all of our promotional efforts and on our facebook and website pages

These gift bags will be delivered to all the pre-registered attendees. Contact us for shipping address.

DEADLINE: March 15th.


: Vendor will be responsible for the delivery of door prize


Wedding, Beauty, Spa, Travel Baskets and or Products

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NJ STATE WIDE VENDORS: (all choices above and...):

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Vendors will receive a Virtual Booth in the Category of their expertise..

Virtual Vendor Booth Fees are $20.00...or $65.00 for all (4) upcoming Virtual Wedding Shows, payable via paypal to

If you would like to participate as a Virtual Vendor...please submit the following information no later than March 21st, 2011

Company Name
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We are very excited about our upcoming wedding contest.....Four Brides will win grand prizes.

CLICK HERE For more details and information on how your business can contribute; whether in a big way or small, every little bit can help.

The Contest will run from April 30 – May 25th, 2011. Winners will be announced at our June 4th Virtual Bridal Show.

The Grand Wedding Contest is a new contest in New Jersey, where four brides to be win prizes that will help complete their wedding package; venue, catering, decor, and basically everything else they could need to have the wedding of their dreams. This is a venture organized and executed by several professional local businesses in the bridal industry.

We look forward to working with you and building professional relationships. Please contact Alba and Maureen with any questions or concerns at

To Your Success!
Alba and Maureen

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Where do Models Come From?!!

Where do Models Come From?!!Posted by Pamela Young on February 22, 2009 at 11:30pmToday, many of our models men, women, teens and children were in a Fashion Show Held in Paradise Valley, Arizona!Two fashion shows at 11 am and 2pm at the Phoenix Bridal Expo, sponsored by David's Bridal and Men’s Warehouse, were exciting and provided so much experience for each and every model. Our Agency provided flower girls, ring barrers, brides maids, Groomsmen, Mother or the bride and Father of the Bride.At local fashion shows such as this, Models Pus International and The Young Agency have a booth to show a little about who we are and what we do. Some questions I am constantly asked are, how do you find your models, or where do your models come from, do they come to you, or do you have to go out and find them.The very reason I outlined who modeled in todays shows, tells you the diversity we represent, that has made Models Plus International and The Young Agency such a success throughout the past decade. MPI and TYA are the largest Modeling Agencies in the southwestern United States of America representing models of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities, we provide every look for every project.So how do we find our models, we let people know, WE ARE HIRING! What that means is, you who are interested in having a career, or just having fun in the modeling business, now is a great time for you to inquire about how you can get involved, because all looks are in, just turn on your television and look!Where do our Models come from , all walks of life! We spend out time at trade shows and put up booths to share information about the modeling industry. The photos you see above were taken in 2007, at The Phoenix Bridal Expo in Glendale, AZ, where we provided all of the Male models for the fashion shows. The concept being the same, that is, we find models where we find people who are interested in seeing fashions.At Models Plus International, we provide FREE career counseling to help answer your questions about career opportunities and help you outline your goals in the modeling industry.We hold open call auditions every Tuesday evening, call us at 602-234-2628 to get started today!Best wishes,Pamela A. YoungVisit
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A Bird’s Eye View on Wedding Dresses

A Bird’s Eye View on Wedding DressesHow this Photographer sees it

The Wedding dress is one of the most important details of the day. Everyone wonders “what is the bride wearing”? “What is she going to look like”? Therefore having seen hundreds of wedding dresses as the owner of a photography business I wanted to give some thoughts and advice that I hope will be considered regarding this most photographed item on the wedding day.Let’s start with that trip to the bridal salon, I recently spoke at a seminar and mentioned that mothers are probably not the best person for the bride to take when shopping for her wedding gown unless mom is a fashion icon and she knows a lot about wedding dresses. I felt like that woman in the bible who had just been caught in the act of adultery, I really thought I was going to be stoned to death, a few of the mothers in that room were more than a little annoyed with me. .My point simply was that mothers are often driven by emotions, this after all is their baby getting married and they may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the details involved in selecting the one item that sets the Maybe your mom didn’t have the wedding of her dreams but wants that for you; it is only natural that she will be a touch emotional, mom may not see that her daughter may spend the big day looking like a gigantic wedding cake, or a throw back from the Victorian era. stage for this big dayAdditionally the bride is often under enormous pressure to make others happy and may not have the intestinal fortitude it takes to stand up to mom and say I don’t want this, especially if mom and dad are shelling out any of the money for the wedding.Obviously not every dress looks great on every one, you must consider your height, weight, complexion, hair & eye coloring when you make this significant purchase. Would your body type look great in a strapless dress or a ball gown? Would your skin coloring favor white, ivory or eggshell or another color? Do you like beading if so how much? What about lace? What about the fabric? Chiffon or satin? What fabric works best for you? Trying on several different styles of wedding gowns, made by a variety of manufacturers can give you a great sense of what is available in the market place. The things I havementioned are but a few of the many considerations in selecting this garment. Finally you may have to make alterations make sure to ask the bridal salon what they can and cannot do. You must be precise and specific about what must be done to avoid very costly mistakes especially in the area of alterations. Brides go alone, or take a very trusted friend not the whole crew of screaming girlfriends with you to the bridal salon. You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown.You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown. A quick note most salons have a sales staff that will give good advice but keep in mind that the salon is in business to make money.Don’t make the decision in a hurry; don’t buy the first thing you try on, and for heaven’s sake don’t just try on one dress. When selecting your wedding dress also consider the season of your wedding. A sleeveless dress in February in Aspen probably won’t cut it, so don’t forget the time and season of the year. Best wishes on finding the dress that best represents who you are on that all important day.Go to the shop when you’re restedGo when the shop is slow, take a day off work if necessary, Friday evenings and Saturdays are almost always busy and you may not get the kind of service you requirePlease have the right undergarments when you go, most shops have the proper bras but it would be worth the investment for you to buy one for the purpose of trying on gownsOnce you make the decision on the dress come prepared to put a deposit on the gown.Other Points for Great Wedding Day Photos:Rest the night before the wedding puffy eyes show in photosGet a great makeup artistGet something to eat; a hungry bride is not a happy brideHire a wedding planner at least for the day of, stress really does show in photosRelax and have a great day!This article provided by Carla Rein of MorningStar Photography to reach MorningStar go
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Expert Wedding Photographer Balks at the Idea of a Lack of Diversity in Wedding IndustryMorningstar Photography Says Black, Indian and Asian Women Get Married Too

