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When I was younger , my father who was in the military, was stationed in Turkey. So my family and I lived there for a while. While we were there my parents use to take my brother and I along to buy rugs and carpets. Again, as children my brother and I did not understand why were being dragged to different rug and carpet places. I did not think anything of it until a couple of years ago, when we started seriously investing in antique rugs and carpets. Turkey has several of the most expensive types of rugs in the world. A genuine antique Agra rug, is only affordable to the most wealthy and museums. In some cases even some of the modern rugs and carpets from the late 1900’s are just as expensive as those from the earlier periods. My point is that while my dad found something wise to invest in, I thought that the time we were spending to buy the items was a waste. It turns out that it was time well invested. My point is that we all might have some type of valuable asset. or hidden treasure in our possession. The hard part is researching, and educating ourselves on the antiques and fine art that are out there.I mentioned in an earlier topic that there is always someone throwing away some type of valuable antique, not realizing the treasure they have. It is good to have garage and yard sales, but you always want to make sure that you are actually getting rid of junk, and not valuable appreciating assets. For example; if you had to choose between keeping a modern day, aesthetically appealing easy chair, or a wing chair from the 1800’s, you need to do your research to make a wise choice. Some helpful hints that you might have a period piece is the following:1. The piece might be passed down in family for generations.2. The item is very old and worn out.3. It does not have any springs, only webbing.4. Where the joints are loose, there is a mortise and tenon joiners, instead of the more modern dowels.5. The bottom of all the legs (but especially the front ones) are worn and scuffed up, from years of being dragged along the floor, kicked, and stepped on.This weeks challenge is to go on a treasure hunt, by cleaning your house. This would be especially fun and exciting for small children. If you do the research on the item, and are still unsure about the value, send me clear pictures and we will be happy to help you . You can also use this opportunity to get rid of your items with little or no value, and replace them with valuables. Everything takes time for most people, so you can start out with one item that has little or no value, and replace it with an appreciating asset. Have a blessed and prosperous week.Shalom,Tamar
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For a very brief period of my life I use to surround myself with millionaires or people who thought they were millionaires. One thing I noticed in that journey was that they were not healthy at all. I remember being told that an associate could not meet with us because he was taken to the hospital after having a heart attack. Although this was a very wealthy man it did not stop him from getting sick. I don't understand why things like steak, lobster, etc are associated with having money. You eat enough of these foods and you might not live long enough to enjoy your riches. On the other hand you may live a long life coupled with sickness. We hear of these billionaires dying from very poor health. While their money is still here they are gone. There are so many wonderful foods full of nutrients that actually enhance our bodies rather than to harm them. The scriptures clearly tells us that we should treat our bodies like temples. We were provided with so many fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts that is not a necessity to eat meat. And if you still want to eat meat the scriptures points out that you should only eat meat that is clean. Being a vegan or vegetarian is a blessing and not a burden.Now the saying health is wealth goes both ways. There are people who are very healthy and not wealthy or comfortable. They eat and exercise properly and do whatever is necessary to keep their bodies at optimum level. For example, I had a roommate who was 70 years old but didn't look a day past 35. She was a natural doctor and fantastic vegan chef. These were only a couple of her long list of talents. She was also on public assistance and was content on being there for the rest of her life. She is always in my prayers and I pray that she successful today. Ironically I aspired to be a natural doctor and wanted to study under her but all of that changed after we started living together. While I wanted to budget and save on what we could, she wanted to spend money that was not there. While she was a brilliant woman in many areas she had not mastered the financial area.So I mentioned both points to say that there should be a balance between health and wealth. You can do both. Again we must remember our children. The woman I mentioned earlier has children who feel that they have to take care of her. That is not how it should be. It is our responsibility to be positive examples for our children. If a little girl or boy is use to seeing his or her parents buying or selling silver,gold, or property; growing their own crops;sharing with and helping others then they will do the same when they are adults. On the other hand if that same little girl or boy sees his or her parents buying and "renting" unnecessary items, unfortunately he or she will go down the same path of making conscious decisions that leads to generations of poverty. "The sins of the father" is literal not figurative.Here's another challenge. If you are wealthy or comfortable but still eat meat try omitting meat for the rest of the week or if that is too much to ask try 1 day. If you are healthy but not wealthy or comfortable try omitting one thing from your routine that will allow you extra money for a day or the rest of the week. For example you can buy food on sale; skip a weekly massage;walk or ride your bike instead of driving a car. If you do take challenge and find it rewarding please share with us in the comments section of this blog. Todah(Thank-you)for reading this blog. Have a very blessed healthy and wealthy rest of the week.Shalom,Tamar
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Today's big question is "Should Our Children be born with Silver spoons in there mouths?" The answer is "Absolutely". Gold or Platinum is even better. As mentioned in our first blog it is the obligation (as parents and guardians) we have in sustaining our cultural heritage, and investing all our talents wisely. Scriptures tells us throughout that we are to be prosperous an wealthy in silver, gold, and land. We must ask ourselves especially for our children's sake "will this appreciate in the future". The very first item that our son received after he was born was a sterling silver rattle and spoon. Today at age three his favorite word for when he sees at toy is "foolishness". On the other hand, if you give him a piece of silver or gold he will gladly take it and play with it. My point is this is what he knows and will continue to know. The seed has been planted. Meaning that when he is old enough to do so, he will share knowledge of wealth and prosperity through scriptures. Yes knowledge is very powerful. There are other items that have great value like old cars, trains, trucks, etc.It is tradition for people to give money only instead of toasters, blenders, silverware, etc at Jewish weddings. The idea is that Jewish young adults get an opportunity to start their lives without unnecessary financial burden as long as they take the money and invest it wisely in gold, silver, land, etc. It is also the norm to pass property and businesses to children when they become young adults.Shalom,Tamar
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