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Women Entrepreneurs, they wanna get into real estate investing, however they see it as a challenge.

I'm not excluding you gentlemen, but this here is mainly gonna be directed towards an overall, but mainly towards the women entrepreneurs to help them, just as well as the gentlemen, how to get into real estate investment, okay? And the first thing you have to do understanding that even though [01:32] ____... Number one, you have to have... You have to clean your credit, okay? And the reason that I say clean your credit, it's because even with hard money lenders, they're not trusting. Some of them, if you've been out there long enough, they'll deal with you. But if you're a newbie coming into the game, hard money lenders, they're gonna see what's on your credit. They're gonna look and see if you ever owned any type of real estate before. Because again, as I told you all before, your credit is your personality. Your credit tells a lot about you, whether it may be true or not, it does say a lot about you.

That's the reason that I try to encourage you all. First, fix your credit. And it doesn't take a long time to fix your credit. I know there's a lot of credit repair companies out here that have disappointed many of you with the credit process. That's the reason that, with our program, I implemented the escrow accounts. So, that way, it protects you as the consumer, as well as making sure that the job gets done. That means that you put that money in escrow, and the repair company cannot access that funding until they are able to show that they have cleaned the credit, at least between 75% to 80% of that credit. So, there's no way that you're gonna be taken advantage of, not if you're coming through my company, okay? And we have four different divisions that deal with credit, plus an in-house attorney, which is very good. 1-888-883-3013

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Understanding how not to OVERUSE social media to maximize your business opportunities is the focus of this year’s All Women’s Social Media Summit.

A six-member female panel will share tips on how to generate revenue and capitalize on networking opportunities.  BAMedia is hosting the third annual event.  Organizer Beverly Mahone says each woman brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table which will be extremely beneficial to the audience.  “These are the women who take social media to another level.  They’ve learned how to navigate their way and master their craft through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare.  And they do it without being overwhelmed at the end of the day or week."10744067063?profile=original 

Kelly Duffort, a web strategist, is one of the panelists for this year’s Event.  As the Principal and Founder of  KD Web Strategies, a consulting firm that advises companies how to take their overall web presence (e.g., websites, blogs, social media profiles) to the next level.  Kelly says, “Whether you love it or hate it and whether you understand it or avoid it, social media is changing the way people communicate – personally and professionally. If you use social media wisely to promote your business, you will be amazed at the connections it enables you to make and the doors it opens for you.”

This year’s social media summit will be held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC.  Early Bird Registration is currently underway.  The first ten women to register will receive a free 30-minute consultation with a member of the panel, preferred seating at the Summit and Luncheon, business card info in the Program Book and an opportunity to promote your business at the Summit. 

You can register here:

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