Columbia, MD ( - While weddings are their expertise, many major celebrities and notables such as baseball Hall of Famer Dwight Gooden, iconic anchorman Roger Mudd, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, Congressman Elijah Cummings, and Hollywood producer Cleveland O'Neil have all found their way in front the lens of a MorningStar photographer.While serving every possible client MorningStar has broken away from the herd and focused primarily on the ethnic client. "There is an assumption out there that Black, Indian and Asian women don't get married as frequently as everyone else, it may be statistically true but it is not borne out by the people who come to us."Gone are the days of the couple looking longingly into each other's eyes. Today MorningStar Photography focuses on the nuances of the wedding day: mothers who cry, bridesmaids who aren't always happy at the altar, an engagement ring on the heel of a bride's shoe, a bride's expression as her sorority sisters wish her the best for her future. These are the memories that make each wedding unique, and that MorningStar strives to capture.Focusing on ethnic weddings as a niche market has allowed MorningStar to blaze a trail in the past ten years producing eye-popping images for the client, no matter who they are. High end boutique photography is available for the senator's daughter as well as the sanitation worker's daughter. MorningStar has spectatcular packages for almost every budget.While MorningStar focuses on a diverse clientele, the owners of this company also represent the America that Barack Obama hopes for and would be most proud of. Alan Rein, a Jewish man, and his wife, Carla, who was born in Trinidad, are the driving force behind the day-to-day operations of this small, hands-on, thriving enterprise. The Reins know diversity because they live it in their everyday lives.Carla commented "We don't do fast food photography, it takes time and patience to create beautiful images. It's the eye behind the lens that matters most, not a photographer's ability to Photoshop."MorningStar Photography recently did a showcase at the Gathering Place in Clarksville, MD where potential clients were able to view MorningStar's immense catalog of work.MorningStar can be reached directly at or to schedule an appointment with MorningStar simply call in the Balto-DC Metro area 410-730-7515 or 1-888-294-1417 toll free. MorningStar also works both nationally and internationally.CONTACT:Carla Rein410-730-7515888-294-1417 toll-free
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1CCU Eco-Elite Event Planning

