from (37),, 1-888-883-3013


When trying to decide whether to use a credit union or a bank when applying for a credit card. There are a few factors to consider.


1.) With a credit union you are a member, or a stakeholder. With a bank you are simply a customer. Banks are for-profit institutions and their goal is to make money for the stockholders of the company. A credit union is not-for-profit entity and their goal is pass through the profits to the members. This comes in the form of added member benefits such as low fees and low rates.


2.) Its a misconstrued opinion that credit unions have limited branch and ATM locations. However, many credit unions belong to larger networks, such as the Credit Union Service Centers.


3.) Most credit unions offer credit cards just like a typical bank. What isn’t so typical are the exceptionally low APR rates they offer.


4.) Credit unions have many available ATMs, but they are also fee free! The average fee for an ATM is $2.33 and is on the rise. Now if you use your bank issued ATM card at a third party ATM, then you just doubled your fees. With a credit union ATM card, you can withdraw your own money fee free as long as it’s at a participating ATM. Even if you withdraw money from a third party, you may have to pay their fee, but most credit unions don’t charge for the transactions themselves. I’m too busy to walk into a branch office every time I want to withdraw some money, and I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay hefty fees when I do.


5.) At a credit union, credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all enjoy lower rates than you will find at a bank. At the same time, savings, checking, money market, and CD’s have higher rates. I don’t typically endorse putting any significant amount of your money into savings and CD’s as inflation tends to outpace them, however, most people feel more comfortable doing so and they might as well earn a higher rate!

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Another $200 Day Would You Like One Too


It was my cousin in North Carolina who told me about this program. At first I thought it was on of those things. You know A Scam. But, after I took the time to take a close I saw there was more value in what the program was offering than what I was paying to buy. 

Since I've gotten started I've made several times over my investment and it's growing everyday. This hasn't been without a few challenges and I've had to learn new things. But, it is paying off in many ways. Give it a try.

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Juniques offers Justalk, the service that allow you to


Receive calls on your cellphone from loveones in jail or prison.

Get a Free Collect call coupon from us.

Serving AZ, CA, CO, HI, and PA


Why can't inmates normally call cell phones from jails and prisons?

Jails and prisons typically require all outgoing inmate calls to be collect calls. Cellular phones cannot receive collect calls.

Can I receive collect calls on my cell phone from jails with Just Talk?

Yes. You can use the regular Just Talk service to receive collect calls from jails on your cell phone.

Can I receive collect calls from prisons with Just Talk?

Yes. You can receive collect calls from prison on your cell phone using the regular Just Talk service. If the facility totally prohibits any calls to cell phones, then Just Talk offers a VOIP Service for use with landlines which can still offer significant savings.

Which phones can I use with Just Talk: cell phones? Landline phones? Internet phone like Skype?

You can receive collect calls on cell phones, landline phones, and Internet phone like Skype using the regular Just Talk service.

Do I need a new cell phone number?

No. You can use your existing cellular phone with Just Talk.

Will I be billed for collect calls?

No. You will not be billed by your landline or cellular-phone company for any collect calls.

Do I need to register the Just Talk number with prison or jail?

Jails typically do not require phone numbers to be registered before calls can be made by inmates. You can typically start receiving calls from jails as soon as you provide your Just Talk number to the inmate immediately. Prisons often require phone numbers to be registered with the facility before calls can be made. Simply provide the Just Talk number along with other required documentation.

Do I need a separate prepaid account with the prison or jail?

Just Talk does not require you to have a prepaid account with the prison or jail.

How can I add money to my account?

You can make payments using a credit card, debit card, money order or cash. •Use Visa or MasterCard credit cards on the website, over phone, or at a retail location. •Use a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card by calling or visit a retail location (prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card cannot be used on the website). •Use cash at a retail location or ACE Cash Express store. Customer service can provide the instructions over the phone. •You can find locations of our retail partners using our store locator.

If the prison specifically prohibits calls to cell phones, third-party or relayed calls, can I still us Just Talk?