Creative Concept Unlimited Inc. offer an innovative and unique Green event planning package called Eco-Elite.An "Eco" Elite Event also known as a Green Event is an event that takes into consideration the environmental impacts of the occasion as well as the social effects. This includes everything from transportation, marketing material, to catering and travel. Let 1CCU plan your Corporate Event from start to finish leaving your conscious clear and our environment safe. We follow 10 key factors to design a complete Eco-Friendly Event. Eco Elite Events helps differentiate your company from the others. It shows your commitment to the improvement of our environment and will make you stand out as a leader in your industry. 1CCU guarantees it will be Eco friendly and Elite!1CCU specializes in Green Weddings as provided with or Eco-Elite Wedding Package.Eco- Elite WeddingsAn "Eco" Wedding is a wedding that includes everything from rings, transportation, wedding dresses, invites, to catering and also inclusive of the honeymoon and travel. Let 1CCU plan your wedding from start to finish leaving your conscious clear and our environment safe. We follow 10 key factors to plan your special day. 1CCU guarantees it will be Eco friendly and Elite! Making a wedding “Green” is not as difficult as it may seem. I have outlined 10 Key “Green” planning concepts that can be implemented to make your special day wonderful for you and even better for your environment.The VENUEChoose a natural setting like a botanical garden, beach or a beautiful park rather than a huge hall. You can exchange vows in a romantic setting under the stars, or by an amazing ocean scene.The MenuExplore booking top culinary chefs that will prepare a delightful, succulent variety of organic foods that will incorporate all aspects of fine green dining, from farm raised entrees, to bio-degradable dinning décor.The DÉCORSpeaking of décor not only can you find caterers that incorporate bio-degradable items in their service; you will find that there are also many companies that provide recycled event décor items.The INVITATIONA great option for invitations for the perfect Green Themed wedding will consist of recycled paper and to take it one step further you can have them printed with biodegradable corn-based ink or an even better and more modern day option is to send a sophisticated and exquisitely designed Electronic Invitations (e-vites).The GIFTS/FAVORSThink outside of the box and get creative by giving your guest an Wedding Day Eco-Bag filled with a variety of eco-friendly gifts like luxury Eco-Spa items, Personalized Organic Tea bags, and Elegantly Engraved Mini-Pots with a packet of Plan Seeds to symbolize the seed of love planted on the day of your special union.The TRANSPORTATIONEvery bridal party wants to be transported in luxury and style. With today’s Automotive Companies taking a conscious approach to preserving our environment and producing a large number of fuel efficient Hybrid vehicles, they have made it a point to remember the most important vehicle for a bride and groom, the limousine. Believe it or not there are many companies that provide luxury hybrid limousines as well as luxury cars for the wedding party.The RINGSOf all the pieces of jewelry a woman will own in her life, her wedding ring is the most important and holds the most meaning. Consider a jeweler that sells diamonds that are certified conflict-free. You should also consider bands that are created with recycled metals. I suggest you visit Brilliant Earth at; they are the leading provider in conflict-free diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth also donates dedicates 5% of their profits to local communities that are affected by the diamond industry.The most important - The DRESSChoosing that perfect wedding gown is one of the most emotional and most important purchases of woman’s life. Choose a wedding gown that is made from natural fibers as well as your wedding party.My last recommendation is The WEDDING COORDINATOR/PLANNERIn order to fully design and plan the perfect reality of your Wedding day Dreams and also incorporate the fundamentals of an environmentally safe wedding, I suggest that you enlist the services of a professional Wedding Coordinator to ensure that your wedding is not just eco-friendly but truly represents the fantasy that you have always dreamed of for your special day.888.327.1794Copyright © 2008 1 Creative Concept Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved * * Cynthia Minor President/CEO
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Thanks Michael!

I wanna thank Michael Corsentino of Corsentino Photography for being my guest today. It was so cool that you Mom called into the show. Check out our conversation here you want to get into touch with Michael, here's his contact details:Michael CorsentinoCorsention Photographerhttp://www.cphotographer.comStudio: 415-346-8156Check out his blog....Its so beautiful!
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OK Im working on a African American themed bridal show for the Bay Area to take place the 2nd quarter of 2009. Im excited becuase we havent had one in the Downtown area in forever, let alone one that caters to us.Im currently working on checking the Federal trademark as well as googling the name that Im interested in and getting the paperwork together for the service mark with the State of CA. Not sure if I want to do a Federal trademark or not since I dont plan on taking this out of Cali.One of the good things that I have on my side is that Im being mentored by Richard from AFWPI. He is a funny guy and we talked for almost 1 hour earlier today and he gave me lots of direction of what not to do (So good to have a mentor!)Im going to keep you all posted on how it goes down.
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In our wanting to bring the best to our clients, Lexus Events has become an Authorized Dealer of the Wedding Gown Preservation Company.Based in New York and established in 1913 by Sara and Joseph Schapiro, Wedding Gown Preservation Company is a family owned business that takes pride in preserving the bridal gowns of their brides.If you want to give a special gift to a bride or you are in need of a kit for your own gown, head over to Lexus Events and click on "Gown Preservation" to order your kit today
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Upcoming Guests on LE Radio

We are talking all things Wedding, Special Events, and Travel. We broadcast on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at Noon PST/3pm EST on http://www.le-radio.netHere's a list of our upcoming shows and guests.April 27, 2008How to choose a photographerSpecial guest: Michael Corsentino of Corsentino PhotographerMay 11, 2008Mother's Day - No ShowMay 25, 2008ChocolateBrides.comSpecial Guest: Keisha Monk-Myrick, OwnerHope that you will be able to join and call in with your questions or join us for our live chat.See you on the radio!MargaretLexus Eventshttp://www.lexusevents.biz
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Hello all. Just wanted to drop you all a line about one of the newest website to hit the market and that I have recently become a member of their! If you haven't heard about it, check it out. If you already know about it, spread the word. This is a great resource for brides looking for top notch wedding professionals and wedding professionals looking to connect with awesome brides.Launched a little over a year ago, WeddingWire and is really gaining steam. As a matter of fact they've just partnered with another fabulous wedding brand you may have heard of - Martha Stewart! WOO HOO!Here are some of the great features they offer brides:* Access to every vendor a bride could possibly need in every area of the country, all under one roof!* Client Reviews: Hear from past clients about their experiences with prospective vendors.* Vendor Endorsements: Learn what other wedding professionals think about prospective vendors.* Vendors I Know: See which businesses your prospective vendor has worked with. A great way to find other quality vendors.* Vendor Q&A: Answers to your frequently asked questions!* Vendor Tips and Advice: Get great advice from wedding professionals!Here's a link to my new storefront . Drop by and check it outEnjoy your evening!
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