Yes. Just Talk has a VOIP service that can offer significant savings while still complying with prison regulations prohibiting calls to cell phones, for third-party or relayed calls, such as the Arizona Department of Corrections order 1.4.2. To use the SIP VOIP service, you need a SIP VOIP ATA device or a SIP VOIP telephone, which can both be purchased directly from Just Talk Communications. SIP VOIP customers will only have one phone number and no calls are forwarded or relayed to another phone number. The phone number will be a fully qualified Qwest telephone number with directory assistance listing with collect call capability.


Get a Free Collect Call Coupon today

Read more… How to Protect Your Retirement, Social Security, and Disabled Veterans Benefits from Being Taxed.
In this video I speak on how to keep all your Retirement, Social Security and Disabled Veterans Benefits and still have a successful Business on the side.

• How to get a Visa Business Credit Card
• How to get a Master Card Business Credit Card
• How to get an American Express Business Credit Card
• How to get a CapitalOne Business Credit Card
• How to get a Secured Business Credit Card
• How to get a Visa Business Credit Card
• How to Read your Business Credit Report reviewed
• How to Find Out Who did a Business Credit Check on You
• How to file a Ucc Finance Statement
• What is a Ucc-1 Agreement
• How to setup a Dun and Bradstreet File
• How to get a Dun and Bradstreet Number for Free
• How to get a Completed Dun and Bradstreet File
• How to Add Trade references on Dun and Bradstreet
• How to dispute a Dun and Bradstreet File
• How to establish your Personal Credit
• How to Rebuild your Business Credit
• How to rebuild your Personal Credit
• How to get a Citi Bank Business credit Card
• How to get a Bank of America Business credit card
• How to get a Discover Credit Card
• How to get a Staples Business Credit Card
• How to get a Office Depot Business Credit Card
• How to Find New Net 30 Accounts
• How to get a Sears Business Credit Card
• How to build Business Credit in 7 Easy steps Call !-888-821-6408x2

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Starting your own home based business really is simple but people tend to complicate the process by letting their fears and excuses get in the way.  It is simply a matter of 4 things in the beginning!


  1. Determination and Commitment
  2. Just Getting Starting – Just Do It
  3. Investing in You Along the Way
  4. Forming Alliances and Partnerships Along the WayID-10033528.jpg?width=197


It is as simple as this in the beginning!  No need to over think it, over analyze it, over complicate it, or over research it.  The sooner you begin the closer that you will be to success in your home based business.  The longer you delay it with things such as “research” the further behind that you will be in your home based business and time is definitely of the essence!

Watch my latest video on this very topic – Starting Your Own Home Based Business is Very Simple – by visiting my YouTube Channel here!


To Your Success,

VGold Signature Starting Your Own Home Based Business Really is Very Simple!

Have you started a home based business and now you need leads to talk to about your business?  I have a solution for you. I use a system that anyone can use with any company and pretty much for any industry!! It is a great way for you to start learning how to generate leads and traffic plus earn additional income by referring the system even if no one joins your primary Home Based Business. Get your FREE presentation by Clicking here now!


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WOW! You have to see this. It's an experiment this guy Brett Cohen did essentially showing, if you believe can achieve it!

He gets some people to be his bodyguards, paparazzi, puts on some nice clothes and sunglasses, and walks the streets of New York. Immediately people begin to flock to him, thinking he is someone famous! His video team even interviews people and asks them if they know him and "fans" are talking about how much they love his work! It's amazing what people will believe!



This brings me to my point. Why not become famous yourself?? EXCEPT instead of experimenting, actually get paid what the famous folks do. If you know you are special and have something valuable, why not share it with the world? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to BLOG! Believe it or not, blogging is a great way to get exposure, share what you have to offer and to build a fan base! Blogging can be used for a range of things from sharing your personal story to sharing how your business can help someone. I offer the perfect blogging platform and system that will help you Be Famous Online TooAND get paid PLUS build a solid fan base! This system is great for supplementing and advertising your current business or may be a good start for someone interested in making a business income from home. Did I say it was BLOGGING?

SO, if this guy can put on some sunglasses, walk the streets of New York and become famous, it should be NO PROBLEM for you to click on this link ==>, watch the information and begin your journey to fame as a blogger! EXCEPT you would get paid for it :)


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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Black Success: Black Business and the Olympics

10744081252?profile=originalWith the London 2102 Olympics in full swing, we are asking, is your Black-owned business benefiting from the Olympics?

Big sponsors like McDonald's are profiting from the Olympic games, but what impact are the games having on small and medium-sized businesses? 

We want to hear your opinion, so please join us.

Click here for the radio show: Black Business and the Olympics on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Click here for details of how you can advertise your business. Your business will be listed in the Black Business Directory for international visitors. 

See also:  Making Money from the Olympics.

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I've been on both sides of this equation. I've promoted products & programs that DO NOT have a strong marketing system and I have promoted businesses that have very strong marketing systems.  Affiliate Marketing can be simple or it can be very difficult if you dont know how to market and what products to promote.


Out of these two business models the winner without a question is the business WITH a high powered system. Here's why... In order to be successful in your own business you MUST have a business that is easily duplicatable for anyone. Even for people without experience!


The power of any system lies solely in it's ability to allow anyone and everyone to duplicate your results in the least amount of time possible.


Well, when you are associated with a business that does not have a strong marketing system you have to spend a great deal of time teaching and training each of your new team members how to make things work. This equated to a lot of frustration on the new team members part for having to learn everything from the ground up and a slow rate of duplication. This is NOT powerful.


With a high powered marketing system in which a new member can literally get started marketing the instant they join and generate success within hours or minutes of joining you have a highly duplicable system. This equates to a powerful marketing system which leaves you with the highest probability for success.

You NEED a high powered system if you want to generate success and results quickly in any business and that's just the plain and simple truth in today's fast paced world of affiliate marketing.

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I Fired My Boss...

When I walked out those doors I said I wasn't going back and I meant it. I didn't know how it was going to happen and apart of me feared facing the reality of what would happen if it didn't but THANK YOU GOD for hearing my prayers... and I mean I PRAYED! I still can't believe it's real!

I just couldn't do it anymore. If I said that part of me wasn't thinking "What the heck are you doing girl?" I'd be lying. But that fact of the matter is I just walked away from a Fortune 50 company not a Fortune 50 paycheck and the sad part is I realized that it was never going to happen. I earned my Bachelor's degree while pregnant with the twins and then spent my Master's program pregnant and dealing with the new baby. In between degrees (and in a period of 1 1/2 years) I applied for eight promotions and received eight denials, some without any explanation. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was applying for a position within my own department, having my supervisors tell me I wasn't qualified, hiring a mail and file clerk giving her a minimum $20-$30k increase and then asking me to train her. HA!! If that isn't the biggest slap in the face, but I digress...

Needless to say I began to plan my exit strategy. I wish I had a great elaborate story for you that speaks of how I waltzed into my boss' office on a random day and dropped the bomb on them. How I stuck it to "the MAN" just when he thought he had me down but that's not what happened. The truth of it all is that I devised a plan. My exit strategy was well thought out and I had the great benefit of working and building my business with the security of having a job and being on maternity leave allowed me to be at home full time with nothing to do but learn while receiving a paycheck. Still, without gaining and applying knowledge I know that this would have never happen and that without deciding to take action I could have just as easily been returning to that dead-end job.

I know know you're thinking "Girl in this economy? People are dying for jobs and you're giving yours up?" YES!! I am! See when everything in the world is going right people get complacent. Dreams fade away because jobs are secure and many just coast along earning what they feel is a decent paycheck. But the last few years has shown many of that nothing is guaranteed. A new supervisor that doesn't like you, changes in policy, a failing/failed economy can put you on the wrong side of poverty faster than you can blink. Maybe you know someone this happened to... maybe it happened to you. Regardless, now is the time to take control of your own destiny... to fight the power so to speak. The greatest movements in history that produced real change came when people decided enough was enough and claimed freedom for themselves.

As I've said many times my reason for creating Maven On a Mission was not so much about internet/network marketing and signing people into my opportunities but more about giving moms who want to be home with their children the opportunity to do so. I've learned so much in the past 6 months to a year about being a real entrepreneur... an UNSTOPPABLE ENTREPRENEUR that I can't wait to share with you all. So much value has been poured into me knowingly and unknowingly that there is nothing for me to do but to pour it back out. I genuinely want to see you home with your children (or working from home period) if that's where you desire to be.

To those of you that have been following this blog, thank you for your continued support and to those just joining, welcome, welcome, welcome. Stay tuned... this is going to be a ROCKIN journey!

Wishing you growth and prosperity!


P.S. Over the next week I'm going to be announcing so be on the look out for my posts.

P.P.S. Click here to get access to the industries BEST and most affordable systems that will teach you how to build you business online, provide extensive marketing training from the industries top leaders AND allow you to earn income on 10 affiliate streams. Go on.. click here
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After reading one of my favorite articles 'Plan With Pizzazz' with Cherly Isaac, she brought up a good point about how a good infomercial must grab the attention of the spectator, be specific, time conscious and seek a direct response from the potential buyer. Although it may look like a simple orchestration on television, an infomercial is actually difficult to do well.

Cheryl stated in the article that "If startup entrepreneurs were to pretend that their business presentations or retail sales were infomercials, a lot could be gained."


I totally agree with her on that ephiphany! Just look at it this way: At the startup stage of business, you're an unknown. Your struggle is to turn a potential client into a new client. At this point, the potential client has the attention span of a 5-year-old. After all, why should she listen to you? You are not a proven entity, and she is sharing her precious time with you. At the same time, you may be thinking: "I've invested a lot of time, energy and money into this venture and I need to see some return."

Both you and the infomercial creator are wrestling with similar thoughts. You both need to get the customer interested in the shortest time possible, you need a quick response, and you need to showcase the benefits of your product or service.

An infomercial strives to get a response from the viewer. The infomercial has to be explicit in telling the viewer what she must do. Entrepreneurs also need to garner responses from their potential clients. When drafting your proposal, designing your presentation, running your TV or print ad or designing your website, tell your potential client what you want her to do. Use language that is specific, avoid questions, and outline your next steps. For example, most web advisors will tell you to have a "call to action" button on all your web pages. The call to action tells your visitors what you want them to do. For example: Buy Now, Join Now, Call this Number, Apply Now.

An infomercial generates a sale or a lead. Sometimes you run across an infomercial that directs you to call a number and get a free introductory product. This is a lead. Most of the time, they direct you to purchase a product. This is a sale. Some startup entrepreneurs may have varying sales processes. If you have a higher dollar product or service, or a time-consuming service, your potential client may want to get comfortable with you first. You may then try to generate a lead. Another startup could have a low-priced product that needs to be sold on the first try. Figure out where you fall and design your sale or lead generator.

An infomercial has live demonstrations. What seems effortless on your TV screen is usually practiced tirelessly on the back end. The demonstration reveals all aspects of the product, its benefits are showcased, and you are told why you should buy the product. Startups usually have products that are in beta phase. So most of the time, the potential client has to be educated on its similarity to and difference from similarly situated products. Learning how to demonstrate a product's worth or a service's value is a great advantage for a startup entrepreneur.

Responses from an infomercial are measured. One of the top priorities of an infomercial is to perform. People must buy, and sales must be made. The buzz has to be created. Well, startup entrepreneurs have the same priorities. Yet, like infomercials, they too must realize that in order to get a response, specific steps (like the ones mentioned above) must be followed. As a startup, your goal should include measuring the response of your ad, presentation, proposals, etc. Did it work? Can it be done differently? Does it make sense?

If you like this post visit The Connect4Change Marketer's blog!
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Happy Summertime!

You've made strategic plans, did some networking and even
developed a great schedule for marketing and monetizing
your efforts and now comes the turn. The turn when you must
figure out how to keep the momentum going, create a schedule
that will allow you to leverage your time and still realize
gains in your business while fulfilling the other roles in
your life. The Summer Time turn.

It's not easy realizing work at home women's empowerment and
it can be even harder as you make the transition from the
school year to the Summer months.

Now is the time you must streamline and set one BIG goal that
will give you massive results in other areas.

The key word is focus. If you've ever learned the skill of focus,
now is the time to embrace the act of focusing on what matters most.

Need help with how to gain massive results while committing to
your desire to give what you need to your family and children
during these summer months? Or maybe your children are grown or
you don't have children and yet you must figure out how to monetize
while getting through the Summer months that have been known
to be slow months due to one of meany reasons the season
for vacationing. You don't want to miss my upcoming
Work at home women's Empowerment and Mindset Breatkthrough Teleseries.

When: Bi-weekly beginning Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 am PST
Cost: Free

Although this Teleseries is designed with the Work at Home Woman
and those that aspire to be in mind, everyone is welcome to attend.

Secure your spot here:

Space is limited. Secure yours now!
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For Immediate Release:
WHITNEY,TX - Stephen Pierce, who went from being bankrupt and homeless to running a multi-million dollar business the past ten years, announces the release of his
Infinite Internet Income Workshop. As a Certified Accelerated Innovation Trainer, Pierce travels the world and coaches CEOs and other corporate executives. He's also a Certified Coach and works one-on-one with individuals who want to pursue their dreams and set up their own home-based Internet business.

Thanks to his travels toSingapore, Australia, India, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa and other countries, he's helped thousands of people around the world set up their own successful online business as a result of his coaching and inspiration. "I created the Infinite Internet Income Workshop because making more money doesn’t have to mean working more hours. It’s not about working harder… it’s about working smarter and using leverage."

Thanks to theinternet there is unprecedented opportunity to make money from home, even during difficult economic times.
The Infinite Internet Income Workshop will literally change the way you think about making money and help you take concrete steps to ridding yourself of debt and start living a healthier, wealthier life. It shows people step by step how to create an online business and gives members the tools they need to get their websites up and running in hours, with no computer skills required.

In these 3 extraordinary days you will learn…

  • How anyone with a computer and Internet connection can make more money starting immediately.
  • How to build automated income machines that pump in cash daily to increase your income.
  • My step-by-step system for success.
  • Mental strategies to overcome obstacles and excel in the face of challenges.
  • How to build websites that pump in cash daily and create long-term passive residual income for you and your family.
  • How to eliminate your fears and embrace your financial freedom.
  • How to start making $100 a day in 14 days.
  • How to make quick chunks of cash on the Internet in 3 days or less.
  • And tons more!
"My entire life changed the moment I gave myself permission to succeed," says Pierce. "With the Infinite Internet Income Workshop I have the opportunity to help others see that they, too, can succeed financially beyond what they have ever imagined." For more information about Infinite Internet Income Workshop, visit
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Start Your Own Stationery Business Today!

Joi Paper Stationery & Gifts

Do you enjoy planning parties, writing, or graphic design?
Would you like the opportunity to:

· Own and operate a business using your creativity?
· Build a part time or full time business that is truly rewarding?
· Choose the people you work with?
· Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

Discover an opportunity to integrate your story and your style into a successful niche market business with Joi Paper. Joi Paper is a new company that is in the pre-launch phase and will host its official launch in April 2010!
Joi Paper is a niche market, direct selling organization which provides invitations, stationery, gifts, and business opportunities. Our company promotes, honors, and communicates milestones and events that are common to all and unique to the ethnic market. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality products and give them options which will allow them to express themselves and their lives through paper. We also provide our business partners with the tools and resources to operate their own flexible business as a Stationery Consultant.

Stationery Consultants have an opportunity to share their stories while marketing products that promote a positive self image and tell a fantastic story of heritage, joy, optimism, and innovativeness.
We will provide consultants with an opportunity to earn an income through selling at:

· Paper Socials™
· Online store
· Fundraisers
· Trunk Shows
· Expos, Conferences, Craft Fairs

Join us at the ground floor as we aim to be the ultimate provider of stationery and gift products for every occasion. Sign up today to become a Joi Paper Stationery Consultant at [LINK:]
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5 Legit Work From Home Companies

We live in tough times. Those who are not unemployed are under-employed. Many people agonize between taking a second job and family time. My goal is to share with you some resources that allow you to earn extra income for your family from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.

1. Demand Studios

They have many different employment opportunities that range from Writers, Editors, Title Editors, Filmmakers, and more. They are usually hiring for certain positions at certain times so you have to keep your eyes peeled. As a writer you can make between $7.50-$20.00 per 150-500 word article. You do not have to be a prolific writer or have a background in writing to get accepted. Most articles are in a “How to” format. So, if you are the type that enjoys learning something new and then explaining it to someone else then this could be a fun work for you. Most of their content goes on or

Let’s say you have a trip you want to take in a month. Just decide how many articles you would have to write a day to reach your goal. They pay by Paypal every Wednesday and Friday. There is no payment threshold that you have to meet either. If you have money in your account, you will get paid. They currently have thousands of titles to choose from in the system and you can reserve up to ten at a time.

2. Live Work

This is mostly like a running projects board for a company called LiveOps (which I will discuss later on). Live Work has many different projects that you can bid on. Many are data entry and task-oriented. You work as much as you want. There really is a wide-variety of work available there.

3. Leapforce

They are a vendor for Google. Once you are accepted in the program you log-in to the Google interface and rate websites. Google wants their searches to be relevant. They use human raters to rate whether the content is worthy or spam. At the time of this writing, they pay $11.50 an hour.

4. Textbroker

This is a great place to earn extra income if you want to write on simple projects. They pay is much less, but the projects are easy to write on.

5. Liveops

If you want more human interaction, then you might want to consider LiveOps. LiveOps is an at home call service that you dial into while in the comfort of your own home. You will have to make a weekly schedule, but you will never have to commute anywhere. All calls are inbound from people responding to infomercials and you basically take their ordering information while being logged into the LiveOps system. They pay is around $9.50 but you do earn commission for different products sold.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, this list will get you started thinking about ways to supplement your income. This resource is also good for Stay-at-home moms that are looking for ways to earn so money without being on a tight schedule.

Content reprinted with permission from

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Pass this on its true I just join to try no credit card needed or bank account you can start making money now today I just made some cash just by being on the site check it outEarn cash just by socializing Check out this its on the news all over .Free,Free You will not believe what I saw on the news you get paid just by getting your friends and family to join the social network its free you do not get paid here on fb but they pay you for getting friend to join you I just joined today they paid me .03 just after getting in 3 seconds freeEarn cash just by socializing
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Fulfilling The American Dream" (TM)Dr. Edward Kramer once said, "Eliminate the time between the idea and the act and your dreams will become realities." Napolean Hill, Motivational Writer, said-"Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action."For potential homeowners buying a home can be a very scary proposition. Oftentimes home buyers are fearful of the unknown. Can I afford to buy a home? Will my credit work for me or against me? Is it the right time in the market to purchase? Should I just continue to rent?As your Real Estate Professional it is my responsibility to ensure that you are "educated and empowered with the information you need to make an informed buying decision." Gone are the days when clients were simply told, "sign here, sign here and here." Consumers are more savvy these days and have grown to expect excellence at every level of the real estate transaction.My clients view me as a partner in their transaction. In other words, I operate as an advisor and guide. I help clients effectively navigate through unknown territory by gently placing them on the road of home ownership. Clients understand that they are in FULL control of the process. Because my focus is education, clients feel confident enough in themselves to make the right decision with just the right amount of assistance from me.Feel free to contact me if you or someone you know has any questions about the sale, purchase or refinance of real estate. I would be honored to assist you.Thank you for the opportunity to connect, collaborate and communicate.Denise R. McCoy-TilsonRealtor/Employer Housing Benefit SpecialistDirect: (916) 534-5239Office: (916)
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Hello my name is Craig Coleman, I am a Independent Coffee Distributor with Boresha Coffee Company. I am interested in sharing this information with all that are looking for and opportunity. I would like to introduce our Skinny Coffee a FAT BURNING organic coffee and other coffee blends and tea's. We are also working on a FAT BURNING CHOCOLATE. We would like to give you the opportunity to become your on coffee distributor just by starting your very on online Caf'e. This way the savings, commissions and the residual income, comes back to your business. Also find out what this company can do for your church and all non profit organizations.View our video my website a look and contact me at 937-545-8466Thank You and have a Blessed day.Show all items
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Success Is Not a Destiny it is a Journey!

This is the journey:1) positive attitude2) preparation3) have goals4) be genuine5) stay innovative6) listen7) stay current8) vision9) passion10) time management11) have faith12) dream big13) determination14) believe15) drive16) stay current17) prudence18) have humility19) take risks20) strong networkRemember it is all about you. Sell yourself, improve yourself, and motivate yourself! That's that...
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untitledWith the economy being in a state of turmoil and with so many people losing their jobs, people are looking for other means to make money. There are so many opportunities that we receive to take a look at on a daily basis, it can sometimes be overwhelming. One thing that I would recommend that you look at is your "passion". What is it that you enjoy doing, and would do even if you did not get paid for it? Many people just jump into opportunity to make fast money. They want or need the money right now, today! That is not the best way to go, especially if you truly want to make money.Over the years, I have made some mistakes about joining opportunities that were not really for me. I just wanted to make money. My thinking has changed a great deal because now I know that it's not all about the opportunity, but about my passion. You too can find your passion by writing down what it is you enjoy and then looking for opportunities that fit your criteria.I have found that I cannot sit around waiting for someone to "save" me. The government in the USA is in debt billions of dollars. Even though President Obama is giving breaks to a select few, it does not take one out of their current debt situation. If you want to survive and make it in this economy, you must take it upon yourself and make it happen. Not trying to dampen your day, but give you insight on our current state and how you can help yourself.I just recently noticed that gas prices are starting to increase. Of course, it always happens when summer hits. No one really has a good reason for this increase. Last year, we were told that gas prices increased due to the drilling of more well holes. So, I guess this only occurs during the summer months(lol).If you are serious about making some money, start with getting a grasp on steps needed for this to happen. I wanted to learn more about making money on-line, so I picked up an E-Book that keeps me on track daily. It's called "The Black Folks Guide To Making Big Money On The Internet". No, you do not have to be black to get the benefits of what this E-Book offers. The title was created based on the mission of the Black Business Builders Club. Which is to uplift and support black businesses.This E-Book is packed with information on how to make money on the Internet. I have my own personal copy of this E-Book and must say it's awesome. It's packed with 300 pages of content on how to start, market and grow your existing businesses. I mainly use it as a daily reference to keep me on track with my marketing efforts for my businesses. This E-Book is for you if your making money or not on the internet. Start, grow or market your business today!To learn more, check out the audio postcard get the E-Book at a discounted rate, use code BBBBFG.Get E-Book Here - a GREAT week!
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What Is Cash Gifting?

Many of my friends are inquiring about Cash Gifting, and what it really is. To try and address this as succinctly as I can, let me first tell you what Cash Gifting is NOT.

Cash Gifting as it is known today is:

NOT an investment club,
NOT a business,
NOT a pyramid,
NOT a scam,
NOT illegal,
NOT a company or corporation,
NOT a commercial enterprise of any kind.

Yet, through the act of freely giving and freely receiving Cash Gifts, many are receiving via overnight courier as much as $10,000 weekly.

With Cash Gifting there are:
NO investments,
NO paychecks,
NO products or services to sell,
NO tapes or manuals to buy,
NO one MAKES or EARNS any money.
There is NO profit making benefit of any kind associated with this activity.

Are you intrigued? I know I was when I first learned about this amazing Cash generating system. If you would like to learn more about this activity that has financially blessed so many others; visit: or Leave me your contact information, and I will be in contact with you immediately.

Prosperity is Waiting…Go Get It,

Gee Renee